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Mysterious Explosion Rocked Damascus Outskirts, Israeli Attack Suspected

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Mysterious Explosion Rocked Damascus Outskirts, Israeli Attack Suspected

A cloud of smoke over Damascus after the explosion. Source: the internet.

Early on July 25, a mysterious explosion rocked the southern outskirts of the Syrian capital Damascus amid military escalation caused by the recent Israeli air strikes. 

The explosion was heard all over Damascus. A large cloud of black smoke was spotted over the city. Syrian authorities are yet to release an official statement explaining the causes of the explosion.

Some sources said that the explosion was the result of a military accident. Others, however, claimed that an Israeli attack targeted the southern outskirts of the capital, where Damascus International Airport is located. The airport was targeted by Israel on numerous occasions in the past eight years.

Israel carried out two attacks on Syria this week. On July 19, a series of Israeli airstrikes hit a number of targets in the northern governorate of Aleppo. On July 21, another wave of airstrikes hit al-Daba Air Base in the central governorate of Homs.

The Syrian Arab Air Defense Forces intercepted several Israeli missiles during the last attacks, reportedly with support from Russia. Nevertheless, losses were reported.

More information on the mysterious explosion in Damascus may surface soon. New satellite images will reveal any attack by Israel.


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mysterious explosions who dont cause any damage are not worth to even mention if there is so little info on the issue

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Israeli Diaper Force

Zionist and Turkish aim is to set off a civil war in Lebanon and divide Syria and expel Russia from Latakia and Tartus. They also want to show that Russian weapons are useless and their military impotent. It is quite embarrassing for Russia if it does nothing.


With approximately 150000 extremists eliminated in Syria by Russia, you speak of Russian embarrassment?

You should consider your words with more respect or educate yourself and research the truth.


150000 ?bullocks u making up your figure again silly girl 🪳

Israeli Diaper Force

Since Russia has remained passive to growing Zionist aggression, the Jews and Americunts are intent on creating a regional war in Lebanon and Syria and also push Russia out of the region. They have a short window to create mayhem in Syria as there is no Iranian government until August 6 and then it will take Raisi a few weeks to form a hardline cabinet. The Zionist want to embarrass the Russian military as an impotent force. These attacks are almost twice daily now after Erdogan formed an open alliance with the new Zionist vulture. This will get worse until Russia and Iran show some backbone.

Chess Master

They don’t need to push Russia out of ME, they are trying to make Russia invest as much possible.

Ashok Varma

Israel seeks to spark war in West Asia to Balkanize the region: Indian Military Commentator


The americans, british, zionists, saudis have been trying to “Balkanize” Eurasia for many decades.

With the british, in service to rome, for centuries.

Ashok Varma

The 64 million Rupee question is that Russia supposedly has S-300 and 400 in Syrian since 2015, so why they have not been used?


Russia can’t show those systems in action, since they are useless. Nobody would be willing to buy some 😄

Americunt LOSERS

India is buying the SU-75 to “counter China” LOL


Because impatient youngsters like you do not understand or see broader geostrategic objectives. By selectively engaging certain factions when deemed appropriate the Russians are able to maximize their military potential in Syria.

Less commenting, perhaps more research from you.

Jim Allen

Why don’t you ask MoD Shoigu ?

Americunt LOSERS

To be honest, Shoigu has no power and the Russian generals who wanted to retaliate against the Zionists after the IL-20 was shot down resulting in 15 Russian airmen’s death, Putin replaced them to please the Jew oligarchs.

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