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Mysterious Drones Attacked Crossing Between SDF, Turkish-Occupied Areas In Northern Syria (Videos)

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Late on January 1, unidentified drones attacked the Umm Julud crossing near the town of Manbij in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The crossing links Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo with Manbij, which is controlled by the U.S.-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. Traffickers move oil from northeastern Syria to Turkish-occupied areas as well as to the region of Greater Idlib through the crossing.

Opposition sources said the drones hit a fuel market operated by traffickers, right next to the crossing. Loud explosions were heard in the region.

No casualties were reported. However, a video from Umm Julud outskirts suggests that the attack inflicted material losses on the fuel market.

This was the third such attack on Turkish-occupied areas in northern Aleppo in the last 15 days. On December 20, drones struck an oil storage facility operated by traffickers near the town of Tarhin. On December 29, drones struck an oil smuggling hub in the town of al-Hamran.

According to local sources, the drones used in these attacks are primitive. No group has claimed responsibility for any of the recent attacks yet.

In the past two years, the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Aerospace Forces launched a series of attacks on oil traffickers in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo. Nevertheless, there is no evidence suggesting they were behind the recent attacks.


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“Mysterious” drones, “mysterious” warplanes hit Turkish Hawk anti-aircraft systems at GNA Al-Wataya air base in Libya …. “mysterious” fire on Turkish helicopter carrier Anadolu..many “strange” things are happening in Turkey. Be prepared for other “mysterious” phenomena..

The Objective

If you think you’ll win against Turkey by these small mysterious attacks, then think harder. It’ll take much more than a few mysterious petty attacks to impose your will in Syria and Libya.


We Greeks do not want to impose ourselves either in Syria or in Libya. We have our own country to deal with. In contrast, Turkey INVASES in foreign countries.

Icarus Tanović

INVASES! ROFL! Greece should also “Invases” quite few countries, at least part of European Turkey, or build fortified wall to prevent pigs from wandering around.


A strong and mighty wall is already being built in Evros … which, in addition to electricity, will also have Sifis and his company. Sifis is him …. he smiles in the photo.


Icarus Tanović

No, they can not survive in Greece.

The Objective

So your Greek after all. No wonder the bitterness about Turkey. Turkey is helping Muslims Russia is trying to exploit. It’s not an imperialistic country like Russia. I’ve got nothing against Greece. Russia currently has troops across Africa and the Middle East. Soon, they’ll expand to Asia and Europe if left unchecked. Thankfully, Biden is sure to give Putin a tougher time. I like democrats for the anti-Russian stance.


No future in fascism nor lgbtq,Greeks know p00fs are not welcomed, I’M 100% thoroughbred Spartan,how my blood dealt with transgressors something all greeks must take to heart,if their negotiators like pyatt,cia eu-epp.skulls n bones,nazis are not fair,hurl the asswholes in the well,no more problem,that’s how real greeks dealt with asswholes and you weak petty gimp trying to patronise with one of my peoples only weakens their credentials to be as the greek ought be and stop acting like he owes you too!

Turkeys bad days more to come of course,the key is strategic balance at all cost try to negotiate and deter from any war,which will only see all of us left with barely anything left in our bank accounts,your hate is very obvious,your guile is to be expected of a fascist insolent,however your ignorance will be the cause of death,if anything you don’t know whom your fighting for starters.

People like you apple homosexual greedy lieing scrooges expect greeks to work for what $7 dollar per month like in india? don’t insult greeks,P00STI My cousin serves in Greek military,they planted corona on him got to my cousin,like I said neo liberals are the main problem,lies,scams.not greeks!


its like that raw pimple on erdo’s butt.. might not be fatel but sure is painful and irritating..

The Objective

Syria is costing Russia more than it’s costing Turkey. Again, Turkey and the U.S have formed a joint group to work out their differences. I like this move because Russia’s arrogance is just intolerable. They thought because Turkey had some issues with the West, they’ve won Turkey over and can treat Turkey anyhow they want. Turkey is also taking a leadership role in NATO. U.S sanctions would soon be lifted. As soon as relations normalize, Turkey’s economy will pick up again. Europe will not sanction Turkey because so many European businesses will lose. Turkey will also not allow Russian-backed dictators in Libya and Syria take over these countries. With a rejuvenated economy, Turkey’s defense industry will accelerate its progress, arms sales will grow as will other sectors of the economy. Turkey’s economic diversification towards Asia will continue until the West no longer hold Turkey’s economy to ransom. One Muslim country will get too powerful and help the others. And that country is likely to be Turkey.


Russia backed dictators or rather legitimate national army of libyas more fkn well like it,unconstituate non elect asswholes!


“According to local sources, the drones used in these attacks are primitive.” But apparently they are hitting their target ?

Icarus Tanović

Primitive, with highly acurate optics systems worth hundreds thousands. Primitive for Russia, that’s right, but mysterious for Nato and Pig Erdogan.


The Evolution from IED’s [Improvised Explosive Devices) to IED’s [Improvised Explosive Drones]…the ‘Axis of Resistance‘ in Action.

Just Me

Let these mysteries continue.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The Russians didn’t like Erdogan and his son buying smuggled oil from Isis when they went into business years ago, the Russians bombed many convoys of trucks destroying hundreds of them, and then they released videos of the carnage. And now someone’s trying to do the same thing to the oil smuggling trade between Erdogan and his biggest enemies the Kurds, but just on a much smaller scale. Mmm, I wonder who it is, there’s so many suspects with equal motivation and that makes it’s hard to point the finger at anyone in particular, but whoever it is they’re doing a GREAT JOB.

Icarus Tanović

Kurds are phoney warriors and are use and very welcomed by Turkey as a pretext to invade and doing theft. Next time SAA and RU af should bomb them to smithereens. Let’s see that fire burning.


I like how sdf/isis in libya not get money from turkey so now they must protest,give them $1000 p/a erdo,have a heart,(un) please give generously:

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