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Multi-Layered Air Defense: Russia May “Soon” Deliver S-300 ‘Favorite’ Systems To Syria – Sources

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Multi-Layered Air Defense: Russia May "Soon" Deliver S-300 'Favorite' Systems To Syria - Sources

FILE IMAGE: Vitaliy Nevar/TASS

Russia may “soon” deliver S-300PMU-2 ‘Favorite’ missile defense systems to Syria, the Russian newspaper Kommersant reported on April 23 citing two military diplomatic sources.

According to the newspaper’s sources, the air defense systems deliveries will be made free of charge. The reported goal of the effort is to assist the Syrian military in establishing a multi-layered air defense across the country.

The S-300PMU-2 ‘Favorite’ is an export version of the Russian S-300 missile defense system. It has the range of 195 km and uses the 48N6E2 missile. This missile can be used against aircraft, cruise missiles, UAVs, theater ballistic missiles even against intercontinental ballistic missiles.

The S-300PMU-2 systems will integrated into this multi-layered air defense to provide additional defense to Damascus and the country’s airfields from missile strikes. The quoted sources said that the S-300 deliveries are mostly a “political” decision and it’s almost made.

The Russian military has already established own air-defense net in the country in order to protect Russian military facilities. These  air defenses have not been officially engaged in repelling any strikes on the Syrian military. However, according to local and official sources, the Russian military is actively involved in training and advising Syrian air defense troops as well as providing assistance to modernize the country’s air defense capabilities.

However, it’s important to note that there has been no official confirmation of the possible deliviries from the Kremlin.

Damascus and Moscow reached an agreement on the S-300 air defense systems deliveries in 2010. However, the deliveries were frozen because of a complicated political and security situation in the region.

Then, Israel was one of the key critics of the deal.

Following the April 14 missile strike on Syria by the US, the UK and France, Russia officially declared that it had returned to an idea of S-300 deliveries to Syria.

Such a move, if it’s implemented, will likely face a strong and maybe even military reaction from Israel and its key ally, the US. Tel Aviv sees the strengthening power of the Syrian military as a direct threat to its regional military and political strategy. Israeli experts have repeatedly voiced concern over the icnreased efficiency of the Syrian Air Defense Forces. These concerns have become specially loud after the Israeli Air Force lost a F-16I fighter jet during the operation against Syria on February 10, 2018.

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Wolfgang Wolf

if RUS says “soon” then the systems are already in Syria….

klove and light

yes they r…but folks have to be trained to use it properly…

paul ( original )

Well there was a report of a heavy lifting transport plane capable of making the delivery landing in Syria a few days ago. However, there was no actual report on what it contained. It could be it was removing something, to be honest we don’t know.


Yes, the west and Israel did not understand Mr Putin when he said there will be consequences. In addition to the heavy lift plane from Russia the other day, there is also the RoRo Sparta II, which is headed to Syria and is reported to be ‘very heavy’. Then today, a Syrian cargo jet brings in ? from Iran to southern Idlib base. Those idiots just enabled Putin to supply Syria with new defenses, those are the consequences of their actions. They will fully realize their stupidity when Syria has a fully multi-layered defense. From what I understand the S300s will be a ‘gift’. Israel better warm up their ‘invisible’ F-35CFs, but should watch out for ‘birds’…LOL.


They need to be installed quickly to counter the so called American puppet Arab army. Syria is one, non has any power to divide it.

klove and light

there is no arab army or kurdish army or what ever u wanna call them in east syria.what u have there , are syrians of kurdish origin and former isis members which have been armed and trained by nato…bunch of phonies…….as soon as the s-300 is in operation by the SAA there will be a no fly zone for nato…then SAA and allied forces will cross the river…it will take less than 2 weeks to capture all of east syria from those terrorists(isis) and traitors(kurds)…they have no army..no planes,no choppers,no battle tanks etc… right now the nato airforce is protecting them.once protection stops..they r gone very very very fast


You didn’t hear about the Arab army which America wants to establish before leaving Syria? There will be an Arab army headed by Saudi Arabia and comprised of Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia, Kuwait, UAE etc.. That’s the Arab army I’m talking about. Not the PKK/YPG nicknamed SDF one no, I meant this Arab army which will come to protect them, then launch an offensive towards Damascus.


you mean that Saudi-Arab army that is achieving such success in defeating the Houthi resistance in Yemen? The Saudis have proven they are quite good at committing war crimes, but at winning wars their performance is… less impressive.



You can call me Al

I second that, but in a mutual contract in that Russia gains 15% of the Omar field.




It’s long long long long overdue . Hundreds of thousands of Syrians have died in a war that has to do with the pipeline .

It is the only decent thing to do as Russia is in very difficult position to engage US or Israeli planes . Let those attacked be able to defend themselves.

You can call me Al

Please, stop the pipeline baloney, this conflict has nothing to do with the pipeline. US Power, Greater Israel, water and the attack on Iran by stealth, if Syria had fallen.

My view only and I am usually wrong.


Pipeline reason for Syrian ear eas already been well established beyond any shadow of doubt.

You are wrong definitely

You can call me Al

OK, your view.

You can call me Al

Rev. 1

Will you at least show a little respect and read these links please:




These are but a few very articles. I am sure the oil pipeline came into play somewhere, but OK, please just review other things as well.

No offence intended, my view only.


No doubt water plays a part but not as great as the pipeline. War started immediately after Syria agreed on the Iranian pipeline .

If it had been water , it could have happened long ago and not the exact timing.

If water is the issue, why should Russia and Iran cared so much . Russia is financially weak , that goes to Iran too. So why bother when it was about water which both countries have nothing to do with it.

Primary reason still remains the pipeline . Water is the secondary as far as the Syrian war is concerned


Guys, wars are not started and conducted for single reasons. I could probably list 100 reasons if I put my mind to it. If you insist on simple reasonings you will never capture the complexity the enemy brings to the table. Then there is plan B and plan C etc. No point in quibbling about a pipeline. It plays a part in this for the Gulf monarchies, but only a part.

You can call me Al

Fair play, you are absolutely correct.


Every single country has the right to defend their soil from foreign attacks because in some countries this is a custom to attack a peaceful country. It is idiotic to leave a nation vulnerable to other country’s attacks like Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Afghanistan, Libya etc. Syria deserve S400 and S300 both. If Syria shoot down just three F-22 fighter jets of US/UK/France then they will not do that mistake again.


Just shoot one down is enough to stop them. They will self chicken out

Nuno Cardoso da Silva

Time for the US and Israel to realize that aggression carries a price with it, which the S-300 will help imposing.

Nigel Maund

Well said Nuno!

hope springs eternal.

Ship them in complete secrecy..perhaps by submarine..and instal too in a similar way. Israel is openly threatening to take them out.

Naija Lolade

They can’t even fly near Syrian Airspace now. The crooks are using Lebanon airspace to launch strike aagainst Syria. Syria is learning too fast a lot in this ongoing war and she is clossing up the gaps pretty soon.

Neo Onh

Just do it!


The S300 should have been delivered following last Aprils airbase strike. Better late than never. Will act as a good deterrent if true.

Nigel Maund

Agreed!…….no point in ever appeasing the dreaded Israeli’s!! …. In fact a total waste of time!

Billy Brown

who the hell are you to complain anyway

Ray Bruges

this delivery is big test for russia now .to be or not to be ..now we will see how strong is russia friendship




more good excellentes news!!

Floyd Hazzard

Even if Russia gives the system to Syria, they will give Israel and Turkey the codes. Russia is about Russian interests, not Syria’s. The Russians have shown that they are duplicitous. What a disappointment for those that hung their hopes on them.

Naija Lolade

Someone called ur name above, you still got something to say. Which codes ? Did they give Syrians codes that shutdown f-16 recently ? You dont need S-300 when S-200 is still very capable.


Hello Floyd. I don’t think so.

=Kory Walace

If Israel and others have ” codes ” to the S-3-00 etc.. then why every time the issue comes up about the export of these systems create such stir? and why does the Israeli government hit Syria over Lebanon and its coast? and on the last disappointing US. UK. French strike on Syria they did not even remotely go anywhere near Russian air defences and warned them well In advance?

Ivan Freely

“May soon deliver”

Quit fucking around and deliver it.


I too think they gave already delivered a significant number of these systems since the attack and will continue to do so. Russia has also already been training Syria in there use since before the recent bombing per previous SF reports. I think they have been training since Trump’s first attack last year.


Look this pervert case: The Zionist “State” is the only one in the region to keep agressive goals in the Middle East,using all possible means to achieve the Yinon Plan for “Great Israël” at the expense of 6 potential countries: Lebanon, Syria, Irak, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. And, ss a coincidence, We can see ISIS presence in Sinai, Syria, Irak and training bases in Jordan and Saudi Arabia…Obviously to legitimate Zionist war in the future under “Security” reasons.


I wonder though, I’ve read that Israeli politicians and generals have said that when Syria gets the S-300 they could basically turn off all Israel into a no-fly zone. Are there no comparable Western SAM systems? Is the Patriot that short ranged in comparison?


Raytheon is racing to develope such a complex, trying to combine THAAD, patriot, maybe some borrowed Israeli tech into a single system. They are milking the 4/14 Syria strike for everything it’s worth, flooding news sites with their phony version of events, telling turkey and others how “worthless” Russian systems are. The fact that they’re bragging about “THAAD & patriot data linking for the first time, and this should be standard in another few years”, shows that these systems were designed to be isolated from each other from the blueprint stage. The goal of such isolation being to keep sales separate, and to force buyers to require the presence of an Agis (ship) controlled by the US to effect any networking between the various complexes.


Well, they could make Lebanon skies much safer. US military doctrine assumes air superiority (ever since WWII), so focus is on planes and not on SAM systems. Russian doctrine require capable SAMs.


That’s because the US has always operated with having air superiority. Either from the start, or relatively soon. Especially in recent times. Vietnam was probably the last war the US fought where they had to fight an enemy that made them fight for air superiority and where they faced a working air defense system.


Yep, military doctrine is shaped by wars. I rememeber reading that AA units on the Western Front didn’t have much to shoot at, so they used their Maxson quads to pepper infantry.


I think the German joke back then was: if its green, its British, if its silver, its American, and if its invisible its the Luftwaffe.


Where is Starlight who said this would never happen?


Floyd Hazzard is on duty today :)

Starlight is helping his boyfriend with an enema.


I hope they get them.

Nigel Maund

Russia go ahead and deliver the S300 system. This will stop the IAF in its tracks and signal an end to Israeli dominance of the air in the Middle East for the foreseable future. Don’t be influenced by the duplicitous and bullying Israeli’s and make Syria a safer country free from interference by especially Israel an the US and their vassal States UK and EU. It’s time Russia continued what it has started in the Middle East and established itself as the key player swing power in this region permitting the war torn States of Syria and Iraq to rebuild their economies without outisde interference of the evil Globalist hegemonist’s. Russia is now the nw beaocn of real Democracy as the West reverts to Fascism, Dictatorship and destruction of free speech and a free press. Russia is now the future more so than China or any other country on the planet.


IMO, it is already locked and loaded in Syria. This message is just the acknowledgement for the readers.

Brad Isherwood

IF*….Russia gives Syria S 300 PMU 2…..it then opens the doors for Iran to field it’s own build version of S 300. Iran already operates Radars,area denial Jamming systems, counterfire battery fire radar systems in Syria. Hezbollah is rumored to have an SA 17 system from Syrian military. Hezbollah fabricates their own copy of certain Rockets/Missiles. Fabricating their own version of BUK M2E on road or track chassis is possible.

With US now occupying 1/3rd of Syria. .. It’s possible Putin will step back and permit the air defence technology level for Syria to increase, And for Iran/Hezbollah. US might pressure Iran to not field their Air defence systems. .. Leaving Hezbollah to struggle on their own to create capable air defence.

It’s here I am disappointed with Putin and Iran. …who ARE…..enabling Israhell and US to have primacy in the region . If US/Israhell were paying** …Russia and Iran to not field systems. ..that could be considered on business level . US grabbed and occupied far to much of Syria on the easy. Empire faces no serious opposition


still not /Lavrov/

Roger Snellman

With friends like Russia, Syria does not need any more enemies. Russia finally admits all those costly air and missile defense systems are completely worthless. Everyone with 2 eyes has know that for months. With some bad boy… Turkey, Israel, US, France, UK flying around Syrian air space and destroying stuff a couple times a week. On the other hand a handful of militants took down a Russian Su-25 a little over a month ago and murdered the pilot. Even Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian fighter over a year ago. Seem to recall F-16s being state of the art back in the 1970s.


Well, we all hope that soon really means SOON !


The ethno-supremacist apartheid death squad state called Israel is an enemy of all of humankind. This morally repugnant nation that massacres people like they were rabbits has no place in the community of nations.

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