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JULY 2020

NATO Continues Its Expansion Despite COVID-19 Outbreak Hysteria


NATO Continues Its Expansion Despite COVID-19 Outbreak Hysteria


While the world is conerned over COVID-19-related issues, the NATO continues its expansion in southeastern Europe. Here is a comment by the Russian Foreign Ministry on the joining of North Macedonia to the NATO.

Comment by the Information and Press Department on North Macedonia joining NATO (source):

On March 27, after depositing its instrument of accession to the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation in Washington, North Macedonia officially became NATO’s 30th member. By necessity the event had a lower profile and less pomp than previous waves of the alliance’s expansion due to ongoing concerns over the coronavirus.

Despite the emergency declaration in North Macedonia, its leaders still took time out to rhapsodise on the historic nature of the country’s accession to NATO, which supposedly will ensure stability and security of Skopje. Foreign Minister Nikola Dimitrov even called the country’s NATO membership “the testament of our fathers and grandfathers.” What was not mentioned, however, was how close the formal date of accession was to the anniversary of the start of NATO’s bombing of Yugoslavia.

From the moment the Prespa Agreement was signed with Greece in June 2018, the process of North Macedonia’s integration into NATO – the self-proclaimed “alliance of democracies” – has been marked by a great many procedural and legislative irregularities. According to national law, turnout for the referendum on EU and NATO membership on September 30, 2018 was too low for the result to be valid. Various cases of interference in North Macedonia’s domestic affairs, even blackmail and intimidation, became known to the public. All of this went unnoticed by our Western partners, who are usually such sticklers for detail when it comes to legislative procedure.

It is evident that Skopje’s membership in the alliance yields no added value to European, regional or national security. This step certainly will not make it any easier to join efforts to counter common threats and challenges, including the coronavirus pandemic. It will only create new lines of separation.

A clear rationale for North Macedonia joining NATO has still yet to be given. Its people are promised economic growth, increased foreign investment and greater rule of law. But it is not necessary to join a military-political alliance for this. Now Skopje is required to immediately increase spending on defence and purchases of Western, primarily American, arms and equipment. This is the price the Macedonian nation will have to pay for ceding its sovereignty on military-political and other matters.

Regarding the promised security dividends, the alliance is not always able to reliably protect its members or even put an end to old disputes between them, instead mastering the art of sweeping such things under the rug.

According to procedure, Skopje is expected to confirm acceptance of its NATO obligations under documents signed with Russia, in particular the 1997 Founding Act and the 2002 Rome Declaration.



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  • Raptar Driver

    NATO, The king of the north Will use this opportunity to expand and it will continue expanding indefinitely until it is stopped.

    • occupybacon

      Everything comes to an end but NATO is not marching to Moscow’s whistle

      • Jens Holm

        Thats right. I always has voted for Nato in Europe should pay more for ourself, so we also would be more independent of USA.

        I could understand it, we we could not effort it. But we have had own money for many years now. EU/+GB) has same GDP as USA.

        • Alex

          Europeans are just a bunch of sheep that are being ordered around by Uncle Sam and his wife UK.

          • verner

            jens h0olm is of the leper colony doing the biddings of tel aviv.

        • occupybacon

          Yeh but socialism… Plus many German, French, Italian, Austrian politicians on Russian payroll, currently there is no party in Bundestag where Putin doesn’t have agents at the highest level

      • Raptar Driver

        You have it backwards.

    • AM Hants

      Feel sorry for Macedonia. Remember them sending NATO packing a few years ago, when NATO wanted to take control of their May Victory Parade.

      • Jens Holm

        Very well. But You forget the rest. They have been for Nato since 1995 or something and 80% say they are. Its their choise not Yours unless You are from there.

        You forget why so many has denied to celebrate Russian took over all the way to Berlin and Tito comunisme as the same kind of non freedom.


        • AM Hants

          You do realise the Soviet Union was not Russia, but, 15 member states, that fell in 1991?

    • Jens Holm

      Thats not expanding. They were taken by force by Serbia in 1913 and ever sice lived in beteewn, where greeks and Serbs didnt like them. There was not a single serb there. Before that they were Osmanns.

      • Raptar Driver

        Not invaded, liberated from the Turkish bastards!


      Russias king (period) Northpole got all you non essential goons covered,forever I swear!

  • Icarus Tanović

    This all started with coup couple years ago when Zoran Zaev was overthrown and govermnet too.
    Now this Nikola dimitrov treacherous traitor talking nonsences and stupidities because was majority of Macedonians are against NATO, they are rather see them selves in partnership with Russia/China.
    That was a criminal coup against Macedonia and that is a fact. We shall see what people have to say on this. Certainly they do not agree. They are rather enraged because of this.

    • Jens Holm

      No it didnt. It started in 1995. 80% support Macedonia being a member of Nato and the Albanians there about 100% because of Kosovo.

      The only time “against” was in 2008, where Nato almost demanded Macedonia to find another name. The reason was greeks as the only one blocked for the membership.

      You are the criminal in this lying like that. It is true. The Macedonians in some matters are not as well organized as many might like, but Countries do have to make descissions and act as such.

      Writing dirt about Nikola Dimitrov is far out. He is&was a diplomat and diplomazy certainly seemes to be needed in Macedonia and the states around it.

      Infected som low life Russian makes several very bad mistakes in his article. Its up to its own people to decide iff they will be members of EU or the collapsed Comecon. No random minister from anywhere should decide that.

      I am sure Macedonia is not promised a Syrian oilwell or simething like that. They are promised some help to reduce their chaos and low standards made by Milosowitch and Tito. Serbia took it by force in 1913 even there was not a single serb there.

    • Maria24

      Hello, rate my nude photos (russian pussy) please absolutely free – https://cutt.ly/ntFDSJ5

  • Assad must stay

    Not much of an expansion when most of Macedonian citizens would rather be with russia/china the real winning team

    • Jens Holm

      Thats highly incorrect. 80% support the new membership of Nato. Check it up. Parts of the article is very Russian with more stones then bread.

      • JIMI JAMES

        Fake,phoney and false numbers,besides there’s no official comfirmation (period)

        • Jens Holm

          The Macedonian devellopments are well descriebed point for point since 1995 by Wikipedia and others since 1995.

          Apart from a small period according theire name the asked people has had and has a big majority.

          I could understand if You said 51% and that small majority might be manipulated, but its and 80% oppinion.

          Your version for, whats fake and false nubers is a no go. The have made elections and they do have made goverments and they have to decide things.

          By that the Goverment is as safe in deciding as its possible there.

  • peter mcloughlin

    Hear the thundering hooves – Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Coronavirus represented – but we do not want to meet the horseman of war.


    Source of comfirmation? Time will tell,but nato nowadays is a liability not the factual asset!