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JUNE 2023

Muhaysini And Other Religious Leaders Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Threaten To Defect From Group

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On September 9, Abdullah al-Muhaysini the main religious leader of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) announced in an official statement that he and other religious leaders of HTS will defect from it if the group does not approve “needed reforms”.

The religious leaders demanded that HTS to respect its religious scholars and to consider their opinion on the group’s actions. Another demand was to improve the Internal Judiciary of HTS and to expand its authority.

The last demand was to form a committee to solve HTS internal problems, and HTS problems with the public and other armed groups. The committee would also solve the problems related to prisoners.

Muhaysini And Other Religious Leaders Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Threaten To Defect From Group

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Syrian opposition activists believe that the Muhaysini statement is a result of leaks made by the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement. On September 6, Hussam Atrash one of the religious leaders of the Nour al-Din al-Zenki Movement leaked information on how Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) leadership conspired to establish relationship with Iran.

On September 9, HTS denied in an official statement the accusation made by Atrash. However, the reaction from Muhaysini and other religious leaders of HTS confirms that the leaks could be at least partly true.

Muhaysini And Other Religious Leaders Of Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham Threaten To Defect From Group

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Muhaysini and another religious leader of HTS Abu al-Harith al-Masri are against the HTS aggression towards other armed Syrian opposition groups in Idlib governorate, according to Syrian opposition sources. These religious scholars allegedly believe that HTS should build good relations with Turkey and the Free Syrian Army (FSA).

However, HTS leader Abu Mohammad al-Julani, Abd al Rahman Atuan – another religious leader of HTS – and Abu Yusef Halfaya – HTS military commander Hama – are against working with Turkey or accepting any other armed group in Idlib governorate, according to the source.

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Sunnis are bullshit. just kill HTS. They have no future for Syrians.


You lack any understanding of dynamics in Syria militarily or religiously. There is nothing called sunni anymore or haven’t been since like more then 150-200 years ago its just a head term while within it they differ greatly.

What you are refering to is Islamists and by that I mean pan-islamic entities and they are a very small minority and have been that thru out this war.

The pan-islamic islamists are a tiny minority and have been thru out the civil war and same goes to them in idlib they are a minority. same with ISIS tiny minority with no support from any state or gov’t.

60% of the syrian army are sunnis and palestinians. there is nothing called sunnis but there is something called pan-islamic or anti-pan islamic. majority of the sunnis are anti- pan Islamic. It is as simple as that


“60% of the syrian army are sunnis” ans “100% rebels are sunnis or kurds”. So, yes Sunnis are the problem. For me the sentence “60% of the syrian army are sunnis” is not an argument. Sunnis are a threat for themselfs as well.


The group itself has out-grown from each other ideology for centuries ago. You have sufis, Barelvis etc etc who are the largest part of the sunni demographics and they are entirely pro-shia and share some ideology with them rather then the pan-islamic muslims who are strict monotheistic.

70% to 80% of current muslims in the world are Sufis, Barelvis and Shia and they ideologically are closer and allies so Sufis and barevlis using the sunni term makes it an invalid term that has dead more then 150-yrs to 200 yrs ago if not even further back to atleast 400-500 years ago.

Sufis, Barevlis and shia share the same ideology practices and if you add all the other mysticals they become the majority. They should come up with a new term. The pan-islamic stric monotheistic groups are a minority and a very tiny minority. they are refered to as salafist but even that group has separate into two categories that don’t see eye to eye and that is the classical salafi and the madkhali (who is more supportive of the syrian regime)

So in a sense you have only a group of 1-3% of current demographics being actully pan-islamic while the rest are anti pan-islamic


I don’t care. What I see is that 100% of the “rebels” are sunnis or kurds. What I see is that sunnis are easily manipulated. What I see is that sunnis fight for the invisble man alias Al Bghdadi.


As I have said the term itself don’t bear any fruits anymore and has died several centuries ago due to different religious ideology and they differ greatly to the point where christians and jews are more friendly to them then they are to each other.

That term is gone and they are aliens to each other even worse then they are to the jews and christians. They have just out-grown from each other and differ greatly.

Some consider others polytheists while others consider them takfiris and this divide is greater then anything you can imagine. So that term is non-existence in the current time has been for several centuries now and the label has remained only due to formality.

You can call me Al

You are wasting you time, however good your comments are. I had a similar “conversation on another thread. He like to goad people.


I agree that the term Sunni is anachronistic since it has lost its original meaning through the centuries. The restructuring of Islam gave birth to new, different divides. But since the term Shia is still widely used to explain demographics of every kind in our era, it is bound that the term Sunni is not going to stop being misinterpreted, or even forgotten any time soon.

Moussa Saab

They are not from only Syria, they are people gathered from around the world, so that means whatever Sunnis that are extremists are very little compared to the rest of the world, most come from schools from Saudia Arabi teaching Wahhabism

Moussa Saab

Google, YouTube, and other search engine giants are redirecting our searches to more U.S propaganda. https://www.washingtonpost.com/amphtml/news/innovations/wp/2017/07/24/youtube-is-tricking-people-who-search-for-isis-videos/


There’s only one Problem. Jaysh Al-Hurr Doesn’t exist. well, not as a secular faction.


Go ahead! debate among yourselves while the SAA is making your world smaller everyday.


Muhaysini needs to be tried by the Syrian state authorities for terrorism against state and population. Muhaysin’s chief western media-apologist is the reprehensible, and Qatari bank-rolled, Charles Lister.


It’s a serious matter – shoot yourselves.


“The hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of great moral crisis, maintain their neutrality.” Dante Alighieri

http://thehigherlearning.com/2014/08/16/did-you-know-muhammad-wrote-a-letter-guaranteeing-the-protection-of-christians/ ( read it, its the prophet Muhammad (pbwh) Him self) I sincerely hope, not that I have much faith in it, but never the less, this moronic debate, I will normally use profanity about the level of shear lies, forgery’s and again, cut and paist of virtually everything, from AGW to Religion, it never ends, does it. To fill the void with manure.

Why it never ends is another issue, we have debated before, but again this letter above just confirms whats written in the Noble Quran, and to anyone whom is still using ISIS manuals to link it as an prof of how evil Islam is, is to me nonsense, the same images is no problems of getting considering other “groups” sodomizing and raping, the uISISa army, and so on, to etc, etc, etc. f….. And others again whom is using the Torah (the old testament) or the “interpretation” written perverted and used to day, to justify genocide and ethnic cleansing ( like Buddhists is doing as we speak), rings any bells f….. huh Are you sure you wanna debate religion, and what its counter part uses to camouflage theirs new age religion and cargo cults, like AGW. Bring it on, schmucks.

In the Quran, its crystal clear, and I could say some of it, but states the initial rule in Islam, there is NO compulsion in Religion, and to kill, anything, incl animals, have rules and this rules are ther to protect your miserable human soul to make sure you treat everything with respect and care, capice, and killing humans is forbidden completely, we are after all, His children, to then kill it, is killing our Creator, there is little He hates more than that, and I dont even think anyone of you realize this, you are considered as an equal sinner, to watch and do nothing, is in fact worse, because this sees as an continuation of consciousness whom is deprived of morale and justice, witch all are cemented in two pillars, above them all, Truth and Love.

But again, its never to late to turn, and repent.

The days of blaming others much come to an end, the world have just one problem, the creator of this mess, the upholder of this wars, the fueling of stupid propaganda to an even dumber people is working, I read it every day.

You better wake the f…. up.

Unity, is the only path, nothing else will work, the searation is artificale, done by consent, thru centurys, and now we are here stearing stright into the abyss, and we end up hagling about f…. semantics.

Yeah, and you think our Lord is impressed, huh, an chiken is an lion compared to the present humanity, thats the ugly truth.



While I think HTS should be scorched from the earth, the article shows one of the main problems of the muslim world : clerics meddling in politics, trying to force others to do their will.

My general advice : give all clerics meddling second time in politics a choice : Be silent, go into internal exile to an uninhabited far away desert oasis, or be hanged. First time offenders get wipped as those sharia lovers seem to like wipping.


Let the primitive animals kill eachother. Makes SAA’s job easier.

DJ Double D

Terrorists demanding Reforms from Terrorists are fun to hear.

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