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Mysterious Russian Jets Intercept Nonexisting Israeli Warplanes


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Mysterious Russian Jets Intercept Nonexisting Israeli Warplanes

Russia’s Sukhoi Su-35 fighter, via Russia Insider/Asia Times

Russian warplanes have intercepted an Israeli fighter jet that was preparing to bomb a site inside of Syria, al-Masdar News reported on October 8. The pro-government blog cited Avia.Pro as the source. The Russian outlet had reported that a Russian warplane was spotted near the southern border of Syria after an Israeli fighter jet made an appearance there.

“It was reported about the flights of Russian fighters over southern Syria, presumably due to the appearance of Israeli military aircraft,” the report said.

Several Syrian sources, including the Syrian Military Capabilities twitter account, confirmed that a Russian warplane was flying over southern Syria. However, there was no reports of any hostile Israel action at that time.

In the last few months, several sources reported that Russian warplanes moved to “foil” Israeli attacks on Syria. These claims were never confirmed by Russia, Israel or any credible source in Damascus.

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