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Mysterious Drone Shot Down On Israel-Lebanon Separation Line


Mysterious Drone Shot Down On Israel-Lebanon Separation Line

Iron Dome missiles positioned in Israel, via Defense Blog

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) announced on August 7 that it had shot down a drone along the separation line with Lebanon.

In a statement, the IDF said its units identified, monitored, and downed a drone that infiltrated into northern Israel along the separation line. The army is currently searching for the drone’s wreckage.

“The IDF continues to maintain a high level of readiness to defend Israel’s northern border from any threat,” the statement reads.

The incident came amid high tension between Israel and Lebanon. The IDF is expecting an attack by Hezbollah, which lost a fighter in the July 20 Israeli airstrikes on the Syrian capital, Damascus. The Lebanese group usually responds to Israeli attacks on its fighters within a few weeks.

The IDF reinforced its units in northern Israel with elite troops and advanced weapon systems over the last two weeks. The army also limited military and civilian movement along the separation line with Lebanon.

On July 27, the IDF said its forces thwarted an “infiltration attempt” by Hezbollah from southern Lebanon. A second “infiltration attempt” was foiled on August 2, this time it was from southern Syria.

Hezbollah has reportedly taken the decision to response to the recent Israeli strikes. The Lebanese group’s response will likely be limited. Nevertheless, it could lead to an escalation.




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