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NASA Announces Urgent Press Conference Over New Exoplanet Findings

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NASA says it has some big news.

NASA Announces Urgent Press Conference Over New Exoplanet Findings

NASA has launched a number of missions to discover nearby exoplanets. Source:Supplied

NASA has announced an urgent press conference to take place on Thursday morning AEST. The agency will present new findings on planets that orbit stars other than our sun.

“NASA has been stingy with the details so far but the press conference is being touted as the biggest news related to exoplanets since the announcement last year of an earth-like planet orbiting our closest star, dubbed Proxima Centauri.

The information to be revealed by NASA will be simultaneously published in the journal Nature on Thursday and is embargoed until the start of the press conference.

However US tech publication CNET claims to have seen the findings and said; “Let’s just say it could very easily provide us with new settings for many future works of science fiction,”” news.com.au reported.


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While excited, NASA usually makes a lot of hype for a few ice-crystals while we all secretly hope for fully developed intelligent life.


Maybe if there are aliens out there the the USA will stop their obsession with Russia and get obsessed with defending the planet against aliens. That would be soooo much healthier for all of us ….. I feel sorry for the aliens though..

Random guy

there is a saying: “there is an elephant bigger than a horse”.
We can find underdeveloped aliens (if aliens exist at all) to colonise, or send a signal to higher developed aliens to colonise us.


“send a signal to higher developed aliens to colonise us.”

You really think that it would be wise?

Random guy

Probably should have been clearer on my comment. My point is, we should stop looking for aliens at all, we might bump into some serious guys.

John William

There is no definition of what a earth like planet is.The main thing is the star.If it isn’t like our star it isn’t earth like. I’m still excited about tabbies star.the star is like ours and we still haven’t figured what the light dips are !!!

Random guy

Another news flash to get consent of tax-payers for boosting the budget.


Lets hope so. NASA gets peanuts compared to some of the big departments like Defense, and does a lot more useful things. They could fund a lot of useful programs for the price of one squadron of F-35’s.

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