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Musk: Twitter Has “Interfered In Elections”

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Musk: Twitter Has "Interfered In Elections"

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Originally published on ZeroHedge

Twitter owner Elon Musk on Wednesday confirmed what everyone with two functioning brain cells and intellectual honesty already knew; the social media giant has “interfered in elections.”

In a discussion over a Reuters article in which the company’s former head of trust and safety says Twitter is ‘not safer’ under Musk, user @EvaFoxU posted: “Twitter has shown itself to be not safe for the past 10 years and has lost users’ trust. The past team of “trust and safety” is a disgrace, so it doesn’t have any right to judge what is being done now,” adding “They had a chance, but they sold their souls to a corporation.”

To which Musk replied, “Exactly. The obvious reality, as long-time users know, is that Twitter has failed in trust & safety for a very long time and has interfered in elections.”

Musk then said that “Twitter 2.0 will be far more effective, transparent and even-handed.”

Musk’s comments come days after he agreed with formerly banned news personality Alex Lorusso that releasing Twitter’s internal discussions about the decision to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story right before the 2020 US election is “necessary to restore public trust.”

As we noted last week, the Post had its Twitter account locked in October 2020 for reporting on the now-confirmed-to-be-real “laptop from hell,” which contains unprosecuted evidence of foreign influence peddling through then-Vice President Joe Biden – including a meeting between Joe and an executive of Ukrainian gas giant Burisma, in 2015.

The laptop contained caches of emails detailing business dealings with Burisma and state-owned CEFC China Energy Co, from which his firms received $4.8 million in wire transfer payments from its founder, Ye Jianmingaccording to a Senate report. -Daily Caller

Twitter had restricted any user from sharing links of the Post‘s coverage, both publicly or via direct message – while the social media giant also locked out former White House spox Kayleigh McEnany’s personal account, as well as former President Trump’s campaign account, for sharing the link.

In the ensuing years, the authenticity of the laptop has been confirmed by both the Washington Post and the New York Times, while CBS News authenticated the laptop on Monday.

‘Incredibly Inappropriate’

As the Epoch Times noted on Tuesday;

Musk in April spoke out in opposition to Twitter’s decision to temporarily suspend New York Post’s Twitter account.

Suspending the Twitter account of a major news organization for publishing a truthful story was obviously incredibly inappropriate,” Musk said in April, responding to a post about the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Musk, who took over Twitter in late October, has vowed to make the platform into a politically unbiased bastion of free speech.

He said in an open letter following his acquisition of Twitter that he bought it because “it is important to the future of civilization to have a common digital town square, where a wide range of beliefs can be debated in a healthy manner, without resorting to violence.”

“There is currently great danger that social media will splinter into far right wing and far left wing echo chambers that generate more hate and divide our society,” Musk added.



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From the way he talks and acts, I don’t think Elon Musk belongs of the deep state (America’s degenerate elite). I believe he is from a faction of dissident oligarchs together to Ray Dalio, Donald Trump, etc. . America’s ruling “elite” is idiotic and criminal, and much hated. Now it’s up to the Populist Patriots to take over…………………..


You can be both a dissident and a degenerate oligarch. It’s more like they all do drugs, but a faction of them fumes at what’s going on with their overall loss of power amidst increasing chaos.

Swine Kebab Lover

Elon the Fellon just gave a 44 Billion Dollar bonus to the election fraudsters and to the Fifth Column, and now we are supposed to think that Elon the Fellon is a Freedom fighter? Hilarious!


sauce? Or you are talking out your ass


good show elon, busting up the democratc party propaganda machine


Elon “we’ll coup who we want to ” Musk ……… at least he was being “transparent ” when he said that.

Swine Kebab Lover

Twatter has been completely discredited. Just fake accounts with AI. It is worth nothing and it has outlived its usefulness for parasytes. That is why he paid $44 Billion to show his support for the Fifth Column Oligarkhy.

Karl Pomeroy

Musk is a fraud in my book. He supports the Ukraine military through his satellite network. If Twitter interfered in elections, it will do so even more under Musk. Musk will no doubt splinter the conservative movement in the US, which like it or not, under Trump’s leadership, advocated world peace, coexistence with Russia, and America focusing on its own problems. But Musk will turn Twitter into a mouthpiece for DeSantis, who were he a true conservative, would support Trump for now and wait till 2028 to run for President. This is globalist NWO tactic for keeping Biden the Warmonger in power. Here, read globalist NWO as the City of London, which is of course not London itself, but the sovereign headquarters of the Western banking and money laundering industry.

Last edited 3 months ago by Karl Pomeroy

My problem with Trump is that he did not make good on his promises to restore peaceful relations with Russia, he did not pardon Snowden and Assange and he kisses Zionist ass at every chance. Plus he murdered General Soleimani.


You were doing fine up until your false claim that Trump “advocated world peace.” If that orange-skinned POS truly wanted world peace, he would not have murdered the Honorable Gen. Soleimani in cold blood, murdering him in the most cowardly and spineless way possible, taking out the leader of the PMU and a bunch of other people in their entourage.

That vile and despicable act, which considering that Soleimani was a highly religious and holy man, was akin to spitting the face of God. That is what Trump was and is all about. He is total scum. No other US president ever did the kind of treacherous action that Trump undertook when he agreed to murder Soleimani in cold blood. He deserves to burn in hell along with his puppetmaster Sheldon Adelson, who is already there.

To hell to those of you who continue to blindly worship the terrorist Trump.


And never forget that Sheldon Adelson financed Trump’s campaign with the express demand that he tear up the JCPOA and initiate regime change war against Iran. The very action of tearing up the JCPOA and applying “maximum pressure” sanctions was itself an act of war against Iran and the Iranian people.

The Biden regime is continuing the Trump agenda against Iran, just as Obama continued and even extended the Bush regime’s regime change wars. These US politicians are all, every single one of them, puppets of the Global Zionism hegemony.


And don’t forget that among Trump’s aides there was a certain John Bolton who to this day has been supporting the US invasion of Iraq and the subsequent mass murder. The same Trump tried to impose his protege Guaido as ”legitimate” president of Venezuela in total disrespect for the sovereignty and freedom of choice of the Venezuelan people.


also facebook google amazon, CIA NSA ford foundation and Hunter Biden coke consortium

Gorgeous George

This makes no sense, There is only the single regime party to “vote” for.

Last edited 3 months ago by Gorgeous George

There are two political parties in the US: the war party 1 and the war party 2.


Oh he also said he got intel of Hunter Biden, to be clear Twitter had some dirt on Hunter Biden and now that Elon got it he also knows.


Twatter… never used it… never will.

WT Baker

Notice how the narrative now spins toward China. Anti China mindlessness to replace anti Russian mindlessness. The old British intelligence game of “gang vs. counter gang. The establishment criminals are desperate to create perceptions of reality minus the reality. Remember now Plato’s “The Simile of the Cave”, if not then read it.

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