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Musk Continues His PR Campaign Over Thailand Incident With Kids Trapped In Cave


UPDATE: All the 12 boys and their coach have been evacuated.


Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk is developing his PR campaign over the incident with kids trapped in a cave in northern Thailand.

A short sum up of the situation:

  • 12 young boys from the soccer team and their coach have been stuck in a cave following a flash flood in northern Thailand for almost two weeks;
  • By July 10, 8 of 13 people have been rescued by expert cave divers;
  • Meanwhile, Musk is playing role of a Twitter hero. On July 9, he claimed that his company is senting a “mini-sub” made of Falcon 9 parts to rescue the kids. On July 10, he arrived Thailand and made some photos in the cave – from the side of rescuers.
  • By the moment when Musk and his “minisub” arrived the site, the rescue operation entered its final phase. Thailand’s authorities officially announced that they are not going to use Musk’s “minisub. [SF expected this in the previous article on the issue]

When SF released its July 9 comment on the situation with Musk’s PR campaign over the Thailand incident, some readers following other actions of the SpaceX boss said that he is honest in his will to help in this situation. It would be nice to make no doubt about it. However, in reailty, if somebody is honest in his desire to help, he makes direct and fast actions rather than writes nice Twitter posts.



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  • Michał Hunicz

    To be fair, I don’t see a point of making such drama from nothing. Especially if that drama is spread by SF.

  • Bernardo Morais

    I do undersand SF here. It’s the alternative media duty to show the hidden lines of mainstream media, what is below the carpet.
    Thank you, for ever providing us with thinking outside the box.

  • Wise Gandalf

    You ruskies instead of kicking in Musk should think about fact, why is no innovator in Russia?

    • Criticalthinker101

      In an innovative move, USA buys Russian engines, so the fleet of military rockets isn’t grounded. Ehmm? Doesn’t Musk make them? Innovate your statement accordingly!!! Wise waker

      • Wise Gandalf

        usa buys old fashion thing for cents. both, musk and nasa develop such rocket engines, which ruskies will not have. in 5years nbody will buy rocket engines from ruskies. they have so few moey, that baykonur2 is still not finished.

        • Criticalthinker101

          NASA spent a fortune developing a pen that works in space, The Russians used a pencil.

          • Wise Gandalf

            urban legend.

            graphit is forbidden in the space stations and spaceships. why? look at google!

          • Mike

            Full of jewish shit.

          • Criticalthinker101

            Google and wikiwank say – you’re full of shit – Several instruments have beenused to write in outer space, including different types of pencils and pens.

        • Mike

          Then why not make their own engines solomon kupec, its like how you Israeli steal tech from everybody else, because in the final analysis jews have invented nothing scumbag.

    • Mike

      Again the Russians will always in the fuck over kazarian animals like you.

    • Mike

      Again the Russians destroyed your pathetic plans in Syria, get over it, you are pathetic fighters who’s only asset is your air force. Once that’s gone your history you better think of some place new to be parasite in solomon kupec, because jews are shity fighters.

  • Wise Gandalf

    Btw., thais mede their role excellent. Not like ruskies in case Kursk.

    • Daniel Castro

      When it is impossible to rescue it is impossible to rescue… I don’t remember muricans saving astronauts from their spaceshuttle flying coffins either.

      • Wise Gandalf

        Ot was possible. But the stupid ruskies long time refused help. They waited until sure dies the staff and after that used foreign help. Thais allowed immediately to british divers to help.

        • Daniel Castro

          Completely different circunstances. One are just kids on an accident, other is a military scenario with a lot of foul play and strategic implications.

          • Wise Gandalf

            again. IF THERE IS a posibboloty, must do.

            btw., how is possible, that the biggestest USSr did not develope eny equipment for such situations? and dozens of other countries, which have only few submarines, owns it. HA?!

            you again write in favour of russian idiots and make idiot from yourself.

          • Daniel Castro

            USSR had different doctrines, for them it was all about numbers, we live in a different world.

            When Kursk happened Russia was in a very poor shape, and since it was an accident involving NATO subs it was very suspicious for russians to ask help from NATO, and even then we don’t really know if it was possible to save them, this cave is very different from the ocean where kursk was.

            I don’t know why all your russian bashing on every issue, it seems to me you have been overwhelmed by your hatred.

          • Wise Gandalf

            USSR had different doctrines

            and lost:

            a) cold war
            b) allies
            c) own territories

          • Daniel Castro

            I don’t know, losing cold war is debatable as the most nefarious elements of socialism had already taken over USA power structures, keeping the old soviet empire was meaningless to their plans, so they just let it go.

            Instead you had EU, which is soft power socialist take over of entire western europe.

          • Mike

            Solomon kupecs whom you arguing with, his country, Israel is a corrupt corporate socialist entity that uses parasitises American tax money for mossad to hire retards like him to troll here. Since he couldn’t work a real job if his life depended on it.

          • Mike

            Yet you Israelis have lost Syria get over solomon kupec. All your pathetic russophobia ain’t going to do jack shit.

          • Mike

            No point in arguing with stupid russophobe Israeli who keeps changing his profile and name. This idiot is angry that Russia’s small force defeated their and their Western and Saudi backers plans in Syria and the middle east.b Also further shows the incompetency and helplessness of the Israeli armed forces.

          • Mike

            Learn to spell you jewish monkey, before calling Russians or Iranians stupid, because your post don’t seem to highlight so called jewish smarts.

        • Dušan Mirić

          Wise Gandalf would never said: “stupid ruskies.”

          • Wise Gandalf

            to be wise = say the truth

            wise gandalf said also: stupid dwarfs

          • Mike

            No, your name is solomon kupec the stupid Israeli jewish hooked nosed stupid monkey.

          • Mike

            His name is solomon kupec.

          • Dušan Mirić

            Thank you.

        • Mike

          Sidestepped the question there from Daniel, well solomon that what Jews, Israelis and American neocons in general do when confronted with an uncomfortable rebuttal. He posed that question and like the little animal without answers you still obsessed about Russians. So again how did Americans think up a plan to rescue the Columbia and save that worthless kike there, stupid Muricans stupid kikeisraelis.

    • World_Eye

      Learn to spell and speak english!

      • Mike

        Yet this Israeli troll goes around calling Russians and Iranians stupid, also this joker who keeps changing his name is called solomon kupec. He needs to be kept being called out every time he changes his name, and he gives himself away every time when something about Russia is mentioned. He is angry that the Russians destroyed Israels plans for Syria and the middle east.

    • Mike

      When in doubt bring that up because you have nothing on them now, then again looking at you pathetic campaign in Lebanon in 2006 or Gaza in 2014, your military and overall Israeli stupidity was on display.

    • William Carrington

      I have to agree ,Thais make excellent spring rolls ,a role in which they excel.

  • No offense, i realized this is Russian propagandist site and blaming somebody who is trying to help others no matter who it is and how only because he is American is clear proof how cynical the Russians actually are. Funny thing is when you switch the site language to Arabic in top-right a completely different content appears and trying to open any of the articles it doesn’t even work. Then if you click the German flag, again different content appears and a bit less outdated. This mean they target the English or West countries and Germany with their propaganda. This Site is actually not for Syrians or Arabs it only uses them as excuse for spread of their influence.

    • Merijn

      Good… I became a bit Tired of Western Influence in Media….Al-Masdar do they have Russian influence?

    • Mike

      Fuck Elon, his teslas are money losing scam and his rockets have to put person in orbit yet he claims in half a decade space x is going to Mars. The guy is glorified traveling salesmen and also paypal sucks.

    • Criticalthinker101

      I suggest you learn the art of critical analysis. When you have an understanding of this and political science, you will appreciate how accurate the articles are. Virtually everything reported on the Syrian conflict is verifiable fact and destroys the msm narrative.

      No one needed the help of Musk he just wanted the ego juice, maybe he should help his workers instead.

    • Dear Muja Suria, thank you for opening our eyes to the fact that SF is publishing content in English. As to fake accusations that SF is a “Russian propagandist site”, we read them proudly. It is a strange thing, but in the modern world the accusations of being a “Russian propaganda” are the sign of a high quality work.
      Sincerely yours,
      SF Team

      • Thanks for nice reply, probably i’m wrong but i find it confusing when the english content is much different from the Arabic version or the German one. For example in the German version of the web there are often posts from a person called The saker but in this english version there are not that many. I agree that many of the articles are high quality work, but this one was pointless.

        • Dear Muja Suria,
          1) SF is a public analytical umbrella project maintained by a team of experts and volunteers from the four corners of the Earth. SF is producing content in English and its website was originally launched in English.
          2) Being a mostly volunteer project, SF involves many people that are ready to contribute some of their time translating SF content to other languages on a periodical basis. This is why you can see German, Arabic, Russian and other subdomains.
          3) We have a big team. Articles about Musk are posted by Daniel. He’s personally affronted by this situation. SF Team believes that this topic is interesting for the audience.
          5) The Saker is our friend. You can fiind many his articles here: https://southfront.org/search/thesaker/ Another option is to visit his blog http://thesaker.is/
          Sincerely yours,
          SF Team

        • Jan Tjarks

          The Saker was interesting quite some time ago, but that sadly faded away already. At one point I decided that he was writing too much gibberish and stopped following his articles. He said what he had to say, thats it.

      • Jan Tjarks

        “… in the modern world the accusations of being a “Russian propaganda” are the sign of a high quality work.”

        Nope, your are making it easy for yourself only. While Muja surely wasn’t well informed, she has a point regarding the Musk articles here on SF.

        In fact, these are personal hit pieces SF is publishing. The ‘furious’ article is even more evident how biased SF is acting in this regard. I wouldn’t say that SF is pro Russian propaganda, but to deliver hit pieces on a person that changes the world with electric mobility, surely is threatening oil business in Russia too in the end. Launching rockets, putting Roscosmos out of business, forcing them to develop a new rocket, nevertheless have issues with the additional costs that Baikonur is well known for? There it starts smelling and you know that. You should come clear from that position.

        I’m curious, what exactly is the reason for SF to divert itself from its usual topic, the wars and the politics, to write hit pieces insted, which have nothing to do with the usual topic here.

        Who is this Daniel, which background does he have to verify that Musk is furious? What is supporting his opinion, which he presents as a fact? SF, this is not the quality we are used to see from you people.

        How comes that he is not willing to put the articles into perpective, regarding Puerto Rico, where Tesla is hugely investing into desaster relief, even after more than a year, when the Trump administration let them down, even until today? How about that regarding marketing campaigning? Is there big news about that? Not really.

        Thus, how do you get to the conclusion that his interest was not genuine?

        To be clear for the other article, the moment the ‘furios’ part is debunked, the whole article and its narrative collapses.

        Even worse, SpaceX went to design an escape tube, but this article here states that it was about Twitter comments, something doesn’t fit there, don’t you think? It was delivered to Thailand, wasn’t it?

        I’m sorry, but both articles are pure opinionated hit pieces. Sorry to see another ‘The Sun shi**ing on people’.

        Please think of the excellent reputation you people build up so far, you are ruining it twith such hit pieces. For me, this is a clear no go in regards to donations. I’m not here to read hit pieces, I can have that in the main stream media too, which you simply joined this time. Hit pieces about Musk are very common, or are you joining Chanos ship now? Would be a bit late to do so.

        It’s a sad state of affairs and so far I have to clarify to friends that SF joined the media interest groups too now. Hitting on those who threaten certain businesses for the sake of what actually? What does SF proof with these hit pieces? Nothing in the end. A busniess man being a business man? Surprise.

  • MeMadMax

    Musk is a scam artist and tesla is a pyramid scheme…

  • Kell

    Its great they got everyone out, its great Musk had a lash at helping, good news all round.

  • Mike

    Elon Musk invented paypal nuff said at that shitty service.

  • Jan Tjarks

    Sorry Southfront, here you clearly go the main stream media way. I expected better from you poeple.

    No word about Puerto Rico and what Tesla is doing there?
    What about the Chanos events which are currently coming to light?
    What about the news from Business Insider, who struggle to justifiy their articles?

    This Daniel is not neutral, but producing hit pieces on someone who already is under fire by the main stream media. Joining the bandwagon …

    Go and throw mud, sad to see your organisation is undermined the very same than any other media channel, that it justifies personal hit pieces on people, instead of caring about the facts.

    A sad development for Southfront indeed. When do you make hit pieces on other people, without context of what they are actually doing? Is there anything about Musk, Tesla and SpaceX that clarifies what these companies lead by Musk are doing, what it means?

    Are you covering fossil fuel industry interests with this, companies like Gazprom, Lukoil and others?
    Are you covering interests of Roscosmos, who are kicked out of the launch market by SpaceX?
    What are Southfronts real intentions with these hit pieces which else have nothing to do with Southfronts media coverage so far?

    How comes that Southfront diverts itself from its media spectrum to report about military and war events around the world. or is Musk seen as another war?

  • Dušan Mirić

    Elon Musk is one of the most important visionaries of today. I don’t think this episode is something he needs. I don’t feel there is something indecent behind it.