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Mysterious Explosion Wipes Out Terrorist Headquarter Near M4 Highway In Syria’s Idlib (Photos)

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On May 27 morning, a mysterious explosion wiped out a headquarters of the al-Qaeda-affiliated Turkistan Islamic Party (TIP) in the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib, according to pro-opposition news outlet Enab Baladi.

The headquarters was located near al-Gassaneyah in southwest Idlib. The town oversees the M4 highway, which links the cities of Lattakia and Aleppo. The explosion took place a few hours ahead of a joint Russian-Turkish patrol on the highway.

Initially, opposition activists said that the TIP’s headquarters was targeted by Russian warplanes, which were spotted over al-Gassaneyah. Nevertheless, they quickly changed their narrative, claiming that the explosion was not caused by an airstrike.

The TIP has not commented on the incident yet. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), six Uyghur terrorists were killed in the explosion.

Despite the denial of opposition activists, the available information suggests that the TIP’s headquarters was targeted and the Russian Aerospace Forces may have been behind the strike. If this is true, this would be the first Russian airstrike on Greater Idlib since the singing of the March 5 agreement with Turkey.


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Jens Holm

Which kind of HQ was it, if true. We sometimes see HQs as well as Leaders are very small ones in the whole picture.

Zionism = EVIL

OOOPS, Iranian drones work in mysterious ways :)

Liberal guy

the Russian Air force or irani drone?

Zionism = EVIL

Iranian drones are more active since Putin got chummy with the goat fucker Erdogan. Russia has not flown a ground attack mission in a few weeks, but Iran has now increased presence in Syria as both Dr. Assad and Sayyed Nasrallah yesterday acknowledged. This certainly looks like Iranian handiwork as it was a localized strike with a specific target. Russians normally use SU-24 ground attack on a bigger scale and wider targets.

Liberal guy

So now what will the war increase in the middle east as it seems so as battle of idilb is still left and the bastard net yahoo calling for annexation of West Bank in july

Zionism = EVIL

My position has been consistent that there will be no peace in the region until the Zionist cancer is eliminated and it will be. The South African Apartheid regime were Europeans and much smarter than the Khazar gutter snipes and they collapsed eventually and so did the USSR with 7000 nukes. The Zionists are evil cowards strutting on western weaponry and money, but the deadbeat west itself has fucked itself. The Zionist cunts are simply unsustainable. You are an intelligent man, look at the demographics and power shift to Asia with China at the helm. No one likes the Jew parasites and their end is coming. The resistance forces are simply too strong and the puppet regimes too weak. Sooner than later the Arab street will wake up. Look at Hezbollah, Ansarallah and the growing liberation forces from Iraq to Algeria. No one can stem the tide of history and the lesson on all great religions and humane ideologies, evil is always defeated it may take time, but eventually humanity and the righteous prevail. The Zionists are evil parasitic cunts and deserve to die along with arrogant Americunt warmongers.

Liberal guy

The scum kissenger said isreal (zionist regime) will not survive for long I thought the scum was bluffing but day by day it seems to me the bastard was speaking the truth

Simon Ndiritu

I read Hassan Nasrallah’s interview in Al-Nour Radio (20th anniversary of Resistance) and it seams the die is already cast. He explicitly stated that Zionists will load their belongings on planes and ships and move as their have openly ran an Apartheid state that was established through force. Jordan stated that It wont allow West-Bank to be annexed which is notable despite the unverifiable seriousness and power of Jordan. PLA reneged an all agreements with Zionist which can only signify tougher response to future Israeli action. Houthi’s stated that some operations against Zionist were in works while Ali Komenei Jr. expressed willingness to give assistance to anyone willing to fight Zionists. This makes M.E a place where things can get really dramatic.


Just remember, if they weren’t fighting each other they would be marching towards you.

Simon Ndiritu

Not really, I think all countries would be busy developing and trading in a generally fair-competitive environment. The Anglo-Zionist model with us today is what has made the world toxic with Zero-Sum competition inspired by the Anglo-Zionist stealing and amassing what is already available instead of everybody creating new wealth. Anglo-Zionists argue that only the western world should remain technologically advanced, with industries while the rest serve them. According to Anglo-Zionist’s globalists, Africa/Latin america should remain wild or with plantation economies. Middle East should remain undeveloped and fighting for energy to be extracted by the west without paying. Russia/China to them must remain as Eternal bogeyman, labeled as undemocratic with low level technology. East and central Europe must remain poor, underdeveloped and providing market to West Europe. East and South Asians must remain factory workers and garments makers of the world. This type of thinking has made Africans Lazy, unwilling to develop their technology and arms and always selling raw materials to industrialized west. The shattering of the existing Anglo-Zionists model demands that every region address its challenges. The M.E must face their true problems which are forces that keep them fighting, killing each other instead of selling their oil, developing infrastructure and technology e.g (during the golden age of Islam). For Africans, It is time to remove dictatorial systems installed by the west that kill local industries forcing us to always export raw materials exclusively to the west at the price of their choosing. Africans must reassert their freedom to trade with whomever they chose. They must also develop arms Industries to dissuade West’s arms manufacturers from creating wars to sell arms In Africa. They must also repatriate our billions stashed overseas by corrupt governments. The east/south Asians are generally doing right as they rejected export led plantation economy and adopted high-skill industrial economy which has enhanced their development. For the Russians, they are doing well diversifying their economy and refining their already high-skill arms industry, Latin america like Africans must seeks industrialization by leveraging resources and technologies available to them. My views described above will reinforced a multi-polar world with different regions and centers of power leveraging technology and resources to create mutually depended economies based on competitive advantage. When these are strong enough, Anglo-Zionist style wars will become expensive and prohibitive. To give an example, attacking any region will be as stupid/risky as it is to attack Russia or Iran now.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What a busy area this is today, reports of a bridge blown up, a warehouse full of ammo, a Turkish patrol hit by a roadside mine, and a Russian airstrike against the TIP as well, but what’s correct and what isn’t. Well the bridge is still standing so that’s probably BS, but the Turks have just carted off 1 serviceman and 3 FSA fighters from this location, so I’d say the reports of an attack on the Turkish convoy are probably right, but who attacked the convoy? One report claims Russian planes hit the TIP headquarters and another says it was a warehouse full of ammo, and another reports even says there were 2 airstrikes, and from the look of this video I’d say they’re right about that, the second explosion is definitely an ammo dump being blown to hell. It looks like a few military vehicles from the tail end of the Turkish convoy have just pulled over straight the first strike happens, and they were just sitting there as the second airstrikes occurred, but after the smoke clears they’re both gone. Were the injuries the Turks just reported caused by this airstrike and not a roadside bomb, it looks like it’s possible, it’s too much of a coincidence that everything happened in the same local area they way it did. So 2 airstrikes by persons unknown definitely correct, but claimed to be Russian still unconfirmed, And it was definitely an ammo dump judging by the video, so I’d say that’s what was hit and not the TIP headquarters [unless they’re stupid enough to have an ammo dump at their HQ, maybe], And the Turks just sent 4 men to hospital so someone definitely attacked them, but who and what it was we’re still not sure. This video make me think they were possibly collateral damage during a Russian airstrike against an ammo dump, or is my imagination just running wild. Anyone riding by on their motorcycles didn’t stand a chance did they, poor buggers.


Tommy Jensen

US Peace Forces cleaning out terrorists in Syria again, while Putin and Assad are bombing civilians who refuse to vote for dictatorship and only wish they had freedom like we are doing it.


Yeah Tommy, you are bringing freedom to Jihadis since 1949. Freedom for sharia “law”.

Luckily most US citizens learned their lesson from Iraq and Afghanistan.

You? Not so much.

Porc Halal

they (the US) are ‘cleaning’ the terrorist garbage since ever and they even declared few times that they had cleaned their mess for good but it turned out the terrorist garbage is just fine!!!…it looks to me that all of this propagandistic show is to deviate the audience’s attention from the real thing…and really, how low you can go by saying that what was bombarded on the highway was ‘civilian’…it is like you want to fool a doctor of medical science that AIDS is a cure for cancer…


If this is the fact of russians that means they play with fire extremely flamable . Turkey and allies can hit easily russians occupants and inflict them big losses .


I wish Bill Hates, Cheney and Biden were in that TIP HQ drinking bourbon, when the explosion took it all out..

The Man

and BoJo the PooPoo!

Simon Ndiritu

Turkey and Terror groups are effectively reminded that the war is not over and these ‘little’ surprises can be expected. This attack, recent assassinations and SAA’s artillery strikes sends a clear message to terrorist that anything can happen any time.

Lone Ranger

Condolences to the fallen wahabimossad operators…

Lone Ranger

May they rest in pieces…

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