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Much-Troubled Peace Talks: Taliban Lays Down Conditions, US To Send More Troops In Afghanistan

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Much-Troubled Peace Talks: Taliban Lays Down Conditions, US To Send More Troops In Afghanistan

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The Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey will hold talks on April 23 in Istanbul, without the representatives of the Taliban.

“The trilateral meeting will cover the latest developments regarding the Afghan peace process, security cooperation, energy, communications and illegal migration,” Turkish Foreign Ministry officials said.

The foreign ministers agreed to discuss these issues after the refusal of representatives of the Taliban movement to participate in peace talks that were previously scheduled for April 24.

After the US administration announced that it would withdraw troops from the country only by September 11, 2021, the Taliban claimed that they would not meet until all foreign forces had left Afghanistan.

Turkey decided to postpone the Istanbul conference until the end of celebration of Ramadan and Eid al-Adha.

On April 22, the Taliban revealed the reasons for postponing talks with the United States until the end of Ramadan. According to Tolonews, the Taliban demanded  to release its prisoners and lift UN sanctions against the leaders of the terrorist organization.

Pakistan is playing an active mediating role in the negotiation process. Islamabad is trying to convince the Taliban to take part in the “Istanbul conference”. On April 22, the Pakistani delegation visited Kabul for in-depth discussions on improving bilateral relations.

At the same time, there is an alternative platform for negotiations. A meeting of the “expanded troika” on the settlement in Afghanistan that includes representatives from Russia, the United States, China, Pakistan was scheduled in Doha next week.

Much-Troubled Peace Talks: Taliban Lays Down Conditions, US To Send More Troops In Afghanistan

Two American soldiers in June, 2019 in Wardak Province, Afghanistan. (Thomas Watkins/Agence France-Presse)

On April 14, US President Joe Biden claimed that US troops would leave Afghanistan until September 11 in place of May 1, according to one of the key conditions for the negotiation process.

Moreover, according to the spokesman for the US Department of Defense, the US may even temporarily increase its military contingent in Afghanistan. According to US Assistant to the President for National Security, Washington also decided to retain part of the contingent to guard its embassy.

Finally, on April 20, Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. said that U.S. Central Command and American diplomats are working with nations surrounding Afghanistan on agreements to base troops and aircraft for counter terrorism inside the country following the military’s withdrawal.


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Lone Ranger

Demonrats wont rest till the U.S. has a drop of blood left. Operation bleed out ongoing…

Furkan Sahin

i hope Usa soldiers get killed haha

Cheryl Brandon


Cheryl Brandon



The Foreign Ministers of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Turkey will hold talks on April 23 in Istanbul, without the representatives of the Taliban.

The irony that probably Usa will recognize Armenian genocide and thats why Turkey decided to postpone conference.What did Turkey hope by participating in Taliban peace talks?Turks can not compartmentalize relations with Usa. Usa is demonic player-demands full obedience without any condition.Usa-Turkish relations damaged hitherto unprecedented atm.Before Erdogan gone balistic against İsrael,İsrael was the only country saving Turkey’s ass in congress with its ultimate share in Usa corporation.

Proud Hindu

Taliban and Pakistan will get defeated by afghan lions 🦁


More like you/cia/soros fed to the lions,enjoy their curse,atleast i’m aware (law of survival) Must be soo proud of genocide.


Taliban ARE the Afghans you Cow worshipping, p1ss drinking, dung eating Monkey C@cksucker. Hows your hindu empire of prostitutes and gang rapists? still p1ssing and shitting in the streets?, starving your population, and sending rockets to the Moon are we? I just ate your God in a burger 5 minutes ago , so you aint got no-one to pray to when the Pakis kick your filthy monkey worshipping crotches back to the sewers you came from

Proud Hindu

Your prophet r@ped Aisha.Mongols ki!!ed 10 million Muslims worry about that 😂😂😂


1. Aisha? – You assume I am Paki/Iranian/Arab/Muslim. Even then, where’s the

proof? 2. Mongols – They are ALL Muslim now LMFAO – what does that say about Islam?

BUT, Arabs invaded India from South, Mughals from the North and killed 20 million

monkeys like you (evidently, not enough). 3. Hindu religion that you are so proud of is a perveted sexually depraved idol

worshipping cult that :

– Forced “Lower caste” hindu women to walk topless until us Brits stopped this

barbaric practice

– Burnt Widows alive on their husbands funeral pyre, once again, until us Brits

stopped it – created temple prostitutes out of lower caste Hindu girls to religiously sanction prostitution – you bunch of sick p1gs

Don’t you just luv arguing with depraved monkeys who believe God’ is a Cow and ….sometimes also a monkey LMFAO

btw, My grandad says we gave India to the Hindus, not the Muslims ‘cos you guys were such amazing British C@cksuckers while the Moslems were obsessed with throwing us out of India. Well, that C@cksucking tradition carries on in the amazing way you fellate the Israelis, ‘cos he believes you guys have really small d1cks. Well, must be true, ‘cos, how can a nation of only 200 million pakis continuously stand up to 1.3 billion monkeys, and still not get crushed in , whats it, 3 wars? Methinks either the Pakis have big Kahunas or Cow worshippers have really small D1cks – my money’s on the latter.

Proud Hindu

Jesus banged Muhammad lol. 100 million Muslims and christians dead in crusades 🤣😂🤣🤣


yea but you brtis were still going through scat trying to find undigested nuts while the harpans had indoor plumbing…

Fog of War

Alright everyone explain this one away. The Syrian government is going to allow at least 20% of its population to get ” vaccinated ” with a vaccine made by a Corporation based in the country sworn to its destruction.

But wait , it gets better. All this ” concern ” is over a ” virus ” that has ONLY ” killed ” 1,400 in a WAR TORN NATION, where tens of thousands have ALREADY died from WAR.

Is this a comedy show ? Who writes these scripts ? Great theater though, enjoy every act.

” At the moment, Syria has administered at least 2,500 doses of Covid-19 vaccines. The new shipment will allow for more vaccinations in the country, which has seen 1,400 people die because of the virus. ”

” Akjemal Magtymova, the head of the WHO’s Syria mission, told Syrian health officials and UN partners that the UN hopes 20% of the Syrian population will be vaccinated by the end of the year. ”

– Syria receives over 200,000 doses of AstraZeneca vaccine under UN-backed COVAX scheme –


Ivan Freely

Coercion would be my guess.

Fog of War

The Syrian government is successible to US coercion ? Please explain why and how .

Ivan Freely

Maybe I should have used the word, corruption along with coercion. In any case…

The short answer. Why? Money. How? Relationships.

The long answer below:

All governments are susceptible to coercion to some degree including large nations like China, India and even the US. It all comes down to cost-benefit ratio, sometimes in geopolitical terms.

You need to also understand that governments are not homogeneous entities. I suspect there is someone or a faction or two in Syria’s government that financially benefits from relationships to certain entities such as corporations. It’s often tolerated as this individual or faction(s) holds some political power.

Don’t forget the UN is no longer an organization to solve political differences as it’s primary mission has failed a long time ago; maybe right from the beginning. It’s now more of a place of corruption to allow big business to throw their weight around the globe.

So, who is this Akjemal Magtymova, the head of the WHO’s Syria mission, really is? Is he compromised, or corrupted?

I doubt we’re dealing with the US this time because the vax isn’t from Pfizer or Moderna. Since we’re talking about AstraZeneca, a UK-Swedish pharmaceutical, is there a relationship between Magtymova and AstraZeneca?

Speaking of the UK, Asma al-Assad is a UK national who worked for JP Morgan that deals with biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. Was coercion placed on her? Is she as “clean” as some here want to believe?

If we’re dealing with coercion, maybe it’s coming from AstraZeneca via the UN; maybe even with Akjemal Magtymova’s help.

I do not know what the UN / AstraZeneca have as leverage against Syria but clearly there is something going on.

Lone Ranger

Hope ciatrolls and wahabimossad rats get vaccinated first…

Fog of War

Doesnt even come close to addressing my questions but whatever.


Well they couldn’t kill enough Syrians through war, so they are doing it under the guise of health. Syrians at this point should be smart enough to be wary of anything pushed out by the west.


The vaccines are for the democratic areas of the country like the north and north east not syria..

cechas vodobenikov

US troops need experience murdering so they can better control their BLM/LGBT civil war at home

Kenny Jones ™

May 1st is the deadline everyone knows, the US is playing with fire by not withdrawing by then


the talibans should just get on with it, the disunited states of insufferable fools can’t be trusted and there is just one way to go – continue the mayhem and destruction the american way, i.e. kill as many as possible till the yankee-twats are reduced to sit tight in their compounds waiting for the next bomb, missile etc. setting up bases in the neighbouring countries to supervise the situation in afghanistan is hardly in line with the peace-accord they agreed on with complete withdrawal latest may 1st and now they moved it to 9.11 and then numerous details to make the accord null and void . talibans – get on with it. yankee-twats body-bagged home will sort the situation the quickest.


Russians should Man-Up and supply the Taliban with SAMs just like the US supplied the Mujahideen with Stingers.

Fog of War

But they wont because ” Putin “.

Jim Allen

US doesn’t have any plans to leave Afghanistan. This whole trip is to create a “feel good” moment for the US while creating the pretense to continue occupying the country. This get’s so damn boring, and predictable. New revelation ! US agrees to GTFO (insert name of country here) as it’s been 15 minutes since this program finished running, and everyone’s brain has reset. Everyone comment’s, “US is withdrawing it’s military after negotiations with blah, blah, blah, has signed on to be gone by…… Oh, no look what just happened, there’s no way we can leave now. US must give more “freedom” to these poor oppressed souls. That’s gonna’ take even more troops, and blowing shit up, and theft of resources. There’s poppy fields to protect… Rinse, and repeat…yawn.


Same thing happened with Iraq. Why spend so much money on an embassy built like a fortress and then just up and leave. As Russell Bentley said, don’t bother about the talk, watch what they do.

Cheryl Brandon


Jihadi Colin

“Terrorist organisation”.

If the Taliban are terrorists, so was the French Resistance.


Iran and Russia need to be careful here……evidently the best course of action is that the shitbilly and the wahabbi talib keep on fighting till king-dumb come. Nothing can be be better no?

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