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JUNE 2023

Mysterious Explosion Rocked Afghanistan’s Capital, Kabul

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Mysterious Explosion Rocked Afghanistan's Capital, Kabul

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According to several reports, a large explosion was heard in Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, on October 11.

The explosion reportedly took place in the 5th district of Kabul. It allegedly followed the clashes between the Taliban and ISIS militants.

No details on the explosion have been revealed so far. The local officials are yet to confirm the reports.

The blast could be an accident or it may be linked to a counter-terrorist operation of Taliban forces.

The Taliban have recently launched the counter-terrorism operations against ISIS in the capital and its outskirts. The successful operations were were reported in the 17th, and the 7th districts of Kabul.

On October 10th, a spokesman for the Taliban claimed that the new government is able to fight ISIS-Khorasan Province on its own without support from the US.

According to the spokesman, 19 ISIS terrorists have been killed and 16 others have been wounded, so far, as a result of successful operations by the Taliban.


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Ah yes…the famed “isis” forces. The latest western hoax. From bin laden to al queada to sdf to hts. All the same shit. anglo/american & zionist/saudi stupidity.

They were hoping the average person would not figure it out. Enter Covid scamdemic.


Chris Gr

SDF is well with Russia and Assad.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Again Taliban are fuking backward Sunnis that can’t do shit, 300 Shia died from Daesh-K attack (ONE FUKING ATTACK), 300 Shia. Taliban are useless fuking apes, they can’t protect the country. Their “soldiers” pigs killed 11 Shia Hazara before Daesh-K kill 300 Shia.

But hey Daesh-K is just a “headache” for the Taliban, 300 Shia just fuking died who the fuk cares.

Guess what motherfuker, these fuking backward Sunnis can’t make deal with Iran, Russia, and China, and guess what they sucking on THE USA. Yeah, it is true they are asking for aids… “Taliban calls for improved ‘diplomatic relations’ with US after ‘candid talks’ in Doha, welcomes humanitarian aid”

I told u morons, Taliban are just Wahhabi pigs toys.

Chris Gr

Then why did Iran and Pakistan support the Taliban?


Pigs yeah, just like Apes in Qom and Pig Shits ( i mean Shiites – same thing tho)

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