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MSM Releases Fresh Speculations In Attempt To Undermine Iranian-Russian Alliance


MSM Releases Fresh Speculations In Attempt To Undermine Iranian-Russian Alliance

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As US forces are reportedly withdrawing from Syria, the mainstream media, in particular their pro-Israeli part, has come with a new wave of allegations in an attempt to undermine the Russian-Iranian alliance.

According to Axios, more than three months ago Russian National Security Advisor Nikolai Patrushev gave his Israeli counterpart a proposal for a deal between US and Russia in regard to Syria and Iran. 2 unnamed Israel officials were cited as claiming that the purpose was to begin a wider dialogue between Moscow and Washington with the aim of improving relations.

The proposal allegedly tied the US withdrawal from Syria with the Iranian one. This plan also presumably provided Israel and the US with more influence in a future political settlement in Syria. However, it also called for relief from some US sanctions on Iran – for that reason Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu allegedly rejected the proposal.

The proposal was called the “Patrushev Paper” and it was given to Israel in a meeting that took place in Moscow on September 13th, four days before the downing of Russian IL-20 above Syria, which caused a crisis of relations between Israel and Russia.

The two unnamed officials said that Russia proposed that Israel worked as a facilitator between the US and Russia. “They asked us to open the gates for them in Washington,” one Israeli official was cited.

According to the unnamed officials the proposal included the following points:

  • Freezing the U.S. plan for reimposing economic sanctions on Iran in November as part of the U.S. withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal.
  • A Russian commitment to push Iranian and pro-Iranian forces out of Syria.
  • A withdrawal of U.S. forces from Syria, mainly from the Al-Tanf base.
  • The opening of a dialogue between the U.S. and Russia on the issue of Iran.
  • Using the U.S.-Russian dialogue on Syria and Iran to expand their dialogue on other bilateral relations.

Netanyahu reportedly rejected the proposal because he thought that US sanctions on Iran could be used as leverage to force Iran out of Syria.

“For Netanyahu, stopping the Iranian nuclear program was above everything else, and this is why he refused to show any flexibility on the issue of U.S. sanctions,” one Israeli official was cited.

Another unnamed Israeli official said that if Israel hadn’t rejected the Russian proposal, it might have been able to ensure that any US decision to pull out of Syria would be part of a deal on an Iranian withdrawal.

None of these claims have been confirmed by either the Russian or the US side. Ultimately, any kind of such a deal fell through since the IL-20 shootdown and Washington’s decision to withdraw US troops from Syria on December 19th.

This relates to a previous report by Axios that in a closed hearing on November 19th, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said that Russia recently proposed to Israel and US that Iranian forces and proxies would be removed in exchange for some relief of US sanctions on Iran. The report was based on claims by two unnamed Israeli officials.

Israel heavily opposes the Iranian presence in Syria, which Russia describes as legitimate because it came after an Assad government invitation.

Thus, this is the first time that the Russians allegedly propose an idea for Iran’s withdrawal, and that they’re linking it to US sanctions.

Netanyahu’s statement on the matter came during a hearing of the foreign affairs and security committee of the Knesset. Back then Netanyahu was not yet Defense Minister, he was only Prime Minister, Health Minister and Foreign Minister.

The Russian embassy in Tel-Aviv declined to comment on this story. An unnamed senior State Department official said:

“We remain engaged with the UN ‎and other parties, including Russia, to encourage all possible efforts to advance the political track as called for in UNSCR 2254. We do not however discuss the substance of these diplomatic discussions.”

Following the announcement of the US withdrawal from Syria, Israel is scrambling to find allies in the country so as to continue its aggression against Iran’s influence in the country. Thus, the story of the Russian proposal, until actually confirmed, is simply a ploy to attempt and create tension between Russia and Iran.

On December 20th, Netanyahu said that Israel will “continue to act aggressively against Iran’s attempt to entrench itself in Syria.”

“I know that we do so with the full support and backing of the US,” Netanyahu said at the fifth Israel-Greece-Cyprus summit held in Beersheba.

He further said that Israel would continue efforts along the Lebanon border to destroy tunnels and counter Hezbollah.

“These tunnels were built by Hezbollah with direct support and funding from Iran,” Netanyahu claimed.

On December 20th, Russian President Vladimir said that he largely agreed with Trump that ISIS has been defeated in Syria. He also called US presence in Syria illegitimate.

He also said that he didn’t know what a US withdrawal from Syria really means, since he has seen no any signs of it, and reminded that the US has said it many times in the past that it is leaving Afghanistan, but it is still there.

Furthermore, Israel appears to have its hand tied even more, if reports of the new rules of engagement in Syria are true.




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  • I believe it.

    Note, the Russians were trying to de-escalate the situation by having both sides demonstrate some goodwill in order to build trust but the US/Netanyahu side wants nothing less than total victory.

  • Dicksonrp

    And view do we know the zio terrorist jews in isrealhell are lying????? THEIR F ORKING LIPS ARE MOVING!!!!

  • verner

    netanyahu is a menace the world would be better off without. but recent events have isolated israel to the extent that they can’t even trust the dissembling morons in the white house since the american people are just too friggin tired to see the government waste zillions on israel while it can’t find pennies to start rebuilding the crumbling infrastructure at home.

  • Anti_Globalista

    Even if there was a proposal from Russian side, it was agreed with Iranians first.

  • BL

    Spreading fake news about Iran is a Zionist pastime. They have been doing it for so many decades now that they have turned it into an art. People will not believe the extent these Zionists have gone in order to hurt Iran and Iranian interests through fake news. I’ll give you one example, they have created literal replicas of Iranian buildings and institutions, have hired Iranian opposition people as actors and literally played out entire acts as if in a movie, then uploaded the scenes online as if they were real events. This take a lot of effort, time, and coordination, just for one short scene. These things have psychological impacts on some people who don’t realize that the clip they are watching is fake. More commonly they show an unrelated protest scene or football fans in stadiums, cut off the audio, and upload their own audio that seems to match the people in the clip. They intentionally choose clips where the mouths/lips of the chanters is not visible or the video quality is so low that you would never be able to verify if the audio matches with the video.

    On any average day you can search google news for the keyword “Iran” and at least 90% of the articles are negative and 50% are either completely fake, or extremely exaggerated.

    • Tommy Jensen

      Then dont google. Its that simple man.

      • BL

        I don’t.

  • alejoeisabel

    Iran does not do what Russia tells them to do. NOBODY can push Iran just like nobody can push Israel. The Iranian and Syrian relationship is only between themselves. If Israel wants Iran out, it must negotiate with Syria, and Israel must get out of Syria before any Iranian withdrawal. Once Israel returns the Syrian Golan Heights, its the beginning of a peace treaty with Syria.

  • RamboDave

    It has been reported for some time now that Iran and Israel have been in indirect talks in a hotel in Jordan for several months. Jordanian intermediaries travel between hotel rooms, where the parties are holed up. Sanctions relief for both Iran and Syria is on the table.

    Russia is merely a facilitator, and is not going to do anything that Iran and Syria have not already agreed to.

  • Sinbad2

    The Americans are such amateurs. They have told so many lies, that now they believe their own BS.
    Even if Russia and Iran hated each other, both hate America a thousand times more.
    The Israelis are a thousand times worse than the Americans, so nobody apart from the American people will believe this BS.

  • Tommy Jensen

    If Israel gives back the Golan Heights to Iran, then Russia will guarantee peace.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    At last, the truth is sort of coming out, but in it’s usual chimp language edition only, very hard to understand, but I’ll translate.
    The war in Syria was started for totally different reasons to the ones that the war is still being fought over today. In the beginning it was all about destroying Russia’s economy using a Saudi/Qatar pipeline to the EU, it was an Israeli/US inspired plan but it didn’t work. The US roped many countries into participating, but they only agreed because it seemed to be a very workable proposal that would actually suit them all in the end.
    But Russia put up more of a fight than anyone anticipated, they made it totally impossible for the US/Israeli plan to work, and in the process all the neighbouring countries that were originally roped into participating, found they were actually losing out big time, security, trade, internal unrest, all much worse off now that they were before, and worse still it was just getting even worse the longer the UNWINNABLE WAR continued.
    Then sometime last year a decision was made by all the affected parties that weren’t actually instigating the war, just helping the US, to abandon support for the war and seek a diplomatic resolution.
    The Arab league apart from the Saudis all agreed to make a proposal to Iran, Iran agreed and then made a proposal to Russia, Russia agreed and then made a proposal to Israel, and Israel even agreed and then they made a proposal to the US, and they also agreed, and all of a sudden before we even knew it, the war in Syria was over, well sort of.
    Trump began pushing the Kurds to reconcile with Assad back in January this year and they did try to, but due to them demanding full self autonomy and Assad only wanting to agree to limited self autonomy, they weren’t able to come to a compromise, until now that is, and it’s too late for them now, now they only get what Assad gives them.
    In the process the Kurds began a strike against the US and refused to fight against Isis, they did defend themselves and protect their territory, but didn’t actively attack Isis until April. They only restarted their fight against Isis because the Iraqis were threatening to invade the Syrian side of the US/Isis controlled border and do it themselves. The Iraqis were having problems with the porous border and wanted it to end, they didn’t like the Iraqi Isis fighters and the Syrian Isis fighters cooperating. During this process Trump started recruiting more and more Arabs into the SDF, and when he couldn’t find enough of them [most pro Assad, some pro Isis], he started recruiting other minorities such as Christians, when they weren’t enough either, he started recruiting Turkmen too, but they’re usually anti Assad and pro Erdogan so not the best recruits you could find to protect Syria from a Turkish invasion.
    After the Iraqi prodding the Kurds did launch an operation against Isis, there were an estimated 5000 Isis fighters still operating in east Ar Raqqah/ Al Hasakah/northern Deir ez Zor, with another small pocket of 1500 just near the Iraqi border and north of the Euphrates at Hajin. The Kurds in just over 2 months took back all of east Ar Raqqah, all of Al Hasakah and most of northern Deir ez Zor, killing and capturing 400 of the 5000 Isis fighters, but leaving 4600 out there somewhere. In the same period they haven’t done much at all to Hajin, just left it to festor for 6 months, and also giving themselves a purpose for existence in the US’s eyes, but it didn’t work, Trump was busy building his replacement army, and they’re the ones fighting at hajin now, not the YPG Kurds.
    On the insistence of most of the Arab league, and all the countries wanting to trade and do business again, the Russians brokered a security pact of some sort between the Israelis and the Iranians, which allowed for an end to all hostilities, the green light for the SAA campaign in Daraa/Quneitra was evidence of this, and the change of rhetoric to “Assad might be able to stay” confirmed it. Assad launched his campaign and in just over a month it was over, if Erdogan would have complied and pulled his troops out, the SAA would have taken the Idlib region back in a few months too, but Erdogan didn’t.
    Back in January everyone should have been suspecting the war was about to come to an end, by June/July even the media SHOULD have been saying it had, but to look at what’s going on now, anyone would say it hadn’t, but it did end in a way, for most of the players the will for the war had ended, at least for all but one person.
    That’s when Erdogan threw a big spanner in the works, he didn’t want to let Assad stay, even though everybody else was saying he now could, he still wanted him to go, and he wanted the Kurds to go with him as well, and he also told the Turkish people just how great their old Ottoman Empire was, and then told them he was going to revive the spark that drove that empire, and continue it’s legacy.
    Then the war morphed into something else, it changed into a land grab for Erdogan, he got a taste for Syrian oil when he was buying it cheaply from Isis, and he wanted more, but didn’t want to pay for it this time.
    Back in June/July the SAA took back all of southern Syria with a green light from the Israelis, the US and Jordan, only Erdogan spat the dummy about it. When it was finished, Erdogan took all the leftover defeated FSA fighters into his own army, he then allied them to HTS, and then included HTS in the Asatana agreement with Putin, who had to comply because Erdogan had him over a barrel in Idlib. This upset Putin no end but that wasn’t half of it, it also upset the Iranians and Israelis who had by some miracle worked out by Putin, come to a mutual security agreement that was now in jeopardy, the sudden switch back from “Assad can stay” to Assad should go” was a sign the Israelis were no longer happy with Erdogan’s big spanner being stuck in their finely oiled machine, but luckily it didn’t last long, they’ve gone back to a “Assad can stay” stance, but now they just include “but the Iranians have to leave, and not share their missile technology with Hezbollah or anyone else”, and then turn and glare at Erdogan. Erdogan’s actions prolonged the war and prompted the Iranians to use their new missiles as a demonstration of not only their new capabilities, but a willingness to use them against any enemy, the Israelis won’t forget that, they above all others would like to see a new Turkish leader they could deal with, one that would find Israel’s security concerns very relevant to the regions stability and prosperity, unlike Erdogan.
    The Israelis only have the Saudis and the Turks they can rely on in this region, but they just found out they can’t rely on Erdogan, they do need new friends, like perhaps a new moderate Turkish leader, one that takes Israeli security concerns seriously when making regional decisions. Erdogan has to go, no one wants him to remain, no one. This war would have already been over if it wasn’t for Erdogan and his ambitions, and even if we could totally erase all the damage done so far by him, all the regional leaders would still see Erdogan as a threat to regional stability.
    As I said this war has morphed, it morphed from a conspiracy to destroy Putin and Russia, into a war for Erdogan’s ambitions, but will now end as the war that changes the supremacy of Israeli interests forever. Putin and Trump must have done everything they could to organize some sort of new mutually agreeable pact between them [Iran, Israel], despite Erdogan’s destructive behaviour, and now Israel must be desperate to form some new relationships in the region to help them keep pressure on Iran, using the new relationships they make.
    When Erdogan loses badly in Syria, and he will, the Turks will get rid of him themselves, when he’s gone a new age will begin. The Israelis will have to be more civilized when dealing with the Arab nations now, and I foresee a bright and VERY prosperous future for the region, Turkey included when Erdogan’s gone.
    The new Iranian missiles and their equalizing status will now force Israel, which normally act like a petulant child refusing to make friends with the poor neighbours children, will now be forced through isolation to go next door and ask, would you like to come outside and play with us, we have a brand new bat and ball and we’ll let you play with it too, so long as you’re really nice to us and don’t hit us with the bat, and tell that nasty boy up the road not to be mean to us too, PLEASE.
    A lot of others see doom and gloom in what’s been happening lately, even with the new US announcement, but I’ve been happy since January, everything I thought I saw coming to pass has, everything except for a SAA takeover of southern Idlib, east Latakia and northern Hama, that Erdogan actually condones and allows, and then the invasion in the east that starts out well for Erdogan but eventually ends in utter failure, and when it starts to fail the SAA will also take back the north of Idlib from Erdogan too, double failure, then Erdogan is either voted out or hung, and it all ends. Those 4 things haven’t happened yet, but I’m 100 percent certain they will, more now than ever.
    That’s my translation and explanation, the war started off as a war to destroy Putin using Syria, but ended up altering the status quo between Israel and Iran in Iran’s favour, even before the war really ends, Erdogan wasn’t responsible for inventing the Iranian missiles, but he was responsible for speeding things up, his actions since everyone else agreed to stop just prolonged everyone else’s misery. He is a bloodthirsty madman, all the other murderers knew when it was time to stop, the fear of getting caught made them, but Erdogan can’t stop, he is a bloodthirsty madman, and he has to go.