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Multiple ISIS Members Escape From SDF-Run Prison In Northeastern Syria

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Multiple ISIS Members Escape From SDF-Run Prison In Northeastern Syria

Source: sdf-press.com

Many ISIS members have escaped from a prison of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the city of al-Malikiyah in northeastern Syria, the media office of the pro-government National Defense Forces (NDF) revealed on April 5.

“The group’s [ISIS] members revolted in the prison of al-Malikiyah two days ago … The number of the escapees is yet to be known,” the NDF said in a short press release.

According to the NDF’s media office, the SDF is currently carrying out a security operation to capture ISIS members, who escaped from the prison. Warplanes of the US-led coalition are reportedly supporting the SDF operation.

The SDF has not commented on these claims so far. However, the Kurd Street outlet confirmed the NDF’s information and said that US-led coalition warplanes have been seen flying over al-Malikiyah and its prison since last night.

“Gun shots were reported [in the prison], smoke was also seen over the prison,” the Kurd Street’s report reads.

The SDF is holding thousands of ISIS fighters, including more than 800 foreigners, in a series of prisons in northeastern Syria. The U.S. is directly funding these prisons, likely to prevent the SDF from handing over these terrorists to another side.

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The coalition gave them a get out of jail free card?
Perhaps they are needed elsewhere. :)


I guess that the US military will be teaching them Spanish :)

Brother Ma

Yes of course ,Spanish with a Venezuelan accent because you know..we need a NATIVE uprising right.. hahaha


Oh what a surprise. They escaped!!! If only I had placed a bet on knowing that this would eventually happen, I’d be rich now!! Absolutley FUCKING useless


Remember how Daesh captured Mosul. It started as an attack on the local prison to free prisoners! And we can be pretty certain that US deep state is very interested in freeing the alleged 800 foreign fighters! Kurds may have known nothing of this attempt to free Daesh fighters. And the planes? They are needed to guide the fugitives to safety! It is so fff..ing obvious.
Venezuela hasn’t gone to plan so reinforcements are needed.

Brother Ma


Pave Way IV

“…Warplanes of the US-led coalition are reportedly supporting the SDF operation.”

[Blackhawk makes rondezvou in desert outside prison to pick up waiting headchopper escapees]

Headchopper: WTF took you guys so long this time? CENTCOM use to be good in the old days when we were winning. Now you treat us like trash. We thought we would have to walk across the f’king desert to Ruikban
US Chopper Pilot:> Quit your f’king whining, snackbar. You’re lucky we came at all to pick you up.. What happen to your ‘fight to the death’ in Baghuz, you jihadi pussies. Now, everyone wants a ride out of al Hawl.
Headchopper: Do you mean the deal where we would fight to the death in Baghuz and you would get $20,000 USD to our families to escape from Rukban Death Camp? Fuck that – you knuckleheads don’t ever run the place and your MaT mafia camp guards keep raising the prices for passage. Can’t ‘the coalition’ keep up with the current black market human trafficking rates? Everytime aid comes into the camp,the rates go up.
US Chopper Pilot: Boo hoo. Cry me a river, jihadi. You’ll be earning way more money a lot quicker toward your falimies escape at your next assignment. Maybe get them a nice HiLux. You don’t happen to know Farsi, do you? Pashtun? Maybe Swedish or Russian? It’s extra Benjamins for the right language skills.What? Kurdish? Ah… no. That’s yesterday’s smoking ruin of a project. Iran and Russia – that’s who the coalition needs to piss off, today.
Headchopper Ya know, I’m getting kind of tired of your useless wars. I got enough saved up for a small farm. Maybe I just get my family from Rukban myself and head northeast. Put in a few acres of poppies and sort of drift off into retirement.
US Chopper Pilot: Good luck with that. Between the CIA and Taliban opium wars… well, I’ld be careful about sticking my nose in there. Some guys are having luck farther up towards Tajikidstan and Uzbekistan. Kandahar or any Pashtun areas are a no-go. Kyrgystan are suspicious of outsiders, and Turkmenistan is outright hostile. Best bet is still in Afghanistan, but somewhere nobody is interested in.
Headchopper: Places like that are not growing on trees. I’m planning on it taking a long time.None of my former CENTCOM ‘contacts’ are reliable for any information. F’king worthless…

Brother Ma

Haha. That was funny.

Xoli Xoli

It is not jails base on reliable source.It is ISIS accommdation centers.Just like in Altanf. Dont belief in Trump,Bolton,Putin,Erdogan and Satanyahu lies.trust Russian Intelligence.

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