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Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones

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Written by Caitlin Johnstone; Originally appeared at her blog

Media headlines have been dominated for the last two days by the news that pipe bombs are being sent to Democratic Party elites and their allies, a list of whom as of this writing consists of Bill and Hillary Clinton, Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, George Soros, Maxine Waters, Eric Holder, Robert De Niro, and the CNN office (addressed to former CIA Director John Brennan who actually works for NBC). As of this writing nobody has been killed or injured in any way by any of these many explosive devices, and there is as of this writing no publicly available evidence that they were designed to. As of this writing there is no evidence that the devices were intended to do anything other than what they have done: stir up fear and grab headlines.

Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones

And of course it is a good thing that nobody has been hurt by these devices. Obviously targeting anyone with packages containing explosive materials is terrible, even if those devices were not rigged with the intention of detonating and harming anyone, and it is a good thing that not a single one of them has done so. It is a good thing that none of America’s political elites were targeted by the sort of explosive device that America drops on people in other countries every single day. You know, the kind that actually explode.

It is good that Barack Obama was never sent anything resembling the 26,171 bombs that his administration dropped in the final year of his presidency, for example. It is good that neither the first US president to serve every minute of his administration under wartime, nor those who served as part of that administration like Joe Biden or Hillary Clinton, were targeted with the kinds of weapons which were deployed against impoverished people in other nations every single day for all eight years. People would have been killed and badly injured if anyone had been sent anything like those kinds of explosive devices, their bodies ripped to shreds like the countless civilians killed in the airstrikes which resulted from the Obama administration’s expansion of Bush’s so-called “war on terror”.

President Trump, whose administration has been dropping even more bombsthan its predecessor after expanding the use of drone strikes and peeling backregulations on air strikes designed to protect civilians, was quick to condemn the headline-grabbing pipe bomb campaign which did not hurt anyone whatsoever.

“A major federal investigation is now underway,” said the president who continues to assist Saudi Arabia in murdering untold tens of thousands of civilians in Yemen. “The full weight of our government is being deployed to conduct this investigation and bring those responsible for these despicable acts to justice.”

Right now the only political debate happening over these bomb scares is who is responsible for them. I am being told by everyone to the left of Ted Cruz that I am required to believe that this was with 100 percent certainty a terrorist plot orchestrated by a Trump supporter due to the president’s hateful rhetoric against the people who’ve been targeted, and if I don’t subscribe to that belief it means I’m a Nazi. Meanwhile Trump supporters are telling me this is a deep state false flag designed to get Democrats elected in the midterms, because <sarcasm> Republicans are totally not in bed with the alliance of plutocrats and government agencies known as the deep state.</sarcasm>

But the fact of the matter is that next to nothing is known about this case; as of this writing there isn’t even a suspect yet. The proper thing to do when the mass media is telling us with a unified voice to be afraid of something is to remain agnostic and very, very skeptical of everything we are being told. There are any number of possible explanations for this spate of impotent pipe bombs, many of which don’t involve a partisan explanation at all. Without endorsing any particular one, there are for example a few sociopathic government agencies in the US which would love nothing more than to manufacture support for more intrusive domestic “counter-terrorism” powers.

But partisan explanations are possible as well; maybe there really is a Trump supporter out there who either (A) wanted to scare Democratic elites without hurting them and didn’t realize doing so would only generate sympathy and unify Democrats right before midterms, or (B) is really, really consistent in being really, really bad at making pipe bombs. Who knows. The important thing is to remain agnostic and skeptical.

Nation Transfixed In Horror By Toy Bombs While Destroying Lives With Real Ones

Meanwhile, while we wait for copious amounts of facts and evidence before forming a solid opinion one way or the other, how about a little interest in the people who are being targeted with actual bombs that actually explode by the empire these Democratic elites serve? That, in my opinion, is one debate we should all always be having.

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Putin is responsible. Mark my words.

Brian Michael Bo Pedersen

Return adress is “Kreml, Moscow, Russia”?


And they will soon produce this “evidence” in the UN to justify what follows (the Skripal case will pale in comparison).


What follows is their total destruction. Why you think are panicking?


Americans are becoming pathetic….(not the ones in here) can’t take anything they Produce Serious…. They are a Big Laugh… a sorryass Loser….I expected a bit more Intelligence…..what a Fucktards


That’s for later, bro. For now, someone has organizaed these ridiculous mailings with a purpose in mind, several purposes probably. We shall find out forsooth.


why? what do we care what the morons over there do between them for internal consumption and brainwashing their clones?

Empire's Frontiers

In many cases, that’s right. Who cares?

But this is a group that will manufacture ‘reality’ by printing something in a newspaper and then act on the fictional tale with very little input from the rest of the world.


agree but again who is listening and who cares? All happens for internal consumption and terrorizing their own sheep. Show me one who believes their mass media and I show you a brainless 1sec thinking span clone.

On the bigger picture all this moronic claims will not alter one bit reality that for the moment lead us into a direct confrontation with the Russians, no matter how much the Russians want to avoid that because it means them attacking European population.

On the other hand with out the Russians raw material west is withering to die and that is not very far in the future it is happening now. The question is simple will the Russians manage to avoid direct confrontation until the west implode that is their plan or the west will decide to suicide starting a war that will take all of us with them.

Promitheas Apollonious

I bet is those GRU sleeper agents that the land of the LGBT and all kind of perverts is infested with and they hate their freedom.

On a serious note who gives a shit?


Really sorry the Soros package was a DUD! (…LOL)

Peter Jennings

Not a dud, but a prop.

Night Wind

“Nation transfixed in horror at toy bombs while destroying lives with real ones.”

It’s hard to come up with a better metaphor for the degenerate postmodernist American character than that image.


Éxcellent article Caitlín. “In a time of universal deceit it becomes a revolutionary act to tell the truth.” Unfortunately, msm and its hit men will target you more relentlessly as they seek to Bury the truth with lies and trivia. While their real time murder squads will seek whatever opportunities to silence the truth permanently as they did with Michael Hastings. On an aside, I posted the above about 40minutes ago which has again been identified as spam. That is 78 posts in 2 months.. Is this happening anyone else???


“I posted the above about 40minutes ago which has again been identified as spam. That is 78 posts in 2 months.. Is this happening anyone else???“

Once in a While…. it depends on the Country you are in…. In Holland there is still a Lot of Freedom of Speech I noticed…. very little is kept away… Even on Google & YouTube…


Thanks for that Merijn. Will keep it in mind, however, when I seem to be over the problem it reappears. Only 3 posts from my fone were identified the rest from my laptop. Thought it was something to do with Firefox, switched to Opera then to Chrome, same problem across all browsers. Tried a vpn which worked for a while. Before lapsing back to, “identified as spam”


It sounds like a “Personal” problem… my phone is taken over every now & then in Disqus… strange pop-ups or I can’t type a response…messages or posts from others sometimes appear a day later…. guess we have to live with it…. It is good when others try to stop or interfere with what we are doing… It means they don’t like it! The more “Trouble” you have the better your Work…??


Detection of “spam” in Disqus is based on 2 parameters: trigger words and manual flags.
I haven’t noticed any English words which triggers it but whenever and I mean every time I started a comment with Persian or Hebrew writings the comments were immediately flagged, if I started the post with English and then added a sentence of those languages it was fine. It’s a machine-based process.

I’d say the other way, manual flagging can be the culprit in this particular case of yours, perhaps someone didn’t like your comment (notice the article stars, as of now only 4 votes, 3.75 stars out of 5 and one the votes is mine, 5. Someone definitely didn’t like what they read and gave a 1). It’s also machine-based, minus the flagging part which one readers did. I had this problem too, I suspect I had a stalker who flagged whatever I wrote immediately (now it’s fixed).

Anyway, when a comment is flagged and we don’t follow up, our accounts “reputation” (internal system of disqus to rate and god-knows-what) will be lowered. If it becomes low enough, 1 flag is enough to hold the comment.

Website moderator can check your comment (obviously comments on their own website) and can de-flag it. I suggest write an email with the links to all of your “detected as spam” comments which you think are not, and they review them manually and fix the problem. If you want to continue using disqus (which by my experience is one of the best comment systems, real spammers will be eventually unable to continue and fake flags can be fixed – unlike RT’s which drove me mad. Ever wonder why the AMN resident hasbara, Douchebag doesn’t come here?) take it’s internal reputation seriously.


These pipe bombs should not be strong enough to completely Dismember or Blow any of those Traitors to Smithereens….just disable them… So that we can still roll’m to Court in a Wheelchair & Hang them for their Warcrimes….

Promitheas Apollonious

do you believe that actually someone send those and not themselves? I think the americans are in open competition with the brits, whose the stupider of the two.


I think it is another False Flag….a Pathetic & Desperate scream for attention from a Psychopathic Suicidal Mental Patient….in his last hours before committing Seppuku….


Yes, but this is pre-war behaviour. They want a big war, want it bad, they want someone else to point a finger at for starting it, so they can afford to be as stupid and insane as is necessary (the sky is the limit). If everything fails, they will start it themselves.

Promitheas Apollonious

If they truly believed they can win the war the war will already been started and finished. What they doing is brainwashing the idiots and morons they have under their jurisdiction and control, for what is coming yes but not war.

Their plan is to blame everything on russia and china and close their borders keeping their tax slaves within. On the international they know they lost. They have this myth of american been the bigger consumer market that is absolutely BS and a thing of the past. Most there live on food stamps if they get even that. Maybe not even 20% of the population is able to meet their taxes and day to day living.

Not a single one owns what allegedly is theirs the banks owe everything and they as long can meet payments they can live as tenants to the banks think about it and dont believe everything their propaganda is saying. Living on debt as long the banks allow you to do that is getting more and more difficult especially now that more than 50% of the $ `printed` that was supposed to be taken for international payments none want them and yuan is gaining ground since is backed with gold as far oil trade it goes.

SCO and BRICS almost finish their own trading system for international trade so watch what happens the beginning of next year end of this. Russia already trade her US IOUs for gold and china beginning to do the same but on a slower pace.


I am optimistically inclined myself, so keep it coming. All i’m saying, let’s see where they are going with these fake bomb mailings. Probably nowhere, as usual.

Promitheas Apollonious

it is kind of obvious but yes lets see where they are taking their jerking off.

Anja Boettcher

What do you think about the US withdrawal from the INF-treaty, Mish? I mean the effect it will have. Japanese and Chinese have, immediately afterwards, today that is, celebrated a renewal of mutal relationships. Seems Japan feels not inclined to play the role of US-cannon fodder. South Korean moves towards North Korea gives the impression them neither.

Could Euopean lackeys (our so-callled ‘representatives’) be so lobotomized to deliver their populations’ lives to maniac USAists? Poles seem to greet the idea of US nuclear arms on their ground; however, taken their geographical position, it is hardly likely that the US could install them there, if western Europe says plain no. (They would need the military airport in Ramstein and our traffic infrastructure for such purpose.)

If lunatic US politicians were successful in starting the apocalypse, this would imply that quite some more people were out of brain. Alarm here is huge – however, I am still waiting that , like in the 80s, people are concerned enough to show up in the streets in many hundredthousands again.


It is alarming, of course, but well within the current logic of wrecking the whole system of international relations. It is part of the preparation for a war. I don’t think we can get out of this without a major war. I just read this piece by Norman Ball, he is very perceptive and metaphysically aware. http://thesaker.is/sins-without-recourse-beast-without-remorse/ (I have the usual reservations: he finds good excuses for Peter the Great but NO excuses for the Bolsheviks. I wonder why these people, all of them, are this way. Clearly the Bolsheviks built a strong state that opposed the ’empire’ etc. And i resent it when these people get all whiny about the “Bolshevik jews killing so many poor Russians”. As if they care. And it isn’t any of their business anyway. And the “Bolshevik Jews” did not kill nearly as many poor Russians as Solzhenitsin claimed they had, etc.)

Anja Boettcher

Well, yes, Ball makes some points – however, misses others. After all, he is an American and only sees the decaying ‘Empire’. However, in reality what he calls “the west” is already a corpse now – and moves in Europe are quite contradictory.

Just some examples: The US started economic war against Turkey for their disobedience to US-lead. German reaction: They directly offered Erdogan credits (while we know, having 5 million citizens of Turkish background, that the country is deeply split. Half burn for Erdogan and the other half could kill him. Half of German Turks can no longer dare to travel to Turkey, as they fear arrest.) – and today our economic minister, Merkel’s right hand, is in Ankara and signs mutual deals over billions of Dollar. Thus the German government have publicly demonstrated their geopolitical opposition to the US.

In regard to Russia, they do so in energy matters and support, while still backing every single silly US pretext for sanctions publicly, that German business makes as much business with Russia as possible. Mutual trade which shrank from 75 to 39 billion Euro after 2014 is again on the level of 65 billion, only that the Saldo is now on the Russian side.

There are as well quite a lot of initiative of business projects with Caucasus countries, which firmly rely on Russian mediation.

It is as the German establishment was a schizophrenic persona, with two brains, two tongues, juxtapositional intentions.

So the European elites seem to consist of one half that continuously show more orientation eastward, the other half sticking to a dying ‘alliance’. Media and public open stage work more in the traditional transatlanticist way, other parts already completely differently. Number one trading partner has been for some a couple of years China, no longer the US. Thus capitalists are split too.

So what is real? Is a new orientation just forming under a surface that pretends nothing was changing – to keep the US in wrong believes? Or are there two quarelling factions and we will at one later point discover which has won? Do they, secretly, still have some regard for the population (who is highly highly suspicous of the US)? As media are under transatlanticist control we can only observe, analyse, speculate – while voicing as loud as we can that we do not agree with bellicistic transatlantism.

The west, however, is plain dead. It was a postwar construction and lost its function after 1989. The US thought they had ‘won’ the Cold War – and did not grasp that a bipolar power architecture is finished the moment one of two pillars is no longer in the old place. No single pillar can keep up a roof. Countries on the one and on the other side, as well as block-free countries, all need to seek new orientation. Cards are mixed. This goes along with a lot of irritation, crashes, larger and smaller collapses, changes behind what is staged publicly —– however, to every sober observer it is as clear as crystal that the US has turned into a completely weak player, haven’t they? Insanity is an explicit expression of considerable weakness.

Ball is a USAmerican. For him the collaps of the US might be the same as collaps of the world. Honestly, their decay could lead to a big explosion. However, it might as well be the case that the insane bully has no longer the muscles they think they have, especially as all others will not let him look into their cards.

I think everybody but the US will test a lot of options behind the stage. And USAmericans will, despite of all their spying technology, understand least. As an eroding power, they have never needed to interpret others. They are used to dictate, which lowers interpretation skills – and they suffer still under too much hubris to grasp that they need to understand others.

Btw: Ball quotes Oswald Spengler’s views of the 1930s. Spengler was a conservatie cultural philosopher of the pro-Russian part of the German völkisch-political right, certainly no idiot, but in 1933/34 he believed firmly in Hitler – and felt later disappointed (shortly before he died in 1936). So he had as well his intellectual limits.

Anja Boettcher

Addition to my other post: Never ever expect from a USAmerican any realistic recognition of Bolsheviks, as they cannot remotely think themselves into the context. US history was – under islandish conditions – a steep road of steady material improvement, whose costs had only to be paid by people so much weaker than them (eliminated indigenous population, African slaves, Mexicans from which they grabbed land in the 19th century, beginning of US imperialism in the Pacific in the early 20th century), the only slightly tougher period self-inflicted from 1861 to 1864 – and always misguided by their Calvinist illusion that prosperity and luck were the natural consequences, just what they deserved, pouring naturally from their inner superior subjective qualities. “If you just have the right faith, you can achive everything.” That’s the simple philosophy.

None of them has the slightest chance to grasp the hardships and sufferings Russians had to go through between 1914 and early 1948 – therefore how should they be able to understand decisions and judgements people took in those times? Goethe said that nothing is more damaging for our souls and our understanding than perpetual luck. Not knowing what suffering means cripples human beings. It makes people existentially stupid – no matter how developed their analytical and theoretical capacities might be.

Anja Boettcher

Mish, I took another casual look at that Norman Balls’ articles in The Saker, and it rather seems to me that his kind of „metaphysical awareness“ has much more to do with something as trivial as sinister than
anything remotely resembling Christianity. As he likes to ornament his narrow set of – solely political – theses, with quotes only in the second place of Russian (single sentences from Dostoevsky, Gogol, Berdyaev) origin, but even more of German (Goethe, Fichte, Hegel, Spengler and other völkisch right German thinkers of the early 30s),
it was relatively easy for me to see that he had the tendency to rip sources completely out of context and, doing so, hugely distorted their connotations from the original meaning – to deliver again and again the same messsage, a message finally leading to conclusions at
least whitewashing, if not propagating even fascism.

The article I have read consists of two halves, of which the second is programmatic. It is on what is in his view the core of Russophobia:

„This essay would be remiss if it didn’t acknowledge
another deep reservoir of Russian antipathy, one rarely cited in realpolitik analyses.“

Hower, the very agent and origin of anti-Russian hate, in Ball’s view, are… – Bolsheviks:

„Americans can scarcely imagine the elemental hatred
unreconstructed Bolshevism still harbors for the Russian people, even less so that the current anti-Russian mania reprises a century-old conflict in a far-off land. The depth and context of this hatred overflows America’s rather provincial and TV-centric intellectual boundaries. Russia’s defeated Bolsheviks are America’s resurgent ones.“

Basically, as Ball reveals here, Bolshevism is – in the
metaphysical struggle of the good versus the evil, the Antichrist as such:

„Bolshevism is a secular expression of the Spirit of
Antichrist. Like a noxious fume seeking a crevice of entry, it
presses cultural nihilism everywhere God isn’t.“

While Ball himself does not say so explicitely, but his commenting fans on all these ‘pro-Russian websites’ do not fail to draw the logical conclusion in their comments, everyone fighting ‘Bolsheviks’, from Anglosaxon intruders into the Russian Civil War over Nazis to the architects of planned postwar attacks on the Soviet Union (like Operation Unthinkable or Dropshot) would then be ‘warriors against the Antichrist’. Gorgious. Even Hitler would be highly puzzled, if he knew that today’s Americans claim he was the defender of Christianity, which he considered to be a Jewish invention to weaken the superior ‘Aryan race’.

At least, like for Hitler, Bolshevism for Ball is a devilish
(Jewish) virus, and as Russians were so lucky to be cleansed in the merciful 90s from that evil plague for their own best (as not unfettered privatisation and Chicago boys’ capitalism had shaken the Russian society then, but simply the blessful exorcism of satanic Bolshevism, the satanic virus was in search of a new host and
travelled across the ocean to the „Land of the Free“, which was enwrapped in the naive slumber of the innocent:

„Sadly, America is ripe for invasion. Christian leader Chuck
Missler identifies America’s fate as an instance of God’s
abandonment judgement. Missler lays this harsh heavenly verdict largely at the unclean feet of abortion. The Creator is particularly jealous of His creational prerogative. Human interlopers armed with forceps anger Him like few other things.“

And then Ball continues with the most bizarre adaption of Hegel’s historical philosphy one can imagine:

„Some will ask, but wasn’t Bolshevism forever consigned to the ashcan of history? Not universally.

America’s aversion to introspection permitted it to
circumvent the dialectical process (that the disintegrating Soviet Union had no choice but to pass through) by audaciously claiming one-sided victory in the First Cold War. This undigested Hegelian synthesis goes on to become a catastrophe for the world.“

In the pursuit of a pseudo-Hegelian argumentation that would have puzzled Hegel as much as Goethe Ball’s interpretation of his „Faust“ and the „Faustian western man“ (a quote from Oswald Spengler), Ball reveals the very satanic element that constitutes the abyssmal evil of Bolshevism:

„The mere passage of time—days stacked on days—carries
neutral historical content. History measures itself in the birthing and discarding of ideas. In Hegelian terms, because historical synthesis in America was not allowed to happen, Bolshevism is free to renew itself on American shores like a new, old plague. Certainly the appearance of Trump impedes this process.

Whether Trumpism can, in the long term, avert Bolshevism
(essentially, collectivization and centralized control) altogether runs counter to the eschatological necessity, within Abrahamic traditions, for a climactic and unassailable evil.“

Yeah, of course, collectivist thinking has really been the most ‘Anti-Christian’ element in the course of history. What are dropping nukes on Japanese cities, industrialised genocide and colonial slaughtering of millions in comparison to truelly satanic ursurpations like free public transport for all, a state-financed high-quality education system and free healthcare? Seeing Russian Orthodoxy as the charming metaphysical gurantee of nationalism and
sacred private property, the advocate for Ball’s understanding of Orthodoxy as folkloristic is Oswald Spengler, the völkisch German nationalist (and admirer of his own mythical concept of Russia, a man who was disappointed by Hitler by 1936, after he had enthusiastically greeted his grab of power and the slaughtering of German social democrats and socialists initially). Ball’s concept of Christianity, however,
little to do with anything that can be found in writings of Church Fathers, definitely not in regard ‘collectivism’, neither in regard to natural goods nor to interhuman relations.

„Nature has poured forth all things for the common use of all men. And God has ordained that all things should be produced that there might be food in common for all, and that the earth should be in the common possession of all. Nature created common rights, but usurpation has transformed them into private rights.“ „The rich man who gives to the poor does not bestow alms but pays a debt.“
(St. Ambrose of Milan)

In tradition, Christianity is definitely seen as genuinely collectivist, as the Lord’s testimony was not given to isolated individuals, but in Apostolic succession into a social Body of which Christ is the Head under the lead of the Holy Spirit.

The most important quotes of St. Cyprian in that respect are likewise quoted in majour Orthodox as well as Catholic instructions:

“Think not that you are thus maintaining the Gospel of Christ when you separate yourselves from the flock of Christ.” And: “Hence the universal Church is seen to be ‘a people brought into unity from the unity of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit”

Thus this people claim that Russia today was because of Orthodxy the safe-guard against evil anti-collectivism, while solely extreme Protestantism, of the Calvinist kind that characterized immigrants to the US understood Christianity as anti-collectivist and centered on singular individuals.

Politically this does not make any sense either: No remotely sane person with rudimentary knowledge about former socialist societies (not even of pre-1989 European social democracies) would ever relate social Darwinist USAmerica today, where children die as their parents
cannot afford cancer treatment and 2.2 million people are imprisoned, most of them because they are simply poor, ‘suffers’ under any such kind of collectivism, our rightist ‘warriors’ for their very idiosyncratic (or rather Calvinistic) form of Christanity achieve to relate the US to ‘socialist collectivism’ solely via a linguistic trick:

„The monism required of the Antichrist system allows for no partition. Cultural Marxism, a soul-destroying collectivist paradigm, is in service to the Transnational Inner Party. With the able assistance of this Luciferean vanguard, the world is being staged for the Final Days, but not before an eclipsing Panopticon runs the full
length and breadth of the planet.“

For sane people the so-called ‘liberal elites’ in the US are
cynics, as they celebrate linguistic equality while promoting social inequality. Sane people regard it as absurd that a democratic electoral candidate brags that she had one indegenous ancestor five generations ago (so is ‘one 36th indigenous’), while she does not mind that 90% of real idigenous Americans in her electoral district are unemployed and have no health insurance. However, US
rightist ‘metaphysical warriors’ heroically fight the final battle against the ‘evil of collectivism’ in a country that has turned for century inequality into its intrinsic ideological creed, mistaking it for „Christianity“, and still lacks even a solid minority of politically active people who object to it.

Nevertheless, for that alleged ‘metaphysical struggle’, whose motto „America first“ serves the elitist national egoism, which US-rightists in reality share with so-called US-liberals, they have chosen the Russian president as their chosen ‘prophet’ and Russia as their projection sphere:

“Acting as an agent of restraint on the spirit of Antichrist
(a phenomenon Paul in Thessalonians calls katechon),
Russia can influence—and work to brake–a world hell-bent on godless chaos. Oswald Spengler spoke of the Russian soul coming of age at some future propitious time. [In ‘Spiritual Roots of Russo-American Conflict’, Kerry R. Bolton offers an authoritative and fascinating examination of this subject matter.]“

With that pathetic bubble-of metaphysical rhetorics, Ball, who, as it seems, even appears to be eager to welcome the four apocalyptic horsemen as soon as possible, ends up on the trivial level of ego-centered nationalism:

„The insistence that Trump is a Russian agent (against an
avalanche of absent facts) is simply untrue. Nothing has been produced to substantiate the charge. As this essay is being typed, CNN is en route to interview a female escort
in Thailand who may be sitting, not only on her livelihood, but on the key to unlocking the Trump-Putin secret relationship. […]

What Trump and Putin are are co-agents
of strikingly similar conceptual frameworks that are at odds with the ultimate globalist plan for eviscerated national sovereignties. The Outer Party fights them as though their lives depend on it. And they
do. The Inner Party are using both men as transitional cleansing agents on the way to a culminating globalist regime. The current ‘Globalist’ vs. Nationalist struggle is an orchestrated conflict.
(There’s much talk of ‘false dialectics’ these days. Lucifer is
the Prince of this World and the purveyor of intellectual confusion. All dialectics are false, though God works mysteriously to guide His eschatology through.)

Trump and Putin are thus wed, neither by treasonous acts nor shared paramours, but by worldviews that happen to align.“


All the other articles that Norman Balls links to are of the same kind.

Mish, all, definitely all of these pseudo-pro-Russian USAmericans circle around the same fake-metaphysics as the völkisch German right of the 1930s and between their lines there is nothing but shallowness, emptiness and pure hate. However, hate is the devil’s poison. And that they abuse distorted Christian concepts for something as trivial as nationalism, that is national EGO-tism, makes it even worse. Theirs is not the passion of those who fight for something good, as their way of going against others has not the aim to shield anybody from harm or violence. They have no concern for oppressed, weak, suffering or endangered people. They know who they demonize
(=the other bunch of USAmericans’ they have chosen to hate), but they do not know whom they want to protect. They do not perceive any of us: neither Russians, nor Europeans, nor people in the Middle East, Asia or Africa. They do not even see suffering of other USAmericans.
Source of their emotions is only resentment and conceit. Their view is focussed on a hate-stricken inner US-American battle for which the rest of the world is only ornament, projection sphere and cannon fodder.

Especially their view on evil is exactly the opposite of everything tradition says. They present it as something ‘external’, you need to fight with physical force, while all traditon emphasizes the need of inner struggle in order not to be overwhelmed by evil: “Our own evil inclinations are far more dangerous than any external enemies.” Or: “There
is nothing evil save that which perverts the mind and shackles the conscience.” (likewise St Ambrose)

These people make me even more afraid than the prospect of nuclear armament and as afraid as the worst transatlanticist war mongers – just because of their foul metaphysics. Nukes harm bodies, but that kind of orchestrated hate harms the soul – severely.

These people are part of a global reawakening of genuine fascism, as I can sense that the same evil spirit pervades their writings as that of the fascist German right 80 years ago – and they and 1930s fascism were preceded by former phases in history, which were not only marked by huge atrocities and clashes, but by ideological pseudo-religious justification of atrocities. I quote St. Cyprian (of Kartago – referring to collapses of late Roman time):

„The world is going mad in mutual extermination, and murder, considered as a crime when committed individually, becomes a virtue when it is committed by large numbers. It is the multiplication of the frenzy that assures impunity to the assassins.“

Metaphysics is black metaphysics, even or especially if those indulging in it spot evil all the time solely in group of others. Without awareness that we all are sinners, we multiply evil we believe to spot outside. These people,
however, do not care anylonger where their own deeds might lead them and cement themselves against any view from outside.

This is ghastly – and smells so much like the devastions of the 20th century.


This is from another article of his, but thanks for reminding me. I had this man on mental notice for this kind of stuff. But i guess i forgot due to a long intervening summer. Now i remember reading some of his stuff on RI and being appalled.

John Brown

‘I Won’t Stop Until Israel Admits Its Ties With the Pinochet Regime’
Lily Traubman, who immigrated to Israel in the 1970s, hopes the documents she is trying to get from the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry may even contain information on her father’s killers.
Ayelett Shani SendSend me email alerts
Nov 05, 2015 3:15 PM
Lily Traubman.Gali Eytan
• ‘Israel would be embarrassed if it were known it’s selling arms to these countries’
Talking to: Lily Traubman, 60, rehabilitation therapist, lives in Kibbutz Megiddo, immigrated to Israel in the 1970s. Where: Her apartment in the kibbutz. When: Tuesday, 11 A.M.
Let’s start from the end: You, an Israeli citizen, have filed a petition against the Defense Ministry and the Foreign Ministry, and have accused them of abetting crimes against humanity.
I am demanding disclosure of Israel’s security and foreign relations with Chile during the period of rule by Augusto Pinochet, in which tens of thousands of people were kidnapped, murdered and tortured because of their opinions – and the world was silent. To this day, 3,000 people remain missing, their fate unknown. I want to uncover the documents and information.
You fled from Chile to Israel in 1974, so why now?
The truth is I simply didn’t know it was possible: I started to act only after I learned about a decision in the United States to make public the documents about Washington’s ties with Chile. I was 17 on the day of the coup there, during which my father was murdered. I came to Israel at the age of 19. I will be 60 this month. It’s important for me to know the truth.
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Four decades have passed.
True, but for me, it is still totally alive. And not only for me. Things are not quiet in Chile and they won’t be until the truth is known. The crimes of the dictatorship, and the fate of the missing people in particular, continue to occupy Chilean society. At first few fought for it, but now hundreds of thousands have joined the fight, and more and more details are coming to light about Pinochet’s rule. I was in Chile three years ago and it moved me deeply to see young people, born long after the coup, demonstrating in favor of democracy and the constitution, while holding up photographs of missing people. That wound is not healing.
Let’s recall that before the coup in 1973 and Pinochet’s rise to power, Chile was ruled by President Salvador Allende, a Marxist. The Nixon administration was involved in toppling him, claiming that they feared he would undermine democracy in South America. Tell me about the day of the coup, September 11.
I was in 11th grade and was a political activist in a left-wing organization called MIR. I’d hitchhiked to school: The coup occurred after a long period of strikes in Chile, the right wing tried to shut down the country, and public transportation was not operating. I got to school, but classes didn’t start. A girl in my class got a phone call in the school office from her mother, who was a journalist. She told her that Allende had arrived at the presidential palace in an armored personnel carrier. When my friend passed the information on to me, I said, “Well, what nonsense. You’re exaggerating. It must be because of the strikes.” We kept waiting, and then the principal came in and said to me, “Lily, there is a military coup, come with me to help calm the girls in the classes. We have to close the school; you are all going home.” There was hysteria in the air.
And did you go home?
From school I went to the MIR meeting place. We had a plan: In the event of a military coup, we would protect the presidential palace. There had been a coup attempt six weeks earlier, and our activists had gone to the palace and asked for weapons to protect Allende. He hadn’t agreed to distribute weapons, and rightly so, because he knew that could touch off a civil war.
No one was at the meeting place when I got there that day; our activists just gave up in advance. I went home, to the apartment where I lived with my mother and her husband. Neither was home. The neighbors told me my mother had gone to a doctor whose office was opposite the presidential palace, which was being bombed. My mother’s husband, Peter, was employed at the Technical University at the time. The radio reported that hundreds of people were being executed in the university’s courtyard. It was frightening. I couldn’t find my father, either. The hotel he lived in told me he had gone out and hadn’t returned.
Did you find them?
It took a long time. There was a curfew. After a few days it turned out that my mother and her husband were hiding with a former neighbor. I wasn’t able to find out what happened to my father. At first I tried going back to school, but in the end people came to interrogate me there and I realized that it was too dangerous. I kept searching for my father. Afterward, we learned that he had been arrested two days after the coup. He was supposed to broadcast and report in the event of a military coup. The neighbors informed on him. He was arrested, his radio equipment was found, and they just tortured him to death.
What had you heard in the meantime about what was going on around you?
I heard about people who disappeared, who were tortured and murdered. There was a moment at which I could no longer leave my hiding place, and so I really didn’t know what was happening. But before that, members of my group went on meeting in the underground. We would meet one-on-one, for five minutes. For example, we might pretend we were looking at the newspapers in a kiosk, and then hand over a note or exchange a few words. Or someone might call to say he had information for me and I should come. That was a big dilemma, because it could have been a trap, but curiosity always got the better of fear. A great many of my friends were arrested. One of them, the father of an infant, was taken for interrogation. His wife hid with the baby and they were not caught. He was tortured but did not crack, so he was released. He felt he had outwitted them and went to visit his wife and the baby. He was followed. They seized the baby, took her into custody and tortured her before his eyes.

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