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Multiple Victims Reported After Shooting In Tennessee High School

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According to the reports by Knoxville police, the fire was opened at Austin-East High School. Multiple victims were reported, including one police officer.

The scene remains active. The school is on lockdown. Students who were not involved in the shooting have been released to their families, according to Knox County Schools Superintendent Bob Thomas.

The local news agencies reported  that four Knoxville teenagers have been dead as a result of shootings since the beginning of the year.


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Lone Ranger

DNC is in overdrive mode to take the guns…


This is the Rules Based order Tommy has been talking about….maybe Ukraine ATO can push republics ont of Donbass by getting Knoxville ISD to establish high schools in Donetsk/Lugansk?

Robert Ferrin

And of course this is what it’s all about as the thieves in Washington are running scared that the people might take them out and hang them from the nearest tree, which would be a damn good thing for a revolution or civil war is waiting in the wings, many ex-service men who have come back fro active service hates this government with a passion for they have seen just what this government really is..


That was a pretty sharp comment there Robert. No kidding on what you say. However, keep in mind, neither side is good in this corporate elite run duopoly. No matter who’s in power, the lower and the middle class get fucked over! Never fails.

Robert Ferrin

indeed your right in that case hang both parties that way they can’t infect others.


It happens but there are ways to minimize the oligarchy. The US tried it when it was first founded, the French tried to when they hung some of the oligarchs. Neither was a long term solution.

Ashok Varma

Do you really think that such violent and disgusting people should be allowed to arm themselves with military grade weaponry?

Lone Ranger

It worked in the past. 95% of the shootings are committed by blacks and latinos, and non citizen immigrants. In the 50s kids could take their hunting rifle in the school and was perfectly fine. No masshootings whatsoever. Kids weren’t put on SSRIs and speed either. U.S. has been destroyed by design. Both at home and abroad. Its the most hated county in history.


The demographics of violence are clear and officially ignored. White america has as much gun violence as white europe does.

Assad must stay

russia should send peacekeeper forces to USA, it is failed state ahahahha

Jens Holm

I often compensate for things about it.

You have to see the are many and take bad things pr capita and information is overwehelming open for most things. Things there sometimes are bad as and seemes to remain so. But sometimes its not as bad just as You see and eat.

Freemon Sandlewould

You’re missing the boat here. The school shootings thing went away while Trump was in office. Now with Biden in again — the false flags school shooting operations are being spun up again

Ashok Varma

America is truly a horrid place.

Albert Pike

Ahh they do those psyop’s themselves. It’s mostlikely the usuall bullshit to support their guncontrol drive, necessary for their plan to implement their future hunger games Panem agenda21 state…


My big hope is that Ramzan “no gays in Chechnya” Kadyrov might be allowed to send in Chechen MPs into Knoxville to restore international rules-based order there once these have finished their Syria duties.

Jihadi Colin

It would be interesting to put Kadyrov in charge of Amerikastan for a year or so. I’m not saying it would go great, but it would be interesting.


Zajimovy (CZ) plus I like the guy for his European values since Cgechnya is formally in Europe.

Simon Ndiritu

Not Formlerly as it never shifted. All republics west of Urals are in Europe


Then Kydyrov has the European values!


More talking points for gun grabbing Biden

Fog of War

The psyops keep on coming under Uncle Joe.

Fog of War

If Islam isn’t ((( infected ))) from the West then it’ll be ((( infected ))) from the East. The Khazar has both sides covered. Enjoy ” modernity ” Muslims.

– Russia’s first Muslim pole dancing school: Tatar woman starts teaching classes across from mosque with full approval of local imam –


Lazy Gamer

While pole dancing can be too much, a gradual shift to secularism for any religion should be a good thing. It lessens fanatics all around.

Jens Holm

I agree very much. When the many muslism arrived here the few fanatic christians showed their real faces and was for good reasons kept down.

So it actually was the Danish few secterian Christians, which step by step made me 100% sekular.

Jihadi Colin

In my opinion any religion left alone will always drift towards secularism. Islam until the 18th century was extremely liberal compared to the trends these days. Just read the original version of the Arabian Nights – not the disneyfied kid’s version, the original, which was absolutely not for children – and see.


Not for Jens then

Concrete Mike

Lol good one

Fog of War

Shifting to a degenerate, female destroying component of US culture is not the best choice to shift in into ” Secularism ” ( which is actually Atheism ). Wouldn’t you agree ?

Lazy Gamer



Seriously though this can be a respectable sport, performance, or if all else fails, a job. A lot of cultures have traditions with working the poles.

Fog of War

Maybe this will become a thing among Muslim men also.



cechas vodobenikov

sosialist rifle assoc target practice

Jens Holm

The USA should not need all arm each other that much.

The Biden deescalation for it is not enough.

A better solution would be the single states elect people they trust, so that arming is not needed as it probatly was.

Too many people – JUST AS HERE – forget that freedom also is a demand for own responsability by good organs to handle things.

As written before: USA needed Sanders but only got Biden but at least they got rid of Trump.

They dont raise their country to see a safety net is needed and by that all learn to control themself and act more as they actually is a country – or states – or both.


If AIDS could be converted into text, your poast would fit the bill.


good god jensi, the fukkin economy is gone no?……have a think man? They shipped all the good jobs to China. Wake up man, you can’t seriously be that naive.

Band Itkoitko

He cans…


his comment makes no sense.

Band Itkoitko

That’s his brand. Yet, he comments a lot. Guessing what Jens means is part of the fun here.

Supreme Blyat

The demographic and political evolution makes USA closer to South Africa rather than Denmark. So big arms are needed like the oxygen :)


It’s called Monday, in the US of A!

Jihadi Colin

Proof things are back to normal in the Imperialist States of Amerikastan.

Jihadi Colin

In what kind of country does anyone not classified as a terrorist attack *schools*? I have lived through an insurgency from start to finish and even then I saw nothing like that, ever.


With extremely rare exception. There were no mass shootings in the US before the psychiatric drugs found in almost all mass shootings were legalized.

Our gun rights have been taken away for decades. Which hasn’t stopped these tragedies. Because they’re caused by drugs not guns. And if the guns are outlawed. All of the people who use them to deter crime. Will instead be victims of it.

The government needs to go after the dangerous psychiatric drugs causing the mass shootings rather than the guns.

Rodney Loder

US is left with 2 options Leon Trotsky or Joseph McCarthy, but there is no infiltration according to the State Department because maggot Jews are in total control and one day a grub Jew can be a Trotskyist and on that same day realise he’s a McCarthyist.

This strange phenomenon has evolved from the prosperity the US achieved by supplying war materials but not participating in the 2 World Wars to any big extent.

Not much anyone can do about the crazy mixed up kids the US is producing, I tried but they rejected me even though they know I’m Jesus Christ they want the homosexual Sid Loder to be their saviour, like I said crazy mixed up kids.

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