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MAY 2021

Nagorno-Karabakh Leader Revealed Moral Crisis Of Armenian Troops

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Nagorno-Karabakh Leader Revealed Moral Crisis Of Armenian Troops

President Arayik Harutyunyan

Arayik Harutyunyan, President of the de-facto state of Artsakh, has called on the region’s Armenians to stop looking for traitors and return to the region.

In a video message on November 11, Harutyunyan revealed a number of morale issues that led to the collapse of Armenian forces in Karabakh.

On October 3, when the enemy reached Matagis, part of the military retreated from the Yehniker area, there were not enough resources to provide the rear.

When we were supposed to go to Yehnikner with our elite units and the Armenian special forces, our units refused to go there. I asked, begged, said that I would go ahead, but received a negative answer! They didn’t go with me, they left the President of their country alone.

Harutyunyan said Armenian forces suffered from a severe shortage in human resources since the outbreak of the battle in Karabakh. He reminded of the warnings he issued over this matter on October 3 and 18.

“Every time I was telling that we need human resources,” Harutyunyan said, “Few days ago a Russian military analyst noted that if we wanted to win we needed to mobilize 80-100 thousand people, if not, you lose. I don’t want to say how many people joined, left the troops, and left the 18 years old alone.”

The president added that 18-20-year-old conscripts were the main forces that were fighting against the Azerbaijani military and its allies in Karabakh.

“I bow before them [young conscripts], who are still protecting the borders of our country,” he said.

Harutyunyan acknowledged that Azerbaijani drones inflicted heavy losses on Armenian troops in Karabakh, which were left for days without any air defense.

The president ended his message by calling on residents of Artsakh, who are currently taking refuge in Armenia, to refrain from participating in political revolts and return home.

“Don’t give in to provocations aimed at destroying our county. We need unity, we must be consolidated to fight an external enemy, which continues to wreck our unity,” Harutyunyan said.

The president went on to promise that the infrastructure in the region will be restored in a few days. He also claimed that Artsakh state have enough resources to ensure that there will be no social problems in the region.

Harutyunyan was one of the leaders blamed by the public following the Russian-brokered peace deal that ended the Azerbaijani attack on Artsakh. Armenia’s Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan is yet to address the loss in an honest manner.


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  1. occupybacon says:

    I don’t blame them, from the beginning it was clear it will be just a drone hunting game, they would have died in vain anyway.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      It was a drone war game to hunt NK soldiers..just because Armenian air force and his commander in Chief Pashinyan didnt send SU-30SM to shot down all AZ drones!…they could do it from Armenian airspace easily..just using R-77 which have its own active radar homing beside an IR seeker…and can be launched 100km from the target…they could close the NK air space..and without drones AZ army are nothing!..we have seen the first day how NK artillery destroyed many tanks and APC….until armed drones and loitering drones started to launch massive attacks vs NK artillery and Tanks!..then the war only could have a winner and it is who control the airspace!

      1. occupybacon says:

        Let me remind you how SAA was hit by Turkish drones in Idlib despite Russian aerospace forces dominating the sky. 4 airplanes wouldn’t have change anything. Plus the Turkish F-16 would have responded from the teritory of Azerbaijan if the attack came from the teritory of Armenia.

        1. Jesus says:

          The Turkish drones were successful for a short period of time in Idlib because Russia had called a cease fire with the Turks, since Russia had killed 50 or so turks In an air strike, and stood down its defenses for the duration of the cease fire..
          When Russia reactivated its defenses there there were heavy drone casualties and Turkey chose to not use them anymore

          1. occupybacon says:

            The logic fallacy is under cheasefire you just don’t turn off air defense.

          2. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

            It was not only bcs of ceasefire, see below..

          3. Jesus says:

            The EW covering Idlib was turned off to appease Erdogan who was crying over his casualties.

          4. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

            Damn right. It was 3-4 days without any drone defenses whatsoever, because Russia somehow had to cool tensions with Turkey after the huge strike.

            Kremlin was understandebly worried about Russia-NATO escalation.

            Those 3-4 days sadly decimated the whole spearheads of the SAA. No one knows how many soldiers died, but it was in the high hundrets easily, and equipment losses also.

            Without Hezbollah special forces, the frontline would have even broken down in those few days. THATS how a huge advantage those huge fleets of small cheap drones are in this new warfare.

            Unbelieveably the Armenians did not prepare for this.

          5. Rhodium 10 says:

            That is a complety nonsense!…SAA didnt have air defense deployed in Idlib..Pantsir system was deployed in Damascus( to protect Damascus vs Israeli attacks) and in Latakia…when SAA deployed Pantsir and BUK in Idlib close to M5 highway…drones were shot down and later SAA launched an offensive and taken all lost position included Saraqib….of course Hezbollah forces helped because we know how useless is SAA in ground battles…but drones were keep away by Pantsir and Buk air defense which enable the Hezbolla offensive

          6. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

            Yeah right man.. Complete nonsense. Only been reported and confirmed at the time by both SAA and Hezbollah sources and reported even here on SF.
            It was the 3-4 days after the Russian strike of 50+ dead turks i am talking about. Until then Russian EW had hindred Turkish drones, and after the 3-4 days they came back online (together with short range SAMs you mentioned).
            And Hezbollah did not only “help”, they did take Saraqib with their sepcial forces in night assault nearly alone.

          7. Rhodium 10 says:

            I wrote that Hezbollah helped to retake Saraqib!..nothing new SAA ground troops ( except Tiger forces) is more useless than Pancho Villa army.

          8. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

            To make it clear: Without Hezbollah, the Jihadis would have broken the front line in Saraqib. That was the main push of the Turks and their fellow headcutters. And without Hezbollah special forces, they would have succeded, and the last Idlib campaign ended in an even more fucked up result.

            That was the defining moment of that campaign, and Hezbollah SF taking and defending Saraqib made the difference. No wonder Hezbollah boasted about it. It was a major achievement. They tipped the scale. Without them, the Turkish/Jihadi occupation zone would be much bigger than it is even now. And this also saved the morale of the SAA which understandebly was a rock bottom after being sitting ducks for Turkish drones for days. And all against the massive open supply lines and direct Turkish fire support..

            I still shiver thinking about it and following the reports..

          9. Mark M. Nobelman says:

            The so-called Hezbollah, SAA, Iran and tiger forces all of them lost the war to the freaking non-state actors in the rebels in the first 4 years and once Solemni begged Russia they intervened which changed the dynamic of the war since Russia is heavily armed compared to the rebels who are lightly armed but it came at a great cost since the rebels held on for 10 years against superior forces until Turkey entered and created a status quo

          10. Alejandro Bonifacio says:

            hey! what are you talking about Pancho Villa’s Divisiòn del Norte?, i hope you have read some books about them to write in that manner, the North Division was an effective military unit until the battle of Celaya (1915) when they were decimated and defeated and, of course, it became in a guerrilla force

          11. Rhodium 10 says:

            Me refiero no como luchadores sino por los medios que tienen para enfrentar batallas…tanques y Apc antiguos sin protección, no usan chalecos antibalas y pocos cascos antifragmentación, no tienen coches blindados…

          12. Icarus Tanović says:

            SAA is not useles, man. They are struggling for too long. Tiger division? Don’t think they’re nothing short of the best.

          13. Fog of War says:

            Thet don’t even wear helmets. The ” best ” would know basic military logic. You wear damn helmets.

          14. Mark M. Nobelman says:

            Lies upon lies upon lies. This hilarious. Captured all it’s territories? No way! They only managed to recapture Saraqib they lost the entire Mount zawiya area with multiple villages.

            And no Russian air defense systems can bring down the Turkish drones on the regular they are very difficult to bring down and I even saw a thread praising Israeli drones and not Turkish drones guess what made the difference NK it was the Turkish drones who are way superior to the Israeli once. Stop deluding yourselves kids

          15. Servet Köseoğlu says:

            That account is joke..Dont pay attention…lies,distorted truth,cheap hard-core russian,iran propaganda sauced with anti-semitism..stinks like rotten cheese…Ps:There are hundreds of alt-accounts here…if you go further..they will try to discredit you with insults like goat-fucker,muslim scum,kebap,donmeh etc etc…xD

          16. Rhodium 10 says:

            “lies upon lies”…just search in google..” Turkish drones shot down”..and you can see image of destroyed TB2 in Syria, Libya and NK…AZ used massive Israeli Harop vs Lumberjacks air defense…even so many of them were shot down as we have seen in photos!…

          17. vann7 says:

            quote ” Unbelieveably the Armenians did not prepare for this ”
            and how could they “prepare” since armenia don’t produce weapons ?
            contrary to azerbaijan that was provided with everything they need to win by turkey and israel , putin’s russia did absolutely nothing to train and prepare armenia to confront azerbaijan.. and russia well knew ,that azeris and turks were trainning with attacks drones for months.. so is putin to blame for the lost of armenia ,he throw the armenians under the bus.. and many will argue that it was because pashinyan was pro nato and pro soros ..bla bla bla.. but the reality of the matter is that putin abandoned also syria for near 5 years ,when it was under attacks by nato ,israel,turkey and jordan.. and russia had a responsiblity to help their allies ,but he did nothing.. other than stupid cease of fires and food aid.. imagine that putin only began to help syria ,when they lost already 75% of its territory and many thousands of isis soldiers were just 30 minutes away from damascus. So this is the unpleasant truth that not many wants to see.. that the only ones to blame is master chess putin ,that betrayed armenians. putin knows very well ,that this war on armenia is in reality war of turkey and azeris on russia, to damage the interest and influence of russia in the zone.. something they achieved.. and after this defeat there was turk and azeris flags waving in celebration for the defeat of russian air defenses and russia in helping armenia from st peterburg to the georgia. what happened in armenia was the total failure of putin’s foreign policy ,total incompetence ,because he knows very well that erdogan goals is not nagorno karabah only.. but to create a bridge between azerbaijan and turkey and promote the revival of the turkish empire , to fight who ? wanna guess? to fight russia.. the turks have been historical enemies of russia through all their history and this is why they are the most important asset of americans ,the spear to fight russia.. it was in turkey ,that americans deployed nuclear missiles aiming at moscow and what created the cuban missile crisis..and just days ago ,erdogan was openly saying was going to remove russia from crimea.. so who is the one failing here? armenians don’t produce weapons.. russia do it.. and azerbaijan won ,only because they received a lot of help ,including turkey and israel with modern drones ,while armenians got just manpads and a few short range air defenses that were destroyed.. and putin looked to the sides whenever armenia was bombed ,so not even putin honored the protection treaty of armenia main land.. and to make things worse .. azeris attack a russian helicopter far away from any combat zone, inside armenia t erritory that was escorting russian soldiers peacekeeper mission. so this is how disastrous was putin’s policy in armenia ,even their own soldiers were murdered.. and he did nothing ,he accepted the apologies of aliev ,knowing well this was a clear act of war.. an unprovoked attack on russia.. much worse than turkey shutdown that the russian plane.. because in this case.. the helicopter was not anywhere near any combat zone and was not fighting at all ,just escorting a military unit of peace keeping soldiers ,that putin and aliev agree to send.. what russia is facing is a clear present war,, and the turks and azeris are only taking advantage of putin’s weakness and insecurity , this is what encourage them to kill russian soldiers.. they know putin is weak and he will do nothing even if their base attacked ,which is what is happening in syria every week or month.. by drones attacks that turkey provide to their terrorist. Is putin’s incompetence and disastrous foreign policy ,and putin’s weakness the reason why every nation disrespect russia ,kill russian soldiers and get away with this.. if the military don’t remove putin by force and force him to resign he will end destroying the nation.. you bet nato will now be encouraged to strike at a russian plane or helicopter ,and later say it was by mistake ,an accident.. in short putin is a bad leader and the only reason russia have a powerful army is because of their scientist.. that their military can produce good weapons , but if not used ,because of weakness of their president they are totally useless.. to defend a nation.

          18. Rhodium 10 says:

            If you look at Maps…now Russian troops are deployed in NK..from the centre to Northwest…do you know what it means?…it means that Russia have troops just 50km from all gas/petrol pipelines to Georgia which supply Turkey and EU with gas and petrol…and people talking about weakless of Russia….

          19. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

            Look, if you wanna write a TLDR that is okay, i do too often. But at least try to make some paragraphs or no body will give a shit uncluding me.
            I am not one of those Turkish trolls here confusing the clueless and corrupt Armeian leadership with the Armenian people.

            My comment was meant as that the leadership did NOT invest/buy/whatever in SAMs that are able to target small targets like drones.
            EW not either, at least not that we would know of any effective usage if any at all.
            That this kind of warfare would be what was coming was clear.
            When your arch enemy is envesting billions of dollars into drones, over decades, the leadership should have known what was coming. Everyone with even a bit knowledge and interests could see this coming AT THE LATEST when the Turks used their drones to much success in Syria and Lybia.
            Instead of making Realpolitik and working with Russia on buying EW + SAMs like Pantsir, the leadership was arrogant and ignorant. And sold out their country.
            I feel with the Armenian people, and having Turkish influence now expanded even more into European (and Russian) depth is of very bad implications.
            But a nation is reponsible for the leadership it voted for, and to hold it accountable.
            And if the Armenian leadership is not hold accountable NOW, and Russia again made a scapegoat, while beliving in a pipe dream that the EU or US would risk war with Erdogan over Armenia…. Than whole Armenia is now sealing their fate.
            The Turks will come for them sooner or later and finish their genocide.
            Sadly (as a European) i have to say: Russia is the only possible protector for Armenia. Not the weak cowards in the EU.

          20. Syrian Loyalists were fighting till last men and Syria never deviated from is alliance with Russia, Syria has been saved.

            Armenia had a colour revolution and changed side.

          21. Great Khan says:

            Assad mean LION,,,,he STRONK leader….Pissinyan mean coward…so Erminstan kaput ,,,,,so blame Russia hahahhahaha

          22. Jesus says:

            The Ottoman Empire was defeated by the Russian empire multiple times. Putin wants Armenia within its sphere of influence by controlling the events to overthrow Pashinyan.

          23. Scaathor says:

            Fuck, you’ve always been a Putin hater retard vann, but now you’ve gone full retard….

            So glad you no longer pollute RMF forum with your drug-induced stupidity.

      2. Jesus says:

        I would not recommend using R 77 against drones, it gets expensive, Armenia should at least had 12 Suk 30 and a few dozen Pantsir.
        I suppose that is on the list of new equipment purchases from Russia if they want to keep deterrence for the future.

        1. cechas vodobenikov says:

          bacon rarely has it right

          1. Icarus Tanović says:

            He never has it right.

          2. Great Khan says:

            hahahha bacon pig makes brainshit…like Ermistan lose eat pig hahahahah Muslim brother STRONK! only eat cow and Yak…

        2. vann7 says:

          not even russia have that many pantsirs in most of its borders , those are not cheap but expensive.. russia according to wikipedia have only about 110 pantsirs ,for its entire territory and operations outside russia ,so is not a lot.. to counter drones the best weapons are anti air artillery ,with automatic targeting and firing.. also energy weapons ,powerful laser weapons can be very useful too , all those short range air defenses you mention based on rockets can only fire a handful of missiles ,and usually takes 2-3 missiles to shotdown 1 drone to make sure it don’t miss. while azerbaijan was sending about hundreds of drones to fight armenia in nk. also another thing russia can use are drones that hunt other drones and rail guns too ,that use very cheap ammo. in summary russia military have been trainning incorrectly their forces and equipping incorrectly its military for modern wars , that will be with waves of drones.. with turkey armenia and russian defenses had to deal with dozens of drones at same time , but nato can do far better than that.. one bomber of them alone can unleash hundreds of kamikazi drones ,that overwhelm any air defense.

          1. Jesus says:

            The Pantsirs will be deployed in the theater of operation. The newer version of the Pantsir has 4 rockets per tube in case of swarms attacks. Pantsirs are not the only SHORAD defenses Russia possesses.
            EW Platforms, drones designated for air to air combat and the S400 to shoot down bombers that carry the swarm drones.

      3. Whacko says:

        Nagorno Karabakh airspace does not belong to Armenia and Artsakh. Nagorno Karabakh belongs to the territory of Azerbaijan.

      4. Great Khan says:

        Muslim brother very STRONK!….Islam now back in Erminstan…losers…..hahahahhaa


  2. Random Dude says:

    Any excuse after loss is pointless. Lost? take it like a man.

    1. vann7 says:

      yep ..and it was a russian loss . not just armenia.. russia was the one in charge of the weapons and training of armenia

      1. Jesus says:

        Until they got kicked out by Pashynian.

      2. Scaathor says:

        Don’t be stupid. Armenians told Russia to take a hike, alienating their only friend in the region, in order to curry favour with the NATOistas. What the fuck did these idiots think was going to happen?

        Have a revolution at Soros’ command and disaster will follow.

  3. Kefir says:

    Armenia have a lot of anti aircraft systems like Tor, why they didnt tgey use it and helped karabah against drones.

    1. Rhodium 10 says:

      Only deployed one Tor system in Martuni region in east part close to AZ…and helped to keep AZ troops away and defeat them therefore AZ had to launch the offensive from South…thats system shot down 2 Turkish TB2 and some Harop and only AZ was manage to destroy it at the end of the war while was hided in a warehouse…was spotted by special forces using an small drone from far distance!

    2. DontBelieveEitherPropaganda says:

      TOR is not meant for such small targets. It is quite excellent for bigger ones as fighter jets. But drones, though weak, small and veeery slow, are very hard to target with such SAMs which were not developed for the task.
      That is why there is so much investment in SAMs like Pantsir, and in upcoming Laser and other more effective (and also cost effective) systems.

    3. Great Khan says:

      hahaha Erminstan coward.. no use weapon…but cry…..

  4. Fog of War says:

    ” Don’t give in to provocations aimed at destroying our county. We need unity, we must be consolidated to fight an external enemy, which continues to wreck our unity,” Harutyunyan said. ”
    What country is he talking about not even Armenia recognizes Artsakh as part of itself ?

  5. HitlerWasRight says:

    people of karabakh betrayed by moscow. russia was never reliable

  6. Lazy Gamer says:

    For now, the UN resolutions should be contested by NK in a creative way. This is the main handicap in the political and diplomatic front. Drone counters are much more easier to research.

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