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JUNE 2020

Mysterious ‘Radical’ Group Claims Responsibility For Attacks On Turkish, Syrian Forces (Video)


A mysterious radical group identifying itself as the Islamic Revenge Movement (IRM) released a video message on March 20 claiming responsibility for alleged attacks on Turkish and Syrian forces.

In the message, the group’s commander vowed to carry out attacks on Turkish forces, their Syrian proxies as well as on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA).

“Previously, many were on the side of the tyrant state of Turkey, believing that they were fighting for the sake of God, however, after they found out their goals and aims, they left them and joined to support the religion of God … This year we carried out many operations against the [Syrian] regime and the Turks … Thank God, our operations were successful,” the group commander says in the message.

The group claimed that it killed 13 Turkish officers, 187 Turkish-backed militants and 24 pro-government fighters during more than 118 operations carried out last year.

Kurdish sources, which were among the first to share the IRM’s video message, claimed that the group was formed by defectors from al-Qaeda in Syria. These sources identified the group leader as “Abu Osama al-Shami.” No such figure is known among Jihadists in Syria.

Many, mainly opposition activists, questioned the IRM’s claims and even its existence for apaprent reasons. These are the group’s logo, which includes cross-shaped swords, the commander’s poor Arabic speaking and the absence of any known Jihadi figure.

Many activists believe the IRM is nothing, but a front of Kurdish forces in north and northeast Syria, especially the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). This version says that that the IRM was made up to claim responsibility for attacks carried out by the PKK.

While the origins of the IRM remain unclear, the group may be indeed a propaganda stunt by some side. The IRM is yet to provide any credible evidence confirming of attaacks on Turkish forces or that it is indeed a radical Islamic group.




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  • Zionism = EVIL

    New “alCIAda” branding, same old Americunt terrorism. The bastards should have some shame as the Americunts are dropping like flies in the shithole as their virus boomeranged.

    • Assad must stay

      Yea and if this group is real they are probably just yet another ultimately unsuccessful usraeli attempt at stirring up more trouble

      • Zionism = EVIL

        They are totally shameless scum without an iota of humanity. The Americunts now have the fastest spread of their own bio-warfare virus and still warmongering and sponsoring terrorism. The $15 trillion the scum have spent on lost wars would have built a world class hospital and university in every major city in the world and created global prosperity, but the evil bastards chose to fan wars for the Zionist evil and OIL, which is worthless now. They should take the fake Jews from the region back to their own countries from where they came anyway and all have dual passports. The Jew Khazar virus was the first global onslaught of parasitic disease.

        • Simon Ndiritu

          They have truly robbed the world of what would have been peaceful broad-based development. They have refused to compete fairly and accept divergent opinions in the world. They have never made peace with Korea 60 years on, they have denied Cuba, Iran and Venezuela their natural right to free trade. They destroyed Iraqi, Yemeni, Lebanese and Syrian economies and killed the only true liberator of Africans; Gadaffi. They have installed lunatics and fools as leaders in their ‘allied’ countries in Africa. They also occupied western Europe making it an economic battering ram for destroying M.E, raping Africa and threatening Russia & China. The also made the rest of Americas their voluntary slaves. This evil empire is satanic in the full meaning of the word.

  • Simon Ndiritu

    Exit Turkey, Enter Qatar, this ‘re branding’ could have occurred due changes in their boss in the last months.

  • Pave Way IV

    The seated head-chopper on the right seems suspicious. I wouldn’t be comfortable sitting next to him with his monkey-paws so close to that unsheathed knife. He could snap at any minute.

    And nice giraffe-print couch, knuckleheads [snort…] it kind of ruins the whole menacing head-chopper thing. What happened? Couldn’t you find a Sponge Bob Squarepants couch in time?


    • good american

      And I think the crossed swords are from the first legend of zelda video game. Man, these guys are really into retro. I would like to see if they have any hidden gems in their funk music selections…

  • 77

    Bullshit, is a diversion, intentionally made for not to blame the Turkish-backed jihadist gangs.

  • Joe Dickson

    He didn’t even cut his head off… FAKE!

  • Xanatos

    Translation: they are a new group sponsored by America.

  • Vitex

    Mysterious radical group? You mean like the SAS?

  • John Wallace

    I am surprised they haven’t call themselves the Peoples front Of Syria or was that The front for the Syrian People > How long before they end up like the Popular Front

  • Lone Ranger


  • Redadmiral

    Just another bunch of Turds. Lol