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Mysterious Helicopters Attack Terrorists’ Positions Along Turkish-Syrian Border (Videos)

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Late on October 26, eight mysterious attack helicopters carried out a series of airstrikes on positions in on the northern Syrian governorate of Idlib near the border with Turkey.

Opposition activists said that the helicopters, which came from Turkey, attacked several positions in the outskirt of the town of Barisha in the northern Idlib countryside. Some reports claimed that an air landing also took place west of the town. However, this is yet to be confirmed.

The origin of the helicopters has not been determined, yet. However, most sources are claiming that they were U.S.-led coalition helicopters.

Earlier this year, the U.S.-led coalition resumed operations against al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Greater Idlib, targeting a headquarters of Horas al-Din. Later, a headquarters of so-called Ansar al-Tawhid in eastern Idlib was targeted.

Unconfirmed reports claim that the helicopters attacked several positions of Horas al-Din. The upcoming hours will likely reveal more information about the mysterious attack.

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Prince Teutonic

More likely Turkish choppers….

Black Waters

What the hell is happening there…


Turkey sold out some of the crazies for something else. Probably more influence on the Syrian border.

Black Waters

Could it be U.S choppers from the Turkey base? But if they were U.S choppers… Why would they enter in Idlib?, and more important which ones where their targets?

(i’m not assuming anything just thinking loud)


Thanks God I bough nigh vision yesterday

Xoli Xoli

France and Britain clandestine attacked on Turkey rebels .Just allow Turkey to sabotage USANATO rebel to ruin the plans of France, Britain and Israel.


They could be shooting at Venus and Mercury? With low light from new moon, it is easier to see things. Early this morning I saw a meteor breaking up, usually hard to see with city lights, and have not seen one in a very long time. True story.

Alberto Garza

russian made helicopters make a very distinctive whistling sound it sounbds like an u.s. made heli


The current rumor is that Baghdadi has been taken alive. I repeat, that is a rumor.



Latest report is that Baghdadi has been killed, again. https://townhall.com/tipsheet/bronsonstocking/2019/10/26/untitled-n2555405


Trump is going to go live at any moment. Here is the link for a live stream.



Something that’s been percolating in my head for a while. Turkey inherited these Jihadist/right-wing militias from the CIA. The CIA organized and armed these groups, set them loose in Syria and then eventually cut them off as they proved to be unreliable and as the political winds changed. Remember the 2016 bombing of Ataturk Airport? That’s when Turkey realized they couldn’t just sit on the sidelines and let these elements move between Turkey and Syria without any control over them. Since then Turkey has increasingly become their main benefactor but this is an arrangement borne of necessity. The militants are essentially running an old fashioned mafia-style protection racket where Turkey keeps them paid and armed in Syria rather than have them disappear into Turkey and on to Europe and the rest of the world. If Erdogan had a choice, they would all die in their sleep tonight and the war would be over.

Since that’s not an option, he’s using them as foot soldiers in northeast Syria to disrupt any ramping up of hostilities from the PKK that he worries would come if the region was consolidated under a Kurdish nationalist authority. Now that Turkey has agreed to cooperate with Russia in deescalating the war, what to do with the militants? Russia’s preferred option is to liquidate them on the spot, exterminate them to a man lest they find their way to places like Chechnya or Dagestan. China agrees, they don’t want any to pop up in Xinjiang. But Turkey can’t just publicly cut them loose because they don’t have any more control over their border with Syria now than when the CIA was flying them in to Istanbul and sending them across. If they publicly repudiate them now, the war in Syria could become a bombing and mass shooting campaign in Turkey overnight. So they have to play the hand they’re dealt while behind closed doors they want as many casualties as possible.

It’s a bizarre situation but I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the beginning stages of a liquidation operation to remove the leadership while driving the foot soldiers into the guns of the SAA and Kurds. Erdogan will cheer them on by day and helicopter gunship attack them at night. Just a theory.


Just read on AMN News that this strike was a Yanki op., which has allegedly killed Baghdadi again. I might be mistaken but this must be at least the seventh time that the Infamous ISIS commander in Chief has been killed over the past 4/5 years. Yanki propaganda always seeking the limelight today in order to deflect from what they are really up to. They have been bitten in the arse on many occasions by peddling similar crap. Last June the Russians believed they had carried out a successful attack on Baghdadi and his headchopping mates, however, after a week or so they did say that they could not confirm that Baghdadi had in fact been killed. There were reports at that time on SANA and FARS News that Baghdadi had been seriously wounded in the attack. It is a tenuous possibility that the Yanki attack yesterday did in fact kill the elusive Baghdadi, however, if he is in fact dead it is more than likely he eventually has died from his wounds from the June attack and the Yanks now want the bounty. Osama Bin Laden mark 2 so to speak.

Wolfgang Wolf

super useless videos…..

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