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Multiple ME Officials, Including Syrian And Saudi Ones, To Gather In Baghdad

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Multiple ME Officials, Including Syrian And Saudi Ones, To Gather In Baghdad

Official logo of the summit of parliaments of Iraq’s neighboring countries

The Iraqi Parliament announced on April 17 that it had finished all preparations to host “the summit of parliaments of Iraq’s neighboring countries” in the capital of Baghdad on April 20.

Heads of the Syrian, Turkish, Iranian, Kuwaiti, Saudi and Jordanian Parliaments were invited to the summit which will be headed by Speaker of Iraq’s Council of Representatives, Mohamed al-Halbousi.

“The General Secretariat of the Council has completed all preparations for the convening of the Baghdad Summit, which includes the six neighboring countries, in addition to the Republic of Iraq,” Secretary General of the Council of Representatives Salah Al-Humiri reportedly said.

The summit will be a first time, when senior officials of these seven countries attend a joint meeting since the outbreak of the Syrian war in 2011.

Iraqi MP Iqbal Abdul Hussain said that economy and security in Iraq and the Middle East will be the main two topics that will be discussed during Baghdad summit.

“The conference will discuss the main issues that concern the interest of Iraq and neighboring countries, namely security … Economic and political cooperation between these countries,” Iqbal said, according to al-Quds al-Arabi.

Some other Iraqi sources claimed that the summit may be the beginning of a reconciliation between the six countries, epically between Syria, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. A farfetched goal, according to local observers.

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The fact that this is scheduled to happen speaks loudest of all, and really needs no other analysis.

Saddam Hussein

This is good news. We need Arab unity to face the Zionist regime.


yes indeed, arab unity to send the squatters on palestinian land packing.they. the squatters should forthwith apply for green cards for moronistan (aka usa – home of morons) so that they have somewhere to go when notice of eviction arrives (in the shape and form of the axis of resistance plus the rest, hezbollah und zu weiter. can’t go wrong – will be a larf all the way to the al aqsa mosque. wonder if mohammed bin salman will turn up or if he will remain at home preparing to khashoggi jared kushner.


Arab unity is as rare as unobtanium, it will never happen, Arabs have been fighting amongst themselves for all of recorded history.

Saddam Hussein

Arabs werent fighting before the Israeli cancer came and stole Palestine. Remove Israel, you remove Arab division.


Partially true, the enemies of Arab unity are the Palestinians, their Iranian patroness and their Turkish sultan friend
It is true that the Palestinian are crypto Jews and are a creation of the Zionists but we are starting to realize that they are the true problem of the Arab world

Nasser knew how to keep them under his heel, by the help of god we will figure out a way to eradicate the Palestinian problem again in our time

S Melanson

Find out who are attending and their importance. This will tell volumes – low level low importance delegation = lip service and little substance. High level, high importance = signal that the summit has some substance behind it.

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