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NATO Commander: Our Military Intervention Brought Peace to Serbia

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NATO Commander: Our Military Intervention Brought Peace to Serbia

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Comment of the translator: This is a year old statement from Wesley Clark, former Supreme Allied Commander who was one of the masterminds of NATO aggression which took 3500 lifes in Serbia and Montenegro. Coming from a democratic country whose principles are the freedom of speech and freedom of choice, this fascist shows his real face by commanding our citizens to leave their homes for good, just for not thinking alike. This is democracy the West gave to us – obey and you will be rewarded with loss of the sovereignity and destruction of economy, defy and taste our madness. And its all about a choice after all, freedom of choice.

This article originally appeared at Srbinaokup, translated from Serbian by Slavko Kovačević

Ongoing crisis in Ukraine recalls the events of nineties in Balkans and that it is a reminder of how important is for Europe to democratize, appraised the retired american general Wesley Clark.

“NATO military intervention in Serbia brought peace and put an end to the regime of Slobodan Milošević. This action strengthen role of NATO on the Balkans”, said Clark, who was a Supreme Allied Commander for Europe in the times when Alliance intervened against Serbia.

Clark corroborates that Ukrainian crisis must be a reminder that democratic processes must be encouraged in Europe, kind of “Serbia would have to follow because the situation in that country substantially affects the situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina”.

“It looks to me that Serbia is doing okay” said the ex-general for Sarajevo‘s “Dnevni avaz”.

Asked about possible closer ties between Serbia and Russia, Clark evaluated that “this is actually a good opportunity for West to consolidate and emerge as a leader of positive changes”.

“Pleading to strong Russia-Serbia relations is just an echo of ideas from history. Those who in Europe, in Balkans or in BiH cry for Putin may well go to him”, said Clark, ironically adding that “Siberia is huge and there is a lot of space in it”.

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