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NATO Increasingly Confrontational in the Black Sea

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NATO Increasingly Confrontational in the Black Sea

On Monday Russia’s envoy to NATO insisted that Russia will prepare accordingly to NATO escalation in the Black Sea region. Since the Ukrainian conflict ignited in April 2014, the Atlantic alliance has steadily increased its military present in Eastern Europe.

Alexander Grushko warned through the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper, “Recep Tayyop Erdogan said that the Black Sea cannot be transformed into a ‘Russian lake.’ But NATO  is well aware that the Black Sea will never become a ‘NATO lake’ and we will take all necessary steps to neutralize possible threats and attempts to pressure Russia militarily from the south.”

Prior to that, General Alexander Vershbow, the NATO Deputy Secretary, suggested that NATO should consider a “more persistent” military presence in the the Black Sea region. He added that a number of security measures have already been taken in that region such as increased patrol rates and AWACS surveillance flights. US Marine Corps have also expanded their presence in Romania.

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The NATO clowns would lose all their navy assets in a very short space of time if they do anything stupid.

David Kennedy

Conflict between nations takes many forms that are constantly changing as each seeks to reach the position most appropriate to its own interests and objectives. Loyalties are temporary expediencies, as are International “laws”. President George W Bush is quoted as saying something to the effect that many of these things are ‘just bits of paper’, although this has later been qualified. Nevertheless, it accurately reflects the behaviour of the United States of America in much of its approach to formal agreements. Nation-states, the foundation of the United nations, are being transmuted by globalism into governments that either accept US hegemony or otherwise put themselves in line for regime change, while the United Nations looks on, silent and powerless.
Events and attitudes in Europe, and in Eastern Europe in particular, strongly suggest that the USA is targeting Russia for ‘regime change’, and NATO activities in the Black Sea and Europe are part of this evolving situation. Much will depend on Russia’s leadership as to the eventual outcome.

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