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NATO Agrees On “New Master Plan” To Deter And Defend Against Russian Attacks

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NATO Agrees On "New Master Plan" To Deter And Defend Against Russian Attacks

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On October 21st, NATO’s defense ministers reportedly agreed on “a new master plan” to deter and defend against any potential Russian attack on multiple fronts.

This, again, reinforces the idea that the entire bloc is formed against Russia, despite any threats that China allegedly poses.

The confidential strategy aims to prepare for any simultaneous attack in the Baltic and Black Sea regions that could include nuclear weapons, hacking of computer networks and assaults from space.

“We continue to strengthen our alliance with better and modernised plans,” NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said.

NATO also agreed on a $1bn fund to provide seed financing to develop new digital technologies.

Officials stressed that they do not believe any Russian attack is imminent.

And Moscow has denied any aggressive intentions and said it is NATO that risks destabilising Europe with such preparations.

But one must be ready in the face of no threat.

The defense ministers, however, have said that the “Concept for Deterrence and Defence in the Euro-Atlantic Area” is needed as Russia develops advanced weapon systems and deploys troops and equipment closer to the allies’ borders.

“This is the way of deterrence,” German Defence Minister Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer said of the plan.

“And this is being adapted to the current behaviour of Russia – and we are seeing violations particularly of the airspace over the Baltic states, but also increasing incursions over the Black Sea,” she said.

Russia is upgrading or replacing Soviet military space systems to potentially attack satellites in orbit, developing artificial intelligence-based technologies to disrupt allied command systems, and also developing “super weapons”.

Unveiled in 2018, they include nuclear-capable hypersonic cruise missiles that could evade early-warning systems.

Retired US General Ben Hodges, who commanded US army forces in Europe from 2014 until 2017, said he hoped the plan would foster greater coherence in NATO’s collective defence, meaning more resources for the Black Sea region.

“To me, this is the more likely flashpoint than the Baltics,” Hodges told the Reuters news agency, noting fewer big allies such as the United Kingdom and France have a strong presence in the Black Sea, and Turkey is more focused on the conflict in Syria.

Meanwhile, the alliance is conducting a review of “lessons learned” from its two-decade deployment in Afghanistan after criticism among some allies of the US handling of the decision to pull out.

The crisis in Afghanistan does not change the need for Europe and North America to stand together in NATO,” Stoltenberg said.

“In the face of growing global challenges, our unity and strength is what keeps us secure.”

Stoltenberg said the alliance members would look to keep up pressure on the Taliban through diplomatic and financial “leverage” and had the capabilities to attack any emerging threats “from distance”.


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Came across this from India


COGNITIVE WARFARE: The Battle for Your Brain


Or, NATO needs to make up new threats, to continue justifying its very existence, and all the vastly overpaid jobs of self serving bureaucrats like Stoltenberg, funded at member taxpayer’s expense.


Pity the average dullard does not understand the scam. They even OPENLY published their intentions before 9/11.

PNAC documents. Neocon swine created a new business model for wall street and london shareholders. The average idiot missed everything, too busy watching porn and checking their credit rating.


“War on terror” completely exposed as a hoax = cold war reboot (2.0). Pathetic and transparent. nato is irrelevant garbage.

Karl Wolfe

Typical bureaucracy: creates new problems rather than allow the people to realize it’s no longer necessary and should be disbanded. They will even start wars to continue their jobs and pensions. What a waste of taxpayer money and a scam at this point.
JFK called it out “The Pax Americana” meaning the Peace of Rome comparison: “You do whatever we want including surrender all your wealth, independence, liberty and resources and you will have “peace”, otherwise we’ll destroy you”.


They already did start wars,the first was against Serbia,they are just war criminals,they bombed Belgrade for 78 days,they were in good compnay that was the first time since Hitlers Luftwaffe.


NATO (US) bombed and dropped Yugoslav bridges over the Danube – blocking European large river transports through central Europe for several years, until the cost of removing the destroyed and collapsed concrete bridges could be financed. That is what US thinks of central Europe – they screwed over everybody’s economy that operates on Danube arterial river transport without a single thought.

Last edited 1 month ago by 4thMechanizedDivision

Those Nato pigs always have to have a enemy to justify their excistence,they are mentally ill looking for enemies that only exist in their unhinged minds.


Sickness by selecting as many psychopaths as possible. The average person misses the intentions of a psychopath.

I worked with one of these type of fools this past summer. A true idiotic psychopath simultaneously suffering from midlife crisis, as the punk was in his mid 40s. A disgusting creature of a “human being”. Degenerate, lazy, perverted, a deceiver etc.


Yes and psychos are totally unaware of any guilt normal people feel.

The Objective

Bullshit. Turkey is a bigger nato target than Russia.

Lone Ranger

Oy vey…


Turkey is NATO point man against Syria, and now, in conjunction with Azerbaijan against Iran. Turkey under Erdogan is just a NATO useful idiot, with self grandiose ideas of neo-Ottoman expansion across region, that US can seemingly easily manipulate.

Last edited 1 month ago by 4thMechanizedDivision
Lone Ranger

What Russian attacks?
I only see the U.S. and vassals invading and destroying countries.
Non the less they always fail.
Master plan my…

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