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Nasrallah: Expulsion Of U.S. Forces From Middle East Is Apt Response To Assassination Of Soleimani


Nasrallah: Expulsion Of U.S. Forces From Middle East Is Apt Response To Assassination Of Soleimani

Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah during a memorial service for Soleimani and his comrades who were killed in U.S. airstrikes on Baghdad airport earlier this week. Source (almayadeen.net)

The response to the assassination of Iran’s Quds Force Commander Maj. Gen. Soleimani will be the expulsion of U.S. forces from the Middle East, Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah said on January 5.

The Lebanese leader said in a memorial service for Soleimani and his comrades, who were killed in U.S. airstrikes on Baghdad Airport earlier this week, that the U.S. will leave the region “humiliated” .

“We are neither angered nor afraid, but we consider that there is a chance to get rid of the US occupation and hegemony,” al-Manar quoted Nasrallah as saying.

Nasrallah said that U.S. forces, warships and bases in the Middle East must pay the price for the killing of Soleimani, stressing that American civilians will not be targeted.

A day earlier, President Donald Trump warned that the U.S. will strike 52 targets in Iran, including sites significant for the Islamic country’s culture, if Americans or American assets are attacked.

Nasrallah’s remarks indicate that Hezbollah will take part in any Iranian response to the assassination of Soleimani. Earlier, an Iranian military commander said that Syria also will play a role in the awaited response.

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  • Raptar Driver

    Yes that’s the ticket but actions are louder than words……we will see?

    • Hasbara Hunter

      Iran is smart…they have patience…the long haul…soon America will have to leave Iraq…2/3 of Iraq is with Iran….1/3 With America…American Psychopathic Sabre-Rattling Against Chess-Masters…wasn’t Democracy Majority Rule? USraHell wants War now but the Middle East needs a little more time to gain some fat on their bones after the American Empire completely raped them…mo’ rockets & stuff…Iran, Irak, Syria (possibly Turkey, Afghanistan, Pakistan & Wahhabistan) will start a Joint Venture to kick the AngloZioNazis out of the Middle East for Once & for ALL…Muslims know everything about Divide & Conquer…it has cost them dearly…in my humble opinion…

      Ps Why is the Entire Middle East buying Russian Weapons? Perhaps because they are made to Destroy ZIONATO-Stuff?

      • Jake321

        They buy Russian weapons because Putz Putin failed Econ101 and sells everything cheap at a loss expecting to make it up in the volume.

        • Hasbara Hunter

          Why is Wahhabistan buying Russian Weapons? I thought the Jewish House of Saud was with the U.S. of A

        • Luke Hemmming

          Actually dimwit, everyone else here knows, but obviously not you ( too much of you watching kiddie porn maybe? ) that the US MIC over-inflates the price of it’s R&D costs and production runs and milks the US taxpayer and economy by producing inferior military equipment at double, 3, 4 up to 10 times maybe more the cost that Russian military producers can. At the moment the US is playing catchup to the Russians and China is only half a step behind.

        • Concrete Mike

          Surely thays why turkey got sanctionned.
          Ask saudis how their patriots work?

          To quote another morron, possibly you, ” they were pointed in the wrong way!!! Honk honk sniff sniff.”

          Benchpress, october 2019.

      • Raptar Driver

        I don’t believe time is on their side, they should act now or negotiate a surrender.

        • Hasbara Hunter

          The Middle East in Uniting at the moment… everyone in the Middle East including Wahhabistan is buying Russian Weapons which are made to destroy ZIONATO-Stuff…In my personal opinion they need a little more time to gain some strength after years of AngloZioNazi Destruction

          • Raptar Driver

            I wish to be as optimistic as you.

          • Hasbara Hunter

            There are three options:

            1. Either we are all slowly forced into a ZioNazi New World Order which is already going on…

            2. We continue on the same road of Endless Greed & Wars….in this scenario Humanity will go extinct within the Next 100 years (Perhaps we are already past the point of No Return)

            3. Humanity gets some Brains & Tries to reverse Option 1 & 2

            The choice is up to the 99%…I’m just a minority & I am definitely not going to worry what the Majority choses or does..because it the End Nature will set the Balance….

    • Jake321

      Yep, a lot of just words or they will be his final words.

      • Randy Brady

        Wow Jake…..you’re doing a lot of heavy lifting. Carrying the weight of fascist politics is a heavy burden. But, just like U.S. aircraft carriers, you provide an easy target.

        In other words, you’re repeating the same b.s. of the last 70 years. It’s old, really old. Tiresome. Like a worn out record……..

        • Concrete Mike

          One man and his benchpress.changing the world one rep at a time!!

  • Hasbara Hunter

    Yes this is the End of U.S. Hegemony in the Middle East…

    • Jake321

      It must be so. The great and glorious YOU declared it.

      • Hasbara Hunter

        Yeah War is fought one many different levels Cunt…you should know that…you Brainless Retarded AngloZioNazi Parasites are History… Overall everything is going perfect to plan…the Last couple of Years…and it ain’t gettin’ better for you ZioNazi Boys & Girls either

        By way of Deception Thou Shalt do War…
        Sun Tzu…

        • Jake321

          You mean history like the Jews have their own sovereign state and the Palestinians have nada? That history?

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Jews might become History…I am not a fan of Collateral Damage but if you can hear what some Americans are planning to do with you ZioNazis then you are pretty much f*cked…You ZioNazis have Hidden tactical Nukes in Appartements in Major American Cities to detonate whenever America Attacks ISraHell…The American Patriots ain’t to Happy with Dancing ISraHellies & the Controlled Demolition of them Twin Towers

          • goingbrokes

            Jake is an AI, don’t respond. Definitely a psy-op!

          • Hasbara Hunter

            Okay thanks I will block him he’s an annoying little ZioNazi Parasite…

          • LR captain

            what about the history that jews keep loosing their state to Babylon then Assyria then Persia then Hellenic Egypt then Romans then the Sassanids then Arabs then turks.

          • Zarathustra

            They still had a supremacist doctrine back then stating they were chosen by their god, the only god to rule over the whole world and enslave everyone else who isn’t a Jew. Any group of people who resist becoming slaves to a worldwide Jewish kingdom are marked for extermination. They still caused many of the problems they claimed to be victims for, and rewrote history in their books to make themselves look innocent in all of those circumstances. I’m sure they were also the victims of more powerful bullies, the Jews on the other hand were able to gradually overcome their adversaries on the path towards world domination through the fulfillment of their self-fulfilling prophecies.

          • LR captain

            “the Jews on the other hand were able to gradually overcome their adversaries on the path towards world domination through the fulfillment of their self-fulfilling prophecies.”

            how high are you right now they sure as hell did not, they were freed by Babylon by the Persians who needed a buffer region between them and Egypt.

            they gained freedom from Seleucid during their decline as they used to be a vassal of Seleucid and Hellenic Egypt agreed to keep it as a buffer state When Seleucid power declined even further Egypt than made its vassal state.

            then Romans came in and made them clients they rebelled then were crushed. they only managed be small garrisons and neighboring local governor who had more ego then skill by the time a real roman came they were ground into dust and second temple was burnt up.

            they only held out in a fort for few weeks before killing themselves. While other group hid in hills but really never threatened roman power in area just harassed a patrol or two.

            Then the Sassanian’s were only in charge for year but 2 years but they never the Jews have their state.

            Then through Arab conquests no Jewish state was formed or over came to power.

            during the crusades the holy kingdoms where Christians not Jewish.

            I have not heard any revolt from the Jews that turks had put down.

            Israeli and this current mess was cause by Britain just dumping the Jewish survivors from Holocaust into area, then Jewish bankers paying for Jewish settlers to come to area was war reparations to Jewish community, soon Jews suddenly got many converts of the shady only in it for benefits kind.

            In fact there were cases that were never reported to British government about British soldiers being killed by Jewish settlers after stumbling into hidden ammo plant.

            Why did Israeli win the first war because they were on preparing to rebel. the fact was that if British mandate lasted for two more years to jews would rebelled as they believed the British were gonna form Palestine under and Arab government.

            Honestly Zion loin was right israel have lost its way after 1978. At that point it was clear to him that after point to polices were less about defending the state hood but became more and more of creating a buffer of vassals states.

          • Zarathustra

            Then what about Nebuchadnezzar II invading Judea and the subsequent Babylonian captivity?

          • LR captain

            what about it he invaded enslaved them cutt and dry.

          • Zarathustra

            Numbers 31:13-18

            (13) Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp.

            (14) But Moses was furious with all the generals and captains who had returned from the battle.

            (15) “Why have you let all the women live?” he demanded.

            (16) “These are the very ones who followed Balaam’s advice and caused

            the people of Israel to rebel against the Lord at Mount Peor. They are

            the ones who caused the plague to strike the Lord’s people.

            (17) So kill all the boys and all the women who have had intercourse with a man.

            (18) Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.

            Genesis Examined, The Real Story Of Joseph In Egypt: https://archive.org/details/genesisexaminedtherealstoryofjosephinegypt


          • LR captain

            if your taking your info from bible then its fake there was no pillar of fire it was just fire brazer on top a pole half covered during day send out smoke signals during the night is full uncovered so people was fire

          • Zarathustra

            I’m getting my info from the Old Testament which is based on the Torah, as for Moses’ war crimes I admit that such behaviour was more common in ancient times than it is now.

      • Luke Hemmming

        And don’t you foget that semen breath. Bwahahaha

  • Damien C

    No fly zone will force the war or force the withdrawl of U.S forces

    • Jake321

      And who did you say will enforce that no fly zone? You and the other bird turds around here?

  • Issam

    No, he said this: honourable and great Iraqi people, the least that can be done as a response is removing US forces from Iraq (he stressed on) This is the least that can be done!

    • Jake321

      Whatever. He and his do anything to help this along and he and they are dead men walking.

      • Issam

        0 votes… that’s how much your opinions mean to people.

        • Peter Jennings

          44520 comments, yet nil pois. That’s taking unpopularity to a new level.

          • Ivanus59

            Yes, he works hard to meet his quota, he is after all a paid bot.

          • goingbrokes

            He may even be an AI, those numbers are staggering!

        • Codenamed ‘Gordon’

          maybe he brings a fate worse than death like the videotape that was distributed in the Ring movie:
          if you press the up vote button then you die :D

        • Bobby Twoshoes

          You’re looking at it wrong, Hasbara trolls know they can’t win an argument, that’s never the goal. Their only choice is to make other people so angry that they say something that can be used as “evidence” that the internet is “anti-Semitic”; thereby justifying more money for Hasbara so they can “fight” to “stop” anti-Semitism. This guy probably gets paid by the downvote with a bonus for every racial slur in a reply.

        • ruca

          Apparently Jake321 sucked a dick for one vote.

          • Red Pilled ThoughtCrimes

            his dad upvoted him>?…

        • goingbrokes

          He doesn’t have any opinions, he is paid troll, trawling this site and commenting multiple time on each article. If he is not paid for his time which must be considerable, he is a complete nutter. On the other hand he maybe an AI experiment…

      • John

        So, you are the latest empty head to just spout the blah blah blah on here. You get paid for this or is it just a hobby?

      • Luke Hemmming

        No what he was implying was that unlike Israel and the US, Hezbollah are going to be firm but fair, and insist the US leaves the ME and to stop interfering, meddling and causing mischief in other ME countries and that they will not harm US citizens. Whilst the US beats it’s chest saying it will target Iranian cultural centres as well as other points of interest if Iran dares retaliate. Oh gee Trump you assassinated a high ranking military general in another countries sovreign territory based on false radio intercepts created by the biggest meddlers in the ME, ISRAEL! and then you have the audacity to threaten the country of the general you killed illegally from them taking retaliatory action?? Are you fcuking kidding me!! I think so far Iran and Hezbollah have shown great courage and strength of character by holding back from a full scale assault or attack on Israel or US assests. Time will tell what they will do but revenge is a dish best served cold. Anyway kudos to Iran and Hezbollah for showing dignified restraint unlike the fat lard arsed orange buffoon huffing and puffing between bites of big macs and mouthfuls of coke. Hope you fcuking choke on a big Mac and die. As for Bibi, your a kunt, nah I take that back, kunts are useful. Your just a fcukhead politician that deserves what Soleimani got you corrupt POS. Hope you go to jail and big bad Bubba makes you his bitch, thou I know that ain’t gonna happen but hey it’s nice to dream. :-D

      • Tommy Jensen

        No no no. What Nasrallah said is this.

        US will run out of the ME like a little humiliated peeing dog with the tail between the legs.
        All American bases in ME will be targeted for buy ups when they leave because Trump had said it himself that they will leave. We wont kill children as you do!

        That’s exactly what Nasrallah said and what he was implying!

        • Zionism = EVIL

          This becoming quite a useless battle of hasbara trolls versus the rest. It is time Iran and its allies take some action. The worst course was not to have responded to the initial Zionist scum attacks that killed several Iranian senior officers on the Occupied Golan. The focus should be the destruction of the Zionist cancer as most Americunts are now opposed to another that will end in a draft and severe cost to the deadbeat US economy.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      Trump on Zionist masters command has just said that US will “never leave Iraq” and wants a trillion dollar reparation for US bases. The only way is for Iraqis to start a new war of resistance like the 2006-2008 successful campaign with daily copper plate IEDS. Even the Somalis are resisting more effectively and killed 3 Americunts today. All Iran, Iraq, Hezbollah and Syria have done to date is to issue hollow threats. If Iran had retaliated earlier we would not have reached this critical and dangerous phase. Lack of Iranian and axis of resistance retaliation only emboldened a coward scum like Trump. Average Americunt is very scared of the draft and Iran should start a sapping asymmetrical war. It will be costly, but there is no other choice. Iran also needs to test a nuclear device if it can. This is an existential battle for Iran’s survival.

      • Issam

        Well, this is a different scenario now. Iran has vowed to take action, they said they are preparing for something big and not just in one country and for the people to be patient, on the other hand (my subjective opinion) Nasrallah gave orders to the whole axis of resistance (except Iran) and told them what should be done and how they should go about it, this is a first.

        • LR captain

          @disqus_q8FHS6b2Ao:disqus what your take on iraq breaking up. as in

          -The kurds leave and take north iraqi
          – the sunni who are still blind and support the US hold onto half of ambar province border areas near Jordan.
          -iran just incorporates eastern iraq into iran.

          cause in my russia was threatened with war by the US if donbass became part of russia.

          Iran would have just won a war can do what it wants with eastern iraqi and since weaken vassal state could be turned against them given enough i’d feel that iran border would just move west.

          • Issam

            I’m sorry but i only have a limited knowledge about Iraq, can’t say much about it, but what i do know, is that it’s so hard to predict anything in Iraq.

    • Zarathustra
  • Jacob “Wraith” Wohl

    The Mullah Regime and its Butcher Assad/Russkie allies are soon going to be completely destroyed by the USAF and IDF!

    • PZIVJ

      US coalition soon to be kicked out of Iraq, due to war crimes committed in a sovereign nation.
      A major setback for the Zionist ! :)

      • Daily Beatings

        A democratically elected government the United States created has now voted to expel all foreign forces from Iraq. The voice of the people couldn’t be more clear. The irony speaks volumes.

      • Jacob “Wraith” Wohl

        USA will NEVER leave Iraq… not going anywhere anytime soon. Stuff it

    • LR captain

      iraqi voted to kick foreign forces out that means the US
      Sure the advisors from would leave but the PMU militia are Iraqi want will not leave.


    • LR captain

      Syria Russia china Iran and now iraqi vs US and Israeli, and you think that you even have chance, some one report him to a psychiatric ward

  • gustavo

    USA has been doing an excellent job for Israel in the middle east. First, Afganistan, then Irak, and it came Lybia, and Syria. The last element that Israle wants USA to eliminate is IRAN, and they are just waiting for any small Iran mistake to do this. I hope Russia does not allow USA to do this because Russia could be the next one.