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JULY 2020

Munich Security Conference Presents Heavily Biased Research Into Advent Of Right-Wing Extremism


Munich Security Conference Presents Heavily Biased Research Into Advent Of Right-Wing Extremism

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The Munich Security Conference, apart from conventional sources of presumed danger for the west, such as Russia and China, also looks at the advent of right-wing extremism.

The report from the conference, specifically mentions that great resources have been spent on “the war on terror” fighting jihadism after 9/11, but right-wing extremism was allowed to spread almost without issue.

“While its adherents are highly heterogeneous, right-wing extremism commonly refers to the act of supporting or committing violence based on the belief in one’s racial, ethnic, or cultural supremacy, fierce nationalism, and/or opposition to government authority. Less prominent on the public and political agenda, it has killed more people in the United States since 9/11 than the jihadist variant.”

Although most right-wing extremists conduct their attacks alone, they are increasingly embedded in transnational networks. These networks rely on a strong sense of common identity, based on the belief in white supremacy and the perceived need to protect it.

This global “intellectual cohesion of ideas” was evident in the manifestos and social media posts released for example by the perpetrators of Christchurch, Pittsburgh, El Paso, and Halle.

The internet is also quite helpful in right-wing extremists to connect to one another.

“Frequently outpacing jihadist extremists in the use and reach of social media posts, right-wing extremists strongly rely on internet platforms to communicate and disseminate their ideas.”

Beyond the opportunities provided by social media and the internet, the extreme right capitalizes on fears of demographic and socioeconomic change, as illustrated by upticks in violence following the election of the first African American president in the United States or the refugee crisis in Europe.

The fears extremists exploit have been nurtured by far-right, nationalist parties. As such, right-wing extremism is part of a much broader problem: the rise of actors who are mainstreaming radical views and are thereby eroding the fabric of Western liberal democracies from within.

The following graphs are provided:

Munich Security Conference Presents Heavily Biased Research Into Advent Of Right-Wing Extremism

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Munich Security Conference Presents Heavily Biased Research Into Advent Of Right-Wing Extremism

Click to see full-size image

Munich Security Conference Presents Heavily Biased Research Into Advent Of Right-Wing Extremism

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The provided data set gives some legitimate insight into how right-wing terrorism has developed overtime and where it’s current international hub is – in Ukraine.

At the same time, it heavily misrepresents the number of jihadist extremism events and fatalities. Even a simple glance of various open sources of information would reveal that there are easily over 100 cases of Islamic extremism between September 1st, 2001 and December 31st, 2018. And even if the numbers of events are realistic in the presented graphs, it is also showing that the fatalities are much higher, in regard to the number of events when right-wing and jihadist extremism are compared.

This is a very apparent example of attempting to fit facts to the desired narrative and not constructing the narrative based on what has really happened and working from there.




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  • verner

    most terror today is spawned at langley by the cia or by the jew’s mossad and that’s a fact and also the first reason why the jews must be terminated – no more excuses for the inverterate liers, the callous murderers of children and women and the compulsory thievery of land (a la hitler’s lebensraum program). what to like – nada, zilch. in fact for mankind, the vermin is better of poisoned for an early end.

  • Bru

    Spot on, this is typically completely fake propaganda by our Western regime by speciously singling out the USA where there are so few Muslims compared to Europe!!!

    Their number of deaths caused by jihadis is then so much less than the Bataclan attack alone. Even wikipedia admits 263 murders in the name of Islam in France alone caused by jihadis in that period:


  • Albert Pike

    ‘…Christchurch, Pittsburgh, El Paso, and Halle.’

    Sounds like a list of Crisis Actors events, with fake bullets and fake agenda…

    • tonia

      There’s evidence to what you say.

  • SnowCatzor

    Maybe if their treasonous globalists governments didn’t flood these people’s nations full of hostile, culturally-alien migrants in the space of 20 years (or so) they wouldn’t be so angry? Don’t create harmful conditions and then blame people when they react negatively.

  • hvaiallverden

    Pardon Moi, for the length.

    Have you seen the Videos from Christchurch, have you, incl the so called official ones, where cartiges from an rifle, evaporated into thin air, yeah, instant recycling of amo, fantastic isnt it how eviriomental freindly wars and weapons have become, and this faked videos are so many I lost count and dont bother to waist time on them right now but give you just one ex. and as I have said it before, I just need One inconsistency, just one, and the entire case falls on its own premisses when I can see the video is fake, and again, statistics, uh… plueeezz, this, in an europa where anyone, anywhere, anytime is against millions of “refugees” where I read half of them had an job, but dumped that for fleeing to the west, yeah, and if you dont want them, you are a right winged neo-nazi and a white ass nationalists, right, this is like debating issues as gender, and now they even want to give tampoons to Tranes whom is bioligical male because the same left nuttcases says men have periods, yeah, this article is in the same leauge, and of course, we dont denie the deaths, but what I have done thru the years is to educate people on what do you see, is what you see indeed what they tell us happened, etc, etc, aka black flags and most of the killings, done by either parts aka “muslims” and “nazis” are pattsys, and regarding the so called rightwinged ones like Breivik in Norway, He was an Friend of ISISrael and did this because of the deep rotten hate against anyone whom is for the Palestinians right, and if you are that, as I am, I am atumaticly recorded as an Problem, and would be attacked by both parts, and I have been up against this si called rightwinged ones in Norway, years before I went outside our country, and I know theiir thinking, because we crushed them all the time, in everything.
    Again, the Gov lies about everything, never ever forget that, crime stats are an joke, when the police in Norway give the multicultural enritchments free pass, and most of the crimes are never taken into the so called official stats, Sweden is an “briliant”.
    And I leave that also for now if I bothered I could show you an mile long list of what I talk about, dating years back in time, all black flags, period, but blamed on either Muslims or White ass Raysiiiiist and Natzees, of course.

    Remeber Op Gladio, do you think that its somewhat different to day, when I guess most of this terror acts are done by pattsys, muslims or not, and to then denie the facts, like the attacks where most of them where done by people already under surveilance makes the enitre cases much more intresting.
    I could go on for days, but ends here.

    Then we have the other side, when I read in Norwegian MSM, witch comentary fields is packed with people whom hates Islam, evil religion, evil people, evil regimes, and why do the same people suport Saudi-barbarians, ask them, why did the same people acsept the lies about all the wars, 2 decades of wars agains Muslim nations, millions affected, millions killed indirectly or not, and even more millions made to be refugees, while the people with cash flees from everywhere, the people in war zones usually have nothing, like the present attacks on the Greeks, do notice this Greeks I am 100% behind you, just trow them out, no mercy, but the righwinged will if we debate the reasons for all this people, denie it to they turn blue, even when the UssA MSM have admitted the lies, Brits have admitted lies, Chilcot Enq. etc, to Libya, but in Norway the MSM never ever debates this, never have admitted anything other than pimpin the same propaganda about how bad this dictatores are, and gives us hard core social porn to justify the cases and causes, and the righwinged whom never cares about their own people whom is poor or sick suddely is so f… conserned and then we have the “rebels.
    Again, if we recap a bit, go back to the war in Libya, witch was the next step from Tunis, since Algeria And Marroco is UssA bitches, the Norwegian MSM and our rightwinged where extatic, and howld about killing them all, and the level of propaganda was amazing, and the righwinged, the same people whom whines about refugees, will never admit the fact they and our MSM witch feeds the morons we call politicians with “news” was lead into wars, and that because our MSM is run by Jews, every news site that have advocated war is run by Jews, and they control the reality we live in.
    And agains, some of the most vocal “rightwinged” groups where run by Jews, EDL, to Ukrainian Orcs, yeah, and thats why you dont read about the Orcs army, because its run by Jews, and the so called rightwinged narrative is extactly the same, have been done thru controlled oposition, and so on,

    To be frank, I am tired, why do we and some of us have to remind you every day now about the truth, uhu, and to the whoms who are behind it, the UssA/Britain and ISISrael.
    The Germans, are just equally derailed as the Norwegian/SweDish are, brainwashed to such an extent that the facts and truth will not even be considered because its never been writen about, PC-infested and Jewish run inst. and Orgs like NGOs have the MSM under siege, and unless they are burned down and the politicians hanging from the lamp post, they will eventually destroy Germany, and dont forget the fact Germany is occupyed territory, and Mutti MoreKill is an traitore and should be hanged along with the rest of the Gov, etc to the equally bonkers French MaCrony, whom is doing French bizzenizze in Africa and they where the one whom was behind the war on Libya, and all this was done by Jews and Bankers.

    How blind is it possible to be, hrumf, and the worst part is, something have snapped, the insane level of total nonsense and idiot propaganda have escalated lately to heights witch I define as problematic, the hate propaganda like the one run on the Chines, is problematic, the long term consequencess will be in an region of nightmarish, and nobody seems to do anything about it, the MSM is getting much worse, in the comentary fields the same whom accuses me for been an Nazi/racists/whatever, have no problems with letting people whom openly advocated genocide on the Palestinias room and not been cencured, slaughter Arabs, Chines, Russians, NK, Venezuelans, Cubans, Palestinians etc is Ok, but dont say an word about refugees.
    We are f….
    And if this isnt enough, the last days in Norway just to give you an frame, the idiot propaganda have gone total bananas, and guess witch nations, China,Russia, NK, and Iran, weird isnt it.
    The level is jaw dropping and that makes me question, what is coming, I can smell something and I dont like it, sees sign witch I cant debate, because most people are so stupid they will never wake up and their consciousness level is below animals and I am not exsagerating.

    But hey, look, an squirel is playing harmonica and stepp dancing, sweeeeet.