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JULY 2020

MSM Shares New “Revelations” That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With “Conspiracy Theories” And “Misinformation”


MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

SouthFront has repeatedly been accused of being pro-Russian propaganda, anti-Erdogan propaganda, pro-Trump propaganda, anti-Russian propaganda, pro-Iranian propaganda, pro-Assad propaganda, anti-Assad propaganda and so on. The allegations have been made by various different media outlets, think tanks and media activists.

However, the most widespread narrative is that SouthFront is part of some sophisticated Kremlin propaganda campaign or is even run by the Russian Defense Ministry. Such allegations have been spread by large pro-NATO organizations such as the Atlantic Council, or by representatives of the US Department of State or the US Department of Defense.

Now, it even looks as if both the House and Senate intelligence committees are investigating SouthFront’s interference in the US presidential election.

SouthFront supposes that it should be seen as an honor that elites of the often touted “most free” nation in the world have so highly evaluated the joint efforts of numerous experts and volunteers involved in the project.

An Oxford University study found on October 9th that SouthFront targets “US military personnel and veterans with conspiracy theories, misinformation, and other forms of junk news about military affairs and national security issues.

In June 2017, Politico Magazine already pushed a very similar idea arguing that SouthFront is one of the projects shaking the very pillars of American society, foremost among which was the military.

Let’s look at what The Hill writes about the new “revelations” on the issue (source):

Russia targeted U.S. military personnel and veterans in a cyber campaign last spring by spreading messages on social media networks that promoted Kremlin propaganda as well as conspiracy theories, according to a new study.

The Oxford University study found that three websites with Kremlin ties — Veteranstoday.com, Veteransnewsnow.com and Southfront.org — engaged in “significant and persistent interactions” with the U.S. military community, McClatchy highlighted Monday.

“We’ve found an entire ecosystem of junk news about national security issues that is deliberately crafted for U.S. veterans and active military personnel,” professor Philip Howard, who led the research in the study, told the newswire.

“It’s a complex blend of content with a Russian view of the world — wild rumors and conspiracies.”

Despite their attempts to gain influence through social media platforms last June, the study found that they did not make “very deep” inroads with the group on Twitter. The sites, however, did have more success with Twitter than Facebook.

Mike Carpenter, a former senior Pentagon official, told McClatchy that the three websites all “appear to be Russian fronts, given the high degree of Russian content.”

Veterans Today, for example, reportedly mixed stories that included advice for veterans on how to find jobs with headlines like “Ukraine’s Ku Klux Klan — NATO’s New Ally.”

Veterans Today began publishing content that came from a news outlet that had ties to the Russian Academy of Sciences, which is chartered by the Russian government, according to the report.

The other two websites, which similarly had Moscow ties, also published Russian propaganda.

News from the study’s findings comes after Facebook revealed last week that Moscow purchased online ads that specifically targeted presidential swing states such as Michigan and Wisconsin as well as specific demographic groups in an attempt to influence the presidential election.

Both the House and Senate intelligence committees are investigating the extent and the success in which Russia disseminated false news or further fanned inflammatory reports.

McClatchy website’s publication went further and claimed that SouthFront is part of “a Kremlin cyber-campaign aimed at undermining Americans’ trust in democracy during last year’s U.S. elections and helping Donald Trump win the presidency.

One of the most interesting facts is surely that SouthFront has achieved all this groundbreaking influence on US foreign and domestic policies with a monthly budget of about 5,000 USD. It’s hard to imagine what could be done were the project to collect 6,000 USD or even more.

Anyone can now further influence global politics by donating to SouthFront in one of the following ways:


Account: southfront@list.ru

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

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MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"


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MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"



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MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

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MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation" MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"

MSM Shares New "Revelations" That SouthFront Targets U.S. Military Community With "Conspiracy Theories" And "Misinformation"



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  • jerry hamilton

    South Front hacked the American elections too.

    • John Wallace

      And the French and German elections as well as tricking Britian to vote for BREXIT. Wow , I think I am going to stop reading MSM and stick too southfront as it is obviously the only news site that really matters.

  • Lupus

    Lol who cares what them shitty yankees say. Keep up the good work SF!

  • chris chuba

    Veteran’s today was sloppy, Ukraine isn’t the new KKK, they are neo-Nazi’s.

    • qveenz

      Now, don’t ever forget that Nazi are National Socialists, National Feminists, National/Poupular Communist and so on. By the way Ukraine isn’t but is in it’s new KKK.
      Now about the US election the question is not who is hacking it but who is the idiot who doesn’t. According to Mark Twain even small kids are doing this.
      So finally after all those evolved beleifs that US acquired for several centuries they are still buying witchcraft doing. Well my friends that human sheep nature is quite something.
      Well SF LOL make us hope in our capacity to build a better world.

      • heydad

        Ya its quite a joke for anyone paying any attention over time to be shocked and scadilized that maybe their is people who would like to influence things. Difference is its called hacking and undermining democracy if your an enemy. If your an ally its just good business In the lobby world. The fact that the Russian election hack is such a key issue still shows the lack of realistic thinking in average westerners.

  • Cobras

    Hell yeah Southfront, keep up the good work.
    Cheers from Brazil.

    • Emilia M.

      Cesspool Brazil.

  • Alex

    Price for being successful :P

  • Attrition47

    Think of it as a Nobel prize but with credibility….

    • bcbingram


  • FlorianGeyer

    In reality it is the Western MSM that peddles extremely UNSOPHISTICATED propaganda that is even an insult to the average Americans intelligence :)

    • Rex drabble

      It doesnt insult the average American at all,They believe it!
      They need to believe it because without it they arent exceptional any more and cant sit in judgement of the world whilst they live it up at the cost of countless millions murdered to feed their evrey base desire.

      • FlorianGeyer

        Is it that US citizens actually ” believe it ” or are they just insouciant as all past Empires citizens have been whilst they feel ‘Too Big to be Fail ‘ as an Empire ?

  • The tightening of information control by the ‘Khazarian (shape-shifting) mafia’ is a mark of intense frustration at loss of power, pending overthrow and desperation.

    • BL

      The dirty Jew vermin’s only source of power is his absolute monopoly control of media and the flow of information. The Jew is like a virus, it simply cannot survive as a normal organism, its only mechanism of survival is to infiltrate, control, and act as a parasite on a host, ultimately leading to the destruction of the host itself. The Kike Jew rodent scum’s biggest fear is to lose his iron grip monopoly control on media which would cause him to lose control over the host he’s infecting.


      • The Bandalar

        You are disgusting human being. That’s all. Nothing else to add. You make me sick.

        • BL

          Verifiable facts are not “conspiracy theories” kike, I posted the names of all the kike vermin who own and control the West in another comment under this article.

          “Your people” are responsible for the death and suffering of millions of innocent people all over the world and they don’t seem to want to stop their crimes. We will continue calling out your disgusting atrocious anti-human behavior until you stop reading that disgusting anti-gentile book called the Talmud and start behaving like a civilized dignified human being. Jew vermin have to realize that other human beings have the same basic rights and desires as them. You are NOT special, and you are NOT chosen.

        • Johnpd

          Read Pawns in the Game, (1955) by WWII Canadian naval intelligence officer William Guy Carr to find out why Khazarian Jews were kicked out of so many countries after the original Jews were kicked out of their homeland by the Romans.

          Read The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin to bring the story up to date. Chapter summaries can be read in about an hour.

          The Talmud really is one fcuked up piece of racist supremacist “religion”.
          Goy are cattle, huh?

        • cortisol

          Just a note.

          “Conspiracy theory” is a term invented by the CIA in the 1960s to discredit anyone challenging any part of the official Kennedy assassination narrative by MSM. As it is apparent that today a significant part of CIA infiltrated MSM “news” on relevant societal matters are lies, being dubbed as a “conspiracy theory” on the basis of a counter narrative is a significant merit and testament of credibility.

        • Kell

          If a people has been persecuted for 2000 years could it be that they are doing something wrong?
          Of course not its everyone elses fault, getting a jew to become responsible for their own actions is a bit like arguing with a woman.

    • Kell
  • The Farney Fontenoy

    Blaming SouthFront for Hillary losing … wow. The only thing she hasn’t blamed for her own failure might be a cat in Belarus!

    • Terra Cotta Woolpuller

      Nor has she blamed the fleas that gather around her bullshit.

  • BL

    Now you know why so many kike vermin trolls like (((dutchnational))), (((Solomon Krupacek))), and (((matt))) have been so busy on this website lately.

  • BL

    (((Who))) owns and controls the US Media and entertainment industry?

    Big T.V. Media Channels:

    1. ABC (Disney) channel/news: Bob Iger – CEO (Jew)
    2. NBC (Comcast) channel/news: Brian L. Roberts – CEO (Jew)
    3. CBS channel/news: Leslie Moonves – CEO (Jew)
    4. CNN channel/news: No CEO, Jeff Zucker – President (Jew)
    5. Fox channel/news: Rupert Murdoch – CEO (assumed Anglo)

    Current Major U.S. Movie Studios:

    1. Walt Disney: Bob Iger – CEO (Jew)
    2. Sony Pictures: No CEO, Thomas Rothman – Chairman (Jew)
    3. Universal Studios (Comcast): Brian L. Roberts – CEO (Jew)
    4. 20th Century Fox: Stacey Snider – CEO (Jew)
    5. Paramount Pictures: Jim Gianopulos – CEO (Hellene)
    6. Warner Brothers: Kevin Tsujihara – CEO (Jap)

    Current Mini-Major U.S. Movie Studios:

    1. Lions Gate Films: Jon Feltheimer – CEO (Jew)
    2. STX films: Robert Simons – CEO (Jew)
    3. Open Road Films: Tom Ortenberg – CEO (assumed Jew)
    4. The Weinstein’s Company: No CEO, Bob & Harvey Weinstein – Private Owners (Jews)
    5. Amblin Partners: Michael Wright – CEO (Unknown)
    6. CBS Films: Leslie Moonves – CEO (Jew)
    7. MGM: Gary Barber – CEO (Jew)

    • jerry hamilton

      You forgot the BBC aka little israel.

  • Bobby Twoshoes

    As long as Southfront relies on facts and evidence while our own presstitute media relies on emotion and dogma I know where I’ll be getting my “propaganda” from.

  • bcbingram

    Well son of a gun, I have been a subscriber for more than a year, all that time you have, propagandised me with Maps , maps and more maps. The information you do pass is of the highest truthful quality, and if I gotta go do jail time for seeking the truth that’s what I will do.
    What else can an old veteran to do?, I know, I’ll start paying you by the month to keep up the good work.
    Thanks for all you have done and simply for being here,
    Bobby G. Ingram
    CW2 retired VN 68-69
    BW 14, Blackwidows, 101 AHB

  • zman

    How cute. You take every crime you’re guilty of and accuse your competition of the same. The other story here on Hezbollah is a real scream, Israels hand for sure, for the upcoming attempt to name them as a terrorist org. Then they have the nerve to basically state that those US service men who have seen the BS we are pulling overseas first hand are gullible morons. Only the pathetic believe this ….crap. Even the usually docile sheeple are starting to see the trend in lies. All the signs were there before this…scads of new trolls to bolster the known trolls appeared, strangely, just before the Vegas ‘event’. Now this concerted effort to de-legitimize honest media. Fake news and propaganda indeed. This means only one thing…they are truly scared their house of cards is collapsing. God only knows what they’re going to do for an encore. Since they’ve changed the Super Bowl security company to a usual suspect, I wouldn’t be caught there. Desperation is a dangerous thing…and they are desperate.

    • heydad

      Oxymoron in todays world. HONEST MEDIA?? Had a good laugh at that. every source is biased and if you don’t believe that your ignorant to your own cause.

  • The Bandalar

    The mainstream media is not in a position to point fingers about conspiracy theories – they are much worse!

    USA says Russia invaded Georgia first? Publish!
    USA says Iran works with ISIS and the Taliban? Publish!
    USA says Russia works with ISIS in Syria? Publish!
    Assad is gassing people for no military benefit, and we have to invade? Publish!
    Russia flipped an election with a few thousand dollars? Publish!

    The fact that these allegations make ZERO sense (Shia HATE ISIS for example). Sometimes I see the equivalent here, ie. “USA evacuates ISIS commanders” and I shed a tear… but even then Southfront usually admits there is an element of uncertainty. Something the western media should learn.

    And even if Southfront was “Russian propaganda”, I would still want to read it, because this “propaganda” is unusually informative! You really should read both sides on an issue, because sometimes you discover you were wrong all-along, as I was on the USA vs Russia situation.

  • TheSecular

    It’s hard to believe for many years until the Iraq War, Americans (including me) have trusted the MSM.
    But since they got the 2016 election badly wrong so badly, People have woken up to the truth.
    MSM’s continuing obsession with Putin,Trump and North Korea has shown how much they’ve been paralyzed from the 2016 election.
    This is Sad and Pathetic.

    I’m here for you SouthFront.

    • jerry hamilton

      There was a 14 page booklet published in 1934 titled “In defence of Germany” a free download.
      It describes how in 1933 the media, all of a sudden, started their hate Germany campaign.
      The author, GEO Knight went to Germany to see for himself the horrors being reported.
      He even went to a work camp in his search.
      All he found was the extent of MSM lies.
      The Germans and Palestinians are the most lied about people – Noam Chomsky.

      • dutchnational

        German atrocities started later then 1933. Had the man reported in 1938 after the “Kristallnacht” he might have come to a different conclusion.

        Had he reported in 1943, he certainly would have come to another conclusion.

        1933 was the year when the fire in the Reichstag was, a fire used by Nazis to start their witchhunts. So the report, which I do not know btw, might even have been true – in 1933.

        • Kell

          Oh thats the “Conspiracy Theory” thats actually manditory.

          • Kell

            And the one with fountains of jew blood spouting out of the earth at Auchwitz.

        • jerry hamilton

          Wow. Slow down a bit. Kristallnacht happened alright but not as it was reported.
          It was done by jews to cause the resultant conflict.
          I have the book. Here is an excellent synopsis….

        • Real Anti-Racist Action

          Jews first attacked German immigrants in NY city with rocks, then in Germany glass windows were assaulted in return for humans being assaulted first by Jewish-supremacist.

  • santiago

    Great, you will have an increase in readers. This morons really don’t know how to fight the media war, they may have all infrastructure but now with the internet they are loosing.

  • Vitex

    The Jew-owned MSM is getting upset that they’re losing their grip. Too many lies, eventually the truth gets out.

    • Vitex

      And let someone accuse me of anti-semitism for saying THAT.

      • jerry hamilton

        You are. We all are. It is not possible to talk about a jew without being anti-semitic.
        jew owned… Should have been extension of god owned.
        Their constant screaming of the words which is inaccurate anyway has made it pretty much meaningless now days.

        • heydad

          True they are fake Jews. How can you claim to be Semitic and those against you anti-Semitic if you are directly destroying the last bit of native Semites in the ME.

        • Vitex

          I don’t believe all Jews seek to destroy all other religions. I don’t believe in genetic evil, otherwise I have to denounce every race. And since I probably have some jewish blood I can ill-afford to be anti-semitic. Some people have called Paul Eisen anti-semitic. Gilad Atzmon is another interesting case. So – I strive for balance eh

          • jerry hamilton

            That is a very fair comment.
            It is not that they want to destroy other religions.
            Here is a video from Al Jezeera where they sneaked an undercover journalist in the Israeli lobby.
            It shows how they try to illegally control the British government.
            They got caught and some people got sacked.
            They also sneaked an undercover reporter in the Israeli lobby in America.
            That video has not yet been released.
            I’m sorry if I sound cynical but the USS Liberty is something that will never leave me.
            What I am saying is they will scream anti-semitic if you simply say boo.

  • John Trudgian

    Badge of Honour.

  • RichardD

    You can’t get much more American than me. People with my last name have been here for over 500 years. One of whom signed the Mayflower Compact. Which is the foundational document for American democracy, and to a large extent English democracy as well. 150 years before the American Revolution. I was born in Washington, DC in the same room on the same table as the children of American Presidents. Anyone reading my comments is getting an American originalists view of contemporary and historical matters.


    • Temam Machmud Gase

      God bless you

    • heydad

      Well said Richard Doten????

      That’s the only last name that starts with a D on that list if I am correct.

      • RichardD

        D is my middle initial.

  • Rodney Loder

    The fundamental problem with the US is that we pursue our own interests by the acquisition of capital who has two forms, one is saving capital and the other is working capital, the reason capital does not like working is due to the fact that humans are basically lazy, initially it was assumed that competition would deal with laziness unfortunately by the time capital had inherited it’s characteristics from humans and set in its ways competition was no longer needed and laziness should have taken over World wide, but people in poor countries couldn’t afford to be lazy and the US can’t afford not to be, the best approach is for SF to underline as much as possible with a dark orange line to give the appearance of rusting away, I used that technique successfully for over 40 years now making out I was past it but really I’m not and contribute regularly.

    • jerry hamilton

      Lazy… Google the short youtube video “John Boehner Admits to handing out bribes on the House floor”.
      He is so lazy, he doesn’t even try to hide the fact.

      • Rodney Loder

        He’s trying to cut out the practice, that’s because the tobacco lobby lost and now he’s working on making a name for himself, in Australia before the quit campaign there was the great margarine issue, margarine not being allowed to advertise their product on sandwiches because the dairy lobby had a patent on that type of advertising with butter, the social plan is wrong but now can’t be changed.

  • Johnpd

    Great: free advertising for Southfront.

  • MD Ranix

    kudos southfront as your contributions to the whole truth, nothing but the truth, are considered the martyrs of media

  • Yeah but a problem you have is the time Gordon Duff was caught on radio (recorded) stating “About 30% of what’s written on Veterans Today, is patently false. About 40% of what I [Gordon Duff] write, is at least purposely, partially false”, recording here:


    When you hand your propaganda adversaries a gift like that, you not only make them 1/2 right, you make yourselves 1/2 wrong –

    • Kell

      Yeah he said that on Red Ice as well, the reason he says so he can get the real info out without being killed ie its plausably deniable because its coming out of news source admittedly 40% false, interesting way to go about things

  • Tommy Jensen

    It only shows the daily life of West is working with manipulation of realities. If they were seeking the real reality, any propaganda would be no problem.

  • Tommy Jensen

    The sheeple dont have to believe in bs.
    They could do a little job to examine the case rather than crying for fake and fact judges to decide for them.

    • Keith Smith

      A wolf doesnt lose sleep over what a sheep thinks

  • Lazy Gamer

    Only time news becomes treated as propaganda AND dangerous is during war. US considers itself in a war footing against Russia then. Any other time, news is simply news. truth is simply truth. Spin will always be spin, and tools will always be tools. The persistent hounding of alternative news sites is a reflection of how dumb and vulnerable they view their citizens to be.

    Truth is painful but it is what sets us free and is the initial step in the right course of action. US should be thankful that there are news outlets trying to keep them straight.

  • dutchnational

    I generally like SF reporting though I do have some criticisms :

    – Some of the reporters are indeed somewhat pro Assad
    – Sometimes reports do not contain enough fact checking and while referrals are made to sources, once its is clear the sources were incorrect, the reports are not (always) adjusted
    – The level of commenters is often terrible. SF would do wise to upgrade its moderation where it pertains antisemitic, racist comments and namecalling above a certain level.

  • Melotte 22

    Wear that as a badge of honour. You guys are doing great job.

  • Keith Smith

    you’re doing something right then.. prepare for more

  • Marshalldoc

    I’m not sure what your total daily viewership is (yesterday’s Syrian War Report shows ~29K views) but whatever it is, it evidently has the U.S. leadership in a snit… proof positive of a job well done. Kudos!!

  • Gerry Hiles

    It never stops does it. The deep state, or whatever you want to call the PTB behind US “governments”, always needs to manufacture “enemies” so as to unite the unthinking masses for wars. Often false flags like 9/11, at the extreme, are required; but Russia has been the traditional “enemy” of the West going back hundreds of years, e.g. the Crimean War in the 19th Century. It’s a safe bet, with or without the Communist bogeyman, so nothing really new here, except that this time around Vladimir Vladimirovich gains increasing global popularity and it’s getting hard to keep up vilification … so switch to N Korea, anything to try to start WW3 before the Empire of Chaos’ economy collapses.