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Mueller probe: Fully armed FBI agents arrest Trump’s ex-adviser Roger Stone in pre-dawn raid

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Mueller probe: Fully armed FBI agents arrest Trump's ex-adviser Roger Stone in pre-dawn raid

(L) Roger Stone © AFP / SAUL LOEB; (R) Robert Mueller © REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

Originally appeared at RT

The FBI has arrested Roger Stone, a former campaign adviser to US President Donald Trump, in a surprise early morning raid on his home. Stone has been indicted on charges including obstruction and witness tampering.

He was arrested at his home in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, following Thursday’s indictment by the office of the US Special Counsel Robert Mueller which is investigating Trump and his associates over allegations surrounding his 2016 campaign.

Stone is facing one count of obstruction of proceedings, one count of witness tampering, and five counts of false statements.

It is alleged that Stone, who officially left the Trump campaign in August 2015, told campaign officials in July 2016 about future WikiLeaks (referred to in Mueller’s document as “Organization 1”) releases of damaging information found in leaked Democratic National Committee (DNC) emails. US intelligence claims the emails were hacked by Russian “government actors.”

During Trump’s campaign, Stone boasted about having connections with WikiLeaks co-founder Julian Assange, but later said it wasn’t a direct link. Instead, he said that he relied on New York radio host Randy Credico (named “Person 2” in the Thursday indictment) as a “go-between.”

The indictment says Stone lied to the House Intelligence Committee about his alleged contacts with WikiLeaks and tried to convince another person to give false testimony.

Stone, a long-time ally of Trump, was recently praised by the US president for saying he would “never testify against Trump” and for having “guts” in the face of the “rogue and out of control prosecutor” Mueller.

The FBI showed up at Stone’s door in force. Agents arrived armed with assault rifles and clad in body armor, and without warning.

FBI agents are among those left without pay due to the ongoing US government shutdown, and the fact that they still went and arrested Stone had the anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ praising on them on Twitter for “protecting this country.”

Since Trump came to power, FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s ‘Russiagate’ probe has been investigating the US intelligence community’s allegations that he had colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign. Stone’s arrest is arguably the most significant of the probe, which has so far resulted in several high-profile arrests on charges unrelated to the still unproven “collusion.”

Russia has dismissed all allegations of working to put Trump in power or control his decisions.

Many of Trump’s opponents blame Russia for his surprise 2016 victory against Hillary Clinton. In April 2018, the House Intelligence Committee concluded that Trump had not colluded with Moscow, but later the Senate committee said he did, choosing to side with US intelligence assessments.

Those assessments, as well as media reports often based on unnamed sources (many of which have since proven to be false) remain the chief basis for the ‘Russiagate’ allegations, as Mueller’s team has so far failed to uncover proof of collusion in its two-year probe.

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More complete bollocks from Witch Finder General Mueller, that dumbed down Americans will believe.


Brother Ma

Reminds me of Nixon putting in someone and then they took him down. This may happen here. Mueller now called rogue by Trump. Hmm?

I don’t care if Russia meddled in America or not ,as America certainly meddles in other countries.


I BET that the SECRET SERVICE with the US Marshals can/will defeat the FBI in a firefight easy as pie.


I expect Roger’s cellmates will get a kick out of his Dick Nixon tramp stamp.

AM Hants

Who is the daddy?

Robert Mueller 1966

comment image

Gestapo Chief Mueller

comment image

What happened to Gestapo Chief Mueller? Did anybody hear of him, following the ‘Operation Paperclip’ exercise?

Brother Ma

Any evidence it is really his father?

AM Hants

I just asked ‘who is the daddy’. What happened to Gestapo ~chief Mueller, after Hitler allegedly committed suicide? Did anybody see him, once they implemented the ‘Operation Paperclip’ escape route for the Nazi and Bolshvik elite, they were sent to Canada and the US?

Ironic the similarities between the two men, whether coincidence or genetics. Who knows.


FISA brings dow the house!
Trump wins this!
Meuller is under control!
If people on this site understand the FISA application process in order to spy on US citizens, including a presidential campaign, u will understand who must permit this surveillance (spying) and who must sign off on it! You will also understand the required evidence! You will also understand the correct procedures on how this evidence is vetted!
People in the KNOW understand that the Mueller investigation is a dead end!

Those of u who understand whoPeter Strzok and Lisa Page are and there involvement in this! What texts were made public from their communications! Why were these same people spying on Trump also on Meullers team? What happened to them?

Who has since been fired from the FBI?
Who is in a court proceedings as we speak from the FBI?

Trump is in control!
There is no Russia collusion!

Military intelligence vs govt intel agencies (CIA and MOSSAD)

People who KNOW whats going on know exactly what i am talking about!

Russia and USA to become allies after the next 2020 election when Trump wins!
Trump wins the next election because he will be declassifying the FISA abuse! (PROOF)

Indictments sealed! Soon to be unsealed!
The wall has more importance then u know!

Besides human trafficking (cartel money paid to US politicians), illegal immigrants (who become Dem voters), (drugs) of which the cartels pay US politicians and brings down the CIA).

US politicians are not free! They have been compromised! Sex with kids (forced or unforced and recorded), paid by cartels to NOT build a wall), career promotions etc etc!

Why are all of these politicians multi-millionaires? How can they be with their salaries?
Politicians are bought and paid for by Cartels, Saudi Arabia, Mossad / CIA, China!
Why would Dems vote and appropriate 25 billion for a border wall in 2016 but then not do it? Paid off? they wanted more money? So why do they now reject Trumps want of only 5.7 billion?

Trump is exposing them for who they really are!
Information (proof) to be released!

God Speed!


“Trump is in control!”
Trump can’t even control his own mouth.


He wants to build the wall!
Pelosi says “no, will not negotiate at all”
Trump closes govt
Pelosi says “open govt and we will negotiate”
Trump opens it temporarily (for 3 weeks)
Pelosi now needs to be seen negotiating especially when dems have been seen appropriating 25billion for a wall in 2016!
If she doesnt negotiate a deal, Trump uses Ex Order and national emergency to build the wall!
If she does negotiate, Trump builds the wall and wins points for winning!

Sinbad, i already know that u know nothing!
i already know u are an oath breaker (breaker of treaties)
i already know that u BAGGED about joining the army when u and i both know that there was a national conscription at the time u joined!
i already know u prefer China to the USA!

So dont come here telling me what u know or dont know about Trump!
Lets just say im the expert on the USA and youre not!

All u do is sit on this site barracking for a football team like an old dumb cunt!
u have no idea about the changes that have occurred since 2017!

If u like China so much, u should state clearly why u like them!
And tell us what China has done in the war on syria!

China is the REAL enemy!
You will find this out soon!
i tried to educate u on this but u cant teach a person like u new tricks!
u have no idea whats going on geopolitically! youre in a fish bowl!


Sinbad, i will screen shot this and i will throw it back to u the day of the FISA decals which is on ice!
Then u will see that China is the bad guy (who u like) and that Trump did not collude with Russia (even though Hillary did!)
Remember this day!
Then we can show everyone on this site HOW WRONG YOU ARE!

comment image

The former CIA, Mossad, Saudi Arabia!
Saudi taken care of!
Watch what happens!
Remember i told u this!

And remember, China is BAD!


The good news is, while the US is busy covering up for its corrupt government politicians and businessmen, it isn’t quite as focused on global domination.


Correct Sinbad!
They are also preparing for the fed to raise interest rates and destroy the US economy! Ending wars saves money! Make NATO nations pay more saves money! But mark my words….Putin and Trump will make Russia and the USA allies after 2020 election!

Two REAL Patriots!

comment image

All was planned!
They are not colluding for the election! They are coordinating to stop a globalist takeover! They both know the REAL Plan! Putin former head of KGB / FSB! Flynn, Former head of the Defence Intelligence Agency!
Compare what the KGB/FSB did to get Putin into power! Compare what US military intelligence did to get Trump into power!
Globalists were kicked out of Russia (90%)! Same happening in the USA now!


Brother Ma

If what you say is true ,Bravo but i doubt it is so clearcut.

Carol Davidek-Waller

If the Democrats would just do something useful when they finally manage to win an election or two instead of engaging in witch hunts and the wildly imaginative neo McaCarthyism, they’d be unbeatable.

Brother Ma

If the Democrats actualky did somethjng thwt challebged the status -quo ratger than just be Globalist/Republican- Lite they may actually retain government.

That will not happen with Killary. She must be at the least ,cast adrift.

Lazy Gamer

If the indictments are mostly on the statements given before committees then this will either be a slow process or there is nothing on collusion.

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