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Ukraine, NATO charges against Russia and War Games over the Black Sea

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Ukraine, NATO charges against Russia and War Games over the Black Sea

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Ukraine, NATO charges against Russia and War Games over the Black Sea
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NATO accuses Russia of planning the invasion of Ukraine by the beginning of 2022. The news was released in early December by the Washington Post. WP claims to have obtained sensitive information from US intelligence sources. Writing about the hypothesis of an imminent Russian aggression against Ukraine, WP wrote of 175 thousand Russian soldiers ready to attack Kiev, explaining immediately afterwards that it is only a potential deployment. According to US intelligence sources, WP says  that: “There is a level of preparedness and equipment that would allow the war to be supported for a week to ten days. And, in the rear, reinforcements are ready for a month of operations”. “Satellite images show the logistical supply lines for the front already in motion

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova denies the American version. The hypothesis of a Russian invasion of Ukraine is “an imaginary threat”. Zakharova says that “it was NATO that came close to us. It is close to our borders that NATO’s military infrastructure is being built and that large-scale exercises are being conducted”.

To ease tensions in Ukraine, the key is related to the eventual accession of Ukraine into NATO. For Russian President Putin, an enlargement of the Atlantic Alliance to the east is a red line not to be crossed. US President Biden has made it known that the United States has no intention of intervening in Ukraine and is entrusting any military defense to its European partners. Brussels confirms the approach indicated by the US. EU foreign affairs representative Joseph Borrell, said “Europe will stand by Kiev in the event of an invasion”.

NATO’s activity at the borders of Russia also contributes to inflame tension.

The spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry, in an official statement, explained which exercises are being carried out by NATO on the edges of the Russian borders.  Zakharova talks of “a military activity of the United States and NATO member states along the perimeter of Russia’s borders, including military flights and the dangerous maneuvers of military ships” that continues to grow.

From the foreign spokesperson, “The US military and its NATO allies have gone from attempts to test the strength of our border protection system to provocations against civilian aircraft.” Dangerous exercises that have jeopardized the safety of airspace and have endangerd human lives.

A protest note was sent to the United State’s Embassy in Moscow listing the incidents that jeopardized air safety in the skies over Russia between October and December.

The statement sent to US diplomatic services specifies that last December 3, a US Air Force CL-600 reconnaissance plane flew over the open waters of the Black Sea near the area of responsibility of the Russian air traffic services. The aircraft made a steep descent from an altitude of 11,000 m to an altitude of 9,200 m, crossing the route reserved for civil aircraft. The American plane risked collision with an Aeroflot passenger plane. Around the same time, a Maltese airliner flying from Sochi to Skopje narrowly escaped a collision. Also on the same day, Russian military aircraft had to intervene to escort a US Air Force’s RC-135 strategic reconnaissance plane over the Black Sea.

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I know I don’t have all the facts, but it’s a bit difficult to understand what Russia is trying to achieve. I mean, their obviously constantly letting these incidents basically slide instead of giving a firm response which means NATO will become more and more provocative and get a better chance at getting a cheap shot at a prime target before launching their full-on assault.

I know more time allows Russia to become more prepared, but I just think they could still accomplish that while being more assertive with an enemy that only understands force.

Any intel people out there want to give a hint? :)


Ukraine will simply be a buffer zone.

Last edited 7 months ago by Han

There won’t be a war there unless those crazy neocons somehow become suicidal. Russia could wipe them out in short order. Interesting thing is that they pretend they will only fight Russia, not Russia and China combined.

Last edited 7 months ago by Bangkok
The end

I wouldn’t call full strike with grass straws as a full-on assault against the bear as something alike. Many have tried and none succeeded. What makes you think this foolish time it will be different.


It looks like the people in Washington are being used as pawns in a bigger game by the Globalists. Whether they want to be or not, their ‘factions’ (I’m talking about the ones hidden within) appear to be too divided and too compromised. To me, they are being sacrificed as collateral for the chance to take Russia once and for all, to complete their One World Order.

NATO looks like it’s moving as close as it can get, right up to the border, to get a better opportunity for a strike on Russia’s most populated and densely protected region to give as little notice and chance of defending as possible.


Who’s waiting for what? There is no benefit to either side in active hostilities.

The only scenario that results in active hostilities is if Russian armed forces enter Ukraine. Putin says that’s not going to happen.

There is zero chance that Ukraine with send its armed forces into Russia.

Putin is threatening NATO if it lets Ukraine join. Although this would put Russia at a strategic disadvantage compared with the status quo, it would be foolish for Russia to launch an attack simply because Ukraine aligns with NATO. Putin won’t do that.

All the saber rattling should stop. Neither side should be surprised at the other side’s reciprocation of forces near the border. Neither wants to be surprised. But preparation for action does not mean action is inevitable. Here the cost of action is prohibitively expensive and neither side will start active hostilities.

Maintain lines of actual control. Let Germany and Russia increase commerce exponentially. Peace brings prosperity.


NATO will just keep building up it’s forces in Ukraine without ever officially announcing it as a member-state. They’ll no doubt take charge of organising the Ukraine Armed Forces and using them as a battering-ram to antagonise Russia.

Let’s not kid ourselves, Germany wants NATO influence just as much as it wants gas. It will have to compromise on one of them, and if it has to idle industry at the expense of a decrease in supply then it will do it. At the end of the day, they answer to the Globalists, and the Globalists simply use money as a tool to grant them their objective.

I simply don’t understand why Russia doesn’t give a more progressive response. I know they bombed the path of that destroyer, but it was on the end of a very long list of antagonism.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

They are afraid it will turn into a war probably


“NATO will just keep building up it’s forces in Ukraine without ever officially announcing it as a member-state. ”

The issue is what kind of “forces” are we talking about. Legacy equipment and advisors groups are not a serious threat to Russia, but buiding massive missile silos is.

Russians are aware of what’s being moved there and they will act accordingly if something really useful against them will be deployed. Anything else is “party decoration” and won’t bother their attention.

jens holm

I might agree some. russia has to have something to offer Ukraine and the rest. But it should be needed and not the opposite.

Both Ukraine and Belarus can solve any internal things as long as aothers makes contrasts there and even presidents doo.


Ok, so here’s the deal. The US wants the eventual integration of Ukraine into NATO. To that end, they keep provoking Russia, so as to keep up the illusion of a Russian threat (hoping Russia will respond aggressively). What Russia does is expose this. That’s the best they can do, call NATO’s bluff. Show the world that there is no excuse for Ukraine joining NATO. The second point is this: Russia will eventually, probably sooner than later, adsorb Donbass. Already, toll restrictions are being lifted, there is free flow of goods and services and Russian citizenship is being offered to people from Donyetsk and Lughansk. The Russian military build-up is not intended for an invasion of Ukraine, but rather to dissuade the latter from taking any ‘foolish’ action while Russia integrates the Donbass region. Ukraine is likely to acquiesce to that. They haven’t made use of the Minsk process, they’re not interested in negotiating over Donbass. Likely because they know it’s untenable. Secondly, they would end up with a less Russian, more homegeneous core-Ukraine, which they could steer towards NATO with more ease.


NATO will continue to provoke and expand. Russia’s only option to stop it is to use military force. If they do they will be labeled the aggressor. But it’s that or let themselves be overrun.

When will push finally come to shove?


I can’t see it ending any other way either. I think NATO should have been handled more rigidly, spoken to as a much more devious foe and handled as such. Russia had ample opportunity to give an example by destroying those biological laboratories bordering its region. Anything else that subsequently infringes on neutral territories would be then considered ‘fair game’.


Janes and IMHO

It is fool hardy for anyone to root for war. The status quo is bearable. So what if NATO positions assets forward. They are not going to attack Russia. No body wins anything by attacking Russia. Everybody wins be seeing Russia develop its natural resources and increase commerce with Western Europe. A war totally screws up this good outcome.

Don’t goad the bear. Putin is far to wise to start shooting when there is nothing to gain and everything to lose.


I’m not goading anyone at all, it’s just frustrating because I don’t understand.

I know how screwed the population of the West is, it’s nice to see Russia treat it’s population humanely and have a decent future for them. I only see a situation where the sick Elite in the West want to takeover everything and will do whatever and whomever they want to throw under the bus to achieve that.

All I’m saying is Red Lines are there for a reason and NATO, to me, have well and truly crossed it.



The status quo is bearable.

I do not deny that neocon adventurists advocate various strategies to advance American hegemony. But they are not in charge.

My point is simple and frankly irrefutable: peace is the best path forward. There is no set of contradictions that demands resolution presently. Live with the ambiguities rather than dying in a vain attempt to “decide” the issue.

Time will provide perspective. Russia has a vast energy resource required by Western Europe. Let that connection prosper. Encourage commerce. Allow prosperity to bloom.

War destroys. Commerce builds.

So what if Ukraine aligns with US and NATO. For decades the west feared a tank onslaught through the Fulda gap. The answer would have been, of necessity, nuclear. Those days are over. A new opportunity has arisen. We do not need to be hostiles.

Maintain the status quo. Go ahead and build up arms at the borders to satisfy your military strategists demands. They are only doing their jobs. They must make such recommendations. But please let’s all realize that the way forward which best serves the interests of the masses is peaceful commercial engagement.


You are so full of shit.


I mean really, you are an idiot.

jens holm

I will remind You, that USSR collapsed itself. We today help parts of their stolen and collaåsed leftovers.

We invest there to make them up to Our livingstandards. because of that they also has to produce. If they dont, they cant buy Our stuff.

He is no idiot at all. If You as Russia are so ineffective and low productive, You should not spend so much in military equipment. We westerns certainly wont attack a country full of Russians no matter what kind.

In most things too many are raised to be simpletons and the ones, which are not, not even are alllowed to have a sober voice for needed changes raising living standards by Our methods or own not yet invented.

jens holm

We are no screwed at all. You are told we are.

Russia and we are not as you are told at old. Why dont you sue Internet about us.

Capt. Steven Hiller, USMC

You dont understand, nato is going to attack russia when they have their missiles so close to mosvow m, like just several minute flighttime. When that happens its already too late for russia, unless they can wipe out the missiles all at once


You are correct that I do not share your assumption that NATO will attack Russia as a first strike. The jet stream would carry all that nuclear dust straight across the Pacific Ocean to US. The cost benefit analysis never would support such an act. Further, there would be no gain in a successful first strike. How does de-railing an existing economy help anyone.

Peace is the path to prosperity.

I also do not understand IMHO’s assertion that this perspective shows slave mentality.

The USSR dissolved without a war. The slow approach to coaxing Russia westward as a commercial partner in economic development is the best strategy. No one needs a quick fix to resolve ideological disagreements. Let the ambiguities resolve themselves through time in shared commercial endeavors.

jens holm

No western medias says so. Your censured ones does.

We want normal relations back, where Russins are in Russia only.

What abpout us having Russia west of Berling and in Bulgaria and Caucasus.

It looks like a well created paranoia in the Stalin level.

Its about the same for Ukraine as well as Belarus. Ypu let mad people decide which made people should be elected


Yea. And you all all the other cowards can root for slavery.

You don’t understand the big picture.

jens holm

Mosty people in Russia of today are knd of slaves even Gulag was not their homes.

jens holm

No hints are needed. Look at maps for just before WW1, Stalin Ribbentrop and after WW2. The black see is no ruusian Black Sea.

You just repeat against facts again and again as little children. Thats why we do defend them and try to help them away form the USSR collapase.

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