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Muslim Brotherhood Calls On Turkey To Occupy Northeastern Syria


Muslim Brotherhood Calls On Turkey To Occupy Northeastern Syria

The official logo of the Syrian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood Party

The Syrian wing of the Muslim Brotherhood Party released an official statement on February 28, in which it called on Turkey to occupy northeastern Syria and establish a “safe zone” there.

“The safe zone will not be safe unless it is sponsored by the country that has been the supporter, the cover and backer of all weak and afraid men, women and children since the beginning of the revolution of freedom and dignity,” the Islamic party said in its official statement that was filled with words glorifying Turkey and its President, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Most of northeastern Syria is controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which captured the region from ISIS with direct support from the US-led coalition. Turkey considers the Kurdish-dominated group a threat to its national security.

In their statement, the Muslim Brotherhood Party rejected any involvement of Russia, Iran, the Damascus government, Kurdish forces or the U.S. in the establishment in the safe zone and accused them of committing crimes against the Syrian people.

Damascus banned the Muslim Brotherhood in 1963. A decade later, the party began assassinating officers, officials, doctors, scientists and even college professors in an attempt to overthrow the Syrian regime.

The Syrian Muslim Brotherhood Party is also believed to be responsible for a series of bombings that hit the Syrian capital of Damascus in the 80s. One of the attacks targeted the “blue building,” a residential complex for the families of Soviet military advisors.

Currently, the party is mainly backed by Turkey and Qatar, where most of its leadership are located. Despite receiving massive supports from these countries, the Muslim Brotherhood is not popular in Syria, even within the Islamic wing of the Syrian opposition.

Syria and many other Arab countries, including Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, recognize the global command of the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist organization. These countries are also engaged in several activities to counter the party’s influence in many Arab countries.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s statement on northeastern Syria is an example of its constant attempts to strengthen the Turkish influence in the war-torn country.

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  • Omega

    No surprise there. The Muslim Brotherhood was created by the Britain deep state to serve British interests.

    • You can call me Al

      True, but they went rogue and turned against the good guys.

      Wait for it; 5,4,3,2…..

      • Omega

        In light of recent events in Egypt, I am not sure the MB has gone rogue.

        • You can call me Al

          You maybe right. but something has gone crazy at the present time.

    • Nowruz

      I would like to hear Egypt and KSA’s reaction to this.

      • Omega

        The upper echelon of the leadership in Egypt and KSA is definitely aware. The lower level and people is a different story. On a side but related note, Gamal Nasser was the only one who crushed the MB in Egypt in 1954 – which led to Israel colluding with the MB to overthrow him in what became known as the Lavon Affair.

        The Muslim Brotherhood is in essence a Masonic organization masqueraded as Islamic/Muslim. The end goal is to keep Muslim nations indoctrinated with religion and thus backward culturally and economically. The recent uncovering of Sayyed Qutb as a Mason is further indication of the MB’s structure.

        Muslim Brotherhood Ideologue, Sayyid Qutb, was a Free Masonhttps://www.voltairenet.org/article201316.html

        The following may come to a surprise but the Ayatollah Khomeini wasn’t any different: very much Muslim Brotherhood. He was brought in by the Anglo-Americans to dethrone the Shah who wanted to go solo and modernize Iran further (especially its nuclear sector). All development endeavors set forth by the Shah were shut down when the Ayatollah took power. NATO and officials who served under the Shah (double crossed and later killed) were also instrumental in bringing and keeping the Atatollah to power. That is not to say that the Shah was any less in collusion with the Anglo-Americans.

        If I recall right, the Ayatollah Khomeini also called Israel an Anglo-American creation on his way out. And thus, I assume, especially in light of Iran’s involvement in Syria, that his successors aren’t in line with that Anglo-Americans.

    • Egypt is controlled by zionists, muslim brotherhood is independent and fights against terrorists like you, good thing the muslim brotherhood supports this, UAE/Saudi/Egypt/Bahrain all dogs will die

      • Omega

        Egypt (and the rest of the countries you brought up) is indeed controlled by Zionists but suggesting that the Muslim Brotherhood is “independent” and “fights against terrorists” is the joke of the century. Also, how am I a “terrorist”?

  • Mauricio

    The muslins zionists.

  • You can call me Al

    “Hey Mozzie bro hood, go fuck yourselves you inbred, demented, dumb pieces of donkey fucked turd, Syria is ours”.

    PS Please note that the author of aforementioned comment, is playing the role of a US congressman and therefore his words portray the ZIO-US based English language and their well known intelligence levels and strategy. All rights unreserved.

  • Johan

    Moslim brotherhood Erdogans personal terrorists, after the new Dlib califat , the Afrin Califat, now he want to instal a North Eastern Syrian Califat. first we had only IS now we have Idlib, Afrin and planned is an ethnic cleansed N.E.Syria all 4 with the support of double face Erdogan.

  • Sinbad2

    The Muslim brotherhood is a very early CIA terror group.
    Assad’s daddy killed a lot of them when the US/UK tried regime change on Syria back in the 70’s

    • Ronald

      Well we know that Obama gave the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood $800 million, with which they managed to get elected. They blew their ‘democratic’ cover by appointing MB cabinet ministers, and after two months of massive protests in every Egyptian city, the army finally pulled a coup and Sisi now has tentative control.
      So imagine Qatar controls them now.

      • dontlietome

        Sisi is a Mossad plant, and controlled by Tel aviv 24/7. FACT.

        • Ronald

          You may be right, I have no information on him other than the dirt thrown at him from the ‘regime change’ NGO’s.
          He is still preferable to MB.

  • Smaug

    The Muslim Brotherhood has taken a back seat in a lot of conflicts in spite ostensibly being an association of clerics. In fact, Hamas is the product of a split in the Brotherhood, but many individual members maintain their connections to the Brotherhood. The Brotherhood was also involved in the Free Officers Coup in Egypt, but split with the free officers after they seized power. The Brotherhood also ran the Egyptian government for a while, and persecuted religious minorities, until they too were deposed in a coup.
    Still, this is a intriguing development. I wonder what has been going on behind the scenes to produce this strange turn of policy.

  • Jacob Wohl

    If it’s between either butcher assad or turkey, I’d pick turkey to rule northeastern syria. But in the meantime, I prefer SDF to rule eastern syria.

    • dontlietome

      “Butcher Assad” spoken like a true zionist, well at least you nailed your colours to the mast. But if there is anyone who is to carry the title “Butcher”, then it is you……….. BUTCHER JACOB WOHL, der letzte dreck !

  • Albert Pike

    ‘Muslim Brotherhood Calls On Turkey To Occupy Northeastern Syria’ – Wrong headline, it should be:

    ‘MI6 Made Muslim Brotherhood Calls On Doenmeh Tuerkish President To Occupy Northeastern Syria’