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Nasrallah Vows To Battle Coronavirus Pandemic, Calls Trump “Biggest Liar On Earth”


Nasrallah Vows To Battle Coronavirus Pandemic, Calls Trump “Biggest Liar On Earth”

Hasan Nasrallah during the interview on al-Manar TV in 2019.

Hassan Nasrallah, secretary-General of Lebanon’s Hezbollah, vowed in a speech on March 13 to battle the Coronavirus pandemic.

The Lebanese leader said the entire world is in a war with the Coronavirus, stressing that everyone has responsibility to confront the dangerous pandemic.

“Today we are facing an enemy whose threat is clear, large and wide. This threat does not stop at borders, but rather involves the world … We are in midst of a warfare, it’s a global war being fought by people and exposing world governments as a priority to be handled,” Nasrallah said, adding “In any battle, there’s a target and an enemy, the problem in this battle is that the enemy is “coronavirus” which is anonymous in all its aspects. Its threat has become obvious to all people.”

Nasrallah also praised the work of the Lebanese health sector, calling on people in the country to be transparent if they have any symptoms.

“The virus can be defeated if everyone takes responsibility and plays their part,” Nasrallah said.

The number of recorded COVID-19 cases in Lebanon rose to 93 on March 14. At least three patients have fallen victims to the notorious virus, thus far.

Some pro-Western parties and media outlets in Lebanon had launched a smear campaign against Hezbollah, holding it responsible for the widespread of the virus in the country. Hezbollah’s close ties with Iran, one of the main hotspots of the Coronavirus pandemic, were cited as the reason.

Nasrallah ignored these accusations in his speech, hailing Iranian officials for being transparent about the coronavirus cases in Iran. The leader also criticized the U.S. poor management of the pandemic, calling President Donald Trump “the biggest liar on earth.”

Hezbollah is now actively supporting the Lebanese government in its efforts to confront the Coronavirus. The group’s health cadres, manpower and institutions are working day and night to contain the pandemic in several regions of Lebanon, including the capital, Beirut.




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