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Mysterious Group Claims It Captured Israeli Mossad Agents (Video)


A mysterious group calling itself the “Freedom Movement” has announced the capture of two officers of the Israeli national intelligence agency, Mossad.

In an official statement, first posted on a Facebook page called “Palestinian Top Secrets” on  September 5, the group claimed that the officers were captured while carrying out “cross-border security missions.”

The group shared a video of the alleged Israeli officers in captivity. One of the officers identified himself in Hebrew as “David Ben-Rose.” He supposedly worked undercover for the Mossad as a petrochemicals scientist.

Many Israelis noted on Twitter that Ben-Rose’s Hebrew was not pure enough, indicating that he is not a native Israeli. The Mossad is well-known for recruiting foreigners for cross-border operations.

The second Israeli officer was not identified in the video, as well as a possible third officer that was captured by the group.

“We are fighting against racism and extremism,” the Freedom Movement said in its official statement.

Israel has not commented in the group’s claims, thus far. In most cases, Tel Aviv go public with incidents involving its citizens or service members.

The Israeli silence, the lack of any reports of missing Israeli citizens and the inability to verify the identity of the men on the video indicate that the Freedom Movement claims may be nothing but a hoax aimed at attracting media attention.




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