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NATO Activities In Ukraine And Near Its Borders – Russian MFA Briefing

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NATO Activities In Ukraine And Near Its Borders - Russian MFA Briefing

M. Zakharova. Source: www.mid.ru

A part of briefing by Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova that was released on April 15, 2021.

NATO Activities In Ukraine And Near Its Borders

The United States and its NATO allies continue accusing Russia of building up its military units and equipment near the border with Ukraine. These propaganda attacks demonstrate that the Alliance and its member countries want to justify their more intensive military activities in Ukraine and near it.

I would like to remind you that throughout this year alone NATO is planning seven military exercises in Ukraine. The active phase of the Defender Europe 2021 exercise, the most extensive exercise for many years, is to commence near Ukraine soon. This event is to involve 25 states. NATO warships are entering the Black Sea ever more frequently; the number of such visits increased by one-third last year.

US, British, Canadian and Lithuanian training missions are deployed in the country. It should be noted that Ukrainian service personnel that have been trained by NATO instructors are often sent to the zone of the so-called “anti-terrorist operation,” directed against certain districts of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions.

US strategic bombers overfly the Black Sea and Ukraine much more often than before, and they enter preset sectors for launching cruise missiles. More intensive aerial reconnaissance missions are taking place near the Crimean peninsula.

Moreover, the United States and its allies are supplying Ukraine with numerous weapons systems. Our Western partners and their countries’ media are keeping quiet about this. Since 2014, Washington has provided almost $2 billion worth of military assistance to Kiev.

All this shows it is precisely NATO countries which are aggravating the situation around Ukraine with their provocative actions. By the way, Ukraine is not included in NATO’s zone of responsibility. These provocative actions are fueling military revenge-seeking moods, as NATO builds up its military potential near this restless region.

The double standards of US-led NATO are not something new. They are also manifested in other matters, including counter-terrorism operations, rather than just in the context of Ukraine.


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“The double standards of US-led NATO are not something new. They are also
manifested in other matters, including counter-terrorism operations,
rather than just in the context of Ukraine.”

And the Kremlin fails yet again to call out their terrorist US/EU/NATO Ziocorporate globalist business partners for what they are to keep advancing projects like Nordstream2 and securing Ziocorporate investment in Russia and Russian Jewligarch investment in the West.

It’s diplomacy, in WEF Great Reset-style going on here.

Assad must stay

when will it end shylock?


Never as long as (the threat of) war and terrorism, including the current covid19 bioterrorist plandemic attack, remain a profitable way to control populations and determine the relations and business among great powers.

Jens Holm

Covid 19 as an excuuse probatly makes You happy too.

I can only see You want us to decline or deroute to Your lo level, because You have no idea about to grow Yourself – apart from making children, but even worms can do that.

Assad must stay

I meant putins ziocorporatist dealings

Jens Holm

If there are so many Jews as You insinuate, they must be a majority and being allowed to have influence too.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Well it’s clear what is going on in Ukraine, it is a FOB for an assault on Russian territory by a Nato partnership state, (Ukraine) that is being trained by U.S./UK-led Nato to ultimately assault Russia’s Caspian Sea bordering regions and Southern Caucasus under Washington and London’s orders.

I’d start the strikes against Kiev’s U.S. supplied weapons depots right away, in a Russian Shock and Awe. If the build-up continues then Russia will be facing a dire threat a couple of years down the line.

It needs properly nipping in the bud!


I would go for any Turkish barracks myself, but yours isn’t a bad suggestion all and all.


They’re going to attack Donbass, with Turks operating the drones and Ukrainian troops going in on the ground. Just like they did on Armenia. Russia appears to be on the verge of getting caught unprepared again, with their Donbass allies getting pounded just like the Armenians and Syrians while Russia watches in frustration.


Donbass is not Armenia. The complexity is the specter of direct Russian support and the virtual certainty of indirect support. There would be many surprises not in favor of the attackers. But I agree the Ukrainian’s may have drunk such a kool-aid and such tactics would be attempted.

Assad must stay

russia needs to stop talking and do something

Band Itkoitko

With all honesty, Russia has been doing quite a lot, including putting herself on the edge of an existential war these days. She also seeks a strategic cooperation with Iran, bringing together her positions with major powers like China and India, and generally interacting with a lot of countries and entities, including in Latin America. They are also working on building a new economic model, building a powerful military and maintaining (even changing) the strategic balance.

If they were not doing all that, we might be in a much worse situation right now. It’s not like we would benefit from a nuclear exchange anyway. So working on avoiding that is very crucial.

The main challenge is in fact for the whole of Asia. Asia needs to realize that it is the continent with the largest human and natural resources and should understand its power and responsibility. The continent should free itself from dependencies of foreign powers and systems. It’s like the British Empire version 2. One island (the US is an island in economic and military terms) having too much control because of systematic, political, and financial games. It’s up to Asia to say that they don’t want to be a hostage of an island. Then Africa will follow, and Europe has nowhere else to go.

Assad must stay

fully agree very intelligent!

Jens Holm

You are right. China, Russia and India should not be there as big countries but several.

Band Itkoitko

You sound hateful. Loneliness is a heavy thing.

Jens Holm

We see it here. The R ussians want us to understand those many liberated and new countries as their hemisphere and kept it from 1917 to 1991 and even divided it by Hitler.

Jts not and certainly not if they treat it bad in military as well as political matetrs as right now too.

Lonelynes is when Danes and others in tradtions before the vikings has traded and had good contacts as well as wars among each other and we lost it again by Russian very hostile neocolonial expansion.

Lonelyness is when there suddenly for no good reasons is Russia west of Berlin and e€n added with a wall included landmines and machineguns.

Lonelyness is, we could not even help those “easterns” for their and own purpose.

Lonelyness is were blamed for normal devellopment i those non Russain countries, which we didnt collpase. USA even would give Russai and the rest help by the Marshall plan. People instead of economic growth, which might have given Our living standards or like that instead of that was decided by Stalins, that controlling those millions still alive and many living hardly with nothing was important for them.

The Russians as well as the otrhers were not even asked. So I do find at least some friendship is not possible and very visble according Putins as well.

Why should those countries not be able to defend themself and even integrate with a collapse pf the worst kind and repair on a totally malfunktion. They shoot horses, dont they:(

Band Itkoitko

Very liberal rewriting of history. You should be grateful. After all Stalin was not Russian, he was one of your friends in Georgia.

Why is the west to irreparably stupid? Because of Roman catholic papism?

Now your friend Zelensky is saying publicly that he wants nukes and to nuke the Russian population. Democratic values and right to defend oneself you say… There you go, I agree with you. Russia has the right to defend herself and her democratic values and sovereignty. Russia has the right to throw your financial system in the gutter and let you drag in poverty and die of hunger on the streets. Prepare for that. This is serious.

Go check yourself in the mirror and see that you lost your mind. Repent while you still can.


You shouldn’t exist as a whole person there but as several parts lol


A well timed pre-emptive strike, from a volley of Iskanders and air-launched cruise missiles aimed at Ukraine’s air bases, should be enough to wipe out the Bayraktar drones and most of Ukraine’s AF.

Supreme Blyat

Lol. Won’t happen.


Oh It most definitely can. The Russian Kh-101 or even the Kalibr cruise missile and the Iskander ballistic missile have the range, accuracy, and warhead to make quick work of Ukrainian AF bases. And if any old, rusty Ukrainian combat jets or the Turkish drones somehow avoided destruction on the ground, the RuAF Su-35s and MiG-31s would quickly wipe the floor with them.

Supreme Blyat

Russia should nuke Kiev, Lvov and Cernovsky. That would bring NATO at negotiations table.

Tommy Jensen

If I were Russia I would dump the Tsar bomb in the middle of the Atlantic Sea to show everybody in West that Putin means business.

Supreme Blyat

If I would be Russia I would drink vodka all day long and pray Ded Moroz for the West to fall.


Nato instructors need periodic pest controls.

Jens Holm

Sure. They should send Monsanto and kill more of You more often.

We are better to ants even You look just the same.


Maybe this is all show and planned by the elite to wipe out the masses? Russia and USA are not really enemies……nuclear weapons were made to hold the masses hostage …..


The Western Elite definitely. Russia, no.


Ukraine needs at least a 10-1 advantage in soldiers for an assault to succeed. And they would have to be highly trained and motivated.

This Ukraine does not have. Nor do they have reliable allies. Nor is time in their favor as with each passing day their opponents are dug in deeper and resupplied more.

Even worse is that Ukrainian and “US”/EU/NATO intelligence agencies are probably all compromised to their very core.



NATO activities near Ukraine can only be compared with recent Russian activities in the Balkans. The only difference was that at that time Russia was actually allied with “partners” from NATO. Lonely, lonely country Russia. We have been there, we know how it feels. Maria should address, or even simply tell us whom Russia was arming and why? Today, every Russian neighbour is its enemy. Everyone who used to be a friend, brother and an ally is gone. Russia played a shameful role in the Balkans as an enemy of Serbs, it sold Fidel Castro mostly to its own detriment, it wasn’t able to see the writing on the wall, it ignored its own history, it refused to learn, just like a moth it kept flying around the fire too close for too long. It hoped to get a lot for itself by helping and enabling the enemy in other places. Russia was (is) extremely selfish, immoral and shortsighted. It lost so much because of the incompetence and ignorance of its despotic “leaders” who are always right . Most of it will never be recovered including my brotherly feelings. No sympathies.

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