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JUNE 2021

Multiple Explosions Rock Syria’s Hama Airbase (Photos, Video)

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UPDATE: According to local sources, a major part of the airbase was destroyed in explosions. The reason is still unknown.

On May 18, more than five large explosions rocked the Hama airbase, west of the city of Hama, the Syrian pro-government Hama News Network reported. The source revelaed that several ammo depots in the airbase had exploded for unknown reasons.

Some Syrian pro-government sources said that poorly stored ammunition in Hama airbase had exploded as result of a heat wave that’s hitting central Syria. Other sources claimed that a poorly controlled explosion of dozens of IEDs, captured from militants, led to the explosion of all the ammo depots in the airbase.

Local observers didn’t rule out the possibility of an Israeli airstrike, especially that Israel had targeted similar ammo depots in the eastern Hama countryside on April 29. Another possibility is that Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) or the Free Syrian Army (FSA) targeted Hama airbase with grad rockets, as they do on a regular basis.

The Syrian state TV confirmed that several explosions occurred in Hama airbase. However, no further information was provided.

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Michał Hunicz

Nuke Israhell!

bryan seals

Do that and the Israellis will nuke you back and then what will you have achieved ?

Michał Hunicz

So nuke their nukes first.

bryan seals

Good luck wiith thart one


Well they’ll cry victims as they strikes you.

bryan seals

Does it matter what they cry, you’ll be just as dead.


Wouldn’t it better to shut their annoying cries beforehand then ?

bryan seals

There you go, you’ve got yourself a job.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Israel is terrified to face Syria in a conventional war on it’s own as they have always been afraid. Stop making these coward Israeli soldiers more than they are this is just as bad as Jane’s and all ranking systems.

Rafik Chauhan

israel doesnt have guts to nuke any country bcuz they know it will be the end of the zionist from this earth. israeli nuke is just to scare. but they cant scare rssitance which is very close to israel. it will effect zionist also

Karo Dndlian

go on!

Samuel Boas

Very stupid and unrealistic to say/expect.


my guess poor handling of ammo



Terra Cotta Woolpuller

No actually nothing like that as it was a sudden change in temperature, and that weapon needs close proximity enough to get it caught in the explosion.

Joe Dirt

Those new US drones working well


You wish Israeli spambot.


It can’t be only “poorly stored ammunition”.
It’s clearly the result of some attack, probably from Israël. In case it was HTS or FSA, SAA would have retaliated.


What Russian air defense doing there I Russia is collaboration with Israel. Russia has two face according previous record.

Dr. Pro Liv

eat shit

Rafik Chauhan

then what russia is doing in muslim country then. why pig eating country are in syria .

Dr. Pro Liv

Because they are invited to help.
And who the fuck are you?!
I’m sure you are not even Syrian!
What Arab terrorists are doing in Muslim Arab country like Syria?! Fighting “JIHAD” for JEWS and killing other Arab Muslims
for money and Jewish and U.S. interests !?!

You Muslims are manipulated by handful of Jews and you are showing how MISERABLE you are by killing other Muslims for money by doing Jewish plans exactly the way they want !
If I was Muslim I would either go to kill some Israelis, or kill myself !

Icarus Tanović

They’re wahabis

Dr. Pro Liv

Huge majority of Muslim mercenaries are just ordinary Muslims.
Wahhabism is an Islamic doctrine and religious movement that is related to Muslims and Islam in general.
You can label it as much as you want it always stays related to Islam.

Icarus Tanović

No, it doesn’t. And it isn’t “Islamic doctrine”. It is Zionistic fraud, swindle and mischief.
Don’t you get it, already, by now?
Wahabis countries are spared, and Muslim countries are leveled.
Who did, which citizens did 9/11, by official record?

Dr. Pro Liv

We all know it about 9/11
But that was American job helped by their Muslim friends.
Listen all that story you push is too complicated and it will NOT pass.
For ordinary people Muslims fight Muslims .
And that is exactly what Jews (and now Saudi Wahabis ) ever wanted !
Unless some Muslim leaders do not find the way to unite Muslim world stop mutual killings of the Muslims.
All this will not end up good for Muslims because West will only FEED those wars and conflicts to keep Muslims WEAK to keep them down as servants.

Icarus Tanović

No, it will pass! And it has.
Kazakhstani Ullema belch them out of Ummet, so it did Chinese, Russian, Chechen, Syrian, Iranian, etc. Many Muslims understand it by now. Wahabis are cancer cell inside Muslim healthy tissue.
Even Germans understand differences. That is NOT ISLAM!
Seem that you would like to see more Muslim blood shred by whatever reason.
This War in Syria is War for human kind. It’s like Stalingrad battle.
One that will turn the tide of War.

Dr. Pro Liv

“Seem that you would like to see more Muslim blood shred by whatever reason”
And how is that possible if I think that you should make PEACE and fight your true enemy?!
Today I definitely do not like some Muslim extremists at all.
Depends which Muslims (now you say that Wahhabi are not Muslims)
I have nothing against Sunni or Shia as long as they are not extremists and not against Russia.
All Muslim mercenaries are not Wahhabi ! They just do that FOR MONEY ONLY so stop that propaganda !
Those ex-soldiers who created first ISIS groups in Iraq were KILLING extremists under Saddam Hussein so they have joined ISIS for Saudi MONEY ONLY!

Listen to be perfectly honest with you
my hate list goes list goes like this
1)Jihad for Jews, Al Qaeda head chopping maniacs (kill them all)
I know that Israel deserves to be on the 1st place but they are not my direct enemy so I neglect them…

1) Russia,China,Iran, Assad Syria, North Korea…in general all Muslim countries in good relations with Russia and not good with U.S. etc, etc…..

“This War in Syria is War for human kind”

That’s pure BOLLOCKS and cheap Muslim propaganda!
Muslim mercenaries fight and kill Muslims for money in Syria and Iraq and you call that “War for human kind” ???!!
You probably think I am idiot to believe such rubbish!

Icarus Tanović

How about yours Russian supremacist stance? Okay, you did great job in terms of defending Syrians, against Wahabi monsters. Without Russian military today Syria wouldn’t exist.
War for humanity, War against Wahhabi-Zio-Neocons. That’s what I was talking about.
Educate your self, before posting such Western nonsense propaganda that Wahabis are Muslims. Who was Abdul Wahhab? British spy, wasn’t he?
Those enemies you addressed are as well enemies of mine.
No one said you’re an idiot, besides you.
No Wahabis aren’t Muslims.
Nor do I like any extremist of any kind.

Dr. Pro Liv

“How about yours Russian supremacist stance”
I will not discus this ” supremacist stance” cause I have feeling we will not agree on those words at all.
“supremacist stance” is something that goes with racists and NAZI’s and majority of Russians and Russia are not like that.
Russia was never colonial country.
So you are basically not very correct at all by saying that.
I love what is mine and respect others peoples religions as long as they are not extremely intrusive….or disrespectful in any way
Again you repeat too often “Wahhabi” when I was not talking only about “Wahhabi”ideology but simply about Muslims being “Jihad” soldiers for money only not conviction.
You just try to justify them all,… not to look bad.

“War for humanity, War against Wahhabi-Zio-Neocons.”
No that is not my war …Wahhabi’s are problem that you Muslims must resolve.
I am not expert on Islam and I can’t judge if Wahhabi is Muslim or not.
And I will not take your word for it specially because many places….explanations on Internet present Wahhabi’s as Muslims. But I will not argue now if that is true or not
The fact is that those people are instrument of globalist against everybody(Muslim’s also) They are just instrument of Zio-Neocons…
And instrument can’t be main enemy.
The Zio-Neocons are true “enemies of humanity” and common enemy of all mankind.
So you see I do not consider Muslims in general to be enemies as long as they instrument of the West.
I just refuse word Wahabi to be used as universal passe-partout that liberates Islam of any responsibility of all victims of terrorism in Europe and in Middle East.
That is just too simplistic and too easy to be acceptable.

Icarus Tanović

You readly use words such are Nazis and Nazism? How about that? Nazism supose to be parole that liberates all Christians from all evils of Facism and Communism?
Who told you that I’m a Muslim, anyways, whatsoever any religion at all?
Listen, Russian nationalist and supremacist,
you just declared who you really are, here in front of all.
Go back to your white pride forums, and crawl back to the sewer you crawled from!
This is end of discussion for me.

Dr. Pro Liv

“Who told you that I’m a Muslim”

Your words told me.
It is more than obvious that you ,are not objective when it comes to Islam

” Nazism supose to be parole that liberates all Christians from all evils of Facism and Communism?”

I have no clue what are you talking bout.
Nazism, Facism and Communism are just variations of the same crap for me!

“you just declared who you really are, here in front of all.”

Did I? You sound funny…I am Orthodox Christian. I was never hiding it .

“o back to your white pride forums, and crawl back to the sewer you crawled from! ”
Now you sound retarded…. I was never racist in my life and I hate any kind of discrimination except of those who discriminate…
“This is end of discussion for me”
I couldn’t care less …and for the end I hold Islam responsible for all these killings not only in Syria, Iraq, Yemen but also in EU where I live.
It is too easy to everything brash aside with word “Wahhabi” and just walk over all the innocent victims…
The problem is much deeper and more complex than that.
And Islam must give decent answer and right solution to that problem.

Icarus Tanović

You are schizophrenic Islamophob, and one and only who sounds rather retarded is you!
You must be writing this locked up in some facility for criminally insane, ortodox jew.
How I know that?
From your words, that you’re not objective, when it comes to Islam.
And I don’t care less when it comes to Inquisition crimes.
If you’re such a Ruski, why don’t you just go back to your shit hole country?

And one more thing.
If you find your self that propelled and heroic, just pm me your address, so we can discuss this in person, pseudo Rusky?

Dr. Pro Liv

“If you find your self that propelled and heroic, just pm me your address”

Are you threatening me?!
Is there anything better to discover low life criminal than that ?!
You are presenting yourself as worthless person.
Nice move! How can I be insulted from such thug like yourself?!

“schizophrenic Islamophob”
Because I say that massive killings of Muslims in Middle East and those innocent victims from EU can’t be brushed away with one word “Wahhabis” like it is magic answer on everything?!
It is not answer on why SOME people who follow Islam has to kill so many innocent people (Muslims included ) and they do it for money often!
Muslims kill their own people and I’m “Islamophob” for saying that?!?
And if I call Jews criminals for killing Palestinians I’ll be labeled
also “anti-semite” and bigot by Jews…..
But those are just truths and facts.
You have also labeled me a “racist” and now “insane” so there you go nothing more left !

“Inquisition crimes”
I’ve heard that before…When you have no argument you go 1500 years in past to find one? I’m not Catholic but Orthodox Christian… but than how would you know the difference ?
You are just trying hard to insult me….and you haven’t got enough education and intelligence to know how to do it…

“If you’re such a Ruski, why don’t you just go back to your shit hole country?
Because even my grandfather is born here. I can’t become Ruski by simply going back….doesn’t work that way.
Just like it doesn’t work when Jihad fanatics kill often innocent people in Syria, Muslims…. and take their money-salary every month and expect to go to Paradise because they call those killings “Jihad”….

Free man

Iranian propaganda.
Why doesn’t Iran provide the Syrian forces with its version of the S-300?


Iranian mullahs are as cowardly as Putin the Jew. Russians lost to the Afghan sand farmers and went home crying as USSR broke up and now the same fate awaits in Syria. Russia is a corrupt third world dump with an economy smaller than Italy’s. No wonder Russia’s biggest export is prostitutes and mail order Natashas.


Keep dreaming wahabbi moron.

Free man

Russia is a world power.
Only Russia can stabilize the situation in Syria.
All the rest is irrelevant.


Superfly, flies are shiteating insects, just like so-called americunts (fake mickey mouse “nation” of retarded, inbred mutants, a cesspool for human garbage and excrement from all over the world: hookers, criminals, degenerates, heretics, slaves, “huddled masses” of worthless immigrant feces = Urinated Shithole of America). Go play with your $2 Mexican mother and all her black boyfriends.. or even better: eat shit and die, dumb insect.


Russia is a patsy for Jew scum. Putin is corrupt to the core.

Dr. Pro Liv

And you are typical AmeriCunt pig
Wash your mouth and beg Russia to let you kiss her ass.

Wesley Eppinga

Irans job was to piss on the kurds in de der eiz zor oil fields. They failed there so hard that they moved to the south west. Even tho israel told em it would end bad for em.


Typical of delayed fused ordinance.. With microprocessors the object can be set to detonate days or even months later. Poor ordinance handling, as ordinance that has been ‘compromised’ must be handled as ‘bad’ ordinance. Never reuse ordinance is the general rule. Maybe the ‘hit’ was not even registered [a device got into the bunker area, like a top strike with subsequent impact explosions to cover up the buried object]. It is not uncommon that an enemy that anticipated being over run ‘booby-traps’ their explosives and ordinance. .


they were all timed booby trapped b4 handed over

Bill Wilson

Sounds like the government has started the demolition of that dated airbase so they can build a larger modern facility for commercial traffic.


Another Israeli terrorist attack


Blame the Zionist State of Israhell, there is no other else or some heat temperature of bad IEDs stored or whatever, how many munition by now the SAA had captured and never happen nothing. This is israeli signature. 100%

Karo Dndlian
John Mason

Getting rid of evidence….

Brother Thomas

Rather unlikely the ammo dumps just exploded on their own given the malfeasance in the region.

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