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Mysterious Weapon Knocked Out Syrian Army Battle Tank In Southern Idlib

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Mysterious Weapon Knocked Out Syrian Army Battle Tank In Southern Idlib

Illustrative image

On February 12, a mysterious weapon knocked out a battle tank of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) in the southern Idlib countryside.

The battle tank blew up in the early morning hours after being hit with an unknown object. The battle tank was situated south of the government-held town of Ma`arat al-Nu`man, way behind the frontline.

Opposition sources reported the incident, with some claiming that the battle tank was hit with an artillery round fired by Greater Idlib militants.

However, this high-level of accuracy is nearly impossible to achieve with unguided artillery rounds. The battle tank was also situated beyond the militants’ line of sight.

The battle tank may have been targeted by one of the Turkish combat drones which operate over Greater Idlib on a regular basis. Another possibility is that the battle tank was struck with a laser-guided artillery shell or rocket, after being illuminated by a Turkish drone.

Last year, Turkey’s ROKETSA revealed its TRLG-230 laser-guided rocket system. The system was successfully deployed against Armenian forces during the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war. The Syrian battle tank may have been struck with the TRLG-230 or a similar system.

The Turkish military maintains more than 60 posts, camps and bases throughout Greater Idlib. Heavy weapons, similar to the TRLG-230, are deployed in most of these positions.

In any case, the strike represents a serious escalation by Turkey and a violation of the agreement signed with Russian on March 5, 2020. Ankara forces engaged in a fierce confrontation with the SAA and its allies last year to stop them from neutralizing the remaining terrorist groups in Greater Idlib.


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klove and light


great job treacherous zionist pig putin…………

next fighting between SAA and TAF proxies will lead to a devastating defeat of saa

say thanks to treacherous zionist pig putin u 99% iidiotic sheep


Dont you think its the SAA’s job to defend itself?


your whore pig sow mommy should be thanked that have shit you peace of shit …on this world

Peter Jennings

Absolute bollocks and the wishful thinking of a dreamer.

The relationship the Russian admin has with Damascus far outweighs any agreements the Turkish admin has with Moscow. The Turkish admin keeps breaking their agreements with Moscow anyway. The gov’t of Syria doesn’t.
When the time comes, the Turkish whore of nato will be firmly put in its place.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Could have been a U.S. drone doing the illuminating.

Samuel Vanguard

Idlib is Turkey’s archilles heel


antioch will fall over idlib and suicidal behavior of turks


It is “Achilles” though. Better learn the terms before using them.


Mysterious weapons should strike some Turkish SPG’s, tanks and observation posts.

Servet Köseoğlu

Bullseye..nice target painting.

Adam Prisbit

I want to see more TB2 and new tb3 hammering butcher regime assadist shia terror again in large scale! please do a repeat of hammering of armenian terrorists against this time syria butcher soldiers again!


Try fucking yourself…. something you terrorist jews do perfectly

Adam Prisbit

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Adam Prisbit

tough talk for antisemite shrimp! I fish all the time! Catch little shrimp smaller than you!!!!
Like I say, Judo trained in Soviet Union all my life. Krav Maga when I live in the desert of Judea. I flip you so high you turn into KITE


It’s all part of the business and partnership network between the Ziocorporate terrorists and proxies. Syria will be lucky if Turk terrorists don’t reverse engineer the Russian S400 into a surface to surface rocket for ISIS/al-Qaeda to use in Idlib.

“Israel supplying advanced weaponry to Turkey”


they’ll “reverse engineer” your stupid c u n t face much easier than S-400.

Lone Ranger

The S-400 has a surface to surface mode by default.

Band Itkoitko

Which is an interesting and rarely mentioned feature. S-400 is really and in many ways a stand off weapon and not only defensive. Now that the INF treaty is dead, S-500 will definitely have that capability as well, only with considerably larger range. There you have it. Those are vastly powerful and versatile weapons. They are balance of power changers wherever you deploy them, and create a lot of tension and fear in any adversary, since they cannot predict or expect how and when such a weapon would be used, and what the outcome would be.


Just to add something you didn’t mention….S-400 is complementary to S-500 because S-500 are above all (specialized, most performance for) anti-missile system (like S-300V4)
while S-400 is above all anti-aircraft missile system.

Tommy Jensen

Whattabout our US Space Command laser system? comment image


Its all a consequence of not sanitizing Idlib.probably the Turks.


Military intelligence received from Agent Shylockracy reveals:
the Greater Idlib militants have reverse engineered the SAA’s latest S400 into a Satellite Weapons System capable of destroying any target weighing under 600 tons on the surface.
The new Space Weapons system is called CRISIS and President Assad is already writing the unconditional surrender for Syria as the Russians declared they don’t have any weapon that is able to counter the CRISIS superweapon built by the Greater Idlib militants. Syria war end. Case closed.
Thank You Hero Agent Shylockracy!

The Objective

Can you post any links. I would like to investigate this further

Lone Ranger

You hasbarats are really tard level…

The Objective

What’s wrong with my question. It’s good news to know Turkey develops technology to defend itself from bullies.

Lone Ranger

First Turkey is the bully.
Second you cant recognize irony and a joke…
Better luck next time Trollstoy ?

The Objective

The irony isn’t good enough


Tukey started this whole war. A good ol` nuke to the face would do it real good I think.

Hind Abyad

Like Assyrians and Armenian Genocides down to Mount Lebanon where 250,000 died from famine..?

Black Waters

Guys, i think that anybody understood his message… IT’S SARCASM!! -he’s mocking the idlib clown militants, he’s also mocking Shylockracy, because that retard always posts bullshit.

Fog of War

Or it was taken out by one of the ZioAmerican drones which are allowed to fly anywhere they want in Syria. Thanks Putin.

Blas de Lezo

Putin should carpet bomb the Capital city of Idlibistan just like he did with Grozny. Have them Wahhabis live in tent cities as long as they insist in treason.


and who will take responsibility for the collateral mass killing of the civilians when Western MSM start screaming on top of their lungs ?!? you maybe?
terrorist always hide in populated areas !

Lazy Gamer

This sounds like Armenia all over again. Russia needs to develop conventional means that it can use to escalate or change Erdogan’s calculations. Otherwise, their nuclear bluff will be called.

Band Itkoitko

Your comment is inadequate and shallow. There’s no lack of means. There are bigger political and general human goals there, and the military is to serve those goals, not to show itself. It’s not some circus but real life. There’s no benefit yet in fully destructive offensive against Turkish presence there. Counting on aggressive destructive approaches is the US way, not any mature reasonable person’s way. Also, that simply doesn’t work as we see how entangled and bankrupt the US is in the Middle East. Not to mention that the main responsibility for any offensive and clearing the country is actually on the Syrian Army. Russia is a supporting power there.


Russia is USING Turkey interests against Kurds, US, IsraHell even Iranian interests if need be.
Then they use Iranian interests against IsraHell interests etc. etc.
by taking Iranian airplanes full of Iranian missiles in their military base (because IsraHell can’t bomb them there (like they do when they use Damascus airport)
So the name of the game is to use everybody against everybody (if and when necessary)to get what one wants (because everybody does that )
…and if Iran tries to piss off Russia , than they let IsraHell to do their bombings on Iranian targets in Syria etc. etc.
They all (of course) try to use the same methods on Russia to impose their interests…so it runs in circles…


interesting possibilities here.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“unknown object”
And why would it be an unknown object, in this day and age with all the forensic testing and identification methods available it shouldn’t take too long at all to identify whatever it was, and I’d imagine identifying the mysterious object would be a high priority for both Russia and Syria, that might help them to avoid it happening again.

Adam Prisbit

good job Turkey! keep hammering butcher regime with your undetectable drones!
poor pantsir has worst track record so far. overall KD ratio for pantsir = 1:4 haha
meanwhile Iron Dome, Patriot and Slings KD ratio = 1000:0

Raptar Driver

Turks are a plague upon humanity.


The technology to hit tanks from a distant bunker with nearly 100% accuracy was around 35 years ago. Google “FOG-M”. Ann anti-tank missile is launched from a safe location. It is guided by the operator via a TV camera in the nose and by a fiberoptic wire that spools out. Versions are made now that can hit from 60 Km away. No drones or laser-painting necessary.

mike hutchings

with the demise of Russia insider, I’ve had no current news. the US media is a joke and its concerned with securing the socialist theft of Trumps election. they are peering through the barbwire strung around DC, which stands for; Democrat Capitol; and looking suspiciously at the troops patrolling the streets waiting for real Americans to drag them out by their heels. read the papers and listen to the disingenuous reports of Trump trying to start a revolution when they pulled one off, and all the globalists can do is blame him for doing what they did. we aren’t fooled Guys. and I’ll say this again Russia and the US are not natural enemies…. and those troops in DC are not going to gun down Uncle Frank and Aunt Sally, so in that they are right to doubt their ability to act in a criminal fashion against their own people. the FED anagrams that killed that young woman are a different story…. they are little better than the CHAIN DOGS Hitler turned loose on his own people. that were famous for stringing German soldiers with no ammunition or resources demanding that they fight to the death from lamp posts when many of them were trying to rescue their families from the unprecedented slaughter and rape by advancing Russian forces. the Western Allies were no better. millions of Germans were subsumed by them. A book called OTHER LOSSES explains how this was done, and Germany was reduced so she would not be a threat to the British. you don’t hear about Prussia or the Austro-Hungarian empire that took two world wars to destroy to make the world safe for plutocrat’s in London and New York as they re-order the world and do a little pruning of nations and cultures along the way to make everything fit. what they did to Germany they are doing to the USA look at the education system that is indoctrination central for the supposed new world order. the rot is engineered. thank you for being here…. I am Loyal American and proud to be so, and we have work to do

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