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NATO Countries Join War In Ukraine

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NATO Countries Join War In Ukraine

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Bulgarian Prime Minister Kirill Petkov claimed that Sofia decided to supply Ukraine with 16 MIG-29s. The Ukrainian pilots could reportedly carry out combat sorties from the territory of Poland.

The initiative was opposed by the country’s Defense Minister Stefan Yanev. He said that this would drag the republic into a war with the Russian Federation. Now the pro-Western population demands his resignation.

NATO Countries Join War In Ukraine

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Among other countries, Poland and Slovakia are ready to supply Ukraine with fighter jets. On February 28th, Ukrainian pilots from Ivano-Frankivsk reportedly went to Poland for MiG-29 fighters. The question is, where will they fly them to Ukraine as almost all the airfields in Ukraine have been destroyed by Russian strikes.

As soon as foreign warplanes enter Ukraine to hit Russian forces, Russian missiles will likely hit the foreign airports, thus, targeting the NATO territory. This is how the WWIII may become.


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WW3? I wish that Russia fire his first nukes on both US and GB to wipe out from the maps. Then we could start to talk about world peace without anglo-saxon warmongers anymore


even if they are heavily armed, they are only proxis, the spider has its nest in palestine, you have to grab it there!


True, but the bad part is that even Russia is pro zionist.


That Zionist bulls**t never ends. A tiny blip on the map is running the world? What a bunch of lies. They hardly survived WW2. They need US for protection since then. Give up that BS already.

Peppe il Sicario

Really! If he said the were all Lizard people, he’d be more credible!!!

the end

TopGum, people in US are waking up from Zionist slumber. I dare to say, that when they truly wake up, the history of Nazi Germany will be long as the first page from Tolstoy’s War and Peace. Shit is brewing and they know it…

Last edited 1 year ago by the end

Even if you do, that spider might still be able to survive in Patagonia in Argentina according to Thierry Meyssan.

Tommy Lee

You wish death upon hundreds of millions of people because of a beef with their leaders? You’re as bad as the Nazis, you sick fuck. The fact that this post got so many upvotes is a testament to the inhumanity of humanity.

Roderick William Shore

Russia is surrounded by French, British & American nuclear subs, they try anything against NATO and we are all fucked. Russia will be glass.

the end

Don’t expect lesser from the rest of the world.


yeah good plan…. then they fire nukes back at Russia and we are all dead. Top idea….

Klaus Feuerstein

Hier in Deutschland gibt es eine richtige Lügenkampagne und Kriegshetze gegen Russland. Keiner hier traut sich mehr gegen den 3. Weltkrieg etwas zu sagen. Im Gegenteil, jeder wird genötigt sich dafür auszusprechen wenn ihm sein Job, besonders als Politiker, lieb ist. Das nennt sich Demokratie. Ich nenne es NAZI-Diktatur ! Aber langsam wird hier in Deutschland und wahrscheinlich im ganzen Westen ganz klar, dass die NAZIs hier, auf dem letzten Loch pfeifen und sich mit den Sanktionen selbst ins Knie geschossen haben.


@Klaus: exactly the same in France.

marginal soul

The traitor Janez Janša is doing the same in Slovenia.


@ Pierre: Only the French government is mad for this war against Russia, the French are deeply against it and because of it against the EU now that is not holding its promise of peace in Europe ! Watch out what will happen April 10 and 24, a seism in Europe is coming !

Peppe il Sicario

Even though Macron is a Rothschild stooge, for historical reasons, the French and Brits have been bitter enemies for almost a thousand years. US policy is essentially the continuation of British policy, so Macron is driven by an innate desire to counter it. Putin is certainly no dummy and is exploiting this with his adversaries creating rifts where he can. He probably has files and files of psych profiles on all of them not to mention intelligence data collected through every means imaginable. He is very aware of their weaknesses and Macron’s narcissistic desire to be perceived a “major protagonist” on the world scene.

Putin: “I’ll let that little French black banana loving pederast feel important….and tell him that the Brits and Americans are always scheming against him and his country, yeah, I’ll do that.”

Last edited 1 year ago by Peppe il Sicario

Same in Italy



Bigg Chungus

YOU are the kind of rare German that I immensely respect.


Man darf nur nicht vergessen, dass es die Politiker sind, die hier die völlig falschen Entscheidungen treffen. Deutschland hat schon seit langem kein funktionierendes oder gar kampffähiges Militär. Die NATO hätte aufgelöst werden müssen. Nun ist es soweit gekommen. Sie haben sich in eine Sackgasse manövriert. Natürlich braucht Europa Russland. Wir können ohne russische Energieimporte nicht funktionieren. Im Gegenzug kauft Russland europäische Waren. Gut für beide Seiten.

Die Medienhetze ist ein Beweis, dass man jegliches Maß an Vernunft verloren hat. Russland wird nicht in Europa einfallen. Es ist eine Atommacht und wird im Falle einer existenziellen Bedrohung auch davon gebraucht machen. Die NATO und die EU unterschätzt diese Gefahr immens. Die Eskalation geht eindeutig von ihnen aus. Russland wird darauf in seiner eigenen Weise reagieren. Wer kann sollte eventuell jetzt seinen Urlaub außerhalb der EU/NATO antreten.

Last edited 1 year ago by TopGum
Titus Livius

The only ones who would not benefit from closer and friendly relations between Europe and Russia with increased economical exchange and a comprehensive security treaty that guaranteed the security of all, including Russia are the wannabe Masters of the Universe (the Imperial Overlord USA, the Viceroy UK, and the orderlies Canada and Australia.)


und wenn die europäische Elite, bezahlt von den amerikanischen Bossen, europäische Selbstzerstörung durch die ausverkauften Führer und Mafia wie von der Leyen will? Io credo che l’obiettivo dei leader europei sia proprio l’autodistruzione dell’europa, perchè obbediscono ai padroni americani. L’USA ha bisogno di un’europa debole e ai suoi piedi per avere terra di concquista, ora che il suo potere internazionale scema.

Titus Livius

It is the same lies and hysteria everywhere, to the benefit of the Anglo-Atlanticist interests. They already shot themselves in the foot a long time ago (and then in the knee). This time the shot was a little bit higher up, in between, you know, where it hurts for a man. And after this emasculation, the only thing left is to hysterically shout and cry in desperate impotent pain.

Last edited 1 year ago by Titus Livius

Target practise for S-400 on Crimea.

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Even for a BUK.

Icarus Tanović

That’s right.

Icarus Tanović



When NATO accepted all of these wannabe european ***k suckers into its alliance (Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Bulgaria etc etc) I knew these piece of shit garbage countries would drag western Europe into their identity crisis ridden conflicts with Russia. Ve ar europians! Ve can kill rassians! Vashington give euros!


I agree (i am lithuanian)

Titus Livius

Have hope. One day Lithuanians will come to realise that it is better to be friendly with everybody (this is even more important in relation to neighbours), including Russia and Bielorussia. Lithuania had a historical opportunity to be a bridge between western Europe and Russia shortly after 1991, forgetting old grievances and taking advantage of both worlds.But things will change as the world is changing.


I was under the impression that the agreement specifies that military aid will be sent only if said nato member was not the aggressor.

jens holm

Much as You are with magnetic shoes in New Zealand or Caledonia.

Bigg Chungus

With bloodthirsty psychopaths like Nuland and Biden in charge, launching combat sorties from Polish territory will be “innocent humanitarian action”, and Russia’s precision-guided response will be “provocation”. And that is how the Jews will start their third world war.


Otto von Bismarck once stated that when war came to Europe “it will be some damn fool thing in the Balkans that sets it off”. He was right about WW1 to the year. Seems old mistakes are repeating themselves.

Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك

The Russians are coming. Many km of queues on the way to Kyiv. Copy and paste do not work. Unable to upload images of the column.

Last edited 1 year ago by Abu Muhammad Allah جثث فاسدة مصاصة الديك
Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan


Old type warfare again, don’t you learn

Corrupt Shithole of Ukropisstan

Really dumb idea. They cant land, nor fly in contested airspace, aside from that they are obsolete. Thats a PR stunt. Question is, is it worth to start WWIII over a PR stunt? Or even for Ukropistan? I don’t think so.


As a Pole, I don’t want my airports to be used actively in uk*ainian combat operations, the most would be one one ticket for those old migs’ to uk*aine.


They are your leaders, you voted them


Problem is my Polish friend some people have lost their minds,if they were insane enough to carry that out,sorry to say Poland would come under attack,Russia wouldn’t tolerate jets attacking Russians from Polish land.


70 airplanes all together could could be a serious problem if they make a saturation attack. Then all these fighters will take the flight from the border of western Ukraine where there are no Russian military assets. They will use decoy too…


Well there soon would be and ballistic missiles.


70 planes won’t saturate. Think more like 500. Russia uses BUK as air-defense. That is enough for NATO planes. This is a stupid idea anyway, to send planes in. Russia is in total control of the airspace. What would they even fight? They need to know where Russia has their troops. This is not that easy task. It would be also a direct involvement from NATO members. It will look like Poland is sending in their air-force. That would mean they entering the conflict.

giorgio guido novi

the old planes sovietic mdr ils seront destroy immediatly on ukrainan sky! ;)

Mexican Statesman

Godlord…What happened to the damn “peace talks”? What was the agreement? Genocide of both sides?

jens holm

They both hope UNICEF will take over.


Target practice for Russians. Hope they send some western aircraft too.

Icarus Tanović

Yeah, I hope that too.


Better, don’t hope for that. This is about to get us WW3 here. NATO is acting stupid. They make things worse, they are so incompetent.


If Vlad the conquer want to end WW3 lightning fast, all he has to do is hit Yellow stone once with a nuke, 500 million people will get deleted in a flash from NA and the war is over just like that.


No need to kill innocents, kill the Zionist and we’ll have a peaceful world

Truth for Ukraine

The so called “ukrainian nationalist” are NO nationalists , they were financed by a jewish oligarch and are serving the globalist “elite” which has made a “regime change” in 2014 ! REAl national-socialists today would fight for Russia and president Putin against global finance and their servants!


Warm up for Russia air defence units for the big match


Well as Forrest Gump said. “Stupid Is As Stupid Does!” and as stupid goes this one takes the cake.

Don't nuke EU lemmings

EU citizens, like Ukrainians are brainwashed and don’t see that they are being fed to the meat grinder by the USA puppeteers and WEF globalists.


True, brainwashed and scared shitless for 2y now from Covid we are


They see it alright. That is why they wait for all this to be over soon. They want to get rid of the fascist regime there. They not resisting, they only try to survive.


Never mind knocking them out of the sky when they enter Ukraine, Russia will surely destroy them as soon as they enter Polish airspace.

Ukraine is history

Not sure that is a good idea. War in Europe will spill over to Asia. Russia and China have a considerable advantage in missiles in terms of quantity and quality in the Pacific. All US surface ships will be sunk including aircraft carriers. The only viable asset left for US will be subs. Russia has a naval base in Kamchatka peninsular with Borei class subs and all and China already have the largest number of warships in the world and almost all of those warships are in the Pacific.

Last edited 1 year ago by Ukraine is history

If chingasos starts between US and Russia, all 13 US aircraft carriers are going down, immediate hits. That is actually a vulnerability of US posture; they are exposed globally- take your pick, Russia, and keep your nukes at the ready. USA will.


Aircraft carries are not the problem. You have to take out subs first. Also target all bases that host long range bombers. Mostly cripple/destroy the obvious close by threats. After that you need to take out those warmongers themself. New leaders would likely want peace treaties.

Lesco Brandon

Time to make that S400 work. Shoot them down or better yet take them out on the ground.


S400 is for high value targets. BUK is already there.


If the Polish people are really this stupid, they better be ready to write off an airport, military base and let it stop there. You’d think they had a longer memory.


I think that the president of Russia made something very clear at the beginning of this operation”

“”Now a few important, very important words for those who may be tempted to intervene in ongoing events from the outside,” Putin said. “Whoever tries to interfere with us, and even more so to create threats to our country, to our people, should know that Russia’s response will be immediate and will lead you to such consequences as you have never experienced in your history. We are ready for any development of events. All necessary decisions in this regard have been made. I hope that I will be heard.””

Do the Bulgarians, Slovaks or Poles really want to be the first to test this clear statement of intention?


Is not the people. They surly like to live in peace and dignity. Their leaders are vassals to the US. They will sell their land and people down the river. They think all together they will somehow make this work. People often choose the wrong side.


Well, supposedly these are “democratic” countries, and as such the people are responsible for their actions, ostensibly.


this are fake news from the Ukraine, lol Bulgaria and Polen already denied such options…


how do they want to send them there? smuggle them in fedex vans?


Nobody takes the European LGBT puddles seriously. Washington is letting them take the front stage and embarrass themselves as they always do. Afterward, Washington will assume total control over its EU LGBT puddles who still dream of the Reich.


really are they that stupids??? the minute they take off from Poland, they would atract all kind of weaponery

un nato dogs

well, we have a european war then! FUCK POLAND!


Slovakia is an occupied country and US colony. Slovaks are the most pro Russian nation in EU, there was no consent on joining the NATO (majority was against). There was a coup the etat in 2018 and last election (parliamentary and presidential) were most “probably”rigged. Installed US puppets have signed separate agreement with US, that our general procurator called worst than agreement signed with USSR after 1968 occupation. Government is ignoring constitutional law in many occasions and trying to put every opposition behind the bars.. Now US dolls are closing down any alternative information source in Slovakia and police is threatening citizens that for supporting war (such vague definition can mean anything – sharing information, post different opinion etc) they can face – according to law – 15, 25 years in prison or life sentence! We are part of Imperium of lies and are turning to a fascist country..

We have no saying in the decisions us government in Slovakia take…

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