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NATO Creates New Force To Fight Russia In Black Sea


NATO Creates New Force To Fight Russia In Black Sea

Bulgarian and NATO navy ships take part in a Bulgarian-NATO military navy exercise in the Black Sea, east of Sofia [Getty]

NATO launched a new multinational force in Romania on October 9 to counter Russian presence in the Black Sea, Reuters reports.

The force is to be built around a Romanian brigade of up to 4,000 soldiers, supported by troops from nine other NATO countries. It’s going to complement a separate deployment of 900 US troops who are already in place. Apart from Romania, Poland is the biggest troop contributor. Bulgaria, Italy and Portugal will train regularly with the force in Craiova, and Germany is also expected to contribute.

The plans include additional air support from Italy, Canada, and Britain to give the force greater capabilities.

“Our purpose is peace, not war,” Romanian President Klaus Iohannis told the NATO Parliamentary Assembly of alliance lawmakers, which is meeting this year in Bucharest.

The establishment of the force comes following Russia’s biggest war games since 2014. The Zapad (Russian for West) games showed off Moscow’s latest weaponry and its ability to quickly mass forces on NATO’s borders.

Russia accuses NATO of trying to encircle it and threatening stability in Eastern Europe, as demonstrated by a recent Russian Navy assessment report. Issued by Russian Ministry of Defense, the report states that a ”potential military conflict” with NATO countries is a real possibility.



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  • Bob

    The Ukrainian Maiden color revolution was manufactured at great expense by the US, with intent that NATO gain control of Crimea and by default the Black Sea, which would have in turn enabled US Tomahawk missiles to be stationed within striking range of the Russian nuclear arsenal deep in the Urals. But that US ploy to snatch Crimea spectacularly failed – so its back to drawing board for US/NATO.

    • christianblood

      Very well-said!

    • John Whitehot

      Back in the day I thought that with the coup the US was trying to elicit some form of invasion by Russia of Ukraine, in order to start a war and put a wedge between Russia and the EU.

      The junta never looked like something that was made to last.

      • Tudor Miron

        Some people (who’s opinion I respect) say that 2014 was a very dangerous year for Humanity and we were very close to WWIII. Plan was to drow/force Russia into real (not imaginary) intervantion in Donbass area in order to save its people. It didn’t work out as they planned.

        • electron

          The resemblance that description has to events in 1939 is striking!

          • John Whitehot

            Nazis didn’t do coups.

    • Nigel Maund

      Nice little synopsis!

  • Rodger

    Good luck with that after Turkey closes that Black Sea off to all warships from countries that don’t border it.

    • John Mason

      Hopefully but Turkey is the weak link here, can’t be trusted.

      • Rodger

        That’s why they have to pay up front for all their stuff.

  • John Mason

    Russia should officially inform the UN and NATO that if they wish to avoid a conflict then they are to cease their actions immediately and withdraw. Give them 3 days to respond.

  • Attrition47

    If the BRAF is involved it’ll be a paper tiger.

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      They plan to include them says it all it is a paper tiger , this is a fake force that will be wiped out if they make any overtures at all.

  • Carol Davidek-Waller

    Unless the new NATO fleet is planning attack Russia, which could be their raison d’etre, they are going to be very lonely out there. Isn’t the Black Sea the part of Europe that NATO agreed not to expand into as part of agreement made with Russia at the reunification of Germany?

    • Nigel Maund

      Correct! Funny how it’s always one side that reneges on agreements when its suits it to!!

    • EmilyEnso

      When did the USA or NATO (North American Terrorist Organization) ever keep and agreement?
      Iran is debating that now.

      • chris chuba

        That’s why Iran demanded their frozen assets back. It was the ‘risk premium’ for the Gaddafi double cross. I read Fars and they talked about the Gaddafi backstab many times.

        I think that the Iranians know us better than we do. The problem with us Americans is that when you are always in full Information War mode, you actually start believing in your own B.S.

  • DJ Double D

    You guys keep talking while I’m bringing good news to everyone. SAA is about to crush dangerous enemy and bring good news to us – within the next several days.

    • Tudor Miron

      Looking forward for good news from SAA and you.

  • François

    “New force to fight Russia”? At what time did Russia threatened any western country?…
    Russian army is mainly defensive, whereas US Navy can afford a pleasant trip to European seas.
    In any case one of the main goal of NWO is to create the Eurasian block. Even if the US perfectly know that they won’t get it… Here in France and in Europe we mostly disa

    • Nigel Maund

      Totally agree Francois. Our Government and especially the Unelected EU Commisioners could not give one single damn abou their so called electorate. “Democracy” ….. I think not as proven by the violent battering given to peaceful Catalonian independence protestors by the Spanish police who behaved more like Waffen SS storm troopers than a National Police Force of a so called Democratic State! The EU is a Fascist (Corporatist) Dictatorship and controlled totally by the Zoionist International Bankster Cabal who have no interest in freedom or democracy but in total control and manipulation of everything.

      • Petrus Levelleri

        Your comment is plain stupid. Catalonia independence (that is, EU members dismantling in smaller polities) plays in the hands of EU bureaucracy. The Russians have understood it. Use your brain.

        • Nigel Maund

          Resorting to insults does not improve your argument if indeed there is one. So without facts your commentary is just an opinion and not an argument. So please expand so we can all understand your erudite thoughts and hence benefit accordingly?

          • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

            The EU has been pressuring countries for years to break up into weaker economic and political entities , why the push the break up of the UK. The EU even pushes for the break up of the US knowing full well it will use it’s CIA to break up Europe, why they don’t really push Americans to dissolve their union but play heavy handed in Europe yet use secret backroom meetings to offer their real support.

      • Langaniso Mhlobo

        You talking the truth the Zionist are world evil incurable disease.Jews think their untouchables because their Gods chosen one’s,but their killed Jesus the Mesiah and God himself.

  • EmilyEnso

    USS Donald Cook them Mr Putin, please.

  • kurdi aram

    USA are Not able. To resistente against. NordKorean. How. They dareTo Stage a war against iranians Or Russians! US-americans are Brunch of. Gays and prostitutes. They will be fucked in Any war.

  • Brother Ma

    It is horrible that russias orthodox brothers have been turned against it,against their will maybe but it has been done.serbia is only one that has not fallen yet because its people would lynch the gov that wants to.

    Clash of civilisations book also says that evangelical protestants in us want and should destroy orthodox christianity,as it stands in way of us world domination.

    Dont be fooled,this division between christians only helps the headchoppers.