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Mysterious Fire Burned Down Military Base In Donetsk – Report

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Mysterious Fire Burned Down Military Base In Donetsk - Report

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On April 10, the fire in the building of the former Donetsk meat processing plant broke out. Explosions were reportedly heard on the territory of the plant.

The fire was localized after midnight on April 11, almost 100 people participated in the extinguishing, according the Ministry of Emergency Situations of the DPR.

On April 11, On April 11, more detailed information about the fire was revealed. An officer of the Russian special services and former DPR warlord, Igor Strelkov-Girkin, on his pages on the social networks “Vkontakte” and Telegram confirmed that a military base was located at the site of the fire.

“Close to the complex of the former Donetsk meat-packing plant, warehouses of the 100th brigade caught fire. Almost certainly, it was an arson.”

Strelkov unveiled more details of the incident. He claimed that the fire occurred on 3-4 floors and / or in the attic. The personnel was mobilized, most of the car drivers were quickly assembled and were able to take out the military ammunition. All the equipment was saved. This helped to avoid explosions, no victims were reported. However, the buildings burned out. The 3rd and 4th floors were completely burned out.

Meanwhile, in Vkontakte, several locals allegedly commented on the issue, confirming that the military base is indeed located in this area.

If Strelkov’s claims are true and the incident was an arson that burned down the military base, this would be a significant damage at least due to the strategical location of this base in the center of the city of Donetsk.


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  1. Proud Hindu says:

    Iran’s nuclear facility de$troyed by Israel 🤟

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      Hi Shlomo…

      1. Jihadi Colin says:

        The moron, like most Modifellating Bhaktonazis, doesn’t even know that his precious zionistan is in bed with the Wahhabi headchopper theocracy of Saudi Barbaria. I recall a few years ago the Modifellating Bhaktonazi gang was shocked to discover that the Zionist embassy in Delhi was holding iftar (evening fast breaking) parties during Ramzan.

    2. AJ says:

      Some damage but hardly destroyed

      1. Fog of War says:

        These are the opening moves. It also shows a lack of security and internal intelligence by the Donbass Russians. If hostilities explode, I predict alot of behind the lines sabotage in the Donbass.

        1. Frank says:

          100% certainty as NATO special forces are operating in Ukraine and Russia is quite inept in dealing with any contingency. NATO pressure will only increase in the coming days.

      2. Frank says:

        It was a cyber attack at the power grid and no viable damage appears to have been done. These attacks are quite frequent in developed nations, including the US. It also highlights the fact that the Zionists can not penetrate Iranian ground security and now resort to cyber terrorism.

        1. hope springs eternal. says:

          From twitter it now appears to have been an explosion which has caused extensive damage. Setback by 9 months.

          1. Condor says:

            Any reliable source? I have not seen any timelines. It is difficult to discern the real damage if any, as there is a propaganda and psyops campaign underway against Iran for past several decades. From a technical point of view, a power outage normally does not cause much damage as there are redundant safety features in centrifuges operations.

          2. hope springs eternal. says:

            @ELINT News also NYT apparently.
            Also see @EndGameWW3

    3. Dozens of Hindu soldiers de$troyed by Naxal guerrillas as well

      1. Proud Hindu says:

        Revenge has already started Kenny.Worry about Iran.

        1. Condor says:

          Your revenge with a broom at our mall? Most Indians living in Raleigh are sweeping our malls. There are now four Indian grocery stores close to Cary and even Crabtree Mall. Yesterday, you left the south side toilet in unclean state. I have reported you to the management. No more tips for you.

          1. Proud Hindu says:

            Just like how Iran took revenge of soleimani?We ki!!ed a high ranking Maoist yesterday shi@ @$$hole

          2. Condor says:

            American actually. Not a religious type though. However, do learn to dig latrines.

          3. Jihadi Colin says:

            “We”? You were there?

          4. Proud Hindu says:

            I have contacts in military you traitor.

          5. Just Me says:

            Hilarious, your contacts are also very sh1tty :)

          6. Proud Hindu says:

            Just like irgc?

          7. Just Me says:

            LOL, don’t get me started monkey sewer boy. Indian swimming pool below.


          8. Proud Hindu says:

            Irgc rats were ki!!ed yesterday by Israel I’m enjoying that

          9. Just Me says:

            LOL, where ? how old are you :)

          10. Proud Hindu says:

            What are your irgc rats doing in Syria?They become mishmash everyday :)

          11. Just Me says:

            Iran’s limited advisory contingent in Syria is there to help fight Wahhabi terrorism at the request of the legitimate Syrian government. Monkey boy . Do you even know where Syria is? LOL


          12. Jihadi Colin says:

            Ha. So why are you not in the military? Or did they take you along?

            Did you even join the NCC?

          13. Proud Hindu says:

            My cousin is posted in Arunachal Pradesh.My grandads brother was in the airforce.My family is a deshbhakt not a traitor communist like your traitor race(Muslims and commis)

          14. Jihadi Colin says:

            And your cousin and your granddad’s brother were involved in the “killing of the top Maoist commander”, were they? And they took you along, did they?

            Even as a Modifellating Bhaktonazi troll, you’re a failure. Don’t apply for a job with Postcard “News”, even they have higher standards than you.

          15. Jihadi Colin says:

            Who’s the “@$$hole musl!m” you want to read something?

          16. Just Me says:

            Insulting people means you got owned monkey boy :)

      2. Jihadi Colin says:

        They’re armed police, not soldiers.

        The real filth that need to be eliminated is the “Salwa Judum” death squads created by the preceding Manmohan Singh regime, but those are pretty much annihilated anyway.

        1. Condor says:

          India is a failed state and has active insurgencies from Burmese border to Kashmir. Now Covid has literally destroyed it.

          1. Jihadi Colin says:

            Failed? No. It’s being destroyed by the deliberate actions of every regime since the mid 1970s. It didn’t have to be like this, but every regime just wants to win the next election by any means possible.

            This is one of many reasons I have grown contemptuous of democracy. It’s a suicidal sham.

          2. Condor says:

            India is far from a democracy, like US is. Democracy is another polite name for oligarchy as even a Princeton university study exposed. US is more comfortable with autocratic religious extremist regimes like Erdogan and Modi posing as democrats.

          3. Jihadi Colin says:

            Modi is just following in the footsteps of the feudal tradition of Indian society. Literally every political party in India now except the various communist patties are family owned businesses run by autocratic. Modi himself is only a figurehead; his purpose is to win votes. He’s the fully owned property of the family owned Ambani and Adani business empires. In fact it’s they who are running the country for their own benefit under the Modi regime.

          4. Just Me says:

            Nations have to develop their own hybrid systems based on their national psyche and culture. China and Iran have both developed enduring hybrid systems .The hypocritical western “liberal” model is a a farce police state made up of moronic Jew controlled sheeple. US is the largest abuser of human rights, corrupt to the rotten core, home of violence and racism. Hardly a model to follow.

          5. Fog of War says:

            ” This is one of many reasons I have grown contemptuous of democracy. It’s a suicidal sham. ”

            ((( Democracy ))) is the easiest political system to subvert and take over. The current world situation bares that out. It needs to be discarded as soon as possible if the nation states are to survive.

    4. NirKon says:

      Go take a bath in your toilet!

      1. Frank says:

        You are not wrong there, Hindus do indeed bathe in human feces in the Ganges. Most Indians have sub-human existence.

        Hindu pilgrims swimming in human feces performing religious devotion at Varanasi..


        1. Fog of War says:

          No words.

    5. Jihadi Colin says:

      My invitation for you to come over and have beef stew is still open.

      It may clear your thought processes.

      1. Proud Hindu says:

        Muhammad used to have bacon worry about that 😂

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          Bad for him, bacon has too much fat. Beef, now, that’s tasty.

          1. Condor says:

            Beef steaks and lamb is essential for protein and iron. China’s rise to superpower status is linked to increased Beef and meat intake and better health care. In US only poor people who can’t afford beef or lamb are forced to eat high fat bacon and suffer the health consequences.

          2. Jihadi Colin says:

            China actually has the world’s highest pig population.

            In my opinion in future a main source of protein will inevitably be grasshoppers and crickets.

          3. Condor says:

            Eventually, overpopulated cesspools in India and Africa will have to eat insects as a source of protein, there is no other alternative. The world is running out of space, agricultural lands and clean waters. Growing meat consumption is another major health and environmental issue.

          4. Just Me says:

            But Americans have the largest pig face population and also act like swine.


          5. Jihadi Colin says:

            Actual pigs are highly intelligent and brave animals and never act like swine!

          6. Fog of War says:

            Yes sir, that about sums up the current US population. Yet the world is still scared shitless to dispatch the vile beast.

        2. Condor says:

          Don’t know about Mohammed, but I gave up bacon and almost meat. Bacon is known to cause Alzheimer.The Muslims are smart and on to something, we in the west are just discovering.

          The researchers calculated that eating 25g of bacon per day – the equivalent of one rasher of bacon – was associated with a 44% increased chance of dementia.

    6. Condor says:

      Not destroyed, but power disrupted for a few hours. However, in the meantime 200,000 new second wave Covid 19 cases detected in India and almost a billion facing famine, while you sweep our malls.

    7. Condor says:

      Far from it. A power surge outage for a few hours certainly.

  2. tzatz says:

    Smoked meat … Montreal-style?

    It must be the yids … eh?

  3. cechas vodobenikov says:

    Jens with hindoo and cornhole
    igra z ignon

    1. Frank says:

      Frankly, they are just marginalized trolls. Best is to ignore rather than given them any relevance they seek.

  4. Lone Ranger says:

    Time for the 7th Ukropnazi arms depot accident…

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      What stops you, cowboy?

      1. Ashok Varma says:

        Sadly, Russia is now a weak failed state and has no respect. Fumbling Lavrov was in India and was given a very low key reception and even Modi ignored him. Russian weakness in Syria against Turks, inability to influence the Armenian conflict and now passive cowardice in Ukraine is making Russia look like a third world braggart without teeth.

        Why Russia is no longer a strategic ally for India in new bipolar world led by US and China

        Russian FM’s visit to India and cool reception underlines radical shift in strategic balance for New Delhi.

        The United States is one pole and China is the other pole. Meanwhile,
        Russia has resigned itself to being “the weak junior partner of China”. India is a middle power caught between the declining US and rising power of China and the world is increasingly looking as an arena for Sino-US conflict, which India wants to avoid.

        1. Supreme Blyat says:

          Probably Lavrov begged India to buy some SU-57 or at least a S-400 batery.

        2. Jihadi Colin says:

          Modi just got slapped in the face by his Amerikastani “allies”, so now pro Amerikastani moves may be a bit difficult now. On the other hand he’s painted himself into a corner with China by picking a fight in 2020 after deluding himself with his own propaganda that the world would turn against China for Covid 19. Remember the endless claims in Modi media how all foreign industries would shift from China to India? Those claims suddenly fell silent, but it’s a bit late now.

          I don’t agree about Russia being a weak declining power, but then I have lived in St Petersburg. The Russians you see in India aren’t representative of Russia any more than the upper class twits who boast of holidaying every year in Dubai and Canada are representative of India. The fact is however that Russia has none of the soft power the USSR had, and has never made an attempt to develop any. That’s why even a decrepit empire like Amerikastan can brainwash people more successfully than Russia can inform them. And Indian media is almost uniformly dependent on Amerikastani propaganda for foreign news.

      2. Scaathor says:

        Be silent Ukro trash.

        1. Kathryn Frank says:

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      3. Condor says:

        Russia with a very corrupt government and a failed system and a diverse unhappy population of barely 140 million is classified as a medium ranking state equal to Mexico. Even India and Pakistan now rank higher in nuclear power, population, domestic markets and governance systems. With Ukraine now firmly in NATO camp, Russian options are very limited. It would have been unimaginable in Soviet times, that the President of Turkey would openly support Ukraine and taunt Russia.

        1. Just Me says:

          That is also the reason Iran signed a strategic and economic pact with China. Russia is unreliable and controlled by Jews.

          1. Supreme Blyat says:

            Russia failed to stop Turkish invasion of Idlib, right near their bases, in Latakia.

          2. Just Me says:

            Russia is a scared of US masters, they took 10 years to deliver Iran, the antiquated S-300 and in the meantime Iran built its own systems and now our Chinese allies are helping big time. Russia had to be taken to court just to get the money back for non- delivery. It also backed out of SU-30 deal and now Chinese are helping Iran with a 5th generation fighter.

          3. Supreme Blyat says:

            Hopefully China will help with oil and gas transport at least. Regarding the S-300, at some point Iran feared Russia could trade S-300 “keys” to USA. The two nuclear powers use to trade info between them.

          4. Just Me says:

            I think the Greeks gave US S-300 blueprints a long time ago. The Indians SU-30 and Turkey the S-400. What kind of country sells its most “sophisticated” arms to its sworn enemies.

          5. Supreme Blyat says:

            I think the latest two, S-400 and SU-30, most secret parts could be unbreakable, like the electronic signature but more sophisticated. The Greek’s S-300 were too old anyway.

            I believe all modern weapons are made to be deactivated or at least to mallfunction if they receive some sygnal. And this key are often traded between the most powerful.

            Remember when Americans sold Dudaev’s position after he used a cell phone? I can’t imagine Russia didn’t give something in exchange.

          6. Fog of War says:

            A subverted one.

          7. Raptar Driver says:

            They are not scared trust me on this.
            The problem is the Putin Administration.

          8. Fog of War says:

            Wait till you see what China has planned for Russia.

        2. Supreme Blyat says:

          Their olygarchs are eating the country from the inside and they are letting that happen :(

        3. Raptar Driver says:

          They have the largest nuclear Arsenal in the world.
          They have working Hypersonic Missiles.

      4. Just Me says:

        US, Turkey see win-win partnership in Ukraine and beyond

        Turkey is being incentivized on various fronts to return to the Western fold and play its due role as a major NATO power. The conflict against Russia is being increasingly outsourced to Turkey and Poland. For the EU, too, Turkey becomes a key partner if NATO is to consolidate in the Black Sea and encircle a weak Russia in its own backyard. Turkey has already positioned itself as a provider of security for the anti-Russian regime in Ukraine. Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Erdogan on Saturday against the backdrop of rising tensions with Russia. Erdogan has pledged “unlimited” support to Ukraine and called for Russian withdrawal from Crimea and Don Bas.

        1. Supreme Blyat says:

          Putin is a sell out servant of the olygarchs. Everything he does smells like fear of sanctions from the Western banks.

          1. Just Me says:

            You have a good grasp of reality. These wanna be “Russian” trolls don’t understand how compromised Putin and the whole Russian government is to the oligarchs and Jews. Russia has the largest outflow of funds to EU, especially Cyprus.

          2. Supreme Blyat says:

            Also if you go to other Mediteranean resortd, the most luxurious properties belong to Russian rich. It’s sad how the resource richest vountry in the world has poor people that defend the ones who are pilliging them and keeping them hostages of the Western banks. They could at least build a competitive economy in 30 years but the olygarchs don’t need a middle class.

          3. Just Me says:

            The average Russian is in far worse shape than during the Soviet era. There is extreme poverty, especially in the regions. You are right, there is no middle class or civil society and that is why there is real discontent in Russia which the west will exploit.

          4. Fog of War says:

            ((( Russian rich ))) ??

        2. Fog of War says:

          ” Turkey is being incentivized on various fronts to return to the Western fold and play its due role as a major NATO power. ”

          Let me let you in on a little secret. Turkey never left.

  5. verner says:

    the jews at it again or possibly a ukrainian jew, since the ukies are far too dumb to attempt this kind of sabotage.

    1. Fog of War says:

      A Ukrainian Jew in the Donbass ?

      1. verner says:

        jews are everywhere, unfortunately and not necessarily restricted to donbass, the entire ukraine or poland can be the base for these jews.

        1. Fog of War says:

          The Orthodox Russians of Donbass cant figure out who the Khazar is ? Should be quite easy.

          1. verner says:

            sorry, you’re a bore and irrelevant for the purpose of the thread.

          2. Fog of War says:

            And you’re German.

    2. Condor says:

      Jews have openly called Ukraine their second homeland. Ukraine’s new leader staunch Zionist Volodymyr Zelensky has one clear agenda, the integration of Israel and Ukraine which has long been considered as the original home of Khazarian tribes, long before the British introduced the Balfour declaration to hand over Arab Palestine to Jewish immigrants.

  6. Assad must stay says:

    Is the war gonna happen or what?

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      I’d bet on no

      1. Frank says:

        Frankly, that is a safe bet.

      2. Ashok Varma says:

        Russia is not in a position, domestically, politically, economically or militarily to initiate a losing conflict with NATO. Even India is distancing itself from Russia. It is now a Sino-US conflict, which the US is guaranteed to lose in the long run and India being China’s biggest trading partner wants to avoid being sucked in. India has the most to lose if the US initiates a conflict in Asia.

        1. Scaathor says:

          ..except that in the event of any conflict with NATO over Ukraine, the NATOstanis will get their balls handed to them on a plate.

          1. Condor says:

            As an independent observer dealing with empirical data, it is doubtful as Russia is just Mexico with nuclear weapons and will never challenge NATO or will be destroyed. The Ukrainians now have the upper hand and Russia is on a weak backfoot. I do not see a war, but slow wearing down of Russia and eventual Balkanization.

          2. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

            The Balkanization of the USA is the more likely.
            Red states, blue states.
            As for Nato, rather weak militarily alliance in reality, which would be rather quickly defeated in the European theatre of operations.

          3. Supreme Blyat says:

            Under international sanctions pressure, Russia would collapse in few months. Ukraine would be de facto Russia’s cemetery

          4. Fog of War says:

            Or we will all have ten minutes to live before a nice, warm flash occurs.

        2. Supreme Blyat says:

          Since Putin sold out Russia’s future to China, by giving Huawei green light to build Russia’s 5G infrastructure, India can’t trust anything from them from now on.

        3. Fog of War says:

          That is because India is scared shitless of Uncle ZioAmerica. Who can destroy its ” economy ” in a day.

          – As US Warship Enters Indian Waters Sans Consent, is Biden Sending ‘Unpleasant Message’ Over S-400s? –


    2. Jihadi Colin says:

      Only when NATOstani troops are on “exercises” in Ukranazistan (ie acting as human shields).

    3. Frank says:

      Frankly, NO. Russia is too weak to start a conflict and Putin is in oligarchs pockets. However, NATO entrenchment in Ukraine and membership of NATO soon bodes ill for Russia.

      1. Scaathor says:

        If the Ukro trash attack Donbass then it won’t be russia that starts the conflict.

        It will be Georgia 2008 all over again, except this time Russian military will be prepared and ready and maybe they won’t call off the action when the enemy are routed. They could have swept into Tbilisi in 2008 but chose not to. I can see them driving the Ukropi orc-rabbkle out of Donbass oblast, and maybe even from SE Malorossiya altogether.

        1. Jihadi Colin says:

          My only objection to your comment is that you slander orcs by equating them with Ukranazis.

        2. Fog of War says:

          Will Putin make sure that all captured / surrounded NATO / ZioWest operatives are released like numerous times before ?

      2. Assad must stay says:

        I disagree with the first part of your statement but yes, Russia needs to prevent nato reinforcements from going into ukraine if and when war occurs

      3. Supreme Blyat says:

        Ukraine will never be officially in NATO. The risks are too high though they will have some partnership with NATO.

    4. Just Me says:

      Highly unlikely.

      1. Assad must stay says:


  7. Frank says:

    Frankly, NATO has special forces sabotage teams operating in Don Bas and these acts of sabotage and terrorism will only increase and Turkey, UK and Poland are infiltrating saboteurs.

    1. Condor says:

      US and Canada also have special forces attached to the Ukrainian military. However, Turkey is playing the leadership role in supporting Tartar and Salafist resistance in Russia. Ukraine is host to over 5,000 Turkish and CIA supported Jihadis as the pro-US Chechen Sheikh Mansour Volunteer Battalion.


  8. Jihadi Colin says:

    If it was arson it was sabotage and even the Faker admits that the Ukranazis are good at sabotage.

    1. Supreme Blyat says:

      They are men of adventure :))

  9. Scaathor says:

    Ukropi saboteurs attempting to weaken Donbass defensive capability prior to their attack?

    1. Condor says:

      Only NATO special forces and Israelis have that kind of capability.

      1. Fog of War says:

        This type of stuff has happened there before. Its either Ukrainian Spec ops or internal sabotage. Unfortunately, the Donbass has internal power struggles also.

    2. Supreme Blyat says:

      Nah, probably some unreported ‘freedom fighters’ are visiting Zakharchenko right now

  10. Dick Von Dast'Ard says:

    Blinken better get used to a substantial increase in permanent numbers of the Russian military within the Voronezh region.

    The crisis that the Biden-Harris corporatist junta regime has engineered has at least mobilized the Russians finally to the threat in the southern region.

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