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NATO airplanes are dropping military waste in the Adriatic Sea

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NATO airplanes are dropping military waste in the Adriatic Sea

This article originally appeared at Novosti.rs translated by Stevo Marjanović exclusively for SouthFront.

Recent discovery that NATO airplanes are dropping bombs and rockets in the Adriatic Sea, not only in the special zones, but also near the coast has disturbed everyone in the region.

As it was reported by “Jutarnji list”, this will result in creation of high concentration of toxic chemicals, and because bombs are affected by the sea currents, this is a moveable arsenal of death.

Italian journalist Gianni Lannes claims that NATO and the Italian government are lying when they claim that bombs and missiles not used during military missions are dropped in six pre-determined zones. Lannes says that in reality, there are 24 such zones which lie not only in international waters but also within Croatian and Italian state borders.

Zones for military waste spread from Trieste (northern Adriatic) to Santa Maria di Leuca (town near Strait of Otranto).

“There is a large arsenal of bombs from Second World War and bombs used by NATO during the bombing of Serbia in 1999 just 50 miles from Istrian shores.  The concentration of mustard gas, phosphorus and other poisonous chemicals is frightening, and bombs are susceptible to sea currents, this is mobile arsenal of death.”

“Recently there has been a large number of turtle and dolphin deaths near Italian shores. The Italian state agency Icram – which has been monitoring the phenomenon says that many of the carcasses found contain burns and deep wounds.”, said Lannes
Lannes will soon publish a bok in which, as he says, reveals terrifying details about a large number of tumors in infants.

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Sam Nelson

It is not people, who are destroying the environment and natural life on Earth, it is the Military and Industry, that are destroying the world, and, what for? So Rothschild’s can keep on raking in the gold and the Jews, named, owned, supported, by the Rothschild’s Jewish Mafia, can always be the royalty in a world of white people. Not only do the Rothschild’s own everything about life in the human world they own the Internet and all that is, too. I dread the day I can no longer gripe and cry on the comment pages, this gives me a kind of relief I cherish. I know though, that day is at hand and after that we will just have to take what comes which I am sure will be an early grave for us all.

Daniel Strader

tell me more

Doom Sternz

We must place limits on peoples wealth to limit the damage they do.

George Evans

maybe their wealth should be limited to the local equivalent of 3 billion ” big macs “…surely enough for anybody ???

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