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Multiple Explosions Rock Mezzeh Airbase Near Syrian Capital (Videos)

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In the early hours of September 2, several explosions rocked the Mezzeh airbase northwest of the Syrian capital of Damascus, according to local sources. As a result of the explosions, several ammo depots and facilities inside the airbase were destroyed.

Several Syrian pro-government sources claimed that warplanes of the Israeli Air Force (IAF) conducted airstrikes on the Mezzeh airbase. These claims were backed by the fact that the same airbase was targeted several times by Israel over the last few years.

However, hours later a military source told the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that the explosions were cause by a technical failure. According to the source, a short circuit caused a fire in one of the airbase’s ammo depots.

A source in the SAA told SouthFront that the ammo depots in the Mezzeh airbase had contained old weapons and IEDs, which were seized from the militants during the last few months. These weapons were set to be destroyed. The SAA loses as a result of the incident were minimal.

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So…., either Israeli airstrikes, or technical failure? Either way, explosions happened at a SyAF facility which should not have happened and either way should not have happened.

Manuel Flores Escobar

So dont need Israeli airstrike..just SAA with unprofesional movements destroy his own ammo depot like in Hama( 2 times) and Mezzeh….


It seems ridiculous that old captured munitions were stored in a Damascus airbase or any other base for that matter. Far better to dump them all in an old isolated quarry and detonate then there .

Icarus Tanović

And get some free rocks, various sizes.


Truth is the first casualty of war.

Jens Holm

Hardly, You are still alive.


Indeed it is and these days lies are soon found out.

Jens Holm

That right. If poossible they can recycle and should detonate the rest right away.


We really must stop agreeing Jens, its embarrassing :)

p.s, Ethnic white Swedes will be a minority in Sweden by 2050 if current birth rates continue.

It appears that Swedes will be a race of Turnips.

Jens Holm

The current birth rate goes down already in first generation. In Denmark its for old danes 1,9 and for muslims and other low educated 2,3. The 2,3 is declining.

Statistics klike that makew no sense. Try with cars and we probatly will have 5 each in 2050.

You are only correct in making turnips because they got so many in by taking so many from Syria. That will be solved now, whewn they take almost none in. Its there plan to add the population with so many they can make into half swedes in the firste generation and 3/4 in next.

To me its a temporary problem. We see the same here but in a smaller scale. Relative few now are temporary housed as well as they learn the language and small jobs are arranged for them. They are – so to speak – men at all street corners and girls and vomen hit in their flats.

True its expensive, but there is no chaos as well as some improvements are seen.

A lot of things can happen before 2050. You can see ihow many children ar born and have a school and a teacher for them.

And Swedes as well as others also can replace fuel for heating, cooling and electricity a lot – But You cant see all. Fx we use Lead light more and more. That saves 80% in light allover, but we also use more of it.


Time will tell and the experience of Britain since the 1960’s is self evident for all to see.

paul ( original )

It is natural and appropriate for the military to be careful and secretive in what they reveal. However, I find it a bit hard to believe that this was caused by stockpiled IEDs and other cleared munitions. Why stockpile such unsafe munitions in the first place? Why stockpile them close to your own capital? Now it is possible that this is what was done, though I think it makes much more sense to destroy these dangerous explosives on-site. I would not want to be the one driving the lorry transporting these things.

John Mason

Agree it is rather suspicious in nature and how would an electrical fault detonate ammunitions unless the weapons leaked gas. More like the SAA destroyed it deliberately because it had weapons that could be construed as CW.


Ever seen a switchboard explode? An electrical starts a fire, and the heat from the fire detonates the munitions. I doubt the SAA destroyed it, and almost anything could be construed as CW by the UK/US.

John Mason

Safety switched cut the power in the event of a shortage, Syria surely would have them especially a building that stores ammunition.


Maybe, but I have fought a fire started by an exploding switchboard on a ship. When you start dealing with industrial power, the energy is quite large, and much different to the kind of power in a home. It’s like comparing a 22, to a 5 inch gun.

Jens Holm

Cheep explosives in ammo break down fast. So if old depots are found, they can have very old explosives even in riffle ammo.

Bullets like that are fine, if they are used fast. Fx amatol was no problem in WW1. They hardly could get enough of it before they used it.

Its not about electricityat all even You have to risk that as well as fire and handling as well.

Look for years for cheep and expensive ammo, prices and years to have stored.


They stockpile such a munition to be destroyed. All old IEDs and other explosives, either mines founded or left behind and pick up by SAA and all added on one place to be detonated and destroyed.

Jens Holm

Unfortunatly its not the first time. Learn by that accvident or enemy is the same explosions.

Old ammo as well as malfunctionel weapons should be destroyed rigt away. You spread it.

Same for harvested grain and hay here. We see that too often. Fire loose all.It selfignite being too wet.. Dividing is more expensive, but You only loose 1/2, 1/3 a 1/4. If You save money and buy shares, You spred the risk by buying stockings from several very different companies. You might gain less, but You nver loose all. After all its Your life savings and addings to your pension or just another car.

Bill Wilson

It does sound like madness to store homemade bombs with old captured ordnance that might of been left unused by the last owners due to being unstable.

stary ujo

Electric short circuit ?


SAA if you are going to destroy your equipment…. better give it to the Houthis…they’ll know what to do with it….

Jens Holm

Whatever, You should not store like that. Old ammo is not to trust. And inside a city ? No way, never.

You dont like Houtis, if You send things in that kind of condition.


As much as I would like to believe their explanation, I don’t. Seems to me there have been a fair bit of SF uses in Syria as of late. How many SAA stockpiles blowing up does this make? 3? Just as there is a mystery as to who is assassinating terrorist commanders in Idlib and elsewhere, blowing up arsenals, other than those claimed by Kurds, I think there is a lot of this going on behind the scenes. How many massive explosions have we seen in terrorist occupied areas? Russia did not bring hundreds of SF into Syria for no reason…and Syria is getting good training and experience from them as well. These excuses are to keep morale from falling, no matter how poor the excuse. Their ploy of showing occupied areas filmed by Syrian spies is also part of the psych war to demoralize the enemy.

Brad Isherwood

Houthis will launch ballistic missiles into Saudi Arabia, Sink and Hit Saudi warships with missiles, Do hit and run vs Saudi at the Border and just inside land of butt boys.

Syria is Cuckold. . Turks and Jordan send in over 150,000 mercs, Syria just stares. US steals 1/3rd of Syria….murders Syrians. . Assad just smiles while wearing Raybans.

It’s over anyway. The war has moved down the road towards Iran as US builds bases in Iraq and Syria, Stuffs in Radars and Airdefence. Change the map of Syria…Cuz their supposed Sovereignty is hell and gone.


“It’s over anyway.”

It won’t be over until Washington is burning.


Foreign Spy’s action.

neil barron

There where no string explosions which one would conclude that they where air dropped bombs. Why weren’t sounds of jets flying through, no one mentions any of that.


The jets that fired the missiles were probably hundreds of kliks away, even cheap guided bombs have a 30 klik range. Do you know what a klik is? If not, it’s a form of measurement, the modern version of the old British mile.

neil barron

Evidently you don’t know what it is, it’s Kilometer of the metric system not of a British mile. 1,000 meters .62 approximately of US mile. Now I stated string of explosions which would be from air dropped bombs none indicated. It could lead to missile strikes with out even thinking, some believe it was missiles.


Obviously Israel has access to US satellite data – and they study the tarmac loading of all of flights from Iran to Syria. But equally Iran has long worked out that basic reality, so presumably they load as many fake consignments as real ones – just to screw around with Israeli intelligence. So who really knows whether Israel spends hundreds of thousands of dollars of US taxpayer’s dollars launching missiles from Lebanese airspace, released from yet more US taxpayer subsidized warplanes, at empty wooden boxes displayed and unloaded in depots at Damascus International Airport.

Richard M

The olde short circuited wires in the fuel tank trick!

Rodney Loder

If the US can’t engineer a false flag scenario for a strike on Syria to show the flag the next best thing is a provocation like in Honey I Shrunk the Kids.

It shows that israel believes Western public opinion is of vital importance, the truth is Western public opinion is totally dependant on some absolute factor like winning without even flexing a muscle, the real threat comes from Trump’s economic suicide, the only way out could be a really big war, it could even be what Trump’s mind controlling experts are working towards but that is next year, so you can be sure, this situation that israel is sticking it’s chest out about is going to be cut by the Pentagon if there is no suitable response from the SAA, my advice is to take it out on the Kurds, that’s just kicking the can down the road but this is war and it works.

Icarus Tanović

SAA did this deliberately, so to blame Zionistic regime. Well done, brothers.


” SAA told SouthFront that the ammo depots in the Mezzeh airbase had contained old weapons and IEDs, which were seized from the militants during the last few months”…More B.S from the cowards who are afraid to SHUT DOWN ISRAEL CRIMINAL ATTACK OF THE INVADING AIR PLANES.


What wonders me the most is the Israhell, they are so quiet since and even on liberation on the line of the occupied gollans heights, they are so quiet now, they don’t bomb they do nothing, that must means something but what, what in devils name the are up to now?!


Just Jews being Jews.

Jens Holm

So how comes, Israel is in that at all.

You should spread ammo well. You lower the risk loosing all by enemy fire as well as own accidents.


This has been going on for months now… : Several ammunition depos were blown up and the government would say that this is due to Israeli air strikes. So, we’re not talking about one, we’re talking about roughly half a dozen cases. That’s what Syrian friends with good connections to intelligence tell me. Some depos were rather deep under ground. Apparently, the IDF uses some sort of deep penetrating bomb.

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