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JUNE 2021

Murdered Labour MP Jo Cox Was Founder of ‘Friends of Syria’ Parliamentary Group

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Murdered Labour MP Jo Cox Was Founder of 'Friends of Syria' Parliamentary Group

© REUTERS/ Neil Hall

Joe Cox, 41, British MP who was killed by a man in Birstall, the UK on June 16 was a campaigner on issues relating to the war in Syria and was described as “a tireless campaigner” for Syrian refugees. She founded and chaired the all-party parliamentary group Friends of Syria.

In the vote to approve UK military intervention against ISIS in Syria, Cox abstained. She did not consider the intervention to be part of an effective strategy to tackle the Syrian conflict.

Cox was a supporter of the Labour Friends of Palestine & the Middle East, and called for the lifting of the Blockade of the Gaza Strip.

Some believe that the attack was linked to the EU referendum in the UK. Cox was a campaigner for ‘Remain.’

The alleged killer is Tommy Mair, 52. He has been described as a loner who suffered from mental health issues. He was arrested soon afterwards.

Prime Minister David Cameron paid tribute to a “committed and caring MP” and even Russian Embassy in the UK released a statement on the topic:

Appalled by murder of Jo Cox. Nothing could symbolize more democracy as antithesis to violence

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So she was a bigot campaigning for the racial replacement of indigenous tribal peoples.


Win Win for the Jews, they demonize the leave campaign and get rid of one of their enemies in the process. You might remember they used the same modus operandi when they got their agent Anders Breivik to assassinate pro-Palestinian White activists in order to demonize White nationalism.

Zuzana Rehakova

Soros’ stooge.

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