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NATO Believes Russia’s Admiral Kuznetsov to Strike ‘Civilians’ in Aleppo

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The NATO is concerned about the fact that the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier may be used to carry out airstrikes on the city of Aleppo.

NATO Believes Russia's Admiral Kuznetsov to Strike ‘Civilians’ in Aleppo

‘Civilians’ of Aleppo (Photo: AFP 2016 / Rami al-Sayed)

On Tuesday, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that he is concerned about the fact that the Admiral Kuznetsov heavy aircraft carrier, heading in the direction of Syria, may be used to carry out airstrikes on the city of Aleppo.

“The concern is that the Kuznetsov carrier group can be used as a platform for increased airstrikes against civilians in Aleppo,” the NATO Secretary General said at a press conference in Brussels.

Stoltenberg also added that NATO experts are monitoring the movement of the Russian ships “in a normal way.” He stressed that it is not the first time, when the Admiral Kuznetsov would be deployed to the Mediterranean.

“What is different this time is that the battle group may be used to increase Russia’s ability to take part in combat operations over Syria and to conduct even more airstrikes against Aleppo,” he said.

According to Stoltenberg, the prospect of the use of the aircraft carrier in the military operation in Syria creates more questions and concerns over assurances of the Russian side on its readiness to work for a political solution to the conflict.

At the same time, the NATO Secretary General noted that some countries of the North Atlantic Alliance help the Russian fleet in the Mediterranean. According to him, the NATO headquarters systematically pays attention to evidences of refueling and resupply of the Russian Navy’s ships in Mediterranean ports of the NATO countries, such as Spain.

Earlier, there were reports that the Russian military ships were resupplied and refueled in Spanish ports, located in North Africa, in particular, in the port of Ceuta. According to the Publico daily newspaper, official Madrid allowed the Russian Navy to carry out refueling of Russian warships in Spanish ports in North Africa.

The NATO representative noted that the last refueling took place on October 16. The Zeleny Dol and the Serpukhov corvettes entered the port. In addition, the Russian SB-36 rescue towboat has also been spotted in the Spanish port.

According to the Huffington Post informational website, the behavior of the Spanish government can be considered as an unprecedented violation of the NATO charter.

“As Aleppo burns, Spain resupplies the Russian Navy,” the article title reads.

Spain asked to specify what exactly point of the NATO charter has been violated by the country. Spanish Defense Minister Pedro Morenes pointed out that the NATO charter does not prohibit assisting another country’s Navy, with which the NATO is not at war. The Minister also added that according to the charter, any NATO country must inform all other countries of the alliance about a logistical support of ships of another fleet, if it receives such a request. Spain has informed all other NATO states.

Stoltenberg was not able to formulate specific claims against Madrid and just noted that Spain need to rethink its approach. If so, it turns out that the NATO Secretary General offers Spain to declare war on Russia or to disrupt the NATO charter.

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Daniel Martin

Hypocrisy at its highest! The joint criminal syndicate aka NATO which has destroyed 5 successful sovereign nations in just the past 16 years with millions of civilian casualties as a result of their criminal aggression witch in countries such as Serbia and Iraq people are still dying of cancer and leukemia because of the usage of munitions with depleted uranium. And this totally morally bankrupt criminal has the stomach and decency to speak about the organizations “worry” for civilian casualties in Syria!!? Excuse me but i have to go to the bathroom and puke!

Kristy Rain

Didnt you know? American Bombs dropped from American planes took off from American Carriers are gluten free, trans-fat free, low carb, fuel efficient, no msg, and are environmentallty fridndly being forged from at least 75% post-consumer products!

From ground-level workers to to foremen and ebgineers, Affirmative Action ensured that the workplace was diverse and equal!

This level of diversity and conscious constructiin means that our bombs dropped on targets anywhere in the world, are 100% humane and all ◆Collateral Damage◆ caused comes with our “We’re Sorry” Guaruntee! That means when we kill entire families or roast hospitals or immolate maternity wards, our staff works hard and vigorously to ensure the people of the world know that “We’re Sorry…”



Very droll!

Carol Davidek-Waller

It’s the American backed rebels that are killing people in Aleppo. The same mad dogs that are in charge of NATO.

Brad Isherwood



NATO is a joke and unfortunately it is not funny. The Soviet Union is no longer around so why is NATO? The only reason it was formed was to have checks and balances on The USSR. Now it is a hit squad to be used by western paranoid warmongers to eliminate Sovereign Nations that don’t obey their every command. Look at Libya! Libya was a beautiful country. School was free from grade to graduate. If the curriculum you wanted was not available, one could go to another country to study on the Libyan Government’s dime. Gaddafi was no saint but he was no demon as the west would have you believe. The fact is his killing was out right murder, murder by NATO! He wanted to build up Africa and the fat western bankers said Hell no because they wanted Africa’s money and oil, and diamonds, gold etc. Gaddafi stood in their way but not for long. Western hypocrisy at its’ best. I don’t know how they live with themselves!


Just now the USAF bombed a school in Mosul with large number of casualties. Scream loudly :”Russians are coming…”


Please do not allow yourself to be distracted from the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Aleppo caused by ugly barrel bombs. Never mind Mosul. It’s different there!

The NATO Secretary General thinks the Russians are planning increased airstrikes against civilians in Aleppo. I am sure they are investing so much money to kill civilians. It’s how you win battles.

john mason

Civilians? Terrorists don’t wear uniforms, civilian clothing instead so are the US categorizing terrorists as civilians because they don’t wear uniforms? Looks like NATO is shit scared of the Russian fleet.





The best idea would be for Syria to openly invite Huffington, NATO, and a few other hundred or so of these critics to come to Aleppo. Live in Aleppo and as long as they are willing to live there next door to Al Nusra Syria and Russia would agree to stop bombing! Lets see how long they could keep their heads about them?


NATO is run by bigoted mental midgets.

martin aguilar


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