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JULY 2020

NATO Ex-Secretary Believes US Has to Operate as “World’s Policeman”


According to former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the US should return its role of the “world’s policeman” in order to solve conflicts of other countries.

NATO Ex-Secretary Believes US Has to Operate as “World's Policeman”

Former Secretary General of NATO Anders Fogh Rasmussen is sure that the US should more actively participate in solving of world conflicts.

“We need America as the world’s policeman. We need determined American global leadership,” Rasmussen said in an interview to the British Sky News TV-channel.

Listing the world’s problems that need urgent solving, the ex-secretary of the alliance mentioned Syria, Iraq, Libya and the east of Ukraine. According to his words, “superpowers don’t get to retire.”

“Look around you will see a world on fire. Syria [is] torn by war and conflict. Iraq [is] on the brink of collapse. Libya [is] a failed state in North Africa. Russia [is] attacking Ukraine and destabilising Eastern Europe. China [is] flexing its muscles, the rogue state North Korea [is] threatening nuclear attacks,” Rasmussen said.

He also noted that current US president Barack Obama “has been too reluctant to use military force or threaten to use military force to prevent conflicts in the world.”

The former Secretary General expressed concern about the fact that a Republican Donald Trump may become the new US leader. Rasmussen believes that election of the billionaire on the top position “could be very dangerous for the world.”

But who pulled Syria apart with the war and conflict, promoting the so-called Arab Spring? Who led Iraq to the breakdown, invading it in 2003? Who made Libya a failed state, carrying out an aggression against the sovereign state? Who destabilized the situation in Ukraine, carrying out a coup in Kiev and overthrowing the legitimate president? All examples of Rasmussen are amazing.

In the world of Rasmussen everything is very simple – vote for Clinton. The ex-NATO chief believes it is not important that Hillary Clinton had a finger in a pie of the most part of the world’s problems, mentioned by him. According to Rasmussen , the US just needs to use the Armed Forces more often. This is solution.



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  • George King

    There is a lamp post designated just for Rasmussen and his ilk in every country that he has had his hand in as a co-conspirator.

  • paul

    These people are megalomaniacs. They are just the latest in a long line of
    lunatics who want to rule the world. I think the lamp post solution
    of George King certainly has merit . Or may be they will just blow
    their brains out in some bunker somewhere when their delusions of
    world domination fail – just like the last time.

  • chris chuba

    This megalomaniac even wants to go back to partitioning China into spheres of influences. How dare China presume to be able to control their coastal waters!

  • Igor Ochocinszk

    On behalf of most of people reading this site:

    Screw you Rasmussen, glad you’re not leader of NATO anymore, cause you’re the dude which set World on fire in the first place, along with bunch of murican Neo-conservatives!

    • trid2bnrml

      That’s more polite than what I was going to say…

  • John

    Simply put, he´s whack! I want his skinny buns leading the charge in the first wave. :P

    • Joseph Scott

      Funny how such enthusiastic military adventurists as himself never actually join the military. You’d think he’d want to take a more active role in NATO, rather than just writing books on neoliberal economics.

      • John

        I like what you are saying Joseph. One thing this is indicating to me, is that the world really has changed. What was going on since the fall of the USSR and the game being played out of Europe and the US, is really cold and dead. His remarks seem to be lamenting something that is not just deceased but, long gone. He is absolutely out of his mind, in my opinion. Have a great weekend.

  • Nexusfast123

    He is Denmark’s Tony Blair. Another sociopath.

  • Gary Sellars

    Rasmussen is an evil twisted cvnt, and when the revolution comes, he won’t get the quick death of a firing squad. High treason is punishable by being hung, drawn and quartered….

  • VGA

    USA as a policeman? This person may be in the early stages of Parkinson’s disease :(

  • Alexandra

    Wow! He must be smoking some really good stuff!

  • janarddan

    In a way this moronmussen is showing a way – to quicker liquidation of US. He is right that a rethinking, with Trump in charge, will slow down this.