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‘National Emergency’: Biden Administration Is Obsessed With SouthFront

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'National Emergency’: Biden Administration Is Obsessed With SouthFront


No day without shaping the history! Big Bad SouthFront is once again threatening interests of the leadership of the world’s sole superpower.

The SouthFront fan club in the US administration, and in particular in the White House and the State Department, seems to be rapidly growing. The scale of popularity of SouthFront on the highest level of the US government reached the level, when the world’s superpower imposed sanctions on SouthFront website (southfront.org) and declared the state of a “national emergency” over the alleged Russian threat (HINT: As we know from the ‘deep analytical report‘ of the State Department, SouthFront is a “pilar” of the Russian disinformation campaign against the United States).

Let’s look at this situation comedy closer:

On April 15, US President Joe Biden signed an executive order declaring a “national emergency” over the alleged threat from Russia, and his administration imposed new sanctions on the country.

“Today, we announced actions to hold the Russian Government to account for the SolarWinds intrusion, reports of bounties on U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan, and attempts to interfere in the 2020 U.S. elections,” Secretary of State Antony Blinken said in a statement.

On top of this, the White House released a letter to Congress stating that the president has issued “an Executive Order declaring a national emergency with respect to the unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States posed by specified harmful foreign activities of the Government of the Russian Federation.”

In total, the U.S. Department of the Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control imposed sanctions “against 16 entities and 16 individuals who attempted to influence the 2020 U.S. presidential election at the direction of the leadership of the Russian Government.”

It is easily to imagine how SouthFront Team was surprised (SPOILER: tacking into account the unprecedented censorship and smearing campaign against SouthFront – NO), when we found SouthFront on the top of the list of media organizations that allegedly meddled into the US Presidential Election:

Russian Intelligence Services, namely the Federal Security Service (FSB), the Main Intelligence Directorate (GRU), and the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR), play critical roles in propagating Russian disinformation online. The FSB, GRU, and SVR operate a network of websites that obscure their Russian origin to appeal to Western audiences. Outlets operated by Russian Intelligence Services focus on divisive issues in the United States, denigrate U.S. political candidates, and disseminate false and misleading information. The GRU and FSB were first designated in 2016.

The FSB directly operates disinformation outlets. SouthFront is an online disinformation site registered in Russia that receives taskings from the FSB. It attempts to appeal to military enthusiasts, veterans, and conspiracy theorists, all while going to great lengths to hide its connections to Russian intelligence. In the aftermath of the 2020 U.S. presidential election, SouthFront sought to promote perceptions of voter fraud by publishing content alleging that such activity took place during the 2020 U.S. presidential election cycle.

Apparently, globalist structures have become very upset over SouthFront work and their inability to suppress one of the few remaining independent voices. Instead of accepting the reality in which well-funded censorship committees and MSM are not able to suppress the work of an independent team of experts and volunteers, the US administration once again opted to increase the censorship campaign against SouthFront under a vague pretext.

We have already received several commentary requests, including those from Russian media, over our position towards the introduction of sanctions against SouthFront and its alleged links with ‘the Russian government’.

Here, you can find an example of SouthFront answer to such requests:


We are surprised and not surprised at the same time. For many years, we have been accused of all sins. Our social publics were blocked, links were removed. Google blocked our AdSense account stolen accumulated funds. Meanwhile, we have nothing to do with any Russian structures. Earlier, we addressed to the Russian side for information and legal support several times. We were just ignored. Moreover, we have never received a single cent of support from Russian structures, companies and even individuals.

Please look through these:

As for the 2020 US elections, yes, we, like most international media, covered the situation over there. We critically assessed the election process itself, but tried to maintain neutrality in relation to candidates.

We believe that this action of pressure on SF is due to the fact that we are actively covering the current situation in the east of Ukraine. We have sufficient recognition among the international independent media. Despite being blocked on all major social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), we have a large audience thanks to our partners. Apparently, this is what worries the White House and is the purpose of this attack.

Regarding your question, we do not know how the sanctions will affect our activities.

Sincerely yours,
SF Team

With much regret, SouthFront has to conclude that the concept of the freedom of speech does not exist in the modern ‘democratic world’ and the trend on the further censorship and attacks on independent points of views is only strengthening.

Nonetheless, there is the thing that people behind this does not understand. The total globalist censorship established in the international media is what really creates the space for SouthFront work.


With every attack on SouthFront (censorship attempts, provocations, smearing campaigns and even sanctions), positions of SouthFront as the really independent source of coverage and analysis are strengthening.


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'National Emergency’: Biden Administration Is Obsessed With SouthFront


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cechas vodobenikov

CIA pays many to post disinformation at SF. if the truth did not upset them this would not occur

AM Hants

Not just CIA, UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, spends a fortune on cyber trolls, spreading Russian Disinformation.

Ralph London

Why not be open about it, AM, don’t be shy, call it what it simply is: LIES.

jabirujoe .

Russia no good. Now I can get paid and polish, periscope, ok bosscomment image

AM Hants

For a Polish Periscope, think you need to go to $oro$ for payment. There again, does Poland have any submarines, let alone Periscopes? However, if you wish to be paid in apples, do believe, since Russia refused Polish Apples, back in 2014, they are looking to get rid of a large stock of their apples.

Just checked for Polish submarines, as the thought made me laugh. They say they have 3 submarines, but, from the Soviet Union and the last one purchased or gifted (knowing Poland), was an old Kilo class one from 1986. Definitely not one of the ‘black whole’ Russian submarines, but, one of the grandparents. Cannot find the other two, but, she got rid of the old submarines that were gifted to her from the Soviet times, back in the 90s.

jabirujoe .

Antsie I actually meant polish as in buffing up or shining my periscope dear lady, but thanks for the tip on the apple, it was delicious.comment image

AM Hants

Ha-ha and seriously laughing. I genuinely thought you meant Polish and never for a moment thought of dust and buff. With regards the apples, well I would have thought they might have fermented by now, and you would have a good supply of cider. However, glad you found one that was still edible. I am going to giggle about polish and Polish for many years to come, as I make a complete idiot of myself ha-ha.

jabirujoe .

I actually found a really great gif of a bed post being buffed up but it was too risque and suggestive even by my low and demented standards so I erred on the side of caution and just sent you the apple one instead. A bit of a shame cause the bed post one was funny as hell. The old style type with a large round end.

AM Hants

I am still laughing at muddling up furniture polish with the Polish. I hate to think what you wanted to post and for some reason the ‘Ever Green’ cargo ship and the route it took, to get to the Suez Canal, so comes to mind. Before I get into any trouble, I will leave it there, ha-ha. Just as well you found a decent apple.

Dick Emery as Mandy with a couple of ripe melons……… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMa5D6UcYI4

For some reason, whilst checking out Dick Emery, the next video reminded me of a NATO Recruitment Advert, although I might get in trouble for this.

Dick Emery Clarence Army Scene… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M9ShWzseaxA

jabirujoe .

Great stuff Antsie. I’ll be more discrete tho’ because this one would be sure to make even the most liberal minded Hampshire Housewife blush. Just search polishing bedpost gif. in google under images and it should pop up (no pun intended) first cab in the rank. Have a laugh, have a blush, you can slap me later. Cheers me dears.

AM Hants

My humour can go deep inside the sewer and ironically I only blush at the most innocent of things. Well, just finding the images, was interesting. The first, I came across, leaving out ‘gif’, took me straight to the professional way, as with furniture polish and a cloth duster at hand. Then next try, I thought was fairly innocent and found the movement strange and so tried to search for more. OMG and now know why my beds do not have bedposts ha-ha. Will shut up before I get into trouble, but, where were the batteries? I have a female friend who will more than like the clips and pay back time for some of the stuff she has made me watch ha-ha. There again, wrong gender for her.

Ricky Miller

That last 877 doesn’t even have torpedoes left. I mean, it could ram something I guess. Or surface and jump up topside to launch off RPG’s.

AM Hants

Must admit, the thought of a Polish submarine, seriously made me laugh. I have no idea why, it just seems comical and that includes the Polish Submarine Squadron, if they have any left.

Hind Abyad

Such nonsense. I have followed the Syrian conflict from the beginning until now. This is why I am here. Of cause I am pro Russia, because we all have to be thankfull to Russia because of the positive role it is playing. Always true to her word, loyal to her friends and very balanced as well as moderate in her actions. On the other hand the Demonrats and its allies Qatar & Muslim Brotherhood, Al Quaida etc. are such evil murderers it makes me puke. You can even not call them human. And I knew it before: As soon as Trump was gone: ALL THE TERRORISTS ARE BACK AGAIN. Demonrats are true children of the devil and enemies of God and mankind. Time to teach this beasts a lesson.

Icarus Tanović

Yes, that’s right, you really cannot.

Hind Abyad

What about teaching a lesson the their creators?comment image comment image comment image

John Tosh

Lol…. its becoming hilarious!
In the near future…… CIA tells the government we have to sanction them…. government responds “but we have already sanctioned the whole world… everyone on the planet has been sanctioned outside the USA” Well we need more sanctions is the response… so the CIA comes up with a brilliant suggestion… “Let us sanction ourselves!” Lol


It’s odd to still see Southfront feed the ludicrous idea that the so-called “partisan divide” between the terrorist Ziocorporate globalists’ Democrat puppets and their Republican puppet peers is an actual thing to take count as a factor to explain their actions.

The Kameltoe Biden regime is simply consolidating on the “national emergency” declared by Trumpet regime for the WHO’s globalist plandemic.

Great Reset’s heating up faster than a covid patient’s fever, the incoming volleys of bullshit are unfathomable.

Best part is Russian PM Mishustin was wargaming simulations with the so-called “deep state” WEF and Klaus Schwab on post-Great Reset cybersecurity when Trumpet was still president last yr. Any democrat/republican comments on that?


How many people murdered Trump and how many people Hitlery/Obama? Who stopped the financing and supply of the terrorists in Syria and ended the biggest bloodshed? And the biggest question is: Who is working just now to start WW3?

Fog of War

” Who is working just now to start WW3? ”

They all are.

Tommy Jensen

You are right. But normal people try to select the least of 2 evils and the sheeple are in majority.

johnny rotten

No longer exists in the West something like a statehood, since the 60s was built throughout the West that intertwining between corporations and national states that is nothing but the pure essence of fascism, the United States themselves, intended as a state National, they too are one of the victims of own corruption, and today they are governed by politicians just as figures, while the real government is behind the scenes, that of billionaires.
By denigrating the national states in order to privatize every public wealth what remains is the delirium and incompetence, ingredients necessary for conflagration, such as Nitro and Glycerin, to which you add a progressive mass impoverishment as a fuel and today you have the total failure of each institution, we are increasingly near the final collapse that not even a miracle can avoid.

Fog of War

” intertwining between corporations and national states that is nothing but the pure essence of fascism, ”

Then please explain why these ” fascists ” are pushing a Marxist, totalitarian, anti-religion , anti-white agenda ?

Some fascists you got there ?


“Fascism” when discussing regimes today, in modern parlance, is merely a rhetorical device, as you know.

It’s a tiresome and hackneyed method, to do this. It’s pretty annoying, even when it’s employed by friends and allies, as it often is here.

Western “fascism” is infact nothing more than the evolved product of the western liberalism that achieved total victory over the true fascists at the end of the World War.

Falsely invoking “fascism” – against the liberal globohomo state – is a sign of how deeply the liberal-democratic west has conditioned it’s populace against true fascism.

Fog of War

” Falsely invoking “fascism” – against the liberal globohomo state – is a sign of how deeply the liberal-democratic west has conditioned it’s populace against true fascism. ”

Excellent summation.

Steve Standley

Who is righteous, and who is not? Who is constantly telling lies, exploiting other countries, and murdering their people? I am pro-righteousness. For that reason, I am decidedly pro-Russian. There isn’t even any room for debate: The US and its allies are liars, murderers, and thieves. Long-live Russia and long-live Vladimir Putin.

John Brown

Vulture Capitalism Is Jewish Capitalism
Vulture Capitalism Is Jewish Capitalism
Andrew Joyce Fri, Dec 20,
If man will strike, strike through the mask!”
Ahab, Moby Dick
It was very gratifying to see Tucker Carlson’s recent attack on the activities
of Paul Singer’s vulture fund, Elliot Associates, a group I first profiled four years ago. In many respects, it is
truly remarkable that vulture funds like Singer’s escaped major media attention
prior to this, especially when one considers how extraordinarily harmful and
exploitative they are.

Many countries are now in very significant debt to groups like
Elliot Associates and, as Tucker’s segment very starkly illustrated, their
reach has now extended into the very heart of small-town America. Shining a
spotlight on the spread of this virus is definitely welcome.

I strongly believe, however, that the problem presented by these
cabals of exploitative financiers will only be solved if their true nature is
fully discerned. Thus far, the descriptive terminology employed in discussing
their activities has revolved only around the scavenging and parasitic nature
of their activities. Elliot Associates have therefore been described as a
quintessential example of a “vulture fund” practicing “vulture capitalism.” But
these funds aren’t run by carrion birds.

They are operated almost exclusively by Jews. In the following
essay, I want us to examine the largest and most influential “vulture funds,”
to assess their leadership, ethos, financial practices, and how they
disseminate their dubiously acquired wealth. I want us to set aside colorful
metaphors. I want us to strike through the mask.

Who Are The Vultures?

It is commonly agreed that the most significant global vulture
funds are Elliot Management, Cerberus, FG Hemisphere, Autonomy Capital, Baupost
Group, Canyon Capital Advisors, Monarch Alternative Capital, GoldenTree Asset
Management, Aurelius Capital Management, OakTree Capital, Fundamental Advisors,
and Tilden Park Investment Master Fund LP. The names of these groups are very
interesting, being either blankly nondescript or evoking vague inklings of
Anglo-Saxon or rural/pastoral origins (note the prevalence of oak, trees,
parks, canyons, monarchs, or the use of names like Aurelius and Elliot).

This is the same tactic employed by the Jew Jordan Belfort, the
“Wolf of Wall Street,” who operated multiple major frauds under the business
name Stratton Oakmont.

These names are masks. They are designed to cultivate trust and
obscure the real background of the various groupings of financiers. None of
these groups have Anglo-Saxon or venerable origins. None are based in rural
idylls. All of the vulture funds named above were founded by, and continue to
be operated by, ethnocentric, globalist, urban-dwelling Jews. A quick review of
each of their websites reveals their founders and central figures to be:

Management — Paul Singer, Zion Shohet, Jesse Cohn, Stephen Taub, Elliot
Greenberg and Richard Zabel

— Stephen Feinberg, Lee Millstein, Jeffrey Lomasky, Seth Plattus, Joshua
Weintraub, Daniel Wolf, David Teitelbaum

Hemisphere — Peter Grossman

Capital — Derek Goodman

Group — Seth Klarman, Jordan Baruch, Isaac Auerbach

Capital Advisors — Joshua Friedman, Mitchell Julis

Alternative Capital — Andrew Herenstein, Michael Weinstock

Asset Management — Steven Tananbaum, Steven Shapiro

Capital Management — Mark Brodsky, Samuel Rubin, Eleazer Klein, Jason

Capital — Howard Marks, Bruce Karsh, Jay Wintrob, John Frank, Sheldon

Advisors — Laurence Gottlieb, Jonathan Stern

Park Investment Master Fund LP — Josh Birnbaum, Sam Alcoff

The fact that all of these vulture funds, widely acknowledged as
the most influential and predatory, are owned and operated by Jews is
remarkable in itself, especially in a contemporary context in which we are
constantly bombarded with the suggestion that Jews don’t have a special
relationship with money or usury, and that any such idea is an example of
ignorant prejudice.

Equally remarkable, however, is the fact that Jewish
representation saturates the board level of these companies also, suggesting
that their beginnings and methods of internal promotion and operation rely
heavily on ethnic-communal origins, and religious and social cohesion more

As such, these Jewish funds provide an excellent opportunity to
examine their financial and political activities as expressions of Jewishness,
and can thus be placed in the broader framework of the Jewish group
evolutionary strategy and the long historical trajectory of Jewish-European

How They Feed

In May 2018, Puerto Rico declared a form of municipal bankruptcy
after falling into more than $74.8 billion in debt, of which
more than $34 billion is interest and fees. The debt was owed to all of the Jewish capitalists named above, with the
exception of Stephen Feinberg’s Cerberus group. In order to commence payments,
the government had instituted a policy of fiscal austerity, closing schools and
raising utility bills, but when Hurricane Maria hit the island in September
2017, Puerto Rico was forced to stop transfers to their Jewish creditors.

This provoked an aggressive attempt by the Jewish funds to seize
assets from an island suffering from an 80% power outage, with the addition of
further interest and fees. Protests broke out in several US cities calling for
the debt to be forgiven.

After a quick stop in Puerto Rico in late 2018, Donald Trump
pandered to this sentiment when he told Fox News, “They owe a lot of money to
your friends on Wall Street, and we’re going to have to wipe that out.” But
Trump’s statement, like all of Trump’s statements, had no substance. The
following day, the director of the White House budget office, Mick Mulvaney,
told reporters: “I think what you heard the president say is that Puerto Rico
is going to have to figure out a way to solve its debt problem.” In other
words, Puerto Rico is going to have to figure out a way to pay its Jews.

Trump’s reversal is hardly surprising, given that the President
is considered extremely friendly to Jewish financial power. When he referred to
“your friends on Wall Street” he really meant his friends on
Wall Street. One of his closest allies is Stephen Feinberg, founder and CEO of
Cerberus, a war-profiteering vulture fund that has now accumulated more than $1.5 billion in Irish debt, leaving the country
prone to a “wave of home repossessions” on a scale not seen
since the Jewish mortgage traders behind Quicken Loans (Daniel Gilbert) and
Ameriquest (Roland Arnall) made thousands of Americans homeless.

Peinberg has also been associated with mass evictions in Spain,
causing a collective of Barcelona anarchists to label him a “Jewish mega parasite” in charge of
the “world’s vilest vulture fund.” In May 2018, Trump made Feinberg chair of his Intelligence Advisory Board, and one of the reasons
for Trump’s sluggish retreat from Afghanistan has been the fact
Feinberg’s DynCorphas enjoyed years
of lucrative government defense contracts training Afghan police and providing
ancillary services to the military.

But Trump’s association with Jewish vultures goes far beyond
Feinberg. A recent piece in the New York Post declared
“Orthodox Jews are opening up their wallets for Trump in 2020.” This is a
predictable outcome of the period 2016 to 2020, an era that could be neatly
characterised as How Jews learned to stop worrying and love the
Don. Jewish financiers are opening their wallets for Trump because it
is now clear he utterly failed to fulfil promises on mass immigration to White
America, while pledging his commitment to Zionism and to socially destructive
Jewish side projects like the promotion of homosexuality.

These actions, coupled with his commuting of Hasidic meatpacking boss Sholom Rubashkin‘s 27-year-sentence for
bank fraud and money laundering in 2017, have sent a message to Jewish finance
that Trump is someone they can do business with. Since these globalist
exploiters are essentially politically amorphous, knowing no loyalty but that
to their own tribe and its interests, there is significant drift of Jewish
mega-money between the Democratic and Republican parties.

The New York Post reports, for example, that
when Trump attended a $25,000-per-couple luncheon in November at a Midtown
hotel, where 400 moneyed Jews raised at least $4 million for the America First
[!] SuperPAC, the luncheon organiser Kelly Sadler, told reporters, “We screened
all of the people in attendance, and we were surprised to see how many have
given before to Democrats, but never a Republican. People were standing up on
their chairs chanting … eight more years.” The reality, of course, is that
these people are not Democrats or Republicans, but Jews, willing to push their
money in whatever direction the wind of Jewish interests is blowing.

The collapse of Puerto Rico under Jewish debt and elite courting
of Jewish financial predators is certainly nothing new. Congo, Zambia, Liberia, Argentina, Peru, Panama, Ecuador, Vietnam, Poland, and Ireland are just some of the countries that have
slipped fatefully into the hands of the Jews listed above, and these same
people are now closely watching Greece and India.

The methodology used to acquire such leverage is as simple as it
is ruthless. On its most basic level, “vulture capitalism” is really just a combination
of the continued intense relationship between Jews and
usury and Jewish involvement in medieval tax farming. On the older practice,
Salo Baron writes in Economic History of the Jews that Jewish
speculators would pay a lump sum to the treasury before mercilessly turning on
the peasantry to obtain “considerable surpluses … if need be, by ruthless

The activities of the Jewish vulture funds are essentially the
same speculation in debt, except here the trade in usury is carried out on a
global scale with the feudal peasants of old now replaced with entire nations.
Wealthy Jews pool resources, purchase debts, add astronomical fees and
interests, and when the inevitable default occurs they engage in aggressive
legal activity to seize assets, bringing waves of jobs losses and home

This type of predation is so pernicious and morally perverse
that both the Belgianand UK governments have taken steps to ban
these Jewish firms from using their court systems to sue for distressed debt
owed by poor nations. Tucker Carlson, commenting on Paul Singer’s predation and
the ruin of the town of Sidney, Nebraska, has said:

It couldn’t be uglier or more destructive. So
why is it still allowed in the United States? The short answer: Because people
like Paul Singer have tremendous influence over our political process. Singer
himself was the second largest donor to the Republican Party in 2016. He’s
given millions to a super-PAC that supports Republican senators. You may never
have heard of Paul Singer — which tells you a lot in itself — but in
Washington, he’s rock-star famous. And that is why he is almost certainly
paying a lower effective tax rate than your average fireman, just in case you
were still wondering if our system is rigged. Oh yeah, it is.

Aside from direct political donations, these Jewish financiers
also escape scrutiny by hiding behind a mask of simplistic anti-socialist
rhetoric that is common in the American Right, especially the older, Christian,
and pro-Zionist demographic.

Rod Dreher, in a commentary on Carlson’s piece at the American Conservative,
points out that Singer gave a speech in May 2019 attacking the “rising threat
of socialism within the Democratic Party.” Singer continued, “They call it
socialism, but it is more accurately described as left-wing statism lubricated
by showers of free stuff promised by politicians who believe that money comes
from a printing press rather than the productive efforts of businesspeople and
workers.” Dreher comments: “The productive efforts of businesspeople and
workers”? The gall of that man, after what he did to the people of Sidney.”

What Singer and the other Jewish vultures engage in is not
productive, and isn’t even any recognisable form of work or business.

It is greed-motivated parasitism carried out on a perversely
extravagant and highly nepotistic scale. In truth, it is Singer and his
co-ethnics who believe that money can be printed on the backs of productive
workers, and who ultimately believe they have a right to be “showered by free
stuff promised by politicians.” Singer places himself in an infantile paradigm
meant to entertain the goyim, that of Free Enterprise vs Socialism, but, as
Carlson points out, “this is not the free enterprise that we all learned
about.” That’s because it’s Jewish enterprise — exploitative, inorganic, and
attached to socio-political goals that have nothing to do with individual
freedom and private property.

This might not be the free enterprise Carlson learned about, but
it’s clearly the free enterprise Jews learn about — as illustrated in their
extraordinary over-representation in all forms of
financial exploitation and white collar crime. The Talmud, whether actively
studied or culturally absorbed, is their code of ethics and their curriculum in
regards to fraud, fraudulent bankruptcy, embezzlement, usury, and financial
exploitation. Vulture capitalism is Jewish capitalism.

Whom They Feed

Singer’s duplicity is a perfect example of the way in which
Jewish finance postures as conservative while conserving nothing. Indeed,
Jewish capitalism may be regarded as the root cause of the rise of Conservative
Inc., a form or shadow of right wing politics reduced solely to fiscal concerns
that are ultimately, in themselves, harmful to the interests of the majority of
those who stupidly support them.

The spirit of Jewish capitalism, ultimately, can be discerned
not in insincere bleating about socialism and business, intended merely to
entertain semi-educated Zio-patriots, but in the manner in which the Jewish
vulture funds disseminate the proceeds of their parasitism. Real vultures are
weak, so will gorge at a carcass and regurgitate food to feed their young. So
then, who sits in the nests of the vulture funds, awaiting the regurgitated
remains of troubled nations?

Boston-based Seth Klarman (net worth $1.5 billion), who like
Paul Singer has declared “free enterprise has been good for me,”
is a rapacious debt exploiter who was integral to the financial collapse of Puerto
Rico, where he hid much of activities behind a series of shell companies.

Investigative journalists eventually discovered that Klarman’s
Baupost group was behind much of the aggressive legal action intended to
squeeze the decimated island for bond payments. It’s clear that the Jews
involved in these companies are very much aware that what they are doing is
wrong, and they are careful to avoid too much reputational damage, whether to
themselves individually or to their ethnic group.

Puerto Rican journalists, investigating the debt trail to
Klarman, recall trying to follow one of the shell companies (Decagon) to
Baupost via a shell company lawyer (and yet another Jew) named Jeffrey Katz:

Returning to the Ropes & Gray thread, we
identified several attorneys who had worked with the Baupost Group, and one,
Jeffrey Katz, who – in addition to having worked directly with Baupost – seemed to describe a
particularly close and longstanding relationship with a firm fitting Baupost’s
profile on his experience page. … I called Katz and he picked up,
to my surprise. I identified myself, as well as my affiliation with the Public
Accountability Initiative, and asked if he was the right person to talk to
about Decagon Holdings and Baupost. He paused, started to respond, and then
evidently thought better of it and said that he was actually in a meeting, and
that I would need to call back (apparently, this high-powered lawyer picks up
calls from strange numbers when he is in important meetings).

As he was telling me to call back, I asked him
again if he was the right person to talk to about Decagon, and that I wouldn’t
call back if he wasn’t, and he seemed to get even more flustered. At that point
he started talking too much, about how he was a lawyer and has clients, how I
must think I’m onto some kind of big scoop, and how there was a person standing
right in front of him – literally, standing right in front of him – while I
rudely insisted on keeping him on the line.

One of the reasons for such secrecy is the intensive Jewish
philanthropy engaged in by Klarman under his Klarman
Family Foundation. While Puerto Rican schools are being closed, and pensions and
health provisions slashed, Klarman is regurgitating the proceeds of massive
debt speculation to his “areas of focus” which prominently
includes “Supporting the global Jewish community and Israel.”

While plundering the treasuries of the crippled nations of the
goyim, Klarman and his co-ethnic associates have committed themselves to
“improving the quality of life and access to opportunities for all Israeli
citizens so that they may benefit from the country’s prosperity.” Among those
in Klarman’s nest, their beaks agape for Puerto Rican debt interest, are the
American Jewish Committee, Boston’s Combined Jewish Philanthropies, the
Holocaust Memorial Museum, the Honeymoon Israel Foundation, Israel-America
Academic Exchange, and the Israel Project.

Klarman, like Singer, has also been an enthusiastic proponent of
liberalising attitudes to homosexuality, donating $1 million to a Republican
super PAC aimed at supporting pro-gay marriage GOP candidates in 2014 (Singer
donated $1.75 million). Klarman, who also contributes to candidates who support immigration
reform, including a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, has said
“The right to gay marriage is the largest remaining civil rights issue of our
time. I work one-on-one with individual Republicans to try to get them to realize
they are being Neanderthals on this issue.”

Steven Tananbaum’s GoldenTree Asset Management has also fed well
on Puerto Rico, owning $2.5 billion of the island’s debt. The Centre for
Economic and Policy Research has commented:

Steven Tananbaum, GoldenTree’s chief
investment officer, told a business conference in September (after Hurricane
Irma, but before Hurricane Maria) that he continued to view Puerto Rican bonds
as an attractive investment. GoldenTree is spearheading a group of COFINA
bondholders that collectively holds about $3.3 billion in bonds. But with
Puerto Rico facing an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, and lacking enough
funds to even begin to pay back its massive debt load, these vulture funds are
relying on their ability to convince politicians and the courts to make them
whole. The COFINA bondholder group has spent $610,000 to lobby Congress over the last two
years, while GoldenTree itself made $64,000 in political contributionsto federal candidates in
the 2016 cycle. For vulture funds like GoldenTree, the destruction of Puerto
Rico is yet another opportunity for exorbitant profits.

Whom does Tananbaum feed with these profits? A brief glance at
the spending of the Lisa and Steven Tananbaum Charitable Trust reveals a
relatively short list of beneficiaries including United Jewish Appeal Foundation,
American Friends of Israel Museum, Jewish Community Center, to be among the
most generously funded, with sizeable donations also going to museums
specialising in the display of degenerate and demoralising art.

Following the collapse in Irish asset values in 2008, Jewish
vulture funds including OakTree Capital swooped on mortgagee debt to seize tens
of thousands of Irish homes, shopping malls, and utilities (Steve Feinberg’s
Cerberus took control of public waste disposal). In 2011, Ireland emerged as a hotspot
for distressed property assets, after its bad banks began selling loans that
had once been held by struggling financial institutions. These loans were
quickly purchased at knockdown prices by Jewish fund managers, who then
aggressively sought the eviction of residents in order to sell them for a fast
profit. Michael Byrne, a researcher at the School of Social Policy at
University College Dublin, Ireland’s largest university, comments: “The aggressive strategies used by vulture
funds lead to human tragedies.”

One homeowner, Anna Flynn recalls how her mortgage fell into the
hands of Mars Capital, an affiliate of Oaktree Capital, owned and operated by
the Los Angeles-based Jews Howard Marks and Bruce Karsh. They were “very, very
difficult to deal with,” said Flynn, a mother of four. “All [Mars] wanted was
for me to leave the house; they didn’t want a solution [to ensure I could
retain my home].”

When Bruce Karsh isn’t making Irish people homeless, whom does
he feed with his profits? A brief glance at the spending of the Karsh Family Foundation reveals millions of
dollars of donations to the Jewish Federation, Jewish Community Center, and the
United Jewish Fund.

Paul Singer, his son Gordin, and their Elliot Associates
colleagues Zion Shohet, Jesse Cohn, Stephen Taub, Elliot Greenberg and Richard
Zabel, have a foothold in almost every country, and have a stake in every
company you’re likely to be familiar with, from book stores to dollar stores.
With the profits of exploitation, they fund campaigns for homosexuality and mass migration, boost Zionist
politics, invest millions in security for Jews, and promote wars for
Israel. Singer is a Republican, and is on the Board of the Republican Jewish

He is a former board member of the Jewish Institute for National
Security Affairs, has funded neoconservative research groups like the Middle
East Media Research Institute and the Center for Security Policy, and is among
the largest funders of the neoconservative Foundation for Defense of
Democracies. He was also connected to the pro-Iraq War advocacy group Freedom’s
Watch. Another key Singer project was the Foreign Policy Initiative (FPI), a
Washington D.C.-based advocacy group that was founded in 2009 by several
high-profile Jewish neoconservative figures to promote militaristic U.S.
policies in the Middle East on behalf of Israel and which received its seed
money from Singer.

Although Singer was initially anti-Trump, and although Trump
once attacked Singerfor his pro-immigration
politics (“Paul Singer represents amnesty and he represents illegal immigration
pouring into the country”), Trump is now essentially funded by three
Jews—Singer, Bernard Marcus, and Sheldon Adelson, together accounting for over $250 million in pro-Trump political money. In return, they want
war with Iran.

Employees of Elliott Management were one of the main sources of
funding for the 2014 candidacy of the Senate’s most outspoken Iran hawk, Sen.
Tom Cotton (R-AR), who urged Trump to conduct a “retaliatory strike” against
Iran for purportedly attacking two commercial tankers.

These exploitative Jewish financiers have been clear that they
expect a war with Iran, and they are lobbying hard and preparing to call in
their pound of flesh. As one political commentator put it, “These donors have
made their policy preferences on Iran plainly known. They surely expect a
return on their investment in Trump’s GOP.”

The same pattern is witnessed again and again, illustrating the
stark reality that the prosperity and influence of Zionist globalism rests to
an overwhelming degree on the predations of the most successful and ruthless Jewish
financial parasites. This is not conjecture, exaggeration, or hyperbole. This
is simply a matter of striking through the mask, looking at the heads of the
world’s most predatory financial funds, and following the direction of
regurgitated profits.

Make no mistake, these cabals are everywhere and growing. They
could be ignored when they preyed on distant small nations, but their intention
was always to come for you too. They are now on your doorstep. The working
people of Sidney, Nebraska probably had no idea what a vulture fund was until
their factories closed and their homes were taken.
These funds will move onto the next town. And the next. And
another after that. They won’t be stopped through blunt support of “free
enterprise,” and they won’t be stopped by simply calling them “vulture

Strike through the mask!

[1] S. Baron (ed) Economic
History of the Jews (New York, 1976), 46-7.

Tommy Jensen

Nice work.

Steve Standley

Thanks. I would add, it’s not just homosexuality these guys champion, it’s also transgenderism. If you go look at the top donors for transgenderism NGOs, academicians, and activists, you will find that 90% of the top donors are Jewish. 9 out of 10. This is a fairly vicious social ambition, as 20% of transgenders commit suicide. Moreover, twins separated at birth studies have shown that sexual orientation is either a choice or it’s environmental; either way, the propaganda generated by these Jewish financiers results in the deaths of thousands of unhappy people, and the number is growing because of their work. Finally, I’m sure there are many more evil tendrils extending from these people. Thanks again.

John Brown

Yes you are right I have lots of info on it with lots of proof good for
court and it is only for the3 slave Goyims,, but the size of posts here
are limiited.


I want to see on my Instagram nuclear missiles flying over pacific to the beautiful island of Jewnited Stateless of Amerikastan.

Assad must stay

Me too, after losing 27 million people in ww2, russia should rule the world lol

Tommy Jensen

You were lucky, you lost 27 million people, my grandpa lost $27 million. WW2 was a shit to many people.

Steve Standley

The righteousness of Russia lies in it’s current leadership. In my opinion, It’s always about the people and not the ideology. The Soviet Union was born of the same parasites that currently infect the United States. God knows how post-soviet Russia was able to shed them, but it has in large part, and it has turned Russia into a beautiful blossom. You right to note that the Russian people have born the brunt of suffering and war in the last century.


That how fascists work,close down any alternative narrative to their bullshit,Goebbels learned that lesson
give me control of the media and i will turn the population of any Country into a herd of Pigs,the Americans and their prostitutes are turning the world into one big Piggery.comment image

AM Hants

Cute little pigs. Reminds me of the wild boars that took out the ISIS cell. Must admit, to laughing at the genius of the animals and effectiveness of disposing of the terrorists.

Ahmed Ishraq Bin Kamal

Don’t worry brothers. Stay strong. You have gone through this before you can do it again inshallah. May Allah rain down peace upon you.

Zyklon B

Haha the jews are unto us brothers!


Hey!..people!..How big is the ANTI_CHRISTIAN USA..?!


The anti-Christian left’s power in America is growing ..


USA is a Big Fat Liar ..


Ruben Chandler

Being native american it’s really hard for me to think the christians are more than a train wreck of murderers. Count me in as being unchristian.


All Christians, or are you omitting another small and overrepresented religious minority?

Fog of War

Thankfully the Native Americans were one giant, happy, peaceful, altruistic bunch who only lived in peace and harmony with each other and their neighbors.


You know you’ve chosen the right outlet when its investigative journalists suddenly get labelled as Russian stooges of aggression against the Freedom camp, get their funds outright confiscated and censored from all side whenever feasible. The MSM propaganda machine is basically ,once again getting the grounds cleared the hard , explicit way for its artificial monopoly to run the expected narrative on all topics of importance. Too bad barely most people on the globe stopped giving a damn about what the WH has to say for a long time already, its too late for their billionaire tenants and their ruthless praetorian guard called NATO to try and change the tide. I don’t give their monetary stature 10 years before a meltdown of their currency and whatever is left of the dollar.

AM Hants

6 Corporation control 90% of the International Media and all sing from the same hymn sheet. I wonder why they are so scared of alternative media? Meanwhile over on the DM, they are trying to ramp up Russia hysteria, and no doubt, in time for an alleged false flag, which has been cancelled.

Allegedly, according to the Daily Demon, old Biden and his carer have been laying down the law to President Putin. Besides laughing, when the US Destroyers headed back home, President Putin also closed the Kerch. The DM took that as preventing any ships from entering the tiny and shallow sea. With no idea, that it would be a tad difficult for military ships to navigate the short stretch of water, even if they got through the entrance. Cannot blame Russia, who are seriously expecting a ‘first strike’ attack and not playing around.

Rhodium 10

United States of Liberals Plutocracy dont like that SF write here about links US&ISIS and How US takes care of that terrorist group as a useful card to play in many scenarios which have allowed US forces take control of Kurdish areas in Syria and Irak rich in petrol resources! also to deploy troops and airbases in Iraq and parts of Non Kurdish areas in Syria like Al Tanf to close road communication between Syria and Irak…of course all that bloody war vs ISIS in Syria would have been avoided in SAA would have kept its chemical arsenal…then ISIS could never have advanced through Homs desert taking Al Bukamal, the oil fields, Palmyra, Tabqa , Al Bad…Ittiriya…etc…

Diana Cornwell

Who took away the Syrians’ chemical weapons instead of standing by them?



The Russian’s must have wanted to test their thermobaric weapons instead :)

Diana Cornwell

How many thousands of Syrians died unnecessarily because they had lost their ability to wield those weapons?

You yourself are implying that their blood is on Putin’s hands.


When the United States is assisting the Terrorists, the actions will be more unpredictable but the casualties always much higher. If the SAA had used chemical weapons the US would have used it as a pretext for further interference.

Diana Cornwell

We all know that the US will do what it wants unless the other side presents enough of a threat.
If the US wanted to attack Assad’s forces, they would have found a reason for it, chemicals or not.
What has ensued in Syria?
It’s been carved up between the NATO side (which controls the major oil fields) and Russia which got the port facilities it wanted on the Mediterranean.
The Assad faction is preferable to the Muslim terrorists — even for Israel and the US.
The Israelis could have assassinated Assad anytime they so wished. They have the intelligence and the capability which they proved in the near past by assassinating officials and scientists in Iran and Syria itself.
Easy-peasy when Putin is first and foremost Israel’s ally, not Syria’s, and he can tell you where Assad is hiding.
I believe Putin supplied Israel the intelligence as to the travel schedule of that Iranian general Soleimani. That’s how the US was able to take him out so easily.


lol Soleimani was sold out by traitors within their own.

Israel tried to undermine the Assad regime at every opportunity, including giving the terrorists medical care.

Putin deterred Israel by suppressing their attacks and undermining their false cries of wolf. And the Iskander was there just in case.

Diana Cornwell

If you say so.


Well, it’s just a matter of putting the facts together really.

Tom Van Meurs

I saw a picture the other day of Assad and his wife surrounded by a big crowd of people and chatting with them right in the middle of Damascus.

Tom Van Meurs

He does not seem to be hiding very much. See attached photo..

Diana Cornwell

He doesn’t have to. Assad isn’t controlling or deciding anything. So he doesn’t represent a danger to Israel.

Rhodium 10

Russia support remove of chemical weapons to avoid an inminent NATO attack!..it was at the beginning of Syrian war and Russia didnt have troops deployed there!..when that weapons were removed..ISIS was not active and they appeared after chemicals were eliminated!

Diana Cornwell

The Russians should have given them some later. Anyway, the Russians supposedly are using lots of fuel-air bombs? That should have eliminated the Muslim terrorists long ago if true.

Mihail Mantakas

Chemical weapons are useless if you don’t have the capability to use them in wartime. Imagine what would have happened, if President Assad had deployd mustard gas against rebel forces in the early stage of the civil war. The West would have responded immediately with a devastating military strike against goverment forces and President Assad would have been toppled.

Diana Cornwell

Not if the Russians truly backed him. Besides, he might have chosen not to use them then; but he surely could have used them now, if he still had them.

Trap Is Not Gay

By the way, Blinken is Jewish.

Like the:

– Secretary of Treasury (Yellen, Jewish)
– Homeland Security (Mayorkas, Jewish)
– Political Affairs (Nuland, Jewish)
– National Intelligence (Haines, Jewish)
– Office of Science and Technology (Lander, Jewish)
– Director of the CIA (Cohen, Jewish)
– White House Chief of Staff (Klain, Jewish)
– Attorney General (Garland, Jewish),
– Deputy Secretary of State (Sherman, Jewish)

Most of Biden admin. staff are Jewish (and Trump admin. wasn’t that much different either), the usual pattern in the USA.

The USA is the Soviet Union 2.0 all again.


The USSR helped defeat a huge bloodthirsty Ziocorporate terrorist war effort against Vietnam more effectively that what’s been going on in the current Syrian war, and not all Soviets were Bolsheviks. That kind of idiotic generalisations is exactly what the Zioterrorists do.

Truth is, even Medvedev looks “tough” compared to Yeltsin after bombing the parliament to continue on a “pro-West” path. Some Russians may even see Putin and Navalny as pro-Western as each other.

The US, for its part, has always been a stinky pile of bullshit.

John Brown

No it was better before the federal reserve.
Don’t forget Lincoln is the
most hated figure in human history after Jesus by racist supremacist Jews. Any
white person who defends the confederacy is a stupid, useful, animal, beast,
stooge, patsy for taking the wrap for the Jewish run slave trade as racist
supremacist Jews say, because the South economically and politically, the slave
trade, banks financial system, courts, military, etc. the government, was
totally run by racist supremacist Jews as the entire USSA now is.
How Jews treated blacks when
they ran the slave trade updated






sell him cheap



Jews were so influential in
those colonies that slave auctions scheduled to take place on Jewish holidays
often were postponed, according to Marc Lee Raphael, a professor of Judaic
studies at the College of William & Mary.
Judah Philip Benjamin who served as the Attorney General, Secretary of War, and
Secretary of State for the Confederacy. The first Jewish-American to serve on
an executive cabinet in American history, he has received the title “brains of
the Confederacy. One might say Jefferson Davis was the stooge puppet of Judah
as Judah ran the military, the courts and international relations and THE
security services for the confederacy, the first Mossad. See below Judah’s face
was on the $2.00 confederate dollar bill. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sqzDSrR4L4w

comment image


How Jews treated
blacks when they ran the slave trade


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNE5Bi0ktVQcomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image
This is how you have a real
capitalist economy that benefits the workers by ensuring competition. Not the
corrupt Jewish racist mamonism we have now. Max Keiser talks to Bill Still
director of The Money Masters and the secret of Oz. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAeCnfEyW1c
What it is all about explained. ‘Money as Debt” is made in Canada. ‘The
Secret of Oz” was made in the USA, Canada and Britain later and is 90
minutes with a longer historical perspective and more info making it the better
of the 2 movies for this reason. Money as Debt I – Revised Edition 2009 (Full
Movie) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2nBPN-MKefA
The Secret of Oz Full
Documentary 2009
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U71-KsDArFMcomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image
http://www.jta.org/2010/10/18/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/sephardi-leader-yosef-non-Jews-exist-to-serve-jewscomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_BobWq2sq0&t=8scomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image

comment image



comment imagecomment image

Jews selling blacks


Jews selling blacks
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_BobWq2sq0comment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image
http://www.jta.org/2010/10/18/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/sephardi-leader-yosef-non-Jews-exist-to-serve-jewscomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image

Jews selling blacks


Jews selling blacks

Its divide and conquer by racist
supremacist genocidal Jews. Go and read “The Prince” by Machiavelli,
it’s a common tactic.

All those idiot Hitler lovers need to look at
what he did not what he said he would do.

Hitler the father of Israel and mass murderer of
white Europeans second only to the Jewish Yagoda.

‘Thanks to the terrible power of our
International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without number.
Wars have a special value for Jews, since Christians massacre each other and
make more room for us Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Harvest: The Jew banks grow fat on
Christian wars. Over 100-million Christians have been swept off the face of the
earth by wars, and the end is not yet.’ (Rabbi Reichorn, speaking at the
funeral of Grand Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah, 1869, Henry Ford also noted that: ‘It
was a Jew who said, ‘Wars are the Jews’ harvest’; but no harvest is so rich as
civil wars.’

comment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image
What the zio tribe did and
still does to their African slaves
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z_5umimLnvMcomment image
http://www.jta.org/2010/10/18/news-opinion/israel-middle-east/sephardi-leader-yosef-non-Jews-exist-to-serve-jewscomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image

Ruben Chandler

Not to mention 200 and something dual U$/Israeli passports in congress/senate.

Jens Holm

It very normal for many contries. I dont believe in those numbers as well as the relevancy.


We didn expect you to understand relevancy.


won’t up-vote anything that the silly cow has up-voted.

Glen Batterham

The Australian constitution explicitly forbids dual citizenship or any other kind of allegiance to another state or foreign power or entity to stand in Federal Parliament.
Ironically though it’s not strictly enforced by neither the Australian Electoral Commission nor a given candidates party, neither actually vet a said candidates eligibility,
none of the various criteria required to be met to be eligible are actually confirmed before a candidate is allowed on the ballot, it is left to the individual to make sure they are eligible by renouncing any dual allegiance, or any of the other eligibility criteria, before nominating themselves to be on the ballot.
This self policing method obviously doesn’t work as from time to time, or more likely when the issue is politically advantageous does the point get pushed.
In a scandal over late 2017 to early 2018, nine federal senators and two members of the house of representatives were forced to resign over having dual citizenship.

Rodney H

Yes, but Aussies don’t hold them to account. In Australia there’s saying akin to “You’re a conspiracy theorist.” This one one has been around for decades,”You’ll be right mate, so long as you don’t talk religion or politics you’ll get on well.”

Rodney H

There’s FOI you can find on the internet that details that the COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA is corporation registered at SEC in Washington DC. It’s an FOI request to the Treasury. The “new” Parliament House is the Headquarters of the Commonwealth of Australia Corporation. Unlike dumb whities, the Aborigines did their research and got their dues. But still their Aboriginal Embassy is out side of the actual Parliament House today. Why is that? They, unlike the whites, took the Aussie Gov Corp to the International Court in the Hague and won their suit. No the whities couldn’t do that too. Then they’d have the wealth that Aborigines have, mining royalties, land rents, freehold land with no rates, and untold financial support as outlined in their suit. Why would the whites want that? Then they’d have nothing to complain about, can’t have that!

Tommy Jensen

Exactly what I have pointed out since McCarthy when I first discovered how many Bolshevik Commies were lying under our beds here in America. But no one would listen to my and McCarthy’s warnings.
McCarthy and I wanted to save the American people and our Constitution, but MSM refused to write about it and alternative media remained silent, being busy buying iPhones and Nike shoes.
But first today and now people listen!

Jens Holm

You forget the sideeffects by right wing fanatics random using machinegun methods.

They are very visible today. So many today are kept poor because they have no sober rights. As in Georgia a month ago, some local politicians can make 1000s not even having right to vote by well known methods, which should not be possibe in a soclalled democrasy.

You didnt save the Constitution at all. You biased it into a farce and made a ground zero for it today, which is very visible all over.

You did exterminate the communists but the price was You exoerminated all the good ideas and people, which could make USA much stronger then today for many more millions of people.

I wont name as incompetent. I dont know You. But facts are the Americans NEVER learn about oppertunities for develloping their own system and behave as they and Communisme is the only existing systems.

Well, its not. Communisme split up and the other impoortant part seemes to be erased on Yor memorycards.

Communisme will take over the power by making the workers decide. But socialdemocratisme is naking Yourself attractive to the companies in as many ways as possible – BUT sharing the bigger cake too.

And You actually has it by Sanders in his Skandinavion partly implemented version and the very odd amputate made by Obama.

USA of today is famous for ineffective kapitalisme of the worst kind with a lot of unneeded bureaucrasy as well as the stockholders are allowed to plunder You.

You have so many systems, which might be a kind of very good idea fx at the time of Maccarthy with some needed corrections. But they havnt been for decades.

Ypu not even get what You pay for. You have decided it Yourself. Your taxsystem is far out in so many things and not only for the rich ones.

The health and hospital sector cost double of the danish one – and the danish one even is better. Any hospital treatment is free. You even has to pay or be insurrended for some very needed x-rays.

The main difference is, we eect people we trust and let them run it. They by that outsource. No private monopoly here.

A funy one is all Your taxreturns. HA HA. We hardly ever gets taxreturn, because we pay the correct tax and can correct it by ourself if we have chjanges such as higher paid or lower paid jobs in %.

If we are no experts in IT or pocketcalculators, we can call the taxsystem by phone and they fast make a relative well estimate., So You dont get a high bill or a lot of money dec 31. And they only promise “well qualified estimnate”

But by that kind of partly “Socialdemokratisme” we are well paid but also pay a lot of tax and get it back by free school, education, healthcare, roads, hositals, pension a.s.o.

All get the same treeatmant and kind of bed at the hospitals.

We have no hospitalbills and insurrence for being ill. We dont know which 3 of 10 gets canser or are runned over by a car. But we know they dont do it because they want to take taxpayers money.

And if You are hit by being ill or murderattaned or something very bad, You dont have to find money by the court. You automaticly is taken care of by the Govement and the Local Goverment. You get a pension in the same level as the retired does and if You need more then that, they help You with extra treatment, equipment and might help Ypu into a place with no stairs and near a shoppingcneter and a bus.

Safety for climate is same thing. We have a constant much bigger reserve.

The things happend in Texas USA for electricity and water is impossible here. We have reserve backup capasity for all power windpower included. We also are connected relative well to North Germany as well as Sweden. We have high power grid both ways. When the wind blows here we as routine export cheep electricity. But almost half ofd the year, we ahve no wind, so we make money by exporting electricity and then has ´money for electricity for them.

USA dont make themself “Be prepared” as they should. Thats made by Your McCarthies making chances only based on days of plus, which ceratinly pays off bad in the not even the climate thingss.

It kind of chocked me when I was a boyscout that Boysgouts dont wer knives :) :)

Knives are very important old tools and they are notallowed :) Wel, guns are.


Wasn’t McCarthy known for creating a ‘witch hunt’?

Jens Holm

comment image

J Ramirez

Is that your daddy :]


a bit frightening really, jews here there and everywhere!

Assad must stay

Its the ghost of the soviet union striking back from beyond the grave hahahaha

Hind Abyad
Rodney H

They may have Jewish names but if do some research you’ll find that they are all Zionists!

Fog of War

Whats the difference again ?


nipple rings.. one of those wear rings..

Fog of War

A dead giveaway every time.


Not to mention Iranian General Qassem Soleimani was Jewish too!
UMMMM, yes Jews live in Iran too!
I MEAN….. if we are gonna call all the Jews out THEN lets call them all out!
Watch the down votes i get for bringing up this FACT!

Just fuckin WATCH!

No up votes because they dont want to allow my “RAT ALERT” to get out!

Nobody here even comprehends how deep the rabbit hole goes!
Soleimani was a JEW…….. and………. he was working for Israel.

Thats how deep this goes!
YES the CIA created and controlled Al-Quieda and ISIS. (skeleton key to invade other nations)
YES Mossad created and controls HAMAS. (skeleton key to invade Palestine)

Even Kim Jung Un was controlled by the CIA (when the Soviet Union fell and there were bread lines in Moscow, do you really think the CIA didnt infiltrate these nations and “CONTROL THE ENEMY TO HAVE PUPPET ENEMIES”?

They created all of this!
If u think Iran and North Korea were never part of this then u are fuckin crazy!

TRUMP killed them both like Dogs! “Dog” is what the CIA call themselves!

Little factoid there for u newbies!

None of u are on my level! None of u!
u are all flying at 15,000 feet
im at 90,000 feet.
u dont see the whole picture! None of u!
reading your posts is like watching ants trying to figure out how a cell phone network works!

Not on my level…. any of u dumb asses!

Trap Is Not Gay

Pathetic, shill.


Southfront is not kosher!!! But they unzip and drop, I have my scissors ready…

Trap Is Not Gay

As long as the USA collapses that’s great.

Raptar Driver

Everything that bite in says he’s illegitimate.
He is not the president he is not even a man.

Jihadi Colin

I am proud to be part of this “disinformation” effort. Disinformation away!

Michael Apanian


APRIL 12, 2021
Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, I bless you.


They must look at each other, they must examine themselves so that they are aware that conversion is what will keep them firm in the Faith. The fact that they look at each other without dissimulation, being transparent with themselves, will lead them to live in “spirit and truth” (Jn. 4, 23), more attached to the Divine and more distant from the mundane.

Beloved children:


The suffering of the People of God is the joy of evil and therefore, children, you must prepare so that you do not fall at the moment of temptation.

You are immediately silenced, as the world power does not accept criticism or the Truth reaching you.

Pay attention to the language that all governments use to address the peoples, so, with that uniformity, the faithful to My Son will be led to suffer.

Do not fear, My Son does not abandon you, the Angelic Choirs help you and this Mother intercedes for you.


Pray, meditate and keep inner silence, it is necessary that you move away from the deafening noise of everyday life.


The sea of human will is agitated by evil and the People of My Son must be prudent.

Raise the flag of fidelity to the Sacrosanct Trinity, raise your personal Faith and be partakers of the community Faith so that, united in My Son, you may be a protection of the others.

The combat grows, the evil wishes to make the good disappear and therefore, it causes havoc in the People of My Son.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart:

Pray for Central America, it shakes with force.

Pray, pray, the economy falls and the peoples rise up against the rulers.

Pray, pray, the volcanoes are activated and block the sunlight on the earth.

Pray, pray, the Church of My Son enters the fray.

These are strong moments for the People of My Son, it is precisely in these moments in which the good son of this Mother is a good disciple and does not separate from the Cross of Glory.

Beloved children of My Immaculate Heart, it is necessary that you strengthen the immune system, the plague advances without compassion. USE THE ARTEMISA PLANT IN INFUSION AT THIS TIME.(*)

I bless you with My Immaculate Heart. I am with you, you are not alone.

Mother Mary


(*) Medicinal plants, read …

William D

you mean to tell me that the CIA has been reading my pro-America anti-China posts and not once gave me an upvote?! That’s bullshit.. China gives their supporters upvotes all the time.. hello CIA help me out


You can even read about ET contact ops and the potential perils of it here.


I bought a rest for range testing the AR-15 7.62×39 that I’m having built for remote wilderness ET contact operations.
comment image

Julia Roels
Icarus Tanović

President Biden reversed course on the warships just before his announcement of the fresh sanctions and after Russia warned the US ships to “stay away for their own good.”
Chickens run away, and go for old impose sanctions tactics, but Russia imposed themback.
But, as a truly psychopath America says, we will impose sanctions to you, but if you slam them back, we will, sanction you more, so Russia will sanction them back again. Are these Biden people that stupid?
Wow, ain’t gonna go that way.


yep that stupid!


The Zionists don’t want to read about what people think about the Jew S and criminal Jewocracy government destroying the US. And why the US needs to be dejudified so that it’s Jew free.


Congratulations on the free publicity Southfront.org!

Ricky Miller

Yep. I donated $25 right after reading the article above and bought two SF themed merchandise items at the store. It was my middle finger being commercially uplifted at Mr. Biden and the American Security State.


Well done RM!


Hey Ricky. I was reading a post on Zero Hedge and one of the commenters put a link to your disqus profile and recommended people follow you. I appreciate all of your posts and knowledge. It’s hard to find people in the West who talk geopolitics and history who aren’t completely brainwashed.

Ricky Miller

Thank You. I appreciate that.

Proud Hindu

Russia and China followed by Iran.All three of them are paper tigers who just bark.


So sad. You can’t even come up with anything clever :(


That seems to characterize most of the trolls and likely paid agents who vainly defend Ziocorporate globalism on this site.

The lack of creativity and intelligence is quite remarkable. And it is not just here but everywhere on the internet. Yet, perhaps it is not so much of a surprise considering the moral bankruptcy of Ziocorporate globalism and that they have nothing of organic appeal to promote, just more debauched faggotry. After all, what would motivate anyone to work for such an order beyond just the purely mechanical process of going through the motions?

This is a very telling sign.


I just want to say hey to all my fellow FSB agents here.


very pleased to be on the disunited states of insufferable fools’ list of unamerican activities and will be pleased to spread to as many as possible the shenanigans and crimes perpetrated by the insufferable fools throughout the world and also the crimes and genocide and murder and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by the insufferable fools best buddies, the jews in illegally occupied palestine and will advocate tirelessly these jews expulsion from the land they have stolen.


KIutin versteher!

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