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Mysterious Airstrikes Target Alleged ISIS Headquarters In Turkish-Occupied Syrian Territory (Videos)

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Late on November 9, a series of airstrikes targeted an alleged headquarters of ISIS in the Turkish-occupied part of northern Aleppo, commonly known as the Euphrates Shielded (ES) region.

Local sources said that several air-launched munitions destroyed the headquarters, that was located in the vicinity of Kafra. The village is located only 10km east of the key city of Azaz.

Nbody was reportedly injured or killed as a result of the airstrikes, which completely erased the alleged ISIS headquarters.

Some opposition activists claimed that the airstrikes were carried out by U.S. warplanes, while other said it was the Turkish Air Force that conducted them. Neither of these claims have been confirmed yet.

Last month, ISIS spokesman Abu Hasan al-Muhajir was killed in a U.S. airstrike on the ES region. Some activists are suggesting that the new attack may have targeted a prominent figure of the terrorist group.

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dead men tell no tales


Witness protection

Jens Holm

Allah in heaven is witness protection?? Haha.


US deserves a little credit. Obama’s admin support of terrorists inside Syria & Trump’s are night & day.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Even though both men are poles apart when it comes to foreign policy [as well as domestically], most people that [rightly] hold onto anti US sentiments, still can’t see the difference between them.


“most people…….can’t see the difference between them”. BECAUSE There is NO difference between them. An Arse may have only one arse-hole but it has two cheeks


Thanks for saving me the trouble. This is why Trump still has supporters…they see what they want to see, not what is. They should ask the Yemeni or Venezuelans what they think about Trump and what a good guy he is. Funny though, when Trump raises taxes on the middle class and gives tax cuts to the rich, crickets. When he restarts the federal property/asset seizures, more crickets.


i know such dicks, are they paid disinformation trolls or really just that stupid.


So were supposed to praise an arsonist for not pouring any more gasoline on a fire because he was too busy sabotaging the firefighters water lines?

Willing Conscience (The Truths

The US bombed and killed 40 Jihadist commanders in Idlib a few months ago, then Trump placed a 15 mill bounty on 3 rebel/terrorist leaders a few weeks later, 5 mill each, and now just recently they’ve killed Baghdadi as well as his spokesman, which not a bad effort I’d say. And what have the Turks done in response to that, rounded up all of Baghdadi’s relatives as quickly as they could before anyone else could get to them, straight after they knew the US was targeting Isis leaders with capture or kill missions. And how did the Turks know exactly where all Baghdadi’s relatives were, and why were there no firefights in the captures, and no fanatics blowing themselves up to avoid capture, surely they had bodyguards protecting them, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, WHY WERE THEY ALL LIVING IN IDLIB AND ALEPPO. Normally I’d think this latest strike was just another US offensive to wipe out Isis in Turkish occupied territory but this time I’m not sure, I’ll have to wait and see what Trump says. The fact Turkey started rounding up all Baghdadi’s relatives soon after he was killed makes me think that this time it may not be the US bombing Isis targets, this time it might instead be The Turks wiping out any evidence of Turkish complicity in dealing with Isis. A few months ago Turkish opposition parties threatened to reveal Erdogan’s complicity in dealings with Isis and the foreign Jihadist operating in Syria, so I wonder if the recent US and Turkish operations against Isis are somehow linked to the information the Turkish opposition parties threatened to reveal. Is it the US possibly using the revealed information to hunt down Isis leadership with capture or kill missions, or was it the Turks trying to cover up Turkish complicity by capturing or killing Baghdadi’s relatives and associates first, hopefully the news tomorrow will tell me who it was.


It think you are right, the villain Erdogan is certainly exposed and is trying to get the evidence disposed. His bragging about the capturing of relatives, muslim women with no say or knowledge and regarded with 1/4 brains compared to muslim men, is no asset just windowdressing. He most probleble made a deal like he did in Al Bab they payed IS to leave with their weapons because they lost battle.


USA-Israel-NATO eraing evidences ?


Interesting how locals know that there was been ISIS HQ but nobody (Turks and their puppies) dont do anything with that….. And US looks as they only clearing their unneeded bases with their puppies


Pitty that they where not home but doing crualties among humans.

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