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Mysterious Group Claims Responsibility For Recent Attack On Saudi Capital

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An armed group calling itself the Righteous Promise Brigades [Alwiyat Al Wa’ad Al Haq] has claimed responsibility for the recent attack on the Saudi capital of Riyadh.

In a statement released late on January 23, the group said it had attacked Riyadh with a number of kamikaze drones. According to the group, the attack targeted several positions in the Saudi capital including the Al Yamamah Palace, the official residence and office of the King of Saudi Arabia and the seat of the royal court.

Mysterious Group Claims Responsibility For Recent Attack On Saudi Capital

Official logo of the Righteous Promise Brigades. Click to see full-size.

Early on January 23, the Saudi-led coalition announced the interception of a hostile aerial object over Riyadh, holding the Houthis responsible. The Yemeni group, however, denied responsibility for the attack.

The Righteous Promise Brigades said the attack on Riyadh was a response to the January 21 Baghdad bombings, which claimed the lives of 34 people. The attack was carried out by ISIS, which receives support from Saudi Arabia, according to the group.

“The second blow will be on the dens of evil in Dubai, with the help of the Almighty, if the crimes of Bin Salman [Saudi Crown Prince] and Bin Zayed [UAE Crown Prince] are repeated,” the group said in its statement.

The newly-formed group may be affiliated with Iran. According to a recent report by Kuwait’s al-Qbas, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps deployed precision-guided rockets and drones in southern Iraq.

Saudi Arabia is yet to comment on the Righteous Promise Brigades’ announcement. The attack on Riyadh will likely lead to more tensions in the Middle East.


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El libanes

Good morning southfront ;)


the more groups out to fit mohammed bin salman’s head on a spike for the public to see, the better it is. the ideal situation would be to fit netanyahu’s ugly face on another spike for the public to see and to understand that thievery and murder a la jews in palestine will always kick right back to the thieves the murderers and the other parasitic vermins.

The Objective

the last time you guys bombed Saudi Arabia, it resulted in the assassination of your military leaders. But I feel zero sympathy for both of you evil forces preventing true Islam from shining. It’s Allah’s will that you’ll destroy one another at the end of times, and make way for true Muslims to take control of the Muslim community.
Iran and the gulf monarchies can bomb themselves to hell for all I care. That would actually serve the interest of Islam, contrary to what many think.

William D

religion requires desperate ignorance, so yes, if they bombed everything to hell you would have a lot of desperate uneducated mouths to feed

The world has seen 10,000 gods come and go. The only difference between you and me is that I believe all 10,000 are false and you believe 9,999 are false… we are close to agreement


All BS “Gods” for the ignorant sheeple. The Hindus have over a million and drink cow piss to show their devotion. The Abrahamic desert dwellers just slit throats since the child molester Abraham offered his son Isaac as a sacrifice to the pie in the sky.


You are an idiot and totally F-U-CKED in the the head lol

The Objective

If I were an idiot you won’t reply to me with such display of anger. Shiism is fucked since its inception. You’ve always lived like rats, hated by all due to your stubborn violent nature.

Just Me


Just Me

Looks like you Wahhabi scum in UAE and Saudi Arabia are about to be hit soon.

Iraq’s Kata’ib Hezbollah has said the “the American-Saudi-Israeli alliance” is responsible for recent Daeshattacks, warning that the Iraqi resistance group and fellow fighters
will target the main source of Takfiri violence.

Abdul-Ali al-Asgari, Katai’b’s security chief, made the remarks in a tweet on Sunday.

“The perpetrators of the massacres in Iraq are the US, Saudi Arabia,UAE
and Israel,” he wrote, adding, “Revenge should be exacted by retaliating
against the source and fountainhead of fire, not its branches.”

The Objective

That’ll be pretty great. Saudi/Emirates fighting Shiites and killing each other. Both of you are a disgrace to Islam and Muslims.

Arch Bungle

Saudis and Emiratis can’t fight for shit.

Your entire army is made up of Bangladeshis, Africans, Pakistanis and assorted dropouts from the worlds armies.

The Shia are the true warriors of the Islamic world.

Just Me

Iraq is an overwhelmingly Shia majority country and the US morons are turning it into a vehemently anti-Wahhabi frontline state as the CIA and Mossad are now openly conducting terrorism operations against Iraq, Syria and Yemen, from Saudi and Emirati soil. Now the Iraqis will target both with ferocity.


this is called a pinch with iraq in the north and yemen in the south and it was always going to happen in fact when this happens to the zionists it will be an encirclement


Now everyone will proclaim to be right,and statesmen,and friends of humanity and all legit too!
Just wish the fascists stop trying to use palestine as kiddie human shields,instead of having the guts to reveal true identities,untill then it will be like the game of tennis,albiet with unlimited sets,
meantime Israel need to get off pfzter feminist gender menopause tabs to comform towards peace!


Frankly, the Saudi cowardly sub-human savages are F- U- CKED to Kingdom Come!

Arch Bungle

When the Houthi tear down the House of Saud, the Arabian Shia will take power just like Iraq.

cechas vodobenikov

Houthis employ bacon/jens PR agency

Arch Bungle

Hooray for the Fremen! Down with House Harkonnen!

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