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NATO Drastically Increased Military Activities In Arctic


NATO Drastically Increased Military Activities In Arctic

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TASS reports (source):

NATO is building up its training and reconnaissance activities in the Arctic, Commander of Russia’s Northern Fleet Alexander Moiseyev said on Friday.

“NATO continues to increase the intensity and scale of its training activities in the Arctic. The number of such drills increased by 17% Reconnaissance activities increased by 15%,” he said.

Nevertheless, he said that the military political situation within the boundaries of the fleet’s responsibility is stable and controlled. In his words, the Northern Fleet also increased the intensity of training activities, with as many as 590 various drills conducted throughout the outgoing year.

“Thirty long-distance missions were sent to the tactically important areas of the World Ocean in 2019. The fleet’s ships paid 23 visits to foreign ports,” he said.




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  • AM Hants

    How many NATO member nations have Ice Breakers?
    How many NATO member nations have sent ground samples of the Arctic Shelf to supplement their territorial claims?
    How many NATO members have not signed the ‘Law of the Sea convention’ which covers the Arctic Waters?

    Repeat the same questions, changing NATO member nations to Russia?

    • Z.P.

      Norway probably one or two
      Canada few + 6 new to build.
      US one working, other broken.
      I think that US at the end, will simply confiscate those Canadian Ice Breakers, since they are not building any or have concrete plans to build any.
      They are only blabbing their big mouth (on importance of Arctic) without putting any money where their mouths are…

  • Dick Von Dast’Ard

    I’m sure most people can figure it out themselves, but it would still have been good to have a distance scale on the map.

    It would also have been good to have included military airbases and radar sites on the map also.

    • Z.P.

      Only Russia has the true military bases in Arctic.
      You probably can google them.
      Novaya Zemlya is the location for one. But there are others + S-400 air-cover protection dome that goes with them.