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Muslim Al-Shishani To Leave Greater Idlib After Refusing To ‘Bend The Knee’ To HTS’ Al-Julani

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Muslim Al-Shishani To Leave Greater Idlib After Refusing To ‘Bend The Knee’ To HTS’ Al-Julani

Junud al-Sham leader Muslim Abu Walid al-Shishani.

Infamous Chechen leader Muslim Abu Walid al-Shishani has dissolved his group, Junud al-Sham, after refusing to “bend the knee” to Abu Mohamad al-Julani, leader of al-Qaeda’s Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), Syrian sources reported on July 9.

Last month, HTS asked al-Shishani to join its ranks or leave the northwestern Syrian region of Greater Idlib along with his militants.

According to 7al.net, al-Shishani and five of his commanders met with Abu Maria al-Qahtani, a senior commander of HTS, at Ansar al-Islam headquarters in Jisr al-Shughur on July 8 in a last ditch effort to find a solution. Nevertheless, al-Qahtani refused all the suggestions made by al-Shishani and insisted on HTS’ demands.

Al-Shishani’s final decision was to dissolve his group and withdrew his militants from northern Lattakia, where they have been fighting for several years. The leader and his militants are now preparing to leave Greater Idlib.

Junud al-Sham positions in northern Lattakia were handed over to HTS, which deployed large reinforcements in the region and monitored the withdrawal of al-Shishani and his militants.

In his last public comment on the issue, al-Shishani appeared to be surprised by HTS behavior. The leader and his group fought side by side with HTS for nearly eight years. He was never in conflict with al-Julani.

HTS’ move against al-Shishani is a part of the terrorist group’s ongoing work to tighten its grip over Greater Idlib. Al-Julani wants to turn the region into his own de-facto Caliphate.


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Chess Master

So there is a quarrel between two terrorists, a chechen and an arab.

One of them was captured and released by Americans.

Later he declared he has no plans to attack Western coalition in Syria, Assad being his only enemy.

Later called Sunis to attack Shias and Alawites.

Called musslims to attack teritory of Russia.

Guess which one? Hint: not the chechen.


Nah, you’re not convincing anyone with that distorted spin. This Chechen is an international terrorist with long history of committing criminal acts inside Syrian territory.

Chess Master

Did I say he is not a terrorist? Contrary, he is a too popular terrorist, the other terrorist is afraid of his popularity.


So, you are wanting to work for this criminal-terrorist’s public relations team? LOL.

Very silly Herzliya troll.

Last edited 17 days ago by GoldStandard
Icarus Tanović

Something is not right here. Americans wants to lift this mercenary and hide him in Florida with hundreds of millions bucks.
This is smokescreen for masses.
Lame stream media.

Chess Master

These people can live under other names in ME for many years, until reactivated. Florida is more for the rich Saudis who snort coke.


So where will the cockroach skitter to now?


What an (al) sham. Given the quality of Syrian undercover operatives, I am surprised this “meeting” was not hit by a KAB-500.

Last edited 19 days ago by block

Ahh, the infamous ‘Syrian rebels’ of the MSM – like this Chechen Islamist an international terrorist.

Religion divide people. No to religion

I wonder where they are going to go.
They cannot just exit idlib without Turkish jihadist disgusting president help.
In Europe they will not be able to enter no country will take them if somehow through a miracle enters Europe they will be hunted down buy special groups anti Muslim jihadist, in Russia they can only dream about that..
So let find out…
Maybe in Afghanistan… the only option..
From a hell place to another hell place.


They’ll be shifted to Amerikastani occupied East Syria?


It’s about time all of these terrorists were sent to hell. They have managed to inflict their death and suffering on Syria for far too long.


Send him to Iran 😂


Larpers here there & everywhere, watta joke

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