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JULY 2022

Mysterious Explosion Rocks US Base In Key Northeastern Syria Oil Field

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Mysterious Explosion Rocks US Base In Key Northeastern Syria Oil Field

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On March 6, an explosion rocked al-Omar oil fields in northeastern Syria, where the US-led coalition maintains a large base.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that the explosion took place in a residential complex located right next to the US-led coalition’s base. According to the London-based monitoring group, the explosion was caused by a “landmine”.

Following the explosion, three drones of the US-led coalition were spotted flying over the towns of al-Shheell and al-Hawaij which are located next to al-Omar oil fields.

No casualties or material losses were reported as a result of the mysterious explosion. The US-led coalition and its main proxy in northeastern Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), have not commented on the incident yet.

The US-occupied al-Omar fields, which are located in the southeastern countryside of Deir Ezzor, include some of Syria’s richest oil wells.

The explosion may have been the result of an attack with a landmine or an improvised explosive device on a vehicle of the SDF or the US-led coalition near al-Omar’s main base.

In the last few months, several attacks targeted the US-led coalition’s base in al-Omar oil fields. Iranian-backed Syrian and Iraqi forces were unofficially blamed for most of these attacks, which were carried out with rockets and suicide drones.


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Marcelo Rodriguez

Las fuerzas Sirias e Iraquíes deben aprovechar que EE.UU y sus aliados están más preocupados por la situación en Ucrania, por lo tanto deberían acrecentar los ataques contra la infraestructura petrolera de al-Omar ocupada por EE.UU y las SDF, así también atacar los convoyes de suministros de las fuerzas invasoras.


F*ck off c*nt – English only!


Washington is going to fight in the dress code of terrorists against Russia.

jens holm

There we go again. Just an evil bad construction.

Facts are Russia has attacked an UN state name Ukraine and not kept Minsk 2 as well as Ukras has not. By that somany has been killed, are refugees fleeing and now the TV tower in Kharkov has been bombarded away.

Ukraine has to be likke Russia. Only created news from one source are allowed. And some extra they are lies of the worst kind too.

Icarus Tanović

Just plain evil stupid zionist you are. Confused and stupid.

Chris Gr

This is not zionism. This is liberalism.


fuck off Jew cunt


Minsk agreement was broken years ago by the Zionist Ukrainian regime, you silly Jew t!t


Please stop Jens.

Du er så tåkrummende pinlig, hvis jeg ønsker at blive løjet til, så kan jeg da bare læse en NATO pressemeddelelse på forståeligt og korrekt engelsk, istedet for at finde hoved og hale i din ordflom af engelske ord, nogle endda stavet korrekt;)

Måske trives du i modgang, eller rettere sagt et sted hvor de fleste opfatter dig som en komplet idiot.

Hostage (Raptar) Driver

Americans need to get used to the fact that their empire of illusions is crumbling in around them. Until that happens it is a very dangerous time for the world.


Like Trump openly said, US is going to keep the oil. They like the oil.

Stealing scum of the world.

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