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Narco Jet Allegedly Shot Down By Mexican Federal Police

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Originally appeared at ZeroHedge

A private jet allegedly packed with drugs was intercepted by the Mexican Federal Police near the Felipe Carrillo Puerto Municipality in the Mexican state of Quintana Roo.

Narco Jet Allegedly Shot Down By Mexican Federal Police

La Jornada, one of Mexico City’s leading daily newspapers, reports the jet landed on a highway in flames after being attacked by a Mexican Federal Police “gunnery helicopter.”

A gunnery helicopter from the armed forces opened fire this morning against a small plane, which had to make an emergency landing on the Chunhuhub-José María Morelos highway section, in the central-western region of Quintana Roo, the head of the Secretariat of Public Security (SSP) of the state, Alberto Capella Ibarra.

The official said on his Twitter account that “the registration of the aircraft is apparently XB-RCM and could be related to illegal activities. Federal authorities attending to the investigation.”

Initial reports indicate that around 7:30 am this Sunday an Army helicopter that was flying over the area opened fire on the aircraft.

The plane began to emit smoke and later landed on the highway and caught fire, according to unofficial reports.

Witnesses who broadcast videos on Twitter report that the aircraft landed smoothly and was set on fire by its crew, who fled the scene.

Other versions indicate that, upon landing, the crew of the ship unloaded a shipment of drugs they had on board and placed it inside a van in which they fled, which they abandoned kilometers later.

Capella asked motorists to avoid the affected stretch of highway.

Federal authorities had come to the area to carry out the corresponding investigation. – La Jornada

A bunch of videos of the private jet burning on the highway has surfaced on social media in the last hour.

Narco Jet Allegedly Shot Down By Mexican Federal Police

“#almomento a Private Jet allegedly linked to organAn alleged attack from the air would have shot down a small plane at kilometer 61, on the Chunhuhub road section, municipality of José María Morelos. #QuintanaRoo . The aircraft could have been used to transport drugsized crime landed in an emergency on the section of the Morelos highway #QuintanaRoo supposedly after a confrontation he had to land and the aircraft was completely consumed,” tweeted LectorMx.

Mexican military on the scene.

Story is still developing…

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Damn what a waste, if it was transported by a private jet it must be good shit.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen CIA operators…


Who cares about them, save the good stuff!

Liberal guy

More like a James bond movie scene


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Brother Ma

Great news but some Us and Mexican politicians are going to be angry ,missing out on their Coke and money.

Tommy Jensen

Some Mexicans have still not understood it.

Brother Ma

Sooner the narcs are killed off the easier it will be for the “poor little people ” of Mexico.


Thats a full on outiside job road,destined to californicator,few odd kgs to the usa mexican based

smugglers,the rest to usa,hmm looks like them nice work days gonna be a just little bit harder for the supa ngo’s of langleys than ever now wont it?Lotsa pissed off liberals+pelosi,schit etc?
Looks like that nato huge nato binge according to their numerical purists of nyt gonna have to remain in usa then:

Brother Ma

Burn baby ,burn…

cechas vodobenikov

terrible for amerikans—they narcotize themselves w these substances—is this true? can a helicopter disable an airplane?


That’s a kick in the balls for the CIA’s Proxies/Business Partners AKA Narco-Terrorist Cartels the loss of such a Business Jet hurts they cost Millions and doesn’t grow on trees.

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